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    If you go to tundra solutions under SR5 silver sky, second post you will see a mesage from lonv asking you to e-mail pictures to him and he will put in member vehicles. Thanks I am looking forward to seeing your vehicle. Also do your doors have cloth inserts or leather? 6 in-dash cd? Thanks Bob Hanson
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    I dont know that the MDX is a "better value" than the Seq, they are really very different vehicles.

    The MDX is for someone who wants a more high performance SUV that operates well on snow/ice and can give up on some towing and size. It is louder inside and has a firmer ride than the Seq by far but it is a hell of a lot quicker, sportier.
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    rhanson3: Yes, I have already sent 2 pictures to 1onv for posting to the Tundrasolutions site. The picture of the car and of the chrome wheels. No, my door has leather trim, and I have the single CD player that came with the SR5.

    brillmtb: Thanks for the info on the MDX. I could not have suggested that the MDX is a "better value" than the Seq. since both cars are new to the market. Only time will tell which is better, for my money I own the Seq and loves it no doubt...
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    I have a LTD 4*4. City driving only, with recent storm and one reeeally bad traffic jam caught in stop and go traffic for almost 2 hrs. Total 211.8 miles req 19.46 gallons = 10.88 MPG. The trip computer read 14.5 MPG average. There may be a slight allowance for the amount of under/overfilling when the pump stops automatically (I did not top off the tank) but I think this is fairly accurate. Thankfully the price of gas is coming down. This is with about 1000 miles on vehicle: it should be broken in. I have not noticed much wind noise on the highway except when it is very windy outside: there does tend to be some noise from crosswinds. The amount of buffetting in a high crosswind is noticeable (moreso than in our 99 Odyssey) but not bothersome in any way.
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    I would like to find out your dealer info. How do I contact you offline?

    my email is [email protected]
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    've owned an SR5 4x4 (pretty much loaded) for about 6 weeks now. I have about 3,500 miles on it. I've posted many of my original impressions to this Board. As I get to know the vehicle better (and have the opportunity to drive in different conditions) I am noticing a few things that could be improved. I drove the truck in the second snow/ice storm of the season today (in Boston). It drives great in snow and ice. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, and would buy it again in a heartbeat, but the following could be improved:

    1. The rear defroster is not powerful enough in a storm. The snow/ice melts around the lines in the glass, but not necessarily between the lines on the rear window. The rear windshield wiper freezes up and is of limited use in helping to clear the rear window.

    2. The front windshield wipers also tend to accumulate ice. On my Grand Voyager the front windshield has electric heater strips in the glass below the wipers. This is useful in keeping the wipers from freezing and melting the snow and ice that is being wiped away so that no snow build-up occurs below the wipers. I am surprised that the Sequoia does not have a similar feature.

    I have not noticed any appreciable amount of wind noise. I might have my air on "recirculate", I'll check.

    A while back someone posted that they don't think the truck has a chime that goes on if you leave your headlights on. They are correct. Leaving your lights on does not result in a chime even when taking the key out. However, opening the driver door while the key is in the ignition results in a audible chime going off.

    That's it for now.
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    I am sorry to be so scarce for ya'll... I am recovering from the horrible flu.

    I read thru the posts that I missed, and wow, is there a lot of misinformation going to people via dealers trying to simply sell what they have vs. what you want!

    Woohoo, I have a ton of Sequoias coming, and I am well off MSRP as you all well know. Order builds are slightly higher than regular off-the-lot stuff. But, that's typical. It's a lot more work for me to chase the process for 6 weeks.

    Anyway, I'll try to answer just about every amiss-print and reqiuest of me that I see. For the record every Sequoia in SoCal gets "GY" except for a small handful of the strippie 7910's with a $33800 MSRP.

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    I sorry to hear about the poor milage, I thought the Seq was supposed to do much better. I guess I will stop complaining about my SUV getting 15 in town.

    Look at it this way, if you can afford the Seq you can........
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    I've had a MDX on order since October. I'll probably be getting the call any day now. I've tested the MDX many times and thought it was the definite choice for me. However, I did considerable testing of several Sequoias last week. This big beauty won me over. I picked up my Sequoia today. I paid $39k for a Desert Sand SR5 with alloy pkg, conv pkg, moonroof, and electric seats. This was exactly what I wanted and Danny from Woburn Foreign Motors (eastern Mass) did a great job finding me this and getting it to me fast. I got a reasonable hassle free deal on my trade-in too.

    I think it is much faster than the MDX on the highway (particularly for passing)... at least it feels this way to me. I'm not in any special need of the extra room and towing that the Seq provides over the MDX... I just think the Seq will be more comfortable on long drives. The seats on the MDX are flat... especially in the middle row. The 3rd row is torture for adults. Its nice knowing that the room and power will be there if I ever need it.

    Too bad dealers hang out on this forum. The MDX forum didn't have any dealers throwing their spam around.

    So far, I have no complaints on my purchase. I'm sure I'm *not* going to like feeding this thing but that goes with the territory of having a rig this big, I guess.

    My 9 hour trip to New Jersey this weekend will be the sure test!
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    One would tend to think that with VSC claiming that
    it reduces oversteer that likelyhood of rollover
    would decrease? Or are we only talking about
    VSC helping at the onset of over/under steer and
    if you make a violent turn at high speed you're gonna
    to roll no matter what.
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    I've tried 2-3 times to post messages and get bump off. I wished they would put the old site back.
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    You are probably correct about VSC. I think Toyota is a bit nervous about making any claims about VSC in relation to rollovers but it seems pretty obvious to me. Rollovers frequently involve understeer. While inertia is pushing to forward and the truck is facing to the side, something has to give. This means skidding or a roll. With VSC, you end up rolling in the direction you are trying to go. Skidding is reduced and it would seem to follow that rollovers would be reduced.
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    I picked up my Seq SR5 last night. It was dark but noticed masking tape over where the fog light area is (the black cap on SR5). The dealer insisted that it came from the manufacturer this way. This all was discovered after I signed everything and gave the check, of course. I couldn't see any obvious problems around the tape that night given the lighting.

    In the morning (with good light), I took a closer look and noticed about a millimeter of overspray over the rubber gasket where the bumper fenders meet. There was definitely a repair done in the corner of the fender under the fog light area. The painted area isn't as shiny as the rest of the bumper. You can feel the difference in smoothness too.

    I told the dealer over the phone this afternoon that there is definitely evidence of a repair. He said that since they got the truck from another dealer they were not aware of the issue. He said he would call them and investigate. So far he hasn't returned my call yet tonight. This dealer is in Woburn, Massachusetts and they drove the Seq in from another dealer (within 36 miles of Woburn since that was the odometer reading). Any advice on how I can handle this? I'd really appreciate your input. Thanks.
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    I know you're not crazy about salesman participation here but allow me to see if I can help you out here. First, look at your window sticker. In the bottom, left corner will be the name of the dealership that the vehicle was originally shipped to. This will tell you if the dealer is lying about it coming from another store.

    Next, if there was a repair, it might not need to be disclosed. There is a threshold for required disclose. I think it is something like 4% of the MSRP. Our rule of thumb has been anything over $700 gets disclosed. There are laws about this and if the dealership made repairs that exceeded the limit for disclosure, you need to get an attorney now.

    Good luck and keep up posted. Oh and ease up on us sales folk. We're not here to hurt you.
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    Just got back from the dealership here in Raleigh, NC having ordered a 2WD SR5, pretty well loaded. Was able to get $1300 off MSRP. Very pleased since I have seen very few in my area (all of NC and so. a) that came with a "moon" roof -- why do they call it that? Should get delivery early next week.

    My question is, how important to not drive > 55 mph for 1st 1K miles? I can do this, but want to take the baby away for New Year's Eve weekend.

    AS, good luck to everyone else looking. Comments, both positive & negative here helped.
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    Dealers in my area are putting leather seats in as a "port" option
    and they are not heated (options CC + LA10). The factory PM
    option "preferred package" in Toyota literature clearly states that
    the seats are "heated front captain chairs". I have had 4 different
    dealers say that PM package in SR5 are not heated. I don't believe
    them since they are pushing their CC+LA10 version.

    Does anybody have a SR5 option plus PM leather that can settle the
    issue? Are they heated?

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    Thanks Cliffy1. I appreciate your comments. I'll work on my rotton-before-proven-good attitude about sales people (particularly on this board). My guess is that it was cheaper to do a quick patch job on a dent rather than replace the whole bumper molding and that this would fall under the $700 figure you mentioned. I'll post my follups with this issue.
  • foobarguyfoobarguy Member Posts: 16
    Has anyone considered having a navigation system installed in their Seq? I'm looking at the Alpine systems. I'm curious if it can be installed to fit so that it looks like it is built into the dash (in the space of the radio).
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    Please help! I have an infant and a 4 year old and have outgrown my '99 Lexus RX300. I need a bigger car. I want luxury,4wd,and nice ride. Yukon is bigger, more lux, but I'm worried about GMC and reliability. Sounds like Sequoia has a noisy interior (but it is a Toyota and probably reliable), and I like the 3rd seat split seat. I love my Lexus but the 470 is too small also. Any advice would be helpful.Thanks, stacy
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    I'm also having great difficulty posting to this site. This will be my fourth try.

    Anyway, I'm curious if anyone has any experience plowing with a Sequoia??
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    Stacy, You'll love the Sequoia. Talk of a noisy interior primarily comes from a malcontent who doesn't own a Sequoia. Mine and the majority of other owners don't have such problem. BOW, the Detroit Int'l Auto Show has just announced Sequoia as one of three finalist for Truck of the Year. Also see enclosed articles I discovered yesterday. I'm not a cheerleader-type person, and there are certainly things that could be further improved on the Sep (real wood interior, softer leather), but I think it's the best price/performance SUB out there. Good luck with your decision.
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    First time I tried spell checking, and it changed BTW to BOW, and SUV to SUB!!
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    I hope things work out. Please let us know.
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    As I posted a while back. I have had a Sequioa for more than a month. Pretty good so far. But my SUV does not have fog lights. Does any fellows out there know about the after market availability of the fog light for Sequioa?
    Also has anybody noticed that the alloy wheel in SR5 really ddo not look alloy at all. At least mine does not I do not think mine has them. comments please!
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    I'm disapointed that Toyota didn't put Fog Lights on SR5. I price it from Toyota it was $250 to me for 40K truck Toyota should put fog lights on for every Sequoia before rolled it out the assembly line. Otherwise, I am very happy with my SQ SR5 4WD....
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    I just took delivery of an SR5 in San Antonio, TX, and drove it back to Houston. It came with leather seats from the factory and were not heated.
  • mulligan2mulligan2 Member Posts: 59
    What is Toyota doing to compensate those who ordered an SR-5 with the premium package expecting heated seats based on the brochure? Has anyone complained to customer service?
  • gottscdjgottscdj Member Posts: 17
    I have heard that the pm package would not come with heated seats despite what the brochure stated. We should all complain to Toyota for the misinformation. The other issue was the door trim. Are the pm package doors leather, thick vinyl, or cloth? And are you having the booming base problems with the 6-disc CD changer that others have?
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    Did you have to go to SA to get a better deal? I am surprised at how many Houstonnians there are in this forum. I am also very interested in an SR5 with a running board, among other things. I hope you can share the facts and figures, and the whole experience to us. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  • golfnutsgolfnuts Member Posts: 12
    I think Houston dealerships are not coming down on their MRSP and people are going to Dallas and S.A. I know you can get sequoia in Dallas below MSRP. I got mine 2k under MSRP in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Not a bad way to save a couple grand. You could probably get more than 2k off MSRP now. Some of these dealerships are not moving as fast as they would like. I think being the Christmas season, the lot is pretty empty. If you need info on where I got mine, you can email me at [email protected] If not, good luck with your search.
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    Now that a few of you have tested the Sequoia in the colder climates can you please let us know how effective the heating system is? Toyota has not been the best in this area in the past.

  • rickc5rickc5 Member Posts: 378
    Alloy wheels are an OPTION on the Sequoia, and runnings boards are part of the "Alloy wheel package". Check out your window sticker. If you paid for them, you have them.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    The other problem you seem to be having with the software is finding the MDX topic. :) Merry Christmas and I hope you can find the MDX guys to answer your questions.
  • jaynedoughjaynedough Member Posts: 7
    Sorry guys! If at first you don't succeed . . .
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    To everyone on the edmunds and tundra solutions board,Merry Christmas and A happy holiday season. Thanks for all the information re. Sequoia. Enjoy your vehicle and keep sending pictures to the tundra solutions board. I won't get mine until after tax season.
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    what's the difference? if the sequoia is bigger why is the land cruiser priced at $60K compared to the $40k sequoia?
  • stacystacy Member Posts: 91
    Thanks movan for your thoughtful advice - I am having trouble posting. Decided on a Sequoia. Drove a beautiful Black Limited with tan interior - the interior looks strange with the cheesy silver trim on dash - does gray interior look better? Am worried that black will be too hard to keep clean - especially with such a big car. Please help only other color car I am considering is Silver sky color but have not seen it in person - do not want it to look bad. Also does interior look bettin tan or gray? Any advice from anyone would help - What color do you have movan? Thanks, stacy
  • fanman8fanman8 Member Posts: 65
    Silver Sky or Thunder Grey both look good. Grey Leather interior is a must with the hammertone metal dash trim. It looks acceptable in that color only since it is a better blend than the tan leather.
  • oac3oac3 Member Posts: 373
    I have the Silver Sky metallic with Titanium-color leather seat and trim on my SR5. For a picture, you should check out this link:

    I hear that the Silver Sky solor is the only monotone color the Seq offers, and may be the best color option for the Limited due in large part to the hammertone metal dash trim. I know that my SR5's color is absolutely dashing and looks great with the leather trim in similar color.... I will recommend this color if you are interested in the Limited...Good luck with your purchase.
  • crudeoasiscrudeoasis Member Posts: 21
    About ready to order an SR5, but confused on a few items:

    “Heavy Duty Tires.” What kind come with the Alloy Wheel package? These days, it matters!

    Is the “Rear Spoiler” just a looks thing, or does it actually do anything (like maybe alleviate the booming sound I’ve read so much about when only one windows open)?

    Running boards: are they all the same? I ask because of this statement I came across recently: “The keyless entry is in the convenience package and every region in the country orders the Sequoia with this except for the Southeast and Gulf States Regions. Those distributors are not owned by Toyota and order them like this so they can sell their own systems. I don't like this but that is how it is. The same holds true on the running boards and alloy wheels.”

    I’m in the Southeast. Am I getting the “real deal” running boards? Is there a difference between “factory” running boards and what my local dealer would install? Would the alloy wheels be different in the Southeast than the rest of the country?

    Thanks much, Scott.
  • stacystacy Member Posts: 91
    Thanks fanman8 and oac3 for your responses. Are Dunlop tires the standard tires for this car? I know 16" are. Also for crudeoasis the spoiler does nothing for booming of windows, its just for decoration. Thanks for any response to this new question. Stacy
  • crudeoasiscrudeoasis Member Posts: 21
    Thanks, Stacy. I just went to the link provided by oac3 and I think the tires say Bridgestone. (Or do I need glasses ;)). They (the Bridgestone's) could be perfectly good, but that's the one brand I'm not real comfortable with at the moment. I came across an ad by Michelin for tires called the Cross Terrain SUV, that Michelin claims is their first tire designed specifically for SUVs. Turns out it's standard equipment on the MDX (according to Michelin's web site), but if I want them on a Sequoia, I've got to shell out another $500. Arghhh.
  • fanman8fanman8 Member Posts: 65
    Stacy, the standard tires are Dunlop AT21 Grandtrek 16". Michelin LTX's can be purchased as an upgrade. The upgrade was so much that you could purchase the Michelins for the same price as the upgrade price I was quoted.
  • movanmovan Member Posts: 32
    Stacy, I have a Thunder Grey Metallic. I had a choice between that and Silver Sky and thought that the Silver Sky was too "bright". The Thunder Grey is a very unusual color in the sunlight--sort of a milky grey pearl with hints of gold (almost sounds like a wine review!). Used to have a black Camaro--as the Gino Vanelli song said, "Black cars look better in the shade". Black is the best looking color--until a film of dust appears on it fifteen minutes after washing it! Grey colors do real well in hiding dirt. Regarding interior colors, my other two cars have tan leather interiors; this is my first gray leather interior, which looks fine. If you like tan leather, yet don't like the clash of the mettletone, there was a previous post about wood dash kits. I put one on my Lexus GS400 last month, and it matched the stock California Walnut PERFECTLY. I'm going to do the same with the SEQ.
  • movanmovan Member Posts: 32
    It's close to zero here in Chicago. The defroster at full tilt can barely keep the windshield from fogging up, and the front side windows were hopelessly frosted. The rear defogger merely makes lines in the window, rather than clearing it. Disappointing performance.
  • washington3washington3 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the responding. My window sticker does say it has alloy wheels. I just don't feel they are. Have never seen alloy wheels like these before. I might be wrong?
  • rruck1rruck1 Member Posts: 91
    The temperature in Boston has been in the teens and twenties over the past week. I have had my Sequoia for a week and have noticed that the heat is a little slow to come up, but once the truck is warmed up it performs pretty well. This isn't too surprising considering the interior volume to be heated. The fan is pretty noisy at full blast and the rear definitely takes a while to get warm. I would say that the system works as well as I would expect so far and I'm not disappointed.
  • hookeyhookey Member Posts: 54
    I live in the Boston area, where it was 20 below zero wind chill this morning. I agree with the two previous posters on the heating/defrosting system.

    The heating system works fine as far as warming up the interior and keeping it at a comfortable level. The truck throws off heat within a few minutes of turning it on and warms the interior several minutes after the heating begins. The independent rear heating system is necessary up north and works fine (the kids love it). The fan is rather loud though when it is on high.

    The defrost system is another matter, however. The front defroster is o.k. I would prefer a more powerful defroster for cold mornings. The rear defroster, however, is weak and does not work well at all in a snowstorm (only melts around the lines in the window). On top of that the rear windshield wiper is also weak and does not remove the snow adequately when it’s coming down hard. The side windows are also not properly deiced. They should have a direct source of hot air blown on them.

    Thus, overall, the heating system is good, front defroster is OK, rear defroster and side window defroster need improvement.
  • daver13daver13 Member Posts: 3
    I'm in Northern California and it does not get really cold (low 30's) at night but it does not appear that my rear heater is working as well as it should be. I have a Limited Sequoia and when I turn on the rear heater the air is just luke warm where the heat coming from the front can get very warm. Has anyone had a similar experience and if so, did you determine what if anything was the problem. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.
  • oac3oac3 Member Posts: 373
    crudeoasis: No, you do not need glasses, they are Bridgestones' and were dealer-installed. I am not that crazy for the Bridgestone tires myself, and have been thinking of changing them but with all of the extra holiday spending, I might have to take a raincheck for now :-)

    movan: Ironically, I did not favor the Thunder Gray bcos it appeared too "dull" to me; go figure...we certainly have our preferences...

    Has anyone noticed this: If you have the radio playing and want to play the CD or cassette, the radio antenna stays up, and the only way to get it down is to turn off the system, and turn it on as either CD or cassette. Weird. On my two sedans (Nissan's) the antenna automatically retracts when one changes to CD or cassette... Simple things like this should not be overlooked by Toyota... I wonder if this company is losing their quality edge... or are they ?

    just wondering !
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