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Toyota Sequoia



  • It is the decriptions in the brochure that are the problem. For example it states that part of the additional equipment on the Limited are "Leather trimmed doors with intergrated speaker, map pockets and courtesy lamps". In the options section for the SR5 it list leather seat options but does not cover the door treatment. I know this may not minor, but this is one of the questions my wife asked my wife asked so I need an swers. In one of Dianne's previous posts, she suggested that if you were going to keep the truck for a long time, it is probably better to buy the SR5. This seems like a good idea to me if I can get it with the extras my wife wants. So far, I have seen one Limited model, they seem to be selling quite well here in Texas.
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    For the posts looking for websites that offer "true" colors so that you can see how the actual car will look in daylight...forget it, won't happen, can't happen.

    As a side-bar interest of mine, I work extensively with computers in digital imaging. Color matching (i.e., accuracy) is the BANE of working with computers, and, believe me, unless you have a professionally calibrated monitor working with a color matched file, you cannot trust what you see on your screen to be accurate. In fact, in many cases it won't even be close. Added to that, the colors you see on your screen are additive whereas paints are subtractive, so they will NEVER match perfectly.

    Sadly, I've even found most color samples in actual brochures to be relatively inaccurate (for all the above reasons). The bottom line is if you want to see how they look, trot on down to the car lot; it's the only way to be sure. You might be unhappy if you ordered the "midnight blue" on your screen and ended up with "dark purple" on the lot!
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    I have been lurking around here for ca. 2 weeks now, during which I learnt a lot about the Sequoia. Together with my wife, we finally decided to take a look. A fleet manager at one of the local dealer here in SoCal called me and offered an SR5 4x2 with limited options (CC,AC,CF,CQ,DR,RL with dealer-installed P265/70R16 chrome wheels (a $1500 mark-up) all for a grand total of $33,321. I couldn't believe it. We drove as fast as we could (under legal speed limit, of course :-)) to get to the dealership only to find another couple ahead of us by a mere 30 seconds. They were driving the car out for a test drive as we were driving in. We waited in anticipation for 20 mins before the car came back. We promptly took it over, my wife drove it for ca. 15 mins and announced - SOLD. We walked to the dealer and they were pained to note that we also wanted it. I say they were pained bcos they wanted to give the car to the first couple, but because the Fleet manager had personally called me and given me a firm deal on the phone, which I accepted, they decided it was only fair to give us the first right-of-refusal. Of course we promptly agreed to buy it. We asked for the seating to be upgraded to leather, and they gave us a price of $1470. So, in all our cost for this vehicle was $34,791 + tax and lic).

    I think that this was a good deal indeed for us. After costing the same car on edmunds', and adding the dealer-installed chrome wheels, I found that we paid $1655 less than MSRP on this vehicle. Not bad at all.

    We are waiting for it to be outfitted with our choice of leather (Titanium color) on Silver Sky metallic exterior, and we expect delivery within a week from today. I cannot wait to drive this car, although my wife will end up driving it much more than I. I think it is a lovely car, despite some of the few shortcomings identified here. I look forward to enjoying this vehicle with my 2 kids for many many years to come.... I can safely say, this is my last car for a long long time...

    I have to thank all of you posters for a wonderful job of educating us all and providing very useful and educative posts. And to Cliffy and Diane, for being so much nice than you would find out there. My experience with this dealership can be described as being "mixed", but overall I cannot complain that I got a really fair deal, one I can live with, on a car this hot...
  • I live in the Silicon Valley, and Sequoias are impossible to get here without ordering. Is this standard? I drive a Sienna now, but need a bigger car (four kids). I want another Toyota, but I don't want to order something I haven't even seen, or driven. Any idea when these will be more readily available?
  • rah8rah8 Posts: 3
    You mentioned that you got chrome wheels. Are they the sequoia SR5 wheels? When you get the vehicle could you send a picture to the " tundra solutions " board. Thanks Bob Hanson
    Diane are chrome wheels an option? What about TRD wheels?
  • The reason I actually mention that a long-term owner might do better ordering the SR5 special with the PM leather package is this:

    If you have the car for a few years, having the Limited model will help resale value, and the use of the extras won't "bite" so badly, value wise.

    If the intention is to keep it 7+ years, frankly, it's best to order-build an SR5 if you are fixated on factory leather because when it's a young 2-3-4 years old, value-wise, ya still just have a fancy SR5, with a small addition for leather in the blue book, which you pay $2400 for (that PM package). The Limited model would book much more strongly, and still have additions later for extras.

    After 7 years, the difference in value between the two levels out and is minimal, making the long-term owner better off with their SR5 with leather, assuming the extras in Limited are not needed or wanted. It's late. I hope I am making sense.

    Incidentally, if a vehicle has side-curtain airbags, (GY) we can't add leather after-market. And, FYI: leather after market in a non side-airbag car costs $1100-1200 tops.

    oac3, that (-$1655?) off MSRP is a good deal on a basic SR5. I can see they padded the cost of the leather a little, and what did they charge for the added wheels? $1500?! ....but what the heck. You got a car you liked. :D That, in the end, is all that matters.

  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    rah8: No, the chrome wheels (polished) are from American Racing, and are dealer-installed NOT from Toyota. They look OK to me, but not great. They sit on a Bridgestone tire and that is of a little concern to me. Yes, I will gladly post a GIF picture of it on the tundra site once I pick it up next weekend...

    Diane: I am glad to read of your opinions of this purchase. I felt a little cheated on the leather option value, especially since the price went up from $1300 to $1470 b/w the phone deal and the on site deal (the explanation sounded too corny to me, but I simply shrugged it off; I guess you can't win all the time). At the end overall, the deal wasn't that bad and I sure can live with an extra 100-200 bucks of "mark-up" on this option. I read somewhere here that for long-term, the 2-wheel version lasts longer, and it is comforting to know that over 7+ years, the price of both SR% and Limited evens out; especially since I do plan to own this vehicle for a long time...

    And, like Diane said, in the end I feel that my wife and I got a fair deal, maybe now I can look back and see it wasn't as high as 1655 off MSRP, but it is still good anytime you don't pay MSRP on a first edition vehicle from a good car maker like Toyota...
  • If the Limited will have better resale, why is the residual for lease purposes better for the SR-5? By the way, this also true for the LT and LS versions of the unmentionable GM full-sized vehicles (the LS residual is better). Dianne, are you referring to resale as a percentage of purchase price (relevant) or resale as an absolute dollar amount (not relevant unless you got the car for free)?
    By the way, what happened to Yossarian? Has his keyboard been jammed by the Lepage glue gun? Sorry for the Catch 22 reference to all you non-fans of the best American novel of the 20th century.
  • movanmovan Posts: 32
    I've had my Limited 4x4 for 5 weeks now, so I thought I'd give my perspectives on driving it:
    --Exterior: The side view of the truck looks great-very aggressive forward slant to the C Pillar. Much better looking from the side/rear than the Navigator (too boxy and rear turn signals look like the "Family Truckster" from the back). My only disappointment is the front of the truck is kind of plain (where Nav is nicer).
    --Interior: All seats are very comfortable. The second and third row seats are marvels of flexibility, from the seatback reclines to the tumble forwards. I was quite surprised by the amount of legroom in the third row (I'm 6'2"), and a better third seat footwell than in Nav/Expy (which is non-existent). The dashboard gauges are too plain. For $45 large, and for a truck named after a tree, there should be WOOD in the car-guess they were concerned with yet another SEQ feature being better than the more expensive LC. At least my interior is gray, so the mettletone plastic at least blends in-maybe there will be a factory recall! Overall fit and finish is superb-just grab an interior door pull and feel how solid it feels. Switchgear is like every Toyota/Lexus-great. Sunroof is about 1/3 again as large as the Nav. Wish they would put the gear selector on the floor instead of on the column. Leather is stitched nicely but has a fairly rough feel.
    --Engine and gas mileage: Very smooth. Much faster acceleration than I expected, not only off the line but in passing. Has a very optimistic fuel computation (15.1MPG). My experience is 13 MPG, and 10-11 with the 4x4 engaged.
    --Handling: MUCH better than I thought, for such a big vehicle. The steering wheel gives great road feel, and there's minimum body roll in aggressive turning.
    --4x4 operation and VSC: Had a few inches of snow in Chicago the other day-handles great. When making a tight turning circle, there's no groaning/resistance as there was in my Ford Explorer. I did like the Explorer's feature of leaving it in 4 Wheel Auto and having four wheel drive kick-in only when needed. The Variable Skid Control hasn't been invoked yet, but I've needed it twice in my GS400 in high speed emergency maneuvers, and am a BIG fan of this safety feature.
    --Overall, this has to be the best large SUV on the market. Superb fit and finish, handling, power, convenience, and appearance. Lastly, just close one of the doors and hear that THUNK, and you'll know you're driving a quality vehicle.
  • I'm glad to here your happy with the Sequoia as I just bought one a few weeks ago. I had a Limited 4-Runner and feel this is a much better vehicle. I wonder why people would go back to 4-Runner after seeing this truck. I have not had a chance to go mud thumping yet but I believe it will do well. The 4 wheel drive system is still confusing to me. When all is engaged, you have to put the tranny in L to lock the center differential. Does this truly lock it up??? I have 3 daughters and it is exactly the type of vehicle a large family needs. It looks like a monster coming down the road, but feels like a well tuned sports car. Look out Land Cruiser and all the other high priced SUV'S. Don't think there is any that can compare, at least so far.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The center differential is actually locked only when you are in 4 Low and the transmission is in Low as well. I wish it had a push button like the current Runner does.
  • I'm glad you received a good deal on your new Sequoia. I just purchased one myself 2 days ago(12/8).

    I was very satisfied with my deal. I purchased my vehicle from Dianne and can say that she and her partner Mike are consummate professionals.

    I would also recommend using the services of whom set me up with the vehicle. They are very professional and their "deal kit" is first rate. I used them because I wanted to do my entire car purchase online from the financing all the way through to the purchase of the car.(which I did!)

    I bought a white SR5 4X2 with oak interior. The options are (AC,AH,CC,CQ,DR,GY,,GN,CF,WL)
    The price was $34,121 with tax and everything the total came to almost exactly $37,000. The car is great and my family and I are very happy. Dianne and Mike treated us very well.
  • Our purchase price was about $1400 under MSRP.
  • Why didn't toyota put the keyless entry feature on the SR5 vehicle? My 99 jetta gl has that feature and it was the basic model. Is toyota trying to save money here? Do you know any reason why cliff or Dianne? If I'm going to spend 35k or more, they should at least put that in. I'm very close on purchasing the vehicle but that got me thinking more about what else has toyota left out on this vehicle.
  • I could rip here a bit but the tone has been nice, kinda, so I will follow suit and be factual.
    The Keyless entry is part of the following option package.

    Convenience Package
    - Power Heated Outside Mirrors, Keyless Entry,Accessory Meter (Compass,Outside Temp
    Gauge, Homelink And Trip Computer)
    $ 490.00
    As to why it is not standard on a thirty five thousand dollar vehicle I will let you draw your own conclusions.
  • I'm So. CA too. Claremont had 3 limited, 1 SR5 yesterday, MSRP and says most dealers are charging $1,000-$2,000 over. Where did you get your's? Been reading these and really appreciate you new owners posting these last few weeks. I think I might be close. Also drove QX4 Infinity yesterday but comments on problems not real good.
  • tbevertbever Posts: 39
    I left a post awhile back about the 4 WD lights on the dash by the tach operating incorrectly. They would be on when the vehicle was clearly in 2WD and go off in 4WD. I was planning to take it to the dealer this week but I was screwing around playing with the H/4L shift lever on the floor. When I put it in 4 WD in 4L (but center diff unlocked) presto! the 4 WD indicator lights started working correctly. Go figure.
    Another thing: the manual is a bit unclear about how to shift from 4WD hi to 4l(unlocked). I thought I read in one place that you could do this while you are driving. WRONG! I got an awful grinding noise: thankfully I didn't force it. You have to be stopped with the auto transmission in neutral before you change to 4L. Presumably you can change from 4WD/4L unlocked to 4WD/4L locked while you are still driving at low speed on soft ground, but I did not try this. The owner's manual spends too much time giving idiotic legaleze warnings about rollovers and other safety warnings that basic vehicle operation is glossed over in some areas like this. One thing the manual does state is that the clicking noise you hear shortly after you start it up is the ABS self test process. This has been commented on in several posts and is apparently normal.
  • I just got my Sequoia this Saturday. I got the Blue SR5 with AC, CC, AH, CQ, DR, GY CF, GN and WL options. This is the furthest I have ever traveled to purchase a vehicle (400 miles from Carson to the Bay Area). This is also the best car buying experience I have ever had thanks to Dianne. She made the whole experience easy, simple and pleasant. I started trading e-mails with her 4 weeks ago, got a good quote, ordered my Sequoia and flew to So. Ca to pick it up this Saturday. Dianne even picked me up from the airport.
    I drove 7 hours in my new Sequoia and loved every minute of it. It is very smooth and quiet, and best of all, so easy to drive for such a big vehicle. The computer says I got 17 miles per gl. for the first 500 miles.
    The only complaint I have is the radio. It has the booming bass others reported. I also noticed the problem only occurs when I listen to the radio where I have to change the bass setting to -2. The unit works fine with the CD player, in fact, I have to change the bass setting to +1 for the CD for it to sound normal. I have the standard SR5 radio. Sound like this is wide spread problem on many LCs, does anyone know what the fix is? Is there a recall?
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    suvaddict: Congrats on a great deal. Based upon my calculation, you actually got a deal at ca. $1500 off MSRP. Certainly, Diane is a good dealer and she is giving out these great deals based simply on volume from all of us buyers out here on this forum :-) But, congrats all the same, for I am sure you do have a great car that should serve you and family for awhile...

    armour1: I live in the north county of San Diego, and I got my car from Toyota of Escondido. However, I would hesitate to recommend them... Rather, I'll recommend you use Diane, seeing that she is giving out great deals (see suvaddict's mail). But it appears there is a long waiting list with her, tough ! If you cannot wait for a month or so, then I'd recommend Toyota of Carlsbad; they are far more reputable than my dealer, although their prices are often at MSRP or even slightly higher.... But then, these are simply my opinions... Do what you think is best for you. And Good Luck to ya !

    Diane/Cliffy: I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask you, if you have the time to answer:

    1. How much would it cost to add running boards ?
    (my dealer said he doesn't have a price for it)
    2. How about fog lights ? I got a price of $180 each + $100 for switches?
    3. Any ideas on a AM cost for a nav on my SR5 ?

    Thx for helping out...
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The keyless entry is in the convenience package and every region in the country orders the Sequoia with this except for the Southeast and Gulf States Regions. Those distributors are not owned by Toyota and order them like this so they can sell their own systems. I don't like this but that is how it is. The same holds true on the running boards and alloy wheels.
  • oac3: Thanks alot! About the MSRP # I just looked at my sticker from the window and it says $35,517 and unless my math has really gone south I'm a few bucks shy of $1400 off MSRP.

    For all of the potential buyers out there especially those from Southern Cal I'd recommend a dealer in Nevada if you can't get your car through Dianne or Cliffy. This is the guy I was going to use if I couldn't get a car locally. The dealer is Toyota West and their e-commerce director is Carl Denny ; you can e-mail him at [email protected] When I talked to him he told me that he had a Silver Sky and a Desert Sand arriving in a week to 10 days which was 10 days ago(on Tuesday the 12th).

    I'll just reprint his e-mail to me here:

    I have one coming in within the next week to ten days in Silver Sky. Option codes are: FE, DR, RL, CC, ST, PG, AC, CF

    I have another one that is Desert Sand Mica, option codes are , FE, DR, GY, RL,CC, ST, PG, AC, CF.

    These should fit within your parameters. The MSRP on the Silver one is 33365, we are selling them for an 838.00 discount until the end of December. That's when the price increase hits.

    The Desert Sand one MSRP is 33865 and again we are selling them at $838.00 off the sticker price.

    If this will work for you, please let me know. I will accept a deposit that will give you first right of refusal on which ever Sequoia you pick out. The deposit can be as small as $500.00. Most of these vehicles are sold before they even get here. These are 2 that we (The Internet Department) special ordered for our customers. Hope this works or you.

    Just tell him [email protected] sent you.
  • Although I have a few observations.
    It appears that, for many buyers, the Sequ is the first full-sized SUV purchase they may be making.
    Consequently, many may not know what they really want in their full-sized SUV.
    Like, "real room" behind the third seat for real luggage, baby carriages, and other stuff (a reason why so many people will never buy another Expedition or Navigator). The Sequ has some, but not enough in my book.
    Or second row captain's chairs to open up the truck like a minivan.
    The competition has these features, the Sequ doesn't. And, despite being larger, the competition has the same (according to published specs) or smaller (according to real life) turning radius, making it just as easy or easier to park.
    So, I suggest you drive the competition before you buy the Sequ. You may be pleasantly surprised. To boot, you get more power, less road and wind noise, and a savings of almost $10k.
    As for Ltd vs. SR5 resale value, I always thought that you take it on the chin for Ltd's and loaded-up vehicles. I believe that you may be able to unload them faster, but you almost always lose a lot more money (% wise) -- you just don't it back.
  • topgntopgn Posts: 132
    You can easily purchse a Sequoia for at LEAST $1,000. under invoice.. At a dealer in Bradenton Fl. they are giving 5% over invoice for all internet customers. If anyone would like the salesmans name, let me know and I will post it..!!!!!
  • do you mean $1000 under MSRP? right?
  • A lot of current Toyota owners including myself believe in the Toyota quality after many years of happy experience with our Toyota vehicles. My 1988 Camry LE which is going to be passed on to my teenage son always works and the light blue metallic paint is still good as new. My brother and his wife had 1988 and 1990 Camry's and they replaced them with (guess what) 1999 and 2000 Camry's. Our 1998 Sienna has been a great minivan. I guess a lot of Sequoia buyers are either happy Toyota owners or friends or relatives of happy Toyota owners.

    We have looked at RX300 but have decided it was too small for us. Then we heard about Sequoia but once we look at its size and found out it would not fit in our garager. We also was told the Sequoia price was going to be about $40K back in August. We end up getting an MDX. If the Toyota Highlander were available with the 7 passenger seating capacity, we would have very likely purchased it.
  • do you mean $1000 under MSRP? right?
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    Yossarian: Check out used book values and you'll see Diane is right. The length of the holding period determines whether or not it makes sense to buy a lmt'd vs down-model edition, almost irrespective of make and model. True, the extra options have a higher depreciation factor, but this is minimized over the short haul and SHOULD be offset by the fact that the buyer wants them in the first place. If not, ya got a dumb buyer.

    Golfnuts: Either way, topgn is confused. There's a big $$$ difference between 5% over invoice and $1,000 under MSRP.

    Personally, I think we'll be seeing 5% over invoice on Sequoias almost everywhere in the next few months. They've already come down $3,000 in my neck of the woods in the past 60 days. New car sales are dropping like a stone, and no SUV, not even the Sequoia, is immune. We'll see.
  • I've been following this topic for a few weeks and am very interested in the Sequoia, however,with all of the comments I've read regarding overpricing and supply versus demand, I think that my husband and I will probably wait until the 2002 models come out. Also we have a '99 Camry that still has an additional 18 months on the lease. We thought it would be no problem to turn this in and upgrade to the Sequoia but after researching this issue, it sounds like it's not quite that simple.

    One of the main concerns I have is will it fit in our average size two-car garage. Currently we have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Camry and space is already tight. Any comments on this? I noticed that someone in a previous message said the Sequoia wouldn't even fit in his garage.

    Also, what do you all think about the 2 wheel drive versus 4 wheel drive issue? We have 4WD on our Jeep and use it maybe once or twice a year if it is icy or snowy here in Central Ohio. I think we would lean toward the 2WD.

    Does anyone know of any great dealers to work with in the Central Ohio region? We're in Columbus but willing to travel outside the city for a better deal. Thanks in advance.
  • Topgn, I'd like to know who to contact in Bradenton for a deal on a Sequoia. Two dealers I've talked to in Tampa have little (or no) inventory. The one dealer I talked numbers with wants full MSRP.
  • Sequoia is a full size SUV while JGC is a midsize one. A 2001 Sequoia LTD is 22.2" longer, 5.7" wider and 4.6" taller than a 2001 JGC LTD according to Measure your garage to see if it has the extra space besides the JGC for a Sequoia.
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