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GM Speedometer lawsuit filed



  • garthwgarthw Posts: 15
    Would you please sane me a copy of THE Letter or any correspondence that woiuld help me with my dealer grtting my Alvalanche repaired !
    Thank You, [email protected]
    Garth Wall
  • smokeysansmokeysan Posts: 1
    Thanks for this helpful information. I am currently stationed overseas and my speedometer just starting failing around the 90,000 mile mark. Thanks.
  • I just had the same problem with the speedometer where it went to 120 and got stuck. I have a 2003 Tahoe with 90,000 miles on it. I live in Renton WA and was wondering how I become part of the lawsuit.
  • gboogiegboogie Posts: 4
    How to Remove the Instrument Cluster on 2003 Suburban; This is good from 2003 thru 2007, Suburban, Z71, Tahoe,

    On Ebay, purchase the Stepper Motors, I replaced all 6 for 24.50$ my 1 hour labor, and it is like new, anyone can do this, and the one guy that spoke about the dealer needed to calibrate, he was robbed!

    Easy as it is written:
    push emergency brake and chock wheels, pull gear lever all the way down to (1st), tilt steering wheel all the way down, grab the big trim piece that goes from the left of the steering wheel to the right of the radio and pull it off (no screws), I did this from left to right, popped right off, then unscrew the 4- 7mm screws holding the cluster onto the dash, unplug the harness from the back of the cluster and Presto youre done!!!!!
    Vehicle is drivable with out this cluster, all info is saved automatically on the auto's computer. This unit is in 5 pcs, easy to take apart, front plate(clear viewing plastic cover) is removed by little clips on top and bottom, small flat head screw driver pry it over the clips a little, it pops off, then the back plastic cover same thing pry it off,( i was told that these (2)covers on different year models come off either first or second, just look at the clips, if they are clear, remove that one first, if blace then that one first, but they come off the same way. Remove the little needles of each instrument gauge, they slide straight off again be easy, dont be a hammerhead, the numbers and info sheet is just that a sheet of plastic, take it off, then the same clips to remove those 2 pieces to reveal the pc board. You need to be able to use a soldering iron, that is easy, internet has walk thru for that, simple.Just touch the tip of the soldering iron to each of the Stepper motor pins to melt the original solder. then pull thru front of pcb, slide the stepper motor in the 4 holes,(there is a nipple on the stepper motor, so it can only go on one way) and then drop a little bead of solder on each pin. Repeat it for the next 5 stepper motors, trust me I am not a good soldering person, still took me 15 minutes to replace all six motors. It is easy, the way I look at this, is I found the entire instument cluster brand new online for 125$, the worst thing I could have done was break the original and buy a new one, but in the end, mine is like new for 24.50$ and 1 hour of my labor, a few beers and i called it a good time!
  • Hi all,

    I have been having problems with my speedometer for the past 6 months, off and on. I finally couldn't take it anymore and decided to check the internet to see if anyone else was having issues. I was shocked to find so many!!
    I talked to GM today and their response was that Envoys were not covered under the special coverage. I was told to get a diagnostic run on my truck by a GM service shop and to have it fixed. Once that's complete I can then send in my paperwork and then they'll decide IF they want to pay for it or not!!! Has anyone actually had their claim paid?
    I know there have been a few class action lawsuits filed because of this issue. Does anyone know of one in Texas? If not, is anyone interested in trying to create one?
    I don't understand why GM will not fix the problem when they know what it stems from. It's wrong that we as consumers have to pay for any repairs out of our own pockets first when GM knows of the defect!
  • autobuzzautobuzz Posts: 1
    Guy's I'm having the same problem on my chevy tahoe, 113K, I read to disconnect your negative cable from the battery for about 1 min, this will reset the stepper motor, I tried this, and I'm back in business, not sure how will this will last :)
    but it's working again.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    And is it not against the law to operate a car without a correctly working speedometer?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You're darned right it's against the law! But even without a speedometer, I can hardly believe that anyone wouldn't be able to tell the difference between 50 mph and 90 mph.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    I think the guy is joking.

    Everybody can tell the difference between 50 and 90 mph without a speedometer.

  • darrin5darrin5 Posts: 1
    I am having this same issue and just thought I was crazy. I have replaced both speed sensors and didn't fix my issue. I re-set my computer by pulling the battery cable and now the Tahoe is starting to run bad. Seems wierd. Anyway can you point me in the right direction to be able to obtain of copy of the "Letter" or maybe send a copy? I will be taking my car in this week any any help soon would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!! [email protected]
  • pdnice3pdnice3 Posts: 2
    I know that you posted this a while back but I just came across this by chance. I have the exact same problem in my 2003 Z-71. The speedometer needle is all the way to the right at the max speed and my oil gauge doesn't work either. Were you able to resolve your issues? Thank you.

    Pete D.
  • pdnice3pdnice3 Posts: 2
    I know that you posted this a while back but I just came across this by chance. I have the exact same problem in my 2003 Z-71. The speedometer needle is all the way to the right at the max speed and my oil gauge doesn't work either. Were you able to resolve your issues? Thank you.

    Pete D.
  • nakeitanakeita Posts: 3
    Sands Chevrolet in Glendale Arizona told me that it would not be covered under any type of warranty or this "recall" due to the mileage being over the limit.

    I then contacted GM (Corporate office) and was directed to the "District Specialty Department". They said that the first thing I had to do was get a diagnostic report from the dealership and that they would contact the dealership to be sure I was not charged. The person I spoke with said that she was hopeful that if nothing else, GM would split the cost with me to fix the defective cluster if that is what was wrong with it.

    A few days later the dealership called me back and told me to bring the Tahoe in for the diagnostic at no charge ( nice, lol) but they again forewarned me that they would not perform the repair on the cluster for free and that they doubted GM would cover it either.

    The Conclusion from the diagnostic was a defective cluster (duh). When I called the District Specialty Department back with the results they said to give it a few days while the results were evaluated. After the evaluation, they got back to me and said "Sorry, due to your vehicle being over the specified mileage, there is nothing we can do".

    I called the dealership (Sands Chevrolet in Glendale Arizona) back to give them one more chance to keep my business as we would be in the market for a truck sometime in the next few months. No dice. They would not help me.

    In June I traded in my Chevy Tahoe for a brand new loaded 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. If Chevy will not stand behind their vehicles and defective parts, then neither will I!
  • yes i did. chev. paid for it. i had less than 70000 miles on a 2005 tahoe , they took care of the bill, there was one guy who bought the dash cluster on ebay an fix it him self gm did not paid for his repair
  • Is there form or site that I need to go to in order to have GM fix it without having to pay for it
  • gnj1958gnj1958 Posts: 5
    Our speedo started playing up a few days ago. I've been using the speedo on my GPS for now. Like many I thought I'd check out online to see if anyone else has had this problem and bingo here I am. We're lucky that although our truck is an 04 we have only put 45,000 miles on it. I'm gonna call GM CS and see what they suggest.

    I tried the unhooking the battery negative thing posted above but it didn't help.
  • Hi I have a 2003 yukon and a 2005 escalade and both my speedometers went out. Both speedometers are consider a defective item I was able to get my yukon speedometer changed out free of charge but the 05 cadillac they were'nt going to honor since i went over the 70kmiles . GMC did win a lawsuit for buying defective parts so they should be replacing these parts for us. report this .
  • What an Deal! I purchased a GM Certified 2003 Z-71 August 16th 2007 w 50641 miles on it. As many of you stated my Speedometer became stuck at 120 mph. Below are a list of my complaints.

    1. Was there a recall notice sent on the instrument cluster? I did not receive one.

    2. I took my Chevy Z-71 to my local dealership Don Helm Chevrolet during the week GM was canceling dealership. Service manager was gone, on vacation etc? Who knows? I spoke with a service writer who came and looked and at speedometer. At this point my Chevy Z-71 had LESS THAN 80,000 miles on it! I am told by Don Helm Service guy " I am not sure exactly which ones are covered and which are not?" I asked if he could find out if mine was? He replied well service mgr is out not sure when he will return from time off and i am not sure how to tell if yours is covered or not?

    3. Several weeks later I decide to take Chevy Z-71 back to where I purchased it
    "GM Certified" Hanner Chevrolet, Baird Texas. At this point my Mileage is 82,000+or-. They sent me an estimate to fix the "gauge cluster" for $300 for parts and $127.50 labor plus tax. FULL RETAIL!!

    4. I call and speak with one the principles explain my situation. He says let me check w service on it. He calls back and explains the following "Our hands are tied we cant help with cost at all". I said your kidding right? "No the "Class Action Lawsuit" has our hands tied. Since when does a class action lawsuit prevent a business from fair and equitable. When I called I simply for asked for some with charges. I informed the dealer principle to not do any work. ( my entire estimate for work to be done including the Gauge cluster was $2180.83.

    5. Later i received a call from the same dealer principle. Well if you will let us do all the other work we can simply fix the stepper motor on on your speedometer at no charge. I explained my Oil pressure was out, RPM acts up etc. So a working speedometer but no oil pressure and RPM acting up? What a deal?

    6. I then call GM customer Service 866-790-5700. I give details to one person who then takes my number later that day another person calls back asked me to explain to her the problem again. Why can't the first person ever be the person you need? Why?

    7. After giving them my info, leaving my number two days later "No Return Call".
    I place another call back. After a the lady answers and puts me hold for 4 and half mins. She starts a long excuse why they cannot help me. Her biggest reason......because I didn't have documentation of the first visit with Don Helms Chevy in Graham Texas. This fails every fair and equitable test.

    8. My next call to Hanner Chevrolet where my Chevy Z-71 is still at. Service Manager John Wheeler. I asked for my Z-71 be left outside the gate so that i could pick it up on my way through tonight. Hanner is an Hr and Half from my home. He informs me there is a $92.33 charge for diagnostic. For What I say? He first tells me for Injection Service, Gauge Cluster and 4 Wheel drive problem? After I disagree that why should I be charged for a diagnostic problem gauge cluster that is known to be bad. He recants and tells me that i was not charged for the cluster diagnosis on the cluster. He then decides to visit about the charges of the gauge cluster. His explanation " How do expect me to help with your charges when, we only made $200 on the sale of your car, we haven't seen your car in our shop since you bought it and you just come in cold"? I asked him if this passed the Grandma test? Would feel good about a business treating your Grandma this way? His reply "YES". Yes he made me pay the $92.33 charge which I did.

    In closing, How is a "Class Action Lawsuit" settled and owners not involved held to the settlement? How can GM know their to be a problem and " Not Do The Right Thing"? How can Hanner Chevrolet sell a "Certified Car" and then want to stick it to you by charging retail for a problem that they know is real and has been real for a long time. Wasn't this a problem on some vehicles in August of 2007 when I purchased mine? Then why did Hanner not repair and replace the gauge cluster before they sold it to me? I read documented case after documented case these gauge clusters were bad on Chevy Cars with less than 50,000 miles like mine when I bought. Keep in mind I went to Don Helm Chevy when my Chevy had lass than 80,000 miles. One would think with all the tax payers bailout money GM and Hanner Chevy could do better than this.
    Hanner and GM should asked " Could this type of problem" be why we not ad successful as we could be?
    I currently own GMC Yukon, HD2500 Pick-up, Z-71 Suburban. All Paid for. I will start the process to sell all of them. I have always driven GM products. As of today no more! Hanner and GM asked yourself if how much is going to cost you to replace a customer? Was it worth it? Come on Chevy owners stand up lets dont take this someone help me start a campaign to tell others how inequitable this is!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    one solution

    I'm sure there are other companies doing similar services

    I haven't had any problems with my speedo, but if it ever does....I'm ready with a plan.
  • My wife's speedo on her 03 Tahoe went out two weeks ago.
    I understand why now. However will driving it still cause any other problems or should this be fixed ASAP. Thay want to charge me 80.00 for a test to determine if it's a warranty problem or not. We have 63,000 on it aqnd according to what I'm reading we will be able to get fixed with no charge. Does anyone have additional info that will help us? Thank You
  • I just experienced the instrument cluster problem ( speedometer) and took my 05 burb to the local Chevrolet dealership. Not only were they not up to date on the current policy from Chevrolet but almost defiant in fixing the problem.

    The (service) lol manager said the warranty only covered to 70000 miles or 5 years.
    Didn't want to hear my story or investigate the warranty so I called another dealership and the part time service person knew more than the bozos at this dealership. I had to call the GM customer service # and explain that the dealership said I wasn't covered and that I was getting 2 stories from 2 different places.

    The current policy covers also from 70001 to 79999 miles and you have to pay labor. I called two dealerships and the labor charge was $100 at 1 dealer and $150 at the other.

    Obviously the 2nd dealer is trying to make up for not getting a markup on the part with higher labor charges which I will also call GM customer service about.

    The service manager put me on hold and asked their (Warranty Specialist,lol again) about the coverage and, SURPRISE, the specialist had no clue either.

    If you live in the OBX area of NC think twice about using Victory Chevrolet for a purchase or service work. ARROGANT, DEFIANT and just a plain terrible dealership.

    On the other hand, Elliot Chevrolet in Staunton, VA will provide the CORRECT info for you.
  • That's bull. No way you should have to pay for labor. Especially $100. If they go that way with me I'll tell them to order the part and I'll fit it myself. It's not that difficult. 10 minute job max.
  • If anyone is curious, I purchased 05 Silverado new. Speedo went out with 130,000 miles. I knew it wouldn't get covered under warranty so I had it fixed through online company. I removed it myself, mailed it to company and they replaced all guages with non-defective parts. the same day they received it for $129.00 I paid $24.00 shipping and got it back in 4 days.
    I would not get new one from dealership for two reasons, 1. The price was $480.00 and 2. the one they sell you has same defective parts, so it too will go out.
    If anyone is interested who rebuilt mine just let me know.
  • Sorry, but it seems no dealership will fix problem . You have to have the right vin # to qualify. Elliot is no more informed than the rest of the gm dealers.

    Frank at customer service at GM is a big A--hole so if you talk to him just be ready for the run around.

    One thing for sure, I will never buy a GM product again and if you do---GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    Owned 3 4-runners and 3 camrys before this piece of crap and will be seen in the future at (Japanese) dealerships.">
  • What "speedometer letter" are you refering to? I'm having the same issue.

  • If you don't mind me asking....Where did you ship that to get it fixed? I'm having the same issue with my fathers 2004 Chevrolet Suburban.
  • cepakcepak Posts: 3

    I am interested in where you got the speedometer fixed. ICan you post a link? 'm having the same problem as everyone else with my 2003 Trailblazer, and I want to just fix it myself.


  • Folks, I feel your pain! I have an 04 Envoy that the speedometer started acting up on at around 70K. Some times it gets stuck at a "pegged" speed or something in between. I noticed that when you start the vehicle, all the gauges pulse toward the "zero" position, so i thought "what if I could turn the key on in succession - would it reset the speedometer?" Well, you can't do it with the vehicle in PARK , because it starts the vehicle, BUT, you can reset the speedometer in this way:
    1) While in PARK, turn the key toward the "START" position, but stop short of starting the vehicle
    2) With the key in this position, put the shift lever into "R" or REVERSE
    3) Now RAPIDLY turn the key toward the START position and momentarily, hold it there and you'll see the speedometer will pulse about 5-10 MPH toward the "zero" speed position. Before the needle pulses back in a positive direction, repeat the key turning sequence in rapid succession and you can slowly reset the speedometer back to zero. It takes a little practice, but eventually, you can reset it in about a minute. I now have 148K on my Envoy and it's worked so far...
  • My 2003 Z71 is crap. The oil pressure and fuel quantity indicator went around 55k, Dealer would not cover it and I was able to work around the issue. I change the oil every 3500miles and I had digital miles to use for the fuel issue. Now my wife is leaving for Chicago and the speedo is parked at 120+. My heated seats just quit!
    the sticker on the car is $48,657.00. This stuff just quits working. I do have 125k on the vehicle (soccer/baseball mom)but this is BS. I spoke with GM service and they tell me they are NOT aware of these issues! You got to be KIDDING! They I come across this forum, unbelievable the people having the same problems. Everyone should call and light up GM Costumer Service. I am calling my attorney general's office in NJ. I WILL never but a GM vehicle again!!!!! And think the taxpayers bailed out this unaccountable company. ITS ARROGANCE!
  • Hi There,

    Thank-you for posting your story.

    I have the same problem and I would like more info on how you handled your problem.

    If you have phone numbers and contacts, that would be great.

    To remove and reinstall the part, did you repair it yourself? Also how involved is the repair.

    Thanks for the info.
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