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Toyota Sequoia



  • rufused: When you walk into most dealers you're going to be directed to their traditional salespeople not the internet dept. unless you say that you're an internet customer. When you say those two words you're letting the salespeople know that you're an informed buyer.

    Your best bet is to contact their internet sales manager either by e-mail or by phone. Carl Denny at Toyota West is the one who was offering the deals and he's their internet guy.

    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but if you would have talked to Carl directly you would have been treated like a person and received the deal I mentioned.

    I personally, don't like to go to dealer lots anymore. I did all of my research for my Sequoia online. But before I decided on a Sequoia I test drove several SUV's(unfortunately I had to go to a dealer for that) and researched those cars online as well. So to yossarian; yes I made a very well informed decision.
  • cb19cb19 Posts: 8
    I am considering a Tahoe or a Sequoia. After getting a very short test drive of a Sequoia, I was concerned about stability in a crosswind and turning radius. Any thoughts?

    Also, I live in Houston and all the dealers within 500 miles are controlled by Gulf States Toyota. The dealer said Gulf States configures their own options, even adding leather interior locally. Does anyone know a discount dealer in Texas or Louisiana?

    Lastly, is it possible to get a SR5 with cloth,JBL w/changer ,moonroof, and side airbags?

    The information on this thread is excellent.
  • I had a chance to test drive the Tahoe and the turning radius is very tight. As a matter of fact, that was part of the salesman's pitch. The Sequoia requires a bit more room to turn but nothing really substantial. As far as stability is concerned I think you'll be fine.

    If you want to find a discount dealer in Texas or Louisiana go to the site and use the dealer locator. Most of the larger volume dealers will have an internet sales manager. You should be able to punch up a good number of local dealers. You'll have to click each dealer individually to get their separate e-mail addresses. You should send an e-mail to each of them with the type of vehicle you're looking for along with options and see if they'll deal. You may have to go through several dealers before you find one that will go below MSRP. That's the fastest and most efficient way I know.

    Yes, you can get the SR5 with cloth. That's the CC option. I believe that goes for $655.00 retail. The moonroof is the SR option which retails for $1005.00 and the dual front head and side impact air bags(GY) goes for $500.00. I don't know if you can get the JBL w/changer by itself without getting the preferred package. Your money will probably be better spent buying a changer separately at circuit city or something.
  • topgntopgn Posts: 132
    Correct $1,000. under MSRP..!!!not Invoice.

    Tampaguy: It's Gettel Toyota in Bradenton, I cannot locate the salesman's name. Just ask for the Internet Manager and state you want the 5% over invoice. Also If you go to Autoway (used to be Southerland Toyota) in Pinellas Park. Tell them you hace a deal at Gettel and they should match the 5% over invoice...Just DO NOT pay M.S.R.P. it's just plain greed for the Sales people to get full sticker.
  • I have the same problem you do..dealing with Gulf States Toyota dealers in the Houston area. It is like talking to the same about price fixing and anti-trust!! However, since starting this search, Cliffy has been helpful. I have shopped in NC, FL. and Dallas. Some slightly better, but not worth the trip. i am motivated to buy soon and am just looking for a comfortable deal. Write me off line, se profile and I will share some experiences in Houston.
    Cliffy...we talked before but you said something interesting here. Are the GulfStates dealers not packaging up the SR5 with one or all of the Perfered Package, Convenience Package and Alloy Wheel They seem to have this Extra Mile Package of some frills, mainly to drive cost I guess?
  • It's interesting that 6 weeks after initial offering, a lot of talks (and sometimes anger) in this forum is still about pricing. In the MDX, X5,Tahoe, etc. forums, they are mostly talking about how they are enjoying or dealing with problems with their respective vehicles. I also live in Hoston and have experienced the same frustration about getting what I think is a good price for myself and the dealer. It is a supply and demand situation, so if there is enough demand the dealers will continue to gouge (sp?) on us pricewise. I have already done some research and some dealers appear to have gone slightly under MSRP, of course assuming that what they say on paper is actually what we get. I can still afford to wait.

    If you guys also like to share information "outside of this thread", I would be willing to do so.
  • I believe any SUV, because of its large profile, is subject to being pushed around a little in cross-winds.
    My suggestion is, forget the Tahoe and go check out a Suburban. Same height and width, and just a tad more expensive than a Tahoe (but still substantially less $ than a Sequ), but you get another two feet of length where you need it. Gives you more room for the 3d seat, and substantially more cargo room behind it.
    The Suburban still turns on a dime, so it is almost as easy to park as a Tahoe.
    Gain alot, lose almost nothing.
  • I live in the dallas area and have the same problem with Gulf states toyota. They put so much extra stuff that you will never use. The extra mile package is a waste of money. But I do see a lot more seq. on the lots now than before. One dealership has 7 seqs. and he is not moving them too fast. I think the christmas season is making sale slow for these dealerships. hopefully all of us can get the dealership to come down from their MSRP. good luck!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I have no idea what an "extra mile package" is but I'll describe what happens in the SET and GST zones. Just to simplify things, Ill use the Tundra as an example. If you walk onto the lot of Atlanta Toyota (as I did last year), you will find a large number of SR5 Tundras with Reese hitches, aftermarket side tubes, non-factory alloy wheels and leather. Yes, leather in an SR5. The window sticker looks nothing like it does in the rest of the country. It is in two parts. The first part lists the factory options and the other lists the "port ads". Even though the factory makes running boards, the distributor puts their own ones on, presumably because they make more money that way.

    When I hear stories of people buying SR5s without running boards, I know what is going on. The same holds for the keyless entry. Every region in the country is getting those features but it seems GST and SET are planning on offering their own equipment in an effort to make more money.

    This isn't the dealer's fault. They have no choice in the matter.
  • Who is GST and SET?
    Aren't they just a consortium of dealers?
  • rphronrphron Posts: 21
    What dealer in UT did you go to? I live near SLC and am semi looking.
  • In your previous post you indicated that you were in the Chicago area. How did the Sequoia hold up during this recent storm? I thought you said you had the 4WD Limited, please confirm for comparison. Also was the dealer you purchased from offering SR5 with leather, I am in Chicago area and having difficulty locating an SR5 with the preferred package. Thanks.
  • I decided to take a look at the Sequoia this weekend. I went to Oxmoor Toyota, a local dealer here in Louisville, Kentucky, and was shocked to see a dealer mark-up sticker of $10,000. Yes, TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS OVER MSRP. The sales associate informed me that it was a new vehicle that has been extremely popular. Being the kind sales associate that he was, he told me that he may be able to knock a couple hundred off of the TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR dealer mark-up. How kind. Needless to say, when I stopped laughing, I informed him that I will never give my business to his dealership regardless of price. Amazing.
  • We all should laugh at dealerships charging that kind of price. Mercedes or Porsche don't even do that. what the heck are these dealerships think they selling here? A vehicle that drive over water? HA! Get a clue, we are not that stupid to fall for all these hypes. Good for you ronshan.
  • rkjrkj Posts: 4
    Go to for $1000 under MSRP.
  • 10K over MSRP....Yeah see that is the sort of thing that starts the rampages and me trying to organize every car buyer in this country to walk into the dealership offer invoice and walk if the dealership won't sell the car. It'll work and stop that sort of nonsense.
    As for content of the Sequoia vs the Land Cruiser I had posted a question that went w/o an answer for a while but I visited a Toyota dealership today and have the info.
    Land Cruiser 95% parts from Japan 5% US and other
    Assembled in Japan engine and transmission Japan
    Sequoia 60% parts from US and other 40% Japan assembled in US engine and transmission Japan.
    Shop around! I can tell you here in NJ I have passed by several dealerships and some have had the same Sequoias on the lot for at least three to four weeks. I'm sure eventually they will be happy to sell them under MSRP and stop paying the interest on them.
    Be nice be firm and let them know you will be just as happy with an Expedition (even if you won't be). Politely point out if they don't sell you their truck they won't make any money.
  • Turn off the caps. It is very hard to read an all CAPS post. Thanks
  • Porsche and Mercedes do not sell cars above MSRP, regardless of supply/demand. Those dealers have class. Actually, however, it is the manufacturers that have "class". They prohibit their dealers from selling vehicles above MSRP.
  • I have started to see a trend in the Houston area of pricing starting to come down, albeit, slowly on the Seq. I have got an offer to buy a Seq Ltd., sunroof, no SAB's, no spoiler (that is a deal killer in my book but to get rid of it I had to give up side air bags), all else including the Gulf Ststes stuff plus a paint protection and undercoat package and a few other toys for less than $40K. Are others seeing this? I am motivated to buy but if pricing is declining, I'll wait. Like others, I am seeing demand but also starting to see a few dealers with Seqs and no buyers hanging around them. Comments on above or is there better pricing out there?
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    I was at the book store just the other day, and I flipped through some of the latest issue of the automotive magazines.

    I think it was MotorTrend that did a comparsion test of the Toyota Sequoia vs Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition. I think it's MotorTrend magazine.

    Sequoia stamped out the competition. The last paragraph sumed up the reviewer. It states something like "while the tradtional SUV still has the towing advantage, Toyota sequoia out-shined the competition in just too many areas for the Chevy Taheo and Ford Expedition to catch up". Hail to the new king of fullsize SUV.
  • If you ORDER or they currently have a vehicle that you want, Mercedes & Porsche sell at MSRP. If a car is ordered, customer opts not to take delivery, the MSRP is out the window. CLK 320/4** are MSRP if ordered. If not delivered, the price goes up $10,000 to $15,000. It all comes down to supply and demand. You want to be the first on your block, pony up.
  • vondrak1, I've notice the same trend in the DFW area. There are a lot of Seq. on the lots and they are not moving at all. This time of the year might be a good time to buy. The last 2 weeks of Dec. is typically a slow time for dealerships. Most of the customers are out shopping for Christmas presents, not buying cars. If you give them a reason price, they might even take it. Good luck! I'm waiting for the same thing up here.
  • Huh?
    1) Motor Trend is generally a biased rag.
    2) Plus, full sized SUV, you say?
    But alas, the Tahoe isn't Chevy's fulled sized SUV. The Suburban is. Why oh why would Motor Trend pair off a Tahoe with a Sequ? The Suburban is much closer in size to the Sequ and closer in price too. It is kind of like picking on the kid brother because you know it will be an easier fight.
    As for the Expedition, it is a worn 10 year old model. No surprise there.
    And why not through in a Lexus LX470 into the battle? Motor Trend flat out ignored the financial real-life differences between the models, so why not throw in the $60k, arguably full-sized SUV, into the comparo?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    You must be a Seq owner...go back and read the lines and between the lines a bit more. There are some other drawbacks other than the towing disadvantage. I it was this article that states something to the effect that serious off roaders may not be as pleased with the 4wd system due to the control it takes away from the driver.

    Isnt the Tahoe/Yukon a lot more inexpensive?

    Doesnt it get better gas mileage?

    Doesnt it have better visability for the driver?

    Is it really the vehicle that should have been compared (ie. should not the Surburban/Yukon XL been the comparison vehicle given price, size, etc being closer to the Seq)?

    These are just some concerns I have using just one article to form your opinion.

    Dont get me wrong though, I think the Seq will be a quality vehicle but it certainly IS NOT leaps and bounds ahead of other very capable SUV's currently available in my mind.
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    I was interested in these comparisons: Seq-vs-Tahoe/Expedition, or Seq-vs-Suburban ! And, maybe even Seq-vs-LC !

    In most car sites, the competing models to Chevy's Tahoe is the Seq, while for the Suburban, it is the GMC Yukon or Expedition, ... Hence, MotorTrends' comparison of Seq-vs-Tahoe is correct, imo. BTAIM, every car buyer has different needs and wants in ther car of choice. For me, the important criteria are: (a) reliability, (b) build quality, (c) retention of value over time, and (d) intangibles (e.g. look, feel, handling, etc...)

    In many of these counts, Toyota vehicles come up winners over and above its competition, imo. I could care less if the price is much higher for Toyota than the others, so what ? You get value for your money, always, when you invest in quality. For my money, I'd buy-in to Toyota any day before I put my hard-earned $ into a Chevy, or Ford. Just too many problems on QA for these latter vehicles.

    One interesting point I found on the Toyota website while doing a Seq-vs-LC comparison: Both of these cars in 4x4 mode, are very similar in their specs', but differ in one glaring point - COST. A 2001 LC starts at $52K+, while the 4x4 SR5 Seq starts at $32+K !!! A 20K difference in price for two arguably very similar cars from the same manufacturer. A local dealer here told me that he suspects that LC production will be drastically cut next year, while most will be made under the Lexus badge (LX470) to justify the price difference viz the Seq. Interesting ! Toyota can be accused of being "too good for its own good", bringing out a new model SUV that takes out one of its high-end model...

    Anyway, time will tell whether the Seq will out distance its competitors, or will in fact, not be as good as advertised... I guess, we will all find out soon enough.

    In the meantime, I look forward to enjoying the Seq we recently purchased and I fully expect this car to put its competition in its rear view mirror.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    I don't own a Sequoia, not remotely interested in it. Don't own an SUV, truck, or anything 4 wheel drive. In fact, I don't like SUV in general. And I certaintly don't know enough about SUVs to get into a deep spirital discussion about them. I do occationally thumb through auto-magazines, and I would bet that those people know what they are talking about and have good reasoning behind their comparison.

    I only found this forumn because it constantly show up as the "most active forumn" at the townhall front page.

    After scrolling through about 1,000 argumentative posts between the people, I just wanted to throw in what I read.

    The article does NOT say that the Sequioa is the PERFECT SUV. And it DOES say that both the Chevy and Ford has its advantages. Whoever the article does indeed conclude the comparison stating that the Sequoia outshines the competitions in too many areas for the competition to match it as a whole.

    Whether that review is biased or not. I care not. But I think that this being that "Toyota Sequioa" forumn, that people should show more respect for the purpose of this forumn. I do think several people here are trolls. If Sequoia owners don't run off to make a ruckus in the Ford or Chevy forumns, I think same respect and civility should be shown in return.
  • Give me a break.
    The Sequ is no LC.
    The Sequ is made in America with a lot of U.S. parts. It is basically a Tundra, which, it appears, is not much more (if any more) reliable than its U.S. competition.
    The LC is almost bulletproof. High quality Japanese construction, nice switchgear, proven durability.
    The Sequ is Toyota's attempt to make $15k per truck. They cut corners everywhere they could -- starting with the almost pathetic interior and switchgear. It looks more like a GM or Ford than any Toyota I've ever seen. They are counting on a lot of people like you -- $45k!!! Wow what a bargain for a bigger LC!!!
    Here is a test for you.
    Test drive a LC on the highway at 65 mph, have a pleasant conversation with your passenger and take note of any wind and road noise.
    Test drive a Sequ on the highway at 65 mph, attempt to have a conversation with a passenger, and take note of the absurd wind and road noise of the $45k vehicle.
    Sums up a lot of differences, including the engineering tolerances each vehicle was built to, right there.
  • This face-off started with Toyota.
    Toyota began comparing the Sequ to the Tahoe and many of the magazines are following suit for some reason.
    I don't know why.
    Perhaps because Toyota tells them this is what they should be comparing? Who knows?
    The point is, just because they choose to compare them this way doesn't mean you have to agree.
    The Suburban has 138 cubic feet of cargo capacity.
    The Tahoe has 104.
    The Sequ has 128.
    Is 104 closer to 128 or is 138 closer to 128?
    You decide.
    By the way, the Suburban is also $7500 cheaper.
    It astonishes me that the people who write-up these comparisons are surprised that the Sequ has more room in the third seat and more cargo area behind it than the Tahoe. DUH!
    But, take a look at the Suburban, and the tides suddenly change.
    It has all that, gets better gas mileage, has a substantially larger gas tank, a shorter turning radius, and is 25% cheaper. . . . hmmmm. Now that's a comparison I'd like to see.
  • I do agree with you about the LC being a better vehicle than the seq. The Seq. quality is not as good as the LC but it's still pretty nice. I think the Seq. might run the 4runner off the market than anything else. No matter how much cheaper the sub. is, I will never buy 100% American made vehicle. The reliability is much better on the Japanese vehicles. Even though 60% of it is from America. Japan products and designs are just better over all. Just my 2 cents!
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