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    I need to purchase a ski rack for my Sequoia. I would like it to hold at least 4 sets of skis (5 or 6 would be better). I have a roof rack and a towing package with a 2 inch ball. Anyone have a suggestion for a ski rack or a reputable web site that sells racks?
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    My rear heating unit works great. If it is blowing luke warm air try checking to make sure you have it set for high. In the "Auto" mode it should keep the temp constant. Thus once it obtains the desired temp. the system blows warm air, rather than hot air, so that the temp does not get too high. If that is not the problem, I'm stumped.
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    How is the fact that the antennea only goes down when the whole stereo is turned off an indication of "losing their quality edge"? Have you ever worn out a motor on one of these things? Do you think it is possible that you would get longer life from that motor if it only went up and down when the stereo was turned off?
  • Thanks for the feedback on the heating issue. At one point I was considering a Yukon and when researching discovered a lot of complaints on this issue. Apparently GM has solved this problem it in the new Yukon/Tahoe. Hopefully, Toyota will hear enough feedback and make necessary adjustments for 2002 model year.

    Couple of suggestions I have heard on the GM board at that time: switch AC on when using the heater (filters moisture preventing frosting of windows) & try some anti fog spray on windows.
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    Good suggestion on the A/C; in fact, when you select "Auto", it automatically turns on the A/C, which I have always immediately disabled. I'll try it next time it gets that cold. PS: The defrosting got better when I turned off "Recirc".
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    Note to Toyota:
    Please remove the $50 retractable antennae and put the money into
    something that is useful. Face it, the hooligan fad of snapping
    off car antennaes dissappeared about the same time as 70's Disco music.

    For instance the $50 would much better be spent in:
    1) Cruise/radio buttons on steering wheel
    2) External keypad lock for car entry without key
    3) A heavy duty 7-pin trailer lighting connector instead of
    the chintzy 4-pin
    4) a dozen other things.
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    Disagree with your post regarding the removal of the retractable antennae. The antennea hits the roof of my garage at home and parking garage at work if not retracted. Also it would get snapped off in a car wash if left up.
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    Thanks for the info regarding the AC going on when AUTO is selected, I was wondering why thatwas happening.

    Any ideas why the bass is so overpowering when listening to the radio? It seems better on CD, but I have to turn it all the way down to have it sound decent.
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    I have a set of basic Yakima ski racks that I have owned for years. They are on their 4th car and going strong. It seems pretty easy to get inexpensive adapters to move from car to car. I had them on a dodge Raider with the Yakima roof rack, moved them to a GMC Jimmy with adapters for the roof rack, to a Nissan Quest with a new set of adapters and now have them on my Sequoia using the same adapters as the Quest. The rack holds 5 -6 pairs of skis.
  • A rear/rear side window integrated antenna would suit this vehicle perfectly. Solving everyone's concern!
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    Go to:

    good guys, all the gear.
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    Anyone who has not purchased an SUB yet but looking at this site for, perhaps, additional objective information needs to read the Feb 2001 article in Four Wheeler, "2001 Four Wheeler of the Year".

    #1 Nissan Pathfinder
    #2 Mitsubishi Montero
    #3 Sequoia

    Very telling article, both the negatives and positives of these SUV's. Finally, an article not afraid to point out the negatives for fear of losing advertising dollars.

    Thank you Four Wheeler.

    I will post some of the good stuff at a later date but you "Dealers and loyal owners" can start putting down the article now just for fun. There were good points about the Sequoia but some very negative ones. There were also negative points about the others but this is the Seq site so I am not sure how much people want to hear about comparison SUV's.
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    Please dont throw this in thier faces. The article does support some of what you were saying but I for one dont want to see you drop to the "I told you so" mode good buddy.

    "...I think Toyota's engineers out smarted themselves" -Jon Thompson

    "The weight is bad enough, but the real problem is the traction control system, which when activated feels as though the engine has lost all its power" -Greg Smith

    "Generally I'm a fan of Toyota, but somehow things went awry with the traction-control system and the VSC system on the new Sequoia"...."once you get it off-road and demand performance, forget it" -Michael Rudd

    "By the end of the test, I was wishing I had brought along some wire cutters: -Craig Perronne refering to the computer traction control systems

    They did like the window in the tailgate feature, large and comfortable interior but did not like the "marginal handling" and felt the engine was "adequate".

    Enjoy and please dont shoot the messenger :)
  • I have been reading all of your messages about the Sequoia. Was ready to buy Navigator. Everyone talking me out of it. Just drove the Limited 4wd. Live in Seattle, don't have the "freeze" problems as the rest of you do. Do you think I should wait until all of the "bugs" are out of this rig? All my mechanic friends like Toyota. Coming from a Ford Explorer. Don't get me started on that one. Need that third seat. Car pool/skiing/travelling cross country this summer. Want a bigger rig. Does anyone know in the Washington area if they are paying anything close to invoice. They swear at the dealer they are getting MSRP ($48k) Ugh!!! Help! My husband would rather get the Tahoe (gross!)
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    Thanks fanman8,movan and crudeoasis for your responses
    movan - lovwe the black but decided on silversky for clean look - it looks godd with the mettletone and I dont need to get wood for more $
    Crudeoasis - saw bridgestone tires at dealer dont know why they change them out I would opt for the dunlops which are standard per fanman
    New question I live in So Cal. Once was hit by truck and car spun around on busy freeway. Got new car which was 4wd - 95 Jeep Grnd Cherok and am sort of afraid of 2wd but have been told by salesman that wast of $ in So cal considering the trac and vsc and weight of these cars. Also what if I go to the snow? anyway please give feedback on 4wd v. 2wd - i know the 2wd gets better mileage but I need to make sure I'm safe on really rainy floody freeways, etc. Thanks, Stacy
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    Nav is just a big Expedition made by Ford and the trunk space is dismal. The Sequoia is bigger. Look at the new Cadillac if your husband likes the Tahoe - it has more luxury but is made by GM like the Tahoe/Sub/Yuk - Hope this helps. Also I might wait until bugs get out to buy also although Im very tempted to get noe now as my Lexus Rx is feeling a little small for me
  • Thanks Stacy for your input. Can say I have heard anything good about Cadillac's rig. Not real happy with Ford products lately but loved the ride with the Navigator, plus bells and whistles. Better than the Toyota. But need something reliable. I hate to wait another year. Any other advice? Plus anyone do a lease coversion to paymet plan? My kids like the Toyota better. I like the 3rd seat better than the Navigator. Do the Limited's have the fog lights on theirs? I am hearing a lot here about the absence of fog lights. Seattle can get pretty foggy. Anyone also know if hooking up a portable TV will work in the 2nd seat console?
  • I'm not a dealer, nor own a Seq to defend a purchase yet, nor want to be a member of a Seq fan club. I like to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I really appreciate the negative comments that have been posted here.

    I have read the article and there was nothing in it that would change my mind about getting a Seq. The Path is too small (and the 4R looks better)and I can't quite figure out the looks of the Montero. (I say it's ugly, but that's my personal opinion.)I probably won't want to make my Seq dirty, so those off roading or towing stuff don't bother me a bit.

    My more important point is, why is it that a lot of you guys who decided to buy something else continuously attack the Seq and label everyone else who has anything positive to say as a "fan club" member? I have read brilmtb's postings in the Montero forum and he essentially is leading the Montero "fan club" himself. In know some people in this Seq forum sometimes say negative comments about other vehicles, but nothing as consistent as those attacks by brillmtb et al. I do't understand their point. There are more than a hundred models of vehicles around (again, the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between), and everyone has his/her preferences. Why is brillmtb not attacking the Tahoe, the Expy, the Yukon, etc? If he wants to include the Path in the group, why not also attack the Explorer, the Santa Fe, the Trooper, etc. Why only the Seq?

    The ONLY thing I can agree with brillmtb about the Seq is about pricing. The Seq is priced slightly on the high side, but I'm sure it will eventually settle down to a more reasonable level. The Seq does not have to be at the top of anybody's list. If I am happy with what I am looking for, I'll buy it. Or any vehicle for that matter.

    If the Path is better than the Monte, why not trade in your Monte for the Path? Of course, you have your reasons for not doing that. So do I for sticking to the Seq (at least for now). I always leave an open mind about my choices.

    I am more interested in hearing problems that the average owner have, like noisy engines, sound systems, vibrations, dealer services, etc. Many of us prospective buyers are not interested about climbing the Mt. Everest or towing our house. We have our own reasons, so do you.

    I'm not shooting the messenger, but his intention...
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    I have the limited sequoia which has 10 speakers. Can someone help me find them? I have found 1 big one in each of the doors (that makes 4) and 2 small ones in the front doors. Where are the other 4?
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    Regarding the stereo speakers, my "guess" is that each of the 4 doors contains a unit comprising 2 speakers; combined with the two tweeters on the leading edge of the front doors totals 10. I don't have a problem with booming bass; in fact, I wish it had more bass. Crutchfield sells woofer units that go in the rear-most parts of most SUV's and I'm sure they'll come with a SEQ version that replaces the door/compartment on the driver side rear.

    Regarding SEQ articles, the ones I've read compare the SUVs primarily on their off-road prowess; as everyone knows, the majority of SUV drivers never leave the pavement (unless they hit some black ice like we've had in Chicago recently). Thus it's not the most important buying criteria.

    Regarding Nav and Escalade, all I've read about them is that they have a "wallow-y" ride (I've driven the Nav but not the Escalade), so I'd find it inconsistent with my immediate first impressions about the SEQ, (confirmed in subsequent articles I've read) that the ride and handling are firm and more confidence-inspiring than these other two.

    Re fog lights on Ltd, yes they come standard. Regarding TV/VCRs, they don't make a center console mount yet for the SEQ like they do for other SUVs. I bought a flipdown screen/VCR/TV tuner as a surprise for my wife and kids--but my wife says our kids get too much TV already,and I stopped short of having it installed in the SEQ. Oh well, so much for a boy and his toys...
  • Can you please specify the make and model of the flipdown screen/VCR/TV that you bought. Would it be reasonably easy to install, and where do you put it? Does it need a DC/AC converter, or it's already an AC/DC unit?

    I would be (rather my kid would be) very interested in it.

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    Look at the Yukon Denali or Denali XL, basically a Yukon or Sub but with more bells and whistles,quiet, lux, permanent all wheel drive and bigger,better brakes than regular yuk/tahoes. I like the 3rd split seat of the toyota plus I know I wont have any mechanical problems with the car - Anyone have any comment on the 2wd v. 4wd??
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    cliffy1: In post#305, you said the following:

    "How is the fact that the antennea only goes down when the whole stereo is turned off an indication of "losing their quality edge"? Have you ever worn out a motor on one of these things? Do you think it is possible that you would get longer life from that motor if it only went up and down when the stereo was turned off? "

    And I respond as follows:

    Quality is compromised when a simple thing as an antenna does not retract when you no longer are listening to the radio, Or Cliffy1, do you suppose this is adequate in a 40K car ? The redesigned 1997 Camry came out with the "diversity antenna" which was *q-u-a-l-i-t-y*, in caps. Is that too much to ask for on an upscale SUV with price reaching into the mid-40's? BTW, on my two Nissan sedans (Maxima and Altima) the antenna automatically retracts once I switch from radio to CD or cassette. And these two cars probably cost as much as the Seq Ltd !!

    And is Toyota skimping on trivialities such as motor life by keeping the antenna up while using the CD player? C'mon ! I will like to believe that it was something they forgot during the design... this things happen, afterall these people are human...

    That is all I am saying if the engineers are slipping up by overlooking such simple things as a retractable antenna or putting a diversity antenna on their new full-size SUV. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love my Seq, warts and all.... :-)
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    Just out of curiosity, do you look at the suspension set up of a car or truck before deciding what to buy? As cross-over SUVs like the Accura MDX and some of other SUVs are now equipped with 4 wheel independent suspension for better ride, handling and control of the vehicle. The Sequoia, the Landcruiser and Nissan Pathfinder and a few others is still fitted with a solid axle on the back. This set up is dated (I would like to call it stage-coach area technology!) It creates all kind of control and ride problems because one wheel movement affects the other. I ask this just for curiousity.
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    I had a TV/VCR installed in my limited Sequoia. The one I had installed was the Audiovox VOH682 screen and the Model AVP-7200 VCR. Seems to have worked out well, one problem is the VCR did not fit in the console. As a result the VCR was installed under the passenger front seat. this works out fine, except it sticks out from under the seat about 2". The installer put a leather cover over it and we put the floor mat on top of it, so it is not a problem. The remote control allows someone in the front seat to turn on the tv as well as the vcr and get a tape running without having to reach behind the seat. the screen is in the ceiling and folds down, and was placed immediately behind the sun roof. The kids don't have any problem seeing it from either the second or third row of seats.
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    we did consider the lease of the limited sequoia. We were very close to going that route, but honestly when you do the numbers and factor in the mileage limitations and the lack of equity when the lease is over, it just became a no-brainer to us to try and buy if we got a decent interest rate. I used the internet through to get the best interest rate on the loan. It was relatively painless and there are no fees associated with their loans.

    As for fog lights, I do have them on my limited. Honestly I can't think of anything i don't have on it that came standard or a few options like the sunroof.

    I posted another mention about a tv/vcr we had installed in the SUV, but my uinderstanding is there are 3 additional adapters for such portable units, 2 in the front by the passengers legs (which I would assume would reach to set a tv for viewing by people in the second row of seats) and 1 in the rear of the vehicle (which I would assume would reach to set a tv for viewing by people in the third row of seats).

    I am sure you will make the best decision for you on which vehicle. We have been loyal Honda owners until the Sequoia. I have only had it 3 weeks, but love it and have had no issues or disappointment. We don't go off-roading or tow anything, we are just a family with kids and kids who have friends to haul around. For this, it is great.
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    My '88 Camry LE had power antenna that stayed up when a tape was inserted. However, if the tape was left in when the car or the radio was turned on, the power antenna stayed down. It sounded like the Toyota's power antenna logic did not change over the years.

    Over the years, the power antenna eventually was warped, once by the garage door and then the car wash. It was repaired once and then broke finally. It was replaced with a flexible rubber antenna similar to the ones used by the MBs.

    Based on my power antenna experience, I was glad to find out the MDX used the flexible antenna that is now common among VWs and Audi's.
  • Can anyone help me to find all weather mats for the sequoia? I'd rather buy all-weather floor mats than having to pay $175 for the cloth ones. I have two boys and need I say more......same reason why I am not buying leather seats either.... I am planning on getting SR5 4X4 with convenience pkg and the side air bags...for ext. color??? hhmmm maybe marlin perl blue with gray cloth....... what do you think???
  • Seriously considering a Sequoia. Best Dallas area quote was $2400 off, 2-3 week wait for Blue Marlin SR5 4x4 w/ sunroof. Is this a good deal? (Assuming it is.) My only concern is all the Gulf States Toyota crap that's added at port. Any non-GST dealers out there care to quote me? No trade, have our own financing. NW Louisiana, will drive up to 500 miles for a better deal than DFW dealer's. Side airbags would be nice, as would the alloy wheel pkg and dual climate control. Steel wheels okay, but good luck finding one in GST region.
  • I am in the horrible (for car ordering) Southeast region, and wanted an SR5 with cloth power seats, and side air bags and some other stuff. The local dealers don't have any that way, and they WON'T order it that way! No one wants to bother with ordering from the factory the way I want the car. I configured the SR5 2wd to come to $35,500 with what I wanted, but now it looks like I'm forced up to the Limited for $40K plus. Almost like bait and switch. The problem is the stupid leather seats. The dealers essentially insist on dealer-installed leather on the SR5, which means you CANNOT have the side air bag (according to Dianne, whom I trust and believe on this). So I feel like Toyota's made a representation in their brochures (that you can factory order leather for the SR5) but in actuality you cannot get it, for love or money. I'm going to go ahead and get the Limited, but am per-annoyed at Toyota and the Southeast Toyota dealers for their "rigged" game that forces you into a car with stuff you don't want. It's a "take-it-or-leave-it" attitude, and unfortunately for my needs there's no alternative to the Sequoia (reliability and side air bags being the big 2 for me), so I'm going to have to get the larded up Limited.
  • If you are not in a hurry, there is always the option of ordering from Dianne. The vehicle can be shipped anywhere in the us for $500-700 thereby circumventing the local leeches. I have a silver sky SR5 on order from her due end of January with factory leather.
  • External antennas have advantages. Many members of an Expedition board I have been following for sometime now (not Edmunds) use the external antenna to guide clearance in garages. If the antenna hits roof - don't go any further.
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    It would be fine with non power antennae since they are not telescopic and kind of flexible. Most power antennae would be damaged if they are bent too much. Assuming the antenna cannot be damaged, the method of using the antenna as a guide of vehicle height will not work if the antenna is located in the back unless the vehicle is backed in.
  • I've been monitoring Toyota dealers inventories in the Atlanta area (isn't the net great!!!). Anyway, as I suspected, inventories are building. This is true with all auto sales as the economy is slowing fairly rapidly. When I started out 2 months ago, the best discount was $800 off MSRP and no $499 admin charge (a $40k SR5). It creeped up to $1,500 a couple of weeks ago. Now the exact LTD we want is arriving at the dealer we originally tried to do a deal with for a loaded SR5, but side curtain air bags on the SR5 were not available (late Jan?). We had even given this dealer a deposit, so he knows we're ready to buy. He is now offering us $3,000 off MSRP, but he is trying to add the $499 admin fee. Regrettably, we have a 3rd child arriving anyday now and cannot wait any longer, but this is the best discount we've seen yet! I'll try to haggle off the admin fee tonight, but I'm happy to close the deal as offered. Anyone seeing anything similar?
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    Your name is funny given that you claim your not part of the "fan club" as you put it.

    Let me be clear hear as I eluded to at the end of my message.


    It seems, and you proved it through your note, that ANYTHING percieved to be negative about the seq is met with personal attacks directed towards the person bringing the info.

    I follow some personal rules of backing up what I say, quoting and pointing out the source. If you dont like the source just state it. Dont attack the messanger.

    I'm sorry if I dont personally feel that the Seq is as good as some of the individuals here but that's just my opinion and you are welcome to yours.

    I did look over the Seq closely and almost bought one but this site it not supposed to be about everyone who owns one patting themselves on the back. Its about getting to the truth for those of use who have yet to purchace an SUV and for those that already have to find out more info about thier vehicle.

    I think it is great that you made you personal choice based on what you wanted in an SUV and all the detrators in the article did not affect your choice but I would venture to say that others will make different choices after reading the article.

    Again, I bring info, not personal attacks. I back it up with the article so that others can read it as well. There is a lot of positive comments here and I think in balance not enough of the other side of the coin due to the fact that most of the folks here own or are trying to sell the Sequoia. There is much more bias associated with that position.
  • I took this "pen name" because all I have owned were 7 Toyotas, two of which I still have now. One of these is a 1987 (yes!)Toyota van LE with 180,000 miles and still going very well in all of 14 years. Obviously, by today's standards this is one of the worst designed vehicles in terms of safety, but back then there were very few to choose from. I still feel bad about parting ways with this Toyota box, but I have to. Right now, this little van is out against huge SUVs, and I cannot take more risks.

    Yes, I have a very high respect for Toyota products, and none of my 7 Toyotas ever disappointed me, beginning from 1970 Hilux truck. However, I am not necessarily suggesting nor bashing the other fine vehicles that are out there. And I don't go around telling people to buy only Toyota. No fan club. I defend everybody's freedom to choose or make their preferences.

    I am not attacking your message or the messenger either. I have made it very clear that I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about the Seq. In fact I honestly welcomed your own comments, Yoss, as well as those of the supposedly knowledgeable people who evaluated the Seq. What I've said was that those criteria that they (and you, and Yoss) deemed a weakness in the Seq are not things I would necessarily put too much weight on. Considering the good, the bad, and the ugly comments, I still haven't changed my decision to get a Seqouia.

    What I am apalled about is your (and Yoss's) singlehanded attack ONLY AND CONSISTENTLY on the Sequoia. There are tons of other SUVs out there that fall closely or remotely to the Seq, and they have tons of weaknesses too. But why only attack the Seq with the same issues repeated over and over again? Can you show me other forums where you also consistently posted negative points about other vehicles? I would be more than willing to publicly apologize to you, if this is the case. As of now I am quite suspicious about your intent.

    I am not much of a car person, in a sense that I don't like to spend my money on cars. If the vehicle is functional, I don't care very much about what else I should have. I don't care if people judge me based on the type of cars I drive. My house costs several fold more than the cost of an LTD Seqouia, which I also can afford to buy. But I can see the Seq (willing to pay only for an SR5 with AC, AH, and GY, if possible)as something that I can hang on and rely on for the next 10 or 15 years. So I want to be sure that the quality of this new model is good. It already has everything I need, and I just want to be sure that I can count on those things down the road.

    I believe your Montero is mechanically good and the MDX is a lot of car for the money IMHO. But I still like the Seq, and that's my personal choice.

    Again, it's not you or your message. It's your intent in attacking only one particular vehicle, the Seq, which I and many other also like.

    Happy new year.
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    Does anyone have any suggestions for other forums for Sequoia discussions. I own a new Sequoia and would like to have discussions with other owners without all the extraneous stuff. This forum is OK, but there seems to be so much discussion between on owners about perceived problems that legitimate inquiries get buried in the muck.

    Thanks in advance...
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    That previous post should read 'non-owners' not 'on owners'
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    #338 and 339: Should be in personal emails. No useful purpose on this board.

    #335 - Riskaker - Expeditions (at least newer ones) come with the antenna built into the rear quarter window (one of the smart things that Ford did). It works well. Better reception than my truck's regular flex antenna (which is also better than a power antenna in my opinion).

    I think a power antenna is an 80's fad that is taking a little longer than necessary to go away. Its very useless especially in winter up here in the cold white north. I guess they don't have that particular problem in Japan though.
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    I am not "soley attacking the Sequoia". This is the Seq site so I dont even try to bring up other SUV's unless I slip.

    There are individuals such as the one that just posted, "rruck1" who dont want to hear about other SUV's. I think it is fair to compare them here but it seems that the majority dont want to.

    Left with this and the fact that over 90% of the posts seem to be coming from owners or salespeople I think it is only fair to the non-owners, info seekers to provide a sort of devils advocate position.

    On the Montero site we openly discuss the problems there are. Faulty outside temp readings, apparent malfunctions with the sun roof, are just a few already mentioned. So........
    I dont think there is any unfair bashing or attacking as you put it.

    I too respect toyota products and because of this actually hold them to very high standards. I dont even consider other brands at times becasue the toyota products are so superior in many ways. I think there are just a handful of quality 2000-2001 models worth discussing (personal opinion of course).

    These are the reasons for my comments. I am sorry if they touch on raw nerve endings or make people feel defensive.

    I have posted elsewhere that I personally have not found the near perfect SUV myself yet so how could I be picking on just the Sequoia.

    If you want people like me and perhaps Yoss (although I cannot speak to his motivations) to go away then you will, in fact, be left with a biased selection of comments.

    I really have lost the taste for this site anyway because on a review of several hundred posts it really doesnt seem that there are too many open minds here and that really is a shame.
  • It seems like underlying disdain is there. Possibly traditional "red-blooded" types whose Chevy or Ford beats all. Including other domestic makes. So here comes Toyota, wants to improve SUV showing with more choices, but this disrupts the Big 2.5's status quo. They did this twenty years ago, and ten years ago again, with Lexus. Toyota fanciers will just have to learn to drown out the noise. We own a '99 Trooper S, which has been a GRRRREAT vehicle, but cannot tote the soon to be 6th member of our household. MDX drives beautifully, but we make trips 2-3 times a year to South Dakota and Florida, and we want the room, but can't fit a Yukon XL in our garage. The Expid doesn't have the critical split seat, and the Tahoe, well, I like it but she doesn't, and you guys know where that leads. So, a Sequoia now or later...that's our question.

    p.s. Sorry for the rambling...
  • Our dilemma is, sell the Trooper now, for possibly around $18,000 (I may be reaching here!) and jump in an SR5 4x4 or wait until inventories build to try and whittle away more dealer-profit. (Sorry, Dianne and Cliffy1.) With the coming recession, Eileen thinks we'll get a way better deal with 20-30 days inventory on dealer lots. Seems to make sense, but hedges on Toyota feeling the pinch on a VERY popular vehicle. Could get $2500 off on a non-SCAB SR5 4x4 in Dallas; this seems to be a vehicle nobody is clamoring for. Our local dealer has had one for ten days now, in Black, and Tuesday it had 420 (probably hard) miles on it. Thoughts?
  • Grrr, this new system! I haven't been able to post here for a week at least, and it was very frustrating because I wanted to post a Holiday Thanks for ya'll.

    Still rolling Sequoias like wildfire to a lot of board members of and Edmunds as well. Many of you with order builds are being very patient -- thanks for that breath! :D

    In the event that any list members are seeking a silver 4WD Limited (MSRP 44972) or any 2WD Limiteds in black or thunder gray, puhleeze reach me at [email protected] for more info.

    I hear that the "hammertone" trim might perhaps have a resolution soon, but we're also waiting for the company I use to add the burlwood to the Landcruisers to come up with their wood addition to the Sequoias too. One thing that strikes me too is that they wood steering wheel might be very nice! I saw a navigator like that and I admit it looked very good. Probably not the best for the cold-climates, but in SoCal, I'd love to see that eventually.

    Sorry to make Cliffy do all the "work" here lately with question answering, but I had been too frustrated for words - couldn't log in here to post, system kept insisting I was logged in but refused to let me post. :/

    Happy Holiday Season, and a cool new year to all! :D

    Did I miss anyone's questions?

  • Yes, this new software sucks. I had all my stuffed typed up, just needed to scroll up to check my previous post, and my text was all gone.

    rruck: I am as yet a non-owmer, but I am seriously trying to get one soon. I'm sorry that I don't have an "owner experience" to share with you right now. I am really learning a lot from this site, and I want to know more before I become a contributing "owner." Thanks again.

    joelis: Yes, I agree with you that my previous post to brillmtb should have been in a personal e-mail. Whatever happened to the "Hidden Response" option? I promise not to respond in kind anymore.

    rdsterl; I am also very tempted to get my Seq soon, but I decided to wait until late January or early February for the following reasons: (1) I am hoping the Seq market will stabilize by then and discounts are more "generous". Right now there are already decent discounts or "off MSRP" offers, but I am hoping that the discount will sort of cancel the extra junk that the distributor and the dealers put in. (2)I am anxious about this "clicking engine noise" thing and hope that this will get fixed before the vehicle leaves the factory. That's why I decided not go go for build order, which I found is a cheaper but potentially risky route. Somebody in the Tundra Solutions board made a comment that if you hear a clicking noise in the Seq you are test driving, run away from it, probably because there is no real fix yet. (3)I also hope that Toyota will eventually realize that potential SR5 owners are also concerned about safety, and would make the side impact air bag a more common option in SR5 models. This safety issue is what I am more upset about. Maybe you should keep your Trooper for another month or two and potentially save $$. Good luck.

    movan: I am still interested in your TV/VCR system. Boat3 had posted about his TV/VCR installation, but I want to see if yours is different or hopefully better, for comparison. I am hoping that there's a system that can be installed without getting too much on the way or having messy cables.

  • We finally got our Sequoia just before the Christmas. We were able to get this baby $2400 below the MSRP. So far we drove 850 miles in 4 days. That include our trip to Lake Tahoe from the SF bay area. The vehicle performed beautifully during the trip. We did about 18.0 miles per gallon on the first refill and about 17 miles per gallon for our Lake Tahoe trip. We never exceeded 60 miles per hour.

    This is our first SUV and so far we love it.
  • cb19cb19 Posts: 8
    I was referred to them by a fellow poster here at Edmunds. The salesman, Russell Wells, quoted me a price of $1500 off of MSRP on the phone. When I get there to order the car, he denies ever offering that price, adding that there is "virtually no profit in the car", a fully loaded limited.

    Unprofessional behavior like this is what makes the car buying process a chore.

    P.S. I have lined up an honest dealer to sell me the car for $2500 off MSRP!
  • movanmovan Posts: 32
    To Toyotatoys, sorry I missed your earlier post on what type of system I bought (and will return at my wife's insistence!). It's made by Rosen, and consists of a 5.4" TFT flip down monitor, universal housing for the ceiling mount, TV tuner, and external antenna. I liked the unit the other gentleman posted about--the AudioVox--better because it had an integrated reading/dome light system to replace the factory unity behind the sunroof. But it was $1700 installed from Circuit City and they had a special sale at Best Buy for the Rosen unit at $1000 installed. I wouldn't recommend trying this install yourself--the pros estimated it would take them a full 8 hours to install it themselves.

    To Dianne, I've read several of your posts that offer helpful answers to product questions. But when you say "Sorry to make Cliffy do all the "work" here lately with question answering", that's a bit much. There are now owners on this list who have more experience than either of you, since we drive SEQs every day. Also, please communicate directly with your customers and prospects and don't use this forum for that purpose.
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    The only problem I have with my Sequoia is the radio. The bass is too much when using the radio and has to be turned all the way down. It seems OK when playing CD's, in fact I usually need to turn it back up. This is a minor annoyance, but I would like to know if there is a fix for it or if other people are experiencing the same thing.

    By the way, I found the comparisons that other people make to other SUV's on this board very useful in making my purchasing decision and continue to look them over even though I've already made my choice.

    I like the fact that there are some dealers involved in the board (even though it means we have to endure some sales pitches along the way). I ended up buying my Sequoia mostly on line (everything but the trade in) and was very satisfied doing business this way - I reccomend it to anyone. I had a firm quote on the Sequoia and needed only to negotiate the trade in.
    I also attempted the traditional buying route and was assured over the phone that I could get at least $1500 off the MSRP of the new car. Of course once I arrived I was told that this didn't apply to all the Sequoias in stock and that whatever they took off the price of the Sequoia would have to be deducted from my trade in. Since I was already working off the wholesale value of my trade in I promptly laughed at him and walked away.
    For those of you in the Boston area I found Herb Chambers Toyota to be the most reasonable dealership to work with. The internet sales director there, Bob VanWert, was GREAT to work with.
  • movanmovan Posts: 32
    I don't mind dealers on this forum. Much can be learned from factual product info and pricing info as to what the market prices for SEQs are. But communicating sales accomplishments and order status--"Still rolling Sequoias like wildfire to a lot of board members of and Edmunds as well. Many of you with order builds are being very patient -- thanks for that breath! "--are things the readers of this list don't need to see. Those dealers who stick to the facts and are responsive in their answering of questions will get kudos from readers (which I read Dianne has already received). The lapses into self promo need to be avoided. Happy New Year.
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