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Toyota Sequoia



  • Thanks movan, for the info. I didn't realize that these toys are now avaliable in mainstream appliances outlets. That makes it easier. Price wise, it's not very different from what they are charging for the TV/VCR units in the Siennas.

    I will definitely go and check.
  • mo, not to belittle your point, but I appreciate Dianne and Steve's input/comments, even if you don't. So far, I have not seen any instance where either of them appeared to be overreaching their so-called "expertise-level". 650 cars a year, I'm sure she has alot of experience with the current Seq situation, and I like the insight. As far as other experience owners, this shouldn't be a "mine is bigger than yours"-type forum. One can always avoid it if one so desires.

    toys: We have decided to wait til after March to get ours. I absolutely want the SCABs, and rare to find in Gulf States. GST is gouging people with their leather on SR5's, which I'd just as soon not have (leather), so they don't order with SCABs. That gives me plenty of time to sell the Trooper. Maybe on ebay, although I've never tried that, friends have bought and sold, say it's not overwhelming...again, any thoughts?

    ALL: Happy New Year! I'm new to your board, been lurking awhile, but I appreciate EVERYONE's input. Thanks a thousand times...
  • I picked up my grey Ltd. yesterday, loaded except for SCAB's and rear spoiler... love the quiet and bushy ride!! Does anyone know, probably Cliff or Dianne, what exactly the grey vanity key does? The OM seems to say that it does everything the two main keys do but as I understand it, it is not suppose to do this, only open the glove box, which has no lock anyway. I may be losing my continuity here, but I hope you understand what I mean. What is the difference between the black and grey keys? Next, does anyone know if a trailer wiring harness should be supplied. I have the connector by the rear receiver, but no harness. Should I have had one?
    cb19...sorry to hear about your situation with Tejas. I did do business there because they were the only ones to come off MSRP. $1,850 to be exact. They may have reversed that postion but if so, only to their detriment.
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    2000 JD Power dependibility ranks Toyota 4.

    Mitsubishi is somewhere in the "below industry average" which means number 22 or worse and
    rubbing shoulders with the Korean newbies.

    JDP reccomendations for the 5 different categories of truck and SUV sizes lists Toyota as #1 in all five categories. Out of a total of 38 reccomendations for all cars and trucks finds not a single Mitsub (even GM squeked out a couple)

  • I put about 1000 miles on my Sequoia this week. I love this vehicle except for the traction control. When I tried to merge into traffic from a stop, the traction control kicked in and stopped me dead due to the power down "feature" of the traction control. The road had no visible snow or ice. The oncoming traffic had to practically slam on their brakes to avoid hitting me. I know it was the traction control due to the nasty rattling sound it makes.

    I'm 31 years old and consider myself a responsible and safe driver. I don't think the timing of this particular merge was unreasonable. Thank God there wasn't an accident.

    It was *not* in 4wd mode. If it *was* in 4wd mode, it probably would have done a better job of accelerating into traffic. I guess for safety's sake I'll have to keep it in 4wd mode except for driving on dry highways. This ought to suck up more gas than necessary. I'm pretty disapointed about this.

    According to the trip computer, I'm averaging 18+ mpg (in 2wd mode). I'm on my 3rd tank of gas.

    Another annoying thing about the system is that there is too significant a delay when it "transitions" to 4wd mode after hitting the button. I assume that the blinking orange light on the 4wd indicator means that it is still transitioning. This blinking took up to 20 seconds one time (it always varies). The manual states that one should never let the wheels spin while it is going into 4wd mode since damage could be done. This makes it very inconvenient to "snap" it into 4wd mode before entering traffic (assuming one keeps it in 2wd mode to conserve gas). If it is a busy street, you'll miss your chance to get into traffic due to waiting for the blinking to stop after hitting the 4wd button.

    I'll keep it in 4wd mode until my next fill-up to see how much worse the MPG will be. I suspect it will be worse than the 18mpg I've been getting but will let everyone know.

    This issue is can be a concern in any weather/season/location since slipage can easily occur when going from a stop into traffic (loose dirt, wet road, etc.).

    Be careful! Give youself *plenty* of clearance from other vehicles when merging into traffic.

    DS SR5 4x4 w/alloy pkg, conv pkg, moon, elec seats
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Thanks for your info in the potential problem with the Seq traction control. This has been speculated and observed by others. Being an owner I hope the the board here treats you more kindly in pointing out what could be considered a serious problem. God knows that they hammer any negative comments here.

    "thirdsuv": I agree with you implications about the Mitsu. I would like to have data on the new 2001 Montero specifically as it is completely redesigned. The problem is that they just dont have the same number of vehicles in service in the US as compared to the rest of the world. You may be interested to know that in Austrailia the Montero (2001) beat out the LC for 4wd of the year. They have a lot of experience with 4wd's over there so I think that is really saying something.
  • Do you think that turning off the Vehicle Skid Control would help in situations where there may be traction loss in normal day to day driving?
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    My understanding is that you can only turn it off in 4wd - don't really see the sense in that.
  • I didn't mean at all that *only* Cliffy answers questions. And, anyone who's hung out here for a while on Landcruiser and other Town Hall forums knows that we're here (Cliffy, myself) for you all respond to the questions about things that we have insight about, or better technical detail available to us. Even things like cosmetics.

    It was me who posted a ton of advance data here about colors, options, availability, pricing, and features well in advance of the Sequoia debut. It was me who offered even my first loads of Sequoias at way off MSRP right out of the gate while others were pointing to the window stickers and insisting you pay it, pay more than the sticker, or make tracks off the lot. ANd, it was my "joke" post citing the top 10 worst "cures" for the Hammertone trim in the Limited Sequoias a while back that finally convinced the top brass in Indiana to come up with a change for that, and soon.

    So, puhleeze, I have tried to answer questions here for folks who I haven't done a whit of business with for the sake of answering a question or concern that I can. I have answered thousands of emails (yes, thousands, as I get at least 150 emails a day total + responses) on Toyota product from across the USA, especially Sequoia since the early fall, and those responses are never logged or noticed here.

    Gimme a break. The time I expend here with the different forums far outweighs the monetary benefit to me personally, but this is a wonderful, insightful, and learned community that I enjoy reading and joining in with. If I can save folks a few bucks, or even thousands, then I will happily do so. If someone wants a special Sequoia, I order-build to meet their needs. That's something you can't get at other dealers... most don't care to try or care to bother.

    My being here with as much information and honesty as possible matters to a lot of folks, regardless of whether you want it here or not. You can read whatever posts you want to.

    [email protected]
  • I'm glad you're okay. That sounds scary. Maybe you can try to duplicate what you thought you did in a safe place to see if the same thing happens again. There'll be a lot of empty parking lots this New Year's day. Maybe try both with VSC on and VSC off, 2WD or 4WD. Not having bought one yet, I am really very interested to know what you'll find out.

    I remember the soapy tarp demonstration that somebody posted a couple of months ago, but I assume that was to simulate making a right turn from a full stop on an icy road. If merging into traffic on a dry pavement is a problem, I would be outright scared. Here in Texas, we have a lot of those very short merging lanes, with essentially non-existent separates lanes to accelerate.

    By the way, Id also been waiting for a DS SR5. I've seen one a couple of weeks ago, but no running board. If your "test results" confirm what you've already experienced, I might change my mind about the Seq.

    Happy New Year (and don't hang out at the bar too long).
  • SR5 in desert sand is also in the brochure, about midway thru it. I am expecting a few, so if I get my blasted prized digital camera back soon, repaired, I'll get photos for you inside and out. I like that color combo as well as the silver because it looks most like a single color car vs. the duotone standout of the others.

  • My parents are ready for a new car. They have had a 01' Toyota Previa for 10 years now and its time to get a new car. The Previa was amazing and never had any serious problems.

    They are looking at an suv for the 4 wheel drive and sporty qualities. They want 3 rows of seeting, so they are looking at the MDX (my favorie) and the Seqouia. The MDX seems is a much better value in my eyes because an equal seqouia is 10 thousand dollars more, and gets worse mileage.

    I would like to know what kind of mileage people are getting in there Seqouias. It seems to be more pinned down than the Acura and it gives us the quality feel of the Previa, but our only fear is the mileage. By the way its late so excuse me for rambling.

  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    For a new model year release for the Seq, it is tough to find reviews out there which goes beyond a "first-look"... I found a couple that makes interesting reading:


    These two reviews highlight the reviewers' opinions of the Seq viz many aspects of its performance. I was interested to read these articles to see if any of the current problems/issues that some of us are having may have been noticed/corroborated in these articles.

    You make your own judgements !

    On another front, the traction control problem reported here by was mentioned on the MDX board and the comments were generally very informative. It is refreshing to find such insightful people out there, who don't gloat over the problems of others but offer helpful suggestions. I suppose that new model releases will have teething problems that may be fixed in future releases.... Let us hope that Toyota reps are reading these articles and rushing to find fixes for some very important issues we are all hearing about....

    Happy Holidays everyone !
  • For all those who care, my co-worker just picked up his Seq. He had the dealer install a duel head mounted TV and VCR. Because of the moonroof, the dealer suggested that he go with a TV in the back of each head rest. It came with two wireless headphones as well as a remote. The dealer mounted the VCR in the left rear panel pocket in the cargo area. Interestingly, if the radio is tuned to FM 89.1, the TV sound comes through the car's stereo system. It also came with an antenna that can pick up TV signals. I think the whole unit cost around $2K. We tested the unit out and the panel TVs were fantastic. It will definitely keep any kid occupy for hours.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Just a precaution here.

    I'm sure you know more than I about the Seq 4x4 hardware. I think the Sequoia has a 'real' 4WD system, like say a Jeep or a Chevy Tahoe, rather than the AWD drive or 'full-time 4WD" some cars, eg Escape, Acura MDX, Toyota Highlander?? are trying to pass off as 4x4.

    If this is the case, I would be reluctant to leave it in 4WD mode all the time on dry roads. Definitely could do some damage to the drivetrain. Check the owners manual and please excuse me if you already have and found no restrictions like this.
  • Vister...Do you have the name of the package the dealer put in for your buddy?
  • Have been trying to get something better than $1200 off list on Seq 4wd Ldt in North Carolina. Not much luck! I'm willing travel 2-300 miles for $3000 off! Any help out there?
  • Sorry for the late response; I've been hunting in the Hill Country. I made a phone call to Cavender Toyota in San Antonio, TX., on a Friday afternoon - talked to Gary Holdgraf (Fleet Mgr). They were unloading the Desert Sand SR5 as we spoke. He told me they would take $2K off the MSRP and I told him I would be the following Monday to purchase it. He picked me up at the airport at 3:15 am and by 4:00 am I was driving it back to Houston. What a great vehicle!!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The Sequoia is safe to use in 4WD all the time. When engaged, it is the identical system to the LC system. I've posted at length about its operation. It is a true 4WD but with a center differential which makes it safe for dry pavement. This is in the owners manual
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Keep in mind the major difference between Sequoia and MDX is what they really are under the skin.

    MDX is really a modified minivan. It is based on the Honda Odyssey minivan.

    Sequoia is really a modified fullsize truck. It's based on the Toyota Tundra truck.

    You would expect the minivan to post better gas milage than a fullsize truck, and probably even softer ride feel, but you can't expect it to do the same job that a truck can.

    So if you are planning to use it like a better looking minivan, MDX probably fits the bill better. But if you need something more rough or heavy duty, you probably want to go for a Sequoia.
  • I posted pretty much the same info to but here's an update to my earlier post in case some people only look only at this forum.

    We got 8" of heavy wet snow today in Mass. I was out having a blast driving around town in the snow with the plow boys. The traction control in 4wd mode is rather nice in the snow since it basically provides for brainless driving. You just hit the throttle and it figures out when it has the traction to pull you through the snow. No need to worry about spinning wheels. The vehicle pushed through 2 foot+ plow drifts into parking lots with no hesitation at all. I was able to go up very steep snowy hills with confidence.

    The VSC kicked in as I went sideways on some roads. This only happened when I really pushed it. It does an admirable job of ABS work and whatever else it does to regain control of the vehicle automatically.

    Correction to my earlier post: The amount of time it takes to go *in* to 4wd mode is only a couple of seconds. It takes it's own sweet time coming *out* of 4wd mode though (which is really no big deal).

    I don't think that the traction control on dry pavement should be a big concern. Its just a matter of getting used to the vehicle and using 4wd mode if you think you'll need to pull into traffic in a hurry.

    The snow driving tonight was a real pleasure. I hope you all get the opportunity that I did to really enjoy this vehicle in the snow.
  • Okay people....I didn't know the Toyota Sequoia existed until this AM. We went looking at the Yukon and others when my husband suggested that he had seen a new Toyota in the newspaper. The rest is almost history...we went, we drove, dealer conquered!! However in our area (SF Bay area) the dealer has marked up MSRP by $5,000. So, the $45,000 Limited becomes the $50,000 Limited. Of course, after reading Edmunds guide I told the dealer that I'm sure there are plenty of people in this area who could afford to pay an extra 5K for this very beautiful car, but I was not one of them. After some hairy negotiations we paid the actual MSRP and thought we did pretty well. After reading the posts I'm not so sure. But here's the deal.... The dealer only had one on the lot and the other local dealer only had 2. (Our car is actually coming from a lot WAY out of town) Based on supply and demand and Edmunds True market Value, we actually did get a deal. However, we do not actually pay for the car nor pick it up until tomorrow AM. (Its a loaded up SR5) My husband has signed a sales agreement, but they're waiting for me to sign it in the AM. This is a cash deal, so what we paid is what we interest. Is there any way for me to re-negotiate this deal or would that be too "car salesman-ish" (Sorry, sales people.) or am I bound by my husband's signature. $38,285 a decent deal for the SR5 with lots and lots of goodies?

    I'm freaking out! help me!!!!

  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Did you read post #365? the usa article says that it is unsafe to keep car in 4wd on dry pavement bcz it will ruin car - any thoughts Thanks, Stacy
  • Saw your post on the Edmunds board.We bought our Sequoia from Jimmy Vasser Toyota in Napa a few weeks ago for $2000 off msrp. One of the dealers in Vacaville gave us an even better quote, but didn't have exactly the vehicle we wanted. Freeman Toyota in Santa Rosa quoted us $1200 off msrp.
    All of these quotes were obtained either over the phone or via email from the fleet or internet sales managers, and did require a little haggling, but not much. This is where you'll get to a "best price" most efficiently, not on a showroom floor with a regular salesperson.

    Happy hunting!
  • This problem was noted first by 2001 Landcruiser buyers, and Toyota is supposedly working on it.
    A guy from the LC message board, Kurt Leyendecker,([email protected]) is organizing a list of people, and has filed a complaint with Toyota...drop him an email.
  • Go to, click on either sequoia solutions or dealer board, and read before you sign. Dianne is so close to you, and if you're patient, you'll get a better deal than MSRP, well worth a trip to SoCal!

    Her email is there as well, although she might not be able to respond right away; remember, she's busy selling 650+ happy Toyota owners, all over the US!

    I'm sure after you read the posts about her, you'll decide to head to Carson Toyota. Email her now. (We're planning to order one from her in March, by the way, a silver sky 7920 (4WD SR5).)
  • we have an SR5 on order with the preferred package that we were led to believe from the brochure had heated front captains seats.After reading posts here and on the tundra solutions board it appears that they are not heated. Has anybody here received their SR5 with PM that had the heated seats? If you didn't what did the dealers do or say, or did they just say it was a misprint in the brochure? What, if any,action was taken about this? Please advise(Dianne, Cliff)?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Sorry but I don't have time to read the posted articles from post #365 but if they say it is not safe to use the 4WD on dry pavement, they are flat out wrong. When I get a chance, I'll repost my explanation of the Sequoia 4WD system or you can scan back through this topic. If it were unsafe, so would the LC which has the same 4WD system but can't go into 2WD.
  • My Sequoia SR5 did not come with running boards or fog lights. Does anyone here know where I could get these items? I would like to get the running boards in either chrome or pewter finish. I will install them myself. As for the fog lights, I am getting tired of looking at the black plastic covers. I assume that Toyota prewired them. Is this correct? Maybe I will take the plastic off and take a peek ;-) Thanks, Paul
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Cliffy - its not necessarily that the article says its unsafe just that it ruins the car(the drivetrain or brakes or something)- I dont want to have to deal with changing 2wd to 4wd just want safety all the time (ok for 4wd on dry pavement)and dont care about a few miles to the gallon. Also how are you selling the TLC if the Seq has same 4wd system, is bigger, reclining seats, and side airbags? I am considering both cars but have not driven the TLC yet - Do they drive differently? Is the TLC quieter? Thanks for any reponse, Stacy
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Here is why you should leave the Sequoia in full-time 4WD mode all of the time. Please read all 3 pages:

    As you can see, full-time 4WD will dramatically improve handling, especially in emergency maneuvers. This is all the more important with such a large and heavy truck like the Sequoia. Since the engine power is equally routed/distributed to all four wheels instead of just two, the traction control/stability control is much less likely to intervene since four tires have less torque (individually) and are less likely to be overwhelmed.

    I don't think that leaving the system in 4WD mode all of the time will decrease your fuel economy significantly (I'm guessing at most 1mpg). Consumer Reports tested their Jeep Grand Cherokee with the SelectTrac 4WD system in 2WD and 4WD full-time modes and found no difference in fuel economy.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The Sequoia's and Land Cruiser's 4WD systems are similar, but not identical. The Land Cruiser has permanent 4WD, which means that the vehicle is in 4WD mode all of the time and there is no option to switch to 2WD mode. The Sequoia, on the other hand has full-time 4WD. The difference between permanent and full-time 4WD is that full-time 4WD can be switched into 2WD or 4WD full-time mode. In the latter mode, for all intents and purposes, it is the same as the L.C's permanent 4WD system since power is equally routed to each axle.

    Hope this helps!

    Host of Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Thanks drew for your terrific response and articles which I printed to show my Husb to convince him importance of 4wd. However, what about all I read (see Article usa above post #365) about using the 4wd on dry pavement ruining parts of the truck,causing problems? Please respond. Thanks, stacy
    Just read your new post and YES it helped, drew, perhaps this whole dry pavement issue, as cliffy says is a nonissue. Now probably no reason not to get Seq - Thanks again!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I'm glad that my explanation did help :-)

    As I think Steve (cliffy1) explained before, part-time 4WD systems cannot be used on dry pavement or even just a little slippery pavement because engaging the 4WD locks the front and rear axles together mechanically. Imagine you are going around a curve in 4WD mode, on a dry surface, with a part-time 4WD vehicle. The front wheels (since they're turned) follow different arcs around the bend. Since the front and rear wheels are mechanically bound together, the wheels don't want to be turned and you'll will feel a tremendous amount of steering resistance. This is what is damaging to the components...the binding. On slippery/snowy/muddy surfaces, part-time 4WD is okay since there is enough of a reduction in surface friction that the wheels can slip around when turned. However, once you hit drier pavement, you have to shift out of 4WD again if you have PT4WD. As you can see, this process is cumbersome and requires quite a bit of driver interaction particularly if you have mixed surfaces, or worse, a split-mu surface (i.e. half of the road covered with snow, and the other half dry; "mu" is the Greek word for co-efficient).

    Full-time or permanent 4WD systems add centre differentials which allows the front and rear axles to spin at different rates. This is why these systems do not have any problems whatsoever running on all sorts of surfaces. For the Sequoia, you just set the switch/lever into 4WD full-time High range mode and drive. You never have to touch the controls again if you don't want to. For the Land Cruiser, there's no 2WD switch, so you just drive.

    I should mention though, that the Low range mode (low gearing which multiplies the torque by 2+ times, mainly for slow off-road use) in both the Sequoia and Land Cruiser locks the centre differential. As such, when in 4WD Low Range mode, you must act as if you have a part-time 4WD system and use it only on slippery surfaces. To engage Low range, most systems require that you stop the vehicle, put the transmission into neutral, shift into low range, and then move the transmission back into drive. Reverse the steps to disengage low range. Steve, Diana, or the owner's manual should have more detailed information about this.

    Best of luck and happy new year!

    Host of Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards

    P.S. I highly recommend the side curtain airbags since they're available as an option on the Sequoia
  • mdx1mdx1 Posts: 63
    I think the reviewer on USA Today was probably confused whether Sequoia had a part-time or full-time 4WD system. He was probably thinking having the 2WD mode means part-time.

    Since the center differential plays a key role in 4WD, I found the following article did a good job explaining the role of center differential.

    Differentials (Open, Locked, Limited Slip, EDL, quattro)
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Thanks for the well-informed clarifications. I hope these objective, considered comments help clear the air.

    Anything in the future of Townhall that would lend itself to an FAQ? You know you'll be explaining this again in another forum in a few months, just like I remember most of the above from the MDX forum.
  • Great information coming out of this site. Doesn't it make you wonder why Toyota even put the 2WD option in the Sequoia's. Since you get better handling, essentially same gas milage, and option of 4 low, who needs 2WD. Maybe to offer the vehicle at a few thousand dollars less without 4WD. What do you all think?
  • mdx1mdx1 Posts: 63
    Sequoia has a 2WD version (RWD) selling for $3320-$3530 (MSRP) less depending on SR5 or Limited.

    Having the 2WD mode accessible is common among many full-time 4WD vehicles. Taking the 2WD option away would change a full-time 4WD vehicle to a permenant 4WD one (ex. Land Cruiser or LX470).
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    You cleared it up for me so I could easily understand - am grateful. Much appreciation,Stacy
    Perhaps one more question (I left post #324 on the TLCIII site, maybe you could look at,please) Comparing the Seq to to the TLC/LX ($ is not my main concern) it seems to be bigger, side airbags, reclining seats - better, but have you driven both? Why get TLC/LX?? ( I am not a planning on going off roading, just skiing, mountain driving sometimes - you know, regular mom stuff)Is the TLC/LX quieter? Vans are too noisy and have too many reliability probs. Have considered getting GMC Denali xl, Cad, Gator, EB Exp - you name it big luxo SUV- but am afraid of getting AMerican car because I do not want to deal with problems. I am used to my RX ( and am very happy with it because no problems,its so easy to drive, easy in and out, and quiet lux - but its too small now - I want safety,reliability,quiet luxury - have an infant and all her gear, a four year old and plan on having another and will probably lease for 3 yrs. Concerned about size of TLC, I will be using at least one of the rear, 3rd row, seats all the time for my 4 yr. old - and fold up 3rd seats, no side air bags but it has been in production longer. Any Thoughts? Thanks again, Stacy
  • Well, I posted yesterday about paying mSRP for a loaded up SR5. What a difference a day makes!!!

    Our Seq. arrived this AM but unfortunately was not the color we were promised. So....started back at square 1 almost. Ended up with a decent deal although still not as far under MSRP as some of you have posted. The color ended up being Chestnut Pearl (Or something to that effect) It is beautiful but significantly darker than we had hoped for in the Desert sand (or whatever it's called) color. Anyway, darker is not better in cars for us. I don't like the dirt. So I complained and raised a fuss and ended up with this deal:

    500 off MSRP (MSRP was 38,245)
    "Touch of Class" interior/exterior protection which essentially warranties your upholstery/paint for 5 years. Any stains or problems toyota can't remove equals new paint or upholstery.
    4 fill-ups for the gas tank
    4 complete auto details

    I figure that this deal is equivalent to about $1,500 off MSRP and I'm happy. We drove about 75 miles on the freeway this afternoon and the readout said 16.5 MPG so far. Not bad, since my Trooper was getting about 12 after being well broken in. This car is HOT! Even the toll booth attendant was oohing and ahhing over it. I'm soooo spoiled!!!

  • I just drove the Limited Edition today. A very positive experience. I will be ready to buy when the price gets to be about $35,000. I note that Longo Toyoto (in the nos Angeles area) today was advertising $3000 off MSRP. Manhattan Toyoto (Manhattan Beach, CA) salesman Tim Sandquist said that he could match Longo's price. We will see. I noticed a black box in the passenger foot area. What is that contraption? The salesman did not know. I hope that Toyoto changes that ugly metallic silver plastic cover surrounding the radio cluster and window switches. I also hope that in the future Toyoto offers the back-up warning system (offered with the Expedition Bauer model). Would appreciate feedack on that black box item.

  • tdilltdill Posts: 5
    Planning to purchase a SUB around the end of the 1st quarter of 2001. After some prelim research & test drives, am seriously looking at a SR5. Initial feedback here in MA is that dealers aren't moving much on price.

    Can anyone offer experiences/opinions on dealer price flexibility in the southern New England region (e.g. MA, CT, RI)? Have roughly 40 Toyota dealers I/ in 50 miles so we've lots of dealer options, but would appreciate any insight anyone here could offer.

    Thanks in advance!
  • phil62phil62 Posts: 6
    Hi folks. I'm new to the board and thought I'd poke my head up. My wife, kids and I live just outside Beaumont in eastern Texas near the Louisiana border. We're considering a Sequoia and have many of the same needs/concerns expressed by tdill and rwelliott above. In my perusals of the board in the last couple of days, I notice that many have problems with Gulf States Toyota. Anyone know of dealers (preferably pres. award winners) in a reasonable radius of my home turf who are straight-shooting and offer good prices. I've been waiting years for the Japanese to build a big SUV because, even though I like many things about the GM and Ford models, I don't love seeing my mechanic that much. I may have to wait a while longer, though, if the Toy prices are out of my league at the moment. Also, I'd like to ask a specific question: Does anyone know what exactly is in the off-road package for the Sequoia? Does it include skid plates? Finally, thanks to all the informed posters on this board -- you've already been a great help starting my research.
  • I have JBL with changer and 10 speakers but when I looked for 10 speakers I could only find 8.I went to dealer and looked at 2 other limited and only found 8.The dealer is going to call Toyota and asked where the other 2 are.
  • rab4fdlrab4fdl Posts: 10
    Is it possible to even be close to $35,000 on a Limited? If it is, I think I'm going to have to punish myself severely!!! As far as I could see, you can hardly find an SR5 in that price range unless it is completely pared down. (Unless it's a 4X2) The best I could find (MSRP) on a 4X2 limited was around $42,000. Please tell me that the prices will not drop that much!!! As much as I would love rwelliot to find his car, I'm hoping he's living in a fantasy so that I won't feel so bad about my purchase yesterday!!
  • I bought a new limited edition sequoia on thursday and I have put in 450 miles over the weekend. It is a fantastic vehicle. The acceleration and ride are top notch. You dont feel a thing at 90. My only gripes are regarding the JBL sterereo and the facia mouldings. However I think that these are minor glitches and what really matters to me is the smoothness and power of the V-8 engine and the comfortable ride. I had no problems with thesnow storm we had on the weekend. I think that this vehicle is too good for the price. I would definitnely recommend my dealer Colonial Toyota. They were very helpful and they also gave me a very good price.
    The postings on the board were very useful in my decision making.
    Best of luck to you all.
  • Regarding a recent query about MA dealers and a general caution to all...

    I bought a loaded SR5 a couple of weeks ago from Woburn Foreign Motors. They did a "locate" and had the Seq I wanted shipped from Herb Chambers in Boston. One of my mistakes was to pick up the vehicle at night. Apparently I didn't inspect it close enough because after I handed over the check and came back out to drive away in the new vehicle, I noticed masking tape on one of the fog light caps. The dealer insisted that it comes from the factory this way and started to pull the tape off. The next morning in good light further examination showed evidence of a repair to the corner bumper. There was about a millimeter of overspray along the rubber molding where the fenders meet.

    Delivery Tips:
    1. Don't hand over the final check or sign anything before a thorough inspection and (additional) test drive. Is the mileage what you anticipated?
    2. Do not pick up your vehicle at night. If you do, have them pull it into the show room for you to inspect.
    3. Bring along someone with good eyes to help you inspect every inch of the vehicle... inside and out. Look at all the moldings closely and look for overspray on anything. Feel areas that look dull. Is the paint as smooth as nearby areas?

    I have witnesses and pics from the following morning. Supposedly, my dealer is going to talk to Herb Chambers to try to get an explanation of what happened. I'll be negotiating some sort of compensation this week since I paid MSRP. I'll post the outcome... negative or positive.
  • This message is to everyone but especially rwelliott. Have you checked out the $3000 off MSRP at that one dealer? In Washington state they are selling OVER MSRP. That will not work with us. I would LOVE to find a dealer anywhere around Washington state (heck, I will be in Disneyland in April - California even will work) who is willing to work around $2200 to $3000 off MSRP on the Limited. It sounds like everyone is happy so far with their Sequoia. My husband is FINALLY interested in a "big" rig. Hasn't driven it yet, but he bought our last car without every driving it and we've had it for 6 yrs. (He likes my negotiating skills that much). I am trying everything. Any ideas people? West Coast. Think....
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    Hi Everybody,
    I know I am too late to this Discussion group.
    I am shopping for a Sequioa Limited 4x4. I plan
    to use it for long long years to come. I want to
    choose Limited with all Options rather than SR5
    with other add-ons. Can dianne or cliffy1 or
    yoss or hookey or volkov could give me some tips on choosing this vehicle. I never owned a SUV or any Power machine. All I had was Nissan Sentra (while in middle east), Toyota Camry (now). Can someone tell who is the nice dealer near Richmond, VA (I don't mind travelling here and there like NC, DC, Northern Virginia to get a best deal). I have nothing to tow, so I don't care about towing power(or should I?).

    Thanks you guys in advance for your valuable
  • I've called 2 auto buying services here in San Diego (both affiliated w/credit unions) and both have told me that the best they could do was MSRP. They suggested to wait until the summer...prices should be below MSRP by then. I know that they're pretty honest because I've gotten a good deal from one of them in the past. Anyone else have some feedback on the prices in San Diego???
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