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Toyota Sequoia



  • I agree, generally.
    But the Tundra just ain't that reliable.
    Hence, the Sequ just ain't going to be that reliable.
    As reliable as a Suburban? I sure hope so (for Toyota's sake), but too early to tell at the moment.
    In my mind, the 4Runner falls into LC class -- bulletproof. Not worth $35k+ because of its small size, but bulletproof nonetheless.
    The Tundra is not bulletproof.
    I doubt the Sequ will be.
    Plus, with all the present wind and road noise in the Sequ right off the assembly line with brand spanking new seals, what is that going to sound like at 30,000 miles when the seals start to wear? How about 50,000 miles?
    All I am saying is, 1) are you getting what you pay for? and 2) to the Motor Trends and Car & Driver's out there -- please throw a Suburban in when you face-off full-sized SUV's.
  • hookeyhookey Posts: 54
    Yoss, you need to keep to the facts. Some of them are on your side. Then you slip in some whoppers. How do you figure the Sub gets better mileage than the Seq? I've owned mine for 3,000 miles so far and am averaging between 16.5 and 17 miles per gallon. That's better than the Volvo I traded in for it (granted the Volvo was operating at less than optimal efficiency). The Sub can't touch that MPG. Also, the same argument you use about why the Seq shouldn't be compared to the Tahoe can be used for why it shouldn't be compared to the Sub (i.e. of course the Sub has more room behind the third seat, its a much longer vehicle).

    The other thing that I think you are missing is the fact that it is the source of the engineering and design that is important in constructing a quality vehicle. The manufacturing location and the nationality of the people working the line is less relevant. In other words if the design is Japanese and the vehicle is built to Toyota Japan's standards, that matters more than where the plant that puts it together is located. On the flip side, the same vehicle is less costly if made in the USA because there is no duty paid, where the LC has a large one as well as higher shipping costs.

    BTW, I drove both the Sub and the Tahoe during my purchasing process. Needless to say, the fit and finish in the Seq is vastly superior. Also, in my opinion the road and wind noise are quite minimal for a large truck. Not as good as the LC, but I paid $38.5k for my Seq, not $58.5K that one would pay for an LC.
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    Well said !

    I guess that Yoss must have confused my initial message wrt LC-vs-Seq. I did mention that the two are "arguably" similar in specs', but differ in cost. I am yet to receive my Seq. and when I do I will be in better position to evaluate the road and wind noise, etc. that have been pointed out here. WRT the LC being "bulletproof" while the Seq.'s reliability is questionable, only time will tell. Afterall, the LC has beena round since the early 50's and the Seq's total time of existence is, well... a little less than 3 months.. (September 21, 2000 debut)

    Conventional wisdom will have it that if the manufacturer of the "bulletproof" LC and Forerunner, is the same as the Seq., then one can argue logically that ultimately the new Seq. will also be "bulletproof"; it is all a matter of time...
  • dav99dav99 Posts: 1
    After doing my homework at this site as well as others, I have finally made a deal for a Sequ SR5 with the following options: conv. pkg, pref. pkg, alloy whl pkg, dual air, spoiler, roof rack, toyo guard & a few other small ops.
    basically turning it into a poor mans Limited. anyways, I am in Georgia and got the price down to 35500. Is this good or could I do better?? Like most other places, I placed the order this week and will have to wait for a January delivery. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • First of all, the Suburban is in a class closer to the Excursion, not the Sequoia. The Ford Excursion has a 146 cu. ft. cargo area and the Suburban has 138 cu. ft.cargo area. These 2 are of the largest SUV's period. The Tahoe, and the Expedition are closer in size to the Sequoia for comparison data. That is why they are being compared to each other. Motortrend realized this hence they draw comparisons based on relative size.

    Your biased opinion of the G.M line indicates to most of us on this post that the reliability of Toyota and of Japanese automobiles in general have little merit to you. Most people buy Toyota's, whether they are 60%, or a 40%Japanese/US hybrid because they have proven themselves repeatedly over the years to be superior in quality and reliability. That being said, Yoss, buy that Fantastic deal you can get on the Suburban and drive yourself over to the Chevy Suburban Posts where you would be a banner spokesperson for the all inferior domestic SUV's
  • 1) The Tundra was designed in the U.S. for the U.S. market by Toyota U.S. Minimal Japanese input. Ditto, even more so, for the Sequ. Neither of these vehicles will be sold in any great numbers outside of the U.S./Canada.
    2) The Tahoe has 104 cubic feet of cargo space. The Sequ has 128 and the Suburban has 138.
    According to what I learned in elementary school, the Sequ has 23% more interior space than the Tahoe. Yet the Suburban has a mere 8% more space than the Sequ. Which is closer to which?
    In addition, the Sequ has a greater curb weight than either the Tahoe or the Suburban.
    Are you guys really that pig-headed and biased that you will not even admit the Sequ is closer to the Suburban in just about EVERY category than the Tahoe. Shoot, the Suburban is even easier to park because it has a smaller turning radius.
    3) The Excursion? That thing has a turning radius over 50 feet I believe. Impossible to park. Virtually worthless. 10 mpg at best. Built on a heavy duty F250 pickup chasis. Only for the hard core.
    4) Gas mileage. I am willing to bet money here. The Suburban 5.3 engine gets either the same or better mileage than the Sequ. The Suburban does better than sticker (roughly 20 mpg on the highway), and I'm willing to bet a grand or two this will beat real-life Sequ mpg.
    5) Turning to comparing a Sequ to a Tahoe. Pick a model. SR5 at $38k or Ltd at $45? Comparably speaking, a comparable Tahoe will be $29-37, for a savings of at least 20%. Not a big deal you say? OK, what is 20% more than a Sequ? A LandCruiser. Same boat then, isn't it? Throw that into the pot when comparing full sized SUV's that are within 20-25% of the price of a Sequ.
    6) Fit and finish you say? OK, you got me. But why then is the Sequ so damn loud at highway speeds? Did Toyota neglect to fit a little sealant or sound-deadening material into the finished product? You have to admit, the noise is pathetic for $45k.
    Like it or not, a $37k Suburban LT at highway speeds is as quiet as a Caddy.
    And why so cheap of a dash and switchgear?
    Oh yeah, there are lots of complaints about rattles and loose stuff over on the Tundra board. I'm sure the Sequ is completely different though (yeah right).
    7) From my side of the fence, you guys are really starting to grasp now.
  • Anyone who believes that the fact that the Sequoia is built in the US renders it more like the big three domestic products than the Japanese products need only drive a US made Accord or a Camry back-to-back with a Taurus or any GM sedan to realize that quality goes much deeper than site of manufacture. Better still, drive a five or six year old Accord then a Taurus or GM of similar vintage. Finally, compare the reliability record of those cars over the past five or six years and wake up and accept that without regard to where they are made, the Toyotas and Hondas are just better.

    Also, the interior of the almighty Suburban is rather cheesy with a bulky steering wheel and a square and clunky dashboard. When I drove an LT, it accelerated better than my Expedition and handled about the same but the brakes were lethargic and had all the feel of a Peterbuilt.
  • Da... The Sequoia does have more room than the Tahoe. And whoever said that the Suburban is $7,000 less hasn't shopped for one lately. To get what you get in the Sequoia LTD you have to buy a Tahoe or Sububan LT model. Both of those with moonroof, heated seats, etc. are far beyond 42,000 for 4x4. Some of these anti-Toyota people on here should do their research before spouting off their mouth.
  • I would like to know if anyone has leased an SR5 and what are your monthly payments? Of course, this will vary depending on the options on the SR5 but I'm just interested in an estimated monthly cost as well as what is required upfront. Does Toyota offer any special incentives to current lease customers to do early lease termination? We have a Camry with 18 months remaining on lease.

    My prior post was lost in the transition but I'm still interested in hearing from those owners with kids on how you like your Sequoia. Thanks!
  • I agree that the Japanese built vehicles like the LC is much better than the American built cars. Which vehicle would you drive, the one made by people who will commit suicide because he embarrassed the company or the one who feels he still has a union job?
  • My previous post has a blue oval delete symbol on it. I didn't notice this on any other posts. What is the reason for this? Thanks.
  • Yossarian,

    You are obviously in the market for a new Sequoia in the near future.
    Otherwise, you wouldn't spend as much time in the Sequoia topic as you do.
    Here's my take (let me know if I'm right): Your negative response to
    anything posted in this forum that even sounds positive about the Sequoia (or Toyota) is really intended to lure those who are "on the fence" away from the Sequoia. Then, as a result, the demand will go down and you will be able to work out a better deal (although, I doubt Cliff or Dianne will be willing to work with you). If that's not the real reason you post to this topic as much (or more) than anyone else, please explain your rationale.

    Now don't get me wrong ... I am not convinced that the Sequoia is a
    problem-free vehicle or that will be perfect for everyone. However, contrary to your personal beliefs, it will fill the needs for many buyers better than any other vehicle on the market (bar none). Oh, by the way: I was in the market for a Sequoia ... that is, until I read your posts. You made me see the light (yea, right).

    nos - Another thing ... this is my first time posting to this forum ... please be gentle with me.
  • Yoss drives a Lexus LX470 and has to knock the Sequoia to justify the extra 20k that he spent on his ride.
  • I am in the process of deciding on a new vehicle. I have looked into the suburban, the Yukon and something completely different a Volvo cross country. I drive a mini van right now and I like the three row seating but don't want something as big as suburban. I will be driving in the snow but just in the city. Is it a good family car? It is easy driving? Is it good for city driving etc, etc.
  • My guess is that there are now about 7000 Sequoias on the road and I'm glad that quite a few of those owners are active in this forum.

    Can any of you please comment on whether the clicking engine noise and "clunking" sound of the transmission frequently described in the Tundra forum are also as frequent in the Sequoias? I don't know how serious and annoying these sounds are, but what I am worried is that most people in the "know" describe this a normal.

    I am planning to buy this baby anytime now, but I have reservations about this on a 35-35K vehicle. Thanks for your advice.
  • rah8rah8 Posts: 3
    Have you had time to post the picture of your new sequoia with the chrome wheels in the Tundra solutions board? Looking forward to seeing the combination. What color is your truck?
  • you are really asking about 3 different types of vehicles. I currently own a volvo s70 wagon with the three rows. Great car and great in the snow.It really depends on how many kids or people you are carting around.My seven year old and her friends are fine in the third row but my eleven year old is too big. The volvo third seat is really for small kids. That is the reason we just ordered the sequoia. I have 3 kids and usually take 2-4 more carpooling. The volvo was too small. The suburban wouldn't fit in my garage. We looked for 6 months until we decided on the sequoia and never regretted our decision.Good luck!
  • I own a 1996 Lexus LX 450 with 94,000 miles. I bought it new. So far, no problems at all.

    I test drove the Sequoia and can't tell the difference in the ride. The Sequoia felt a little more "spongy" than my Lexus but seemed to handle the same.

    Only significant difference I could find were the front seats. The LX 450 has more padding and they feel more substantial.

    I'm thinking of selling the LX 450 and buying the Sequoia Limited.

    Only thing wrong I found in the Sequoia was even with the JBL sound system, it stills sounds like crap. However the LX 450 system also sounds like crap!


  • drt54drt54 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of any availability of wood grain trim to replace the "hammered metal" around the console,radio,and on the doors? The factory supplied trim is rather unattractive.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817

    I have no idea of how good these guys are; have never ordered from them before.
  • When getting the Gold Package do you get all the letters,emblems ,and do you get the grill too. I can't seem to find a seq. with it done.
  • As many of you may have figured out by now, Edmunds has moved to new Town Hall software. In the process of moving over, they permanently lost all our posts made after post 234 on the old board (US built nonsense (mulligan2) Wed 13 Dec '00 (07:11 PM). That particular post is post 219 on this board, and all the lost posts fit between 219 and 220 on this board. Assuming this post works (aparently not a gimme), I may repost one or two of my lost posts that never really saw the light of air.

    If others wish to do the same, the missing posts (and all the older posts) are still available at the old URL (
  • My first attempt at posting failed, but the second worked -- because I followed the instructions Pat's post 117 on the Welcome Page new board topic. For those of you who are lost in this maze, here it is:

    #117 of 183 login problems/getting thrown to the welcome page when posting by pat HOST Dec 17, 2000 (08:24 am)
    You get thrown back to the Welcome page when your login session has
    (incorrectly) timed out on the webcrossing side of the house.

    Very unfortunately, spending a long time creating a post seems to
    almost guarantee that webcrossing will time you out.

    What you can do to protect your post (while we try to fix this):

    Select and copy the post before you click on "post my message" - I am
    happy to find that Ctrl-A selects the whole post (unlike on WE where
    it selected the whole durned page). Ctrl-A to select all, then Ctrl-C
    to copy are now standard keystrokes for me when I finish a post.

    If you get thrown back to the Welcome page when you hit post, just
    pick the conference you were in and return to your topic. You should
    now be able to paste your text back into the post box and post
    successfully. (Of course you have to retype your post title.)

    If you forget to do all of this and end up at the Welcome page, don't
    forget you can use your browser's back button to get back to the post
    and copy it. Then go to the Welcome page (click on Town Hall in the
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    described above.

    The Welcome page is the side of the house. You aren't
    getting logged out of - this is why when you go to that
    page it says you are already logged in. Entering conferences, um,
    message boards, from the Welcome page transparently logs you back
    into the webcrossing side.

    It's been stated in this discussion many times that this is a known
    problem and will be fixed as soon as possible. I'm offering all of
    this hoping it is helpful in dealing with the issue in the meantime.

    And I'll betcha that I'm getting ready to see the Welcome page right
    now! :-) Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, welcome page here I come!

    YES indeed, that's exactly what happened! Spending a long time
    creating a post will get you every time.

    Pat/Roving Host
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I do have a question. Why doesn't the topics I've been to get highlighted. And how do I access my preferences?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Not my preferences. how do I access my bookmarks?
  • jam1000jam1000 Posts: 182
    Go to the topic called "New software -- all your questions answered" (or something like that). You're not the only one with these problems, and it looks like bookmarks are gone, at least for the time being and perhaps longer. It looks like the "upgrade" is going to take a while. I myself have been dealing with login schizophrenia.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Thanks. I'll check it out. I never used the bookmarks in the past because topics fill too fast. I just relied on the topics being a different color if I went to them.
  • I wonder when we're gonna talk about Seqouia again. Like somebody said before, maybe it's time to reconnect our cable TV....
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Sorry. I'm still getting over the shock. Most the topics right now are pretty dead. It will pick up shortly I'm sure.
  • cb19cb19 Posts: 8
    I live in Houston and am being held hostage by Gulf States Toyota. If I want side airbags I must purchase a limited with a moonroof and running boards and every other feature. This makes the MSRP $42,500 when all I want is a cloth SR5 with an air bag!

    Can you get an SR5 with airbags in "free market" areas of the U.S.?

    How could I get one shipped to Houston? I will be in Nashville for Christmas, does anyone have a dealer recommedation in East Tennesse?

    By the way, the post about decreasing the wind noise by changing the fresh air/recirculate setting on the A/C is correct. It decreases the noise dramatically.
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