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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    I just took delivery of a loaded Veracruz Limited AWD with Ultimate package/saddle leather and cross rails on the roof rack. Sticker topped out at $38100 including freight. I paid $35709 or app. $400 above invoice and $2391 under sticker. I can guarantee that there is NOTHING in the current marketplace that can match the content level of this loaded Limited. The Veracruz is fresh and new. While there are new models arriving everyday, it's competition are tired, old bodystyles like the Murano, Pilot and Highlander (yawn). My dealer was anxious to earn my business, even driving the car 60 miles to deliver it earlier today. This is a well designed and well built vehicle. While I admit it was a leap of faith for a Honda guy like me to buy a vehicle from the other H-word, I couldn't justify selecting any of the Japanese competition, at least with what is available now. I'll report back after we've logged some miles in the VC. Prospective CUV's buyers-do not discount this brand when building your shopping list.
  • bikermombikermom Posts: 3
    One dealer says that the Veracruz has so much power that it needs to have dealer says that it doesn't. Any opinions? I'm ready to buy, but want to make sure I'm getting the right vehicle. By the way, I'm in San Diego, but we travel to the mountains and deserts. Not in bad snowy weather, but certainly during some rainy times.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    (fyi, I'm being quoted $31500 for a Limited Black Diamond/Beige Leather...that seem fair?)
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    FWD will be fine for that amount of power. AWD will most likely only be a plus for you in snow since the FWD already has stability control and electronic brake force distribution. Rain won't really affect FWD performance. That doesn't seem like too bad of a deal. You might try to talk them down $500. $31k would be $2k down from MSRP.
  • eadlertxeadlertx Posts: 20
    Arumage, you seem to be very knowledgable about pricing.
    A dealer offered a Veracruz SE with P&L package and mats for $ 29283. MSRP is $ 32170. Deal or no deal?
  • gccmngccmn Posts: 11
    Just negotiated my Veracruz SE FWD with mats for $26,500 + TT&L :shades: . I think it is a pretty good deal considering MSRP to be $28,820. Did not have the color in stock so I am waiting for it. Also have any of you noticed that some brand new Veracruzes have scratched bumpers when they arrive at dealerships. I saw that at two different dealerships.
  • tappy1tappy1 Posts: 3
    A Connecticut dealer told us that Hyundai does not offer
    business leases. We've never encountered this before with other dealers.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    According to Edmunds, invoice for the Veracruz with those options is $30,133. I would jump on that deal!
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Must be dealer problems with the bumpers. They are shipped with covers over the front and rear bumpers as well as the hood. The one I test drove even had plastic covering some of the interior trim so as to not have it scratched.
  • About a week ago in Washington DC area, I purchased a Veracruz SE FWD (no options) for $25,704. Inclding dest, TT&L & fees total was $28,065. About $500 under invoice. Liquid Silver w/ black cloth interior. No complaints at all. Only one nit pick..."Cooled front center console storage" is more novelty than functional. It won't really cool your drinks.
  • w20219w20219 Posts: 3
    We purchased a Limited in Black Diamond with black saddle, fully loaded for about $500 under invoice earlier this week. We also got a pretty good trade(around private party vs average trade). I think we could have eventually done a little better but there just aren't enough of them around to negotiate on. I spoke to a couple of dealers and the Limiteds that they were allocated end up getting sold or traded to other dealers before they even get them in (not sure if we should believe that or not). This wasn't our first color choice and it isn't the best deal on a car we've ever made but we decided that we'd rather have the Veracruz over any of the other cuvs (in our budget range) right now and we didn't want to wait for the 08s to show up. I guess time will tell if it was a good deal or not.
  • We live in New Orleans and we just picked up our fully loaded Veracruz FWD 4-Door Limited including the Ultimate Pkg. We got every option except the mud guards. They did not have them at the dealership. We paid $35,000. We were able to get a extra $500 off for military and $6000 for trade in (2001 Xterra) The dealership gave us the KBB private sale price ($1000 more than the trade in value). This gave us an extra $1000 we were not planning on getting when we walked in for the sale. So we walked away with the car for $28,500. We are very very happy with the purchase. I almost bought the Acadia but as fate would have it I not only saved the cash but got an outstanding ride.
  • bmr4bmr4 Posts: 6
    Which dealer in the OC did you deal with? I am seriously looking this week~
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I got an offer of $27,819 OTD for a GLS with premium package. The dealer has a minimum trade of $4,250 off of MSRP plus some appearance package. I've got a 91 Dodge Caravan with 285K mi. on it to trade, which is how I got to the final number. Worth grabbing?
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Sorry I forgot this is the AWD version.
  • I just negotiated a 2007 Veracruz Limited with the Ultimate package. Its Sand Beige with the Black/Saddle interior and the factory DVD package. Out the door (tax, title and license) was $36,000 even. I did this deal through the Costco financing and purchasing service and am very happy with the process and the deal.

    The dealers are having problems with inventory as the Veracruz demand has taken them by surprise and they're selling as fast as they come in. Mine came from another dealer and had to be shipped over.

    I just hope the ownership experience is as easy as the buying process was.
  • sandy19sandy19 Posts: 5
    I just negotiated a deal for a Veracruz Limited FWD with beige interior/bronze exterior and the Ultimate package. Before TT&L I was quoted $33,500 (includes destination). Competitive rebate in the number. It's about $165.00 over invoice. I'm not crazy about the price, but we are in a very limited availability situation for the Limited models in the Chicago area, apparently. Dealers are not easily getting these cars and have to swap to get Limited at all. I would have preferred a black Limited with beige Ultimate but no one has them right now. Hoping I can retrofit the iPod jack next year...

    Any thoughts on my price? Good deal or not? What are your thoughts about the Dark Bronze color? Does anyone know if the mp3 will be a retrofit in the future? We pick up this vehicle tomorrow evening...

    Thanks!! :)
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    That sounds like bunk. Even if you wanted high mileage, like 40K per year, they could build that into the price or charge you at the end.

    Was this Key Hyundai-Bridgeport?

    My small business (2 peopel)has bought 2 Sonatas in 2 years with no changes from standard warranty.
  • sparky91sparky91 Posts: 1
    I just got a base GLS and they are adding a roof rack with rails. $25,500 plus an additional $300 for all of the documentation garbage. Of course I also have to pay the MA sales tax on top of that....

    Think I did OK but not outstanding with that price. Would have been more patient but our minivan just died - so there was some pressure from the Mrs....

  • Hi Sandy19,
    You've got a good deal. What vehicle you have to qualify for quantitative rebate?
  • sandy19sandy19 Posts: 5
    I currently have a 2002 Highlander 4WD v6 Limited in gold. It's a fine car, but a bit tired in design and features.

    The price for the Veracruz Limited w/Ultimate pkg.(beige leather) also includes roof rack cross rails and a dealer "detail" package that includes pin striping and door edge protectors. With these accessories, the price of $33,500 is $500 below invoice. I am happy with this deal. FYI for any Chicago buyers, the Hyundai dealership is Rosen in Algonquin. Great to work with.

    I saw the vehicle yesterday, and the dark bronze color is beautiful. It is very subtle, not at all like the brochure or website shows it to be. It is clear why this color has been reserved for the limited. It looks like an Acura/Lexus color.

    I can't wait to cruise in my new 'Cruz! :) Delivery today!
  • sandy19sandy19 Posts: 5
    Well, I took delivery of my VC Limited w/Ultimate last night. The process at Rosen was seamless and easy. The best buying experience I've ever had.

    The car is truly wonderful. It handles beautifully and exudes quality and "high-end" amenities. My husband drives an Acura, and he LOVES this car. Also, the Chicago Tribune Auto section of last Sunday's paper had a cover story of the "Best Buys of 2007" Veracruz was featured as one.

    One point about the lack of iPod jack that I have brought up before--with the stereo playing mp3 disks, the ability to direct connect an iPod or similar is somewhat moot. The mp3 disks are just as convenient to play and sound as good. The disk displays the album and track name, and you can easily navigate the folders. All new to me, and all good!

    To anyone still deciding about buying the Veracruz, let me say that it is a fantastic car. I have been a loyal Toyota/Honda buyer for 20 years and also was skeptical about Hyundai quality. I have found that Hyundai is not the Hyundai of the past. They have one of the best line ups of vehicles out there. I have been shopping for over a year and have seen and test driven everything, incl. Pilot, CR-V, RAV4, CX-7, CX-9, MDX, RDX. I've owned a Highlander for 5 years. The Veracruz blows them all away. Styling, capacity, handling, comfort, warranty, value, all better than the competition. Oh, and the owners manual and maint. schedule handbooks are among the best written I've ever read. I've said enough! :blush: Time for a little "Veracruzing"!
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    I saw a dealer advertise 2.9% financing, however I did not see any such offer on website. Does anyone know about any special Veracruz financing?
  • mincmanmincman Posts: 2
    I purchased a Deep Blue / Beige Leather Limited version June 25, 2007 at dealer in Leesburg FL. I added four options to limited - mats, cross racks, cargo tray, wind deflector. I paid $29,500 + tax,title,$595 deal fee. My calcs come up to $882 below invoice. No trade-in or financing.

    It was their grand opening. I called and told salesman options & price. He called back in three hours and agreed. They are shipping the vehicle in from one of their other dealerships.
  • dashbb, which dealer? what city are you from? I'm also looking for special financing deals for Veracruz
  • sabbabasabbaba Posts: 7
    I am looking at both the Acadia and the VC and was interested in your comment about getting a better ride. Could you tell me more about your experience with this two vehicles. Thanks,
  • bodidbodid Posts: 87
    Has anyone been given lease numbers for 24 and 36 months, in NY/East Coast? Any idea what money factor/residuals are? I'm hesitant to buy because Hyundai resale value isn't close to Acura, Lexus, Volvo...yet. You'll probably get 'killed' on a trade-in in 3 years.
  • acopseyacopsey Posts: 10
    Lookin to buy here shortly, just wonder if folks have been able to buy from available stock, or are having to wait for weeks on end for the vehicle to be available? Just was wondering as we are likely gonna privately sell my wifes car, and I am debating the timing that I had been thinking of doing so. Thanks.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    I live in Central VA. I had difficulty finding a loaded VC Limited AWD with the Ultimate package with Saddle. I found decent inventory on the SE but I wanted the extra bells and whistles available on the Limited, specifically the climate control not available on the SE. I had been working closely with a Richmond dealership but they had no VC inventory at all. We finally found what I was looking for (my second color choice- beige) in Charlottesville by that dealer would not trade with the Richmond dealer. I ended up purchasing from the Charlottesville dealer. After I got over their lack of cooperation with my local dealer, the rest of the transaction went very smoothly. I'll share more information if interested.
  • acopseyacopsey Posts: 10
    Carbuyer, thanks for the information, it definitely is appreciated. Sounds like you didn't have to wait to get yours sent or anything, just had to make a drive to Charlottesville. How did your price come in? We went looking last night (In Columbia, MD) and they had only one Limited on the lot and about 4 GLS (no SE's). Can you clue me in also, what are the main differences between the Limited and SE with leather?
  • depeche77depeche77 Posts: 4
    I just purchased a 2007 Veracruz Limited AWD Liquid Silver w/Beige Leather from Millennium Hyundai in Hempstead, NY for $32400. Came with everything that the limited is supposed to come with plus mats. I think I got a very good deal. Took about 10 days for the dealer to located the car. I traded in a 2003 Toyota Highlander Limited 4WD and a 2004 Mazda 3s for the Hyundai. I got $27200 for both my trades combined.

    This vehicle is awesome. Good Luck to all.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Just bought a Veracruz GLS AWD with the Premium package for $27819 + $225 Title and processing fee. Was very happy with the deal. Black Diamond with grey interior. East Central Wisconsin. Take delivery tomorrow. Reactions anyone?
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    We paid $35709 for a top-of-the-line Limited with Ultimate package and upgraded saddle leather. It also came with the cross rails for the roof rack, total MSRP $38100. And I got the dealer to throw in mats, another $120 value. I figure we paid about $300 over invoice. You get a lot of extra goodies on the Limited vs. SE:

    Leather, Heated front seats, power passenger seat, dual zone climate control, upgraded stereo, sunroof, power tailgate, backup warning system, wiper de-icer, conversation mirror, metal scuff plates, chrome dual and tailgate handles, special badging.

    Of course, you can get some of these upgrades in the SE's premium & leather and entertainments packages. But you can't get one of the best toys in anything but the Limited: the promixity key system (your keys never need to leave your pocket or purse). Other worthwhile features on the Limited ultimate package include: power tilt/telescoping wheel, mirror/wheel/seating memory system, rain sensing wipers and power adjustable pedals.

    Good luck. I'll be happy to answer any other questions.
  • I just purchased a Limited with everything. I called AAA (of the Carolinas) buying service on Wednesday 6/27 and the vehicle was delivered to my door on Friday, 6/29.

    AAA found 2 vehicles of different colors with just one option different and I selected the one I wanted.

    I paid dealer invoice plus $165 AAA fee. Easy, quick and painless with a Reasonable price
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    At the close of the deal today, they really pressed hard for the 10 year bumper to bumper. They even lowered the price to $800. I'm usually against extended warranties but this sounds pretty reasonable. Any thoughts out there?
  • I didn't get it, but when I bought my Veracruz, they said the 10 year bumper to bumper would be $1500. Interested in hearing what kind of Veracruz you purchased, and whether it makes a difference in the price (more gadgets = higher prices?)

    I got a Silver Veracruz FWD Limited with Black/Saddle Ultimate Package (apparently only 1 of 2 available in the state of California) for $500 over invoice. Perhaps I should have negotiated further, but overall, I'm happy with the vehicle so far.
  • flwonderflwonder Posts: 33
    Can't imagine why anyone would pay good money ($800)
    for the extended bumper to bumper warranty. Hyundai already
    has the best warranty in America (60,000 miles bumper to
    bumper and 100,000 miles power train). Power train repairs
    are where the real expense is. Most cars are sold by 60K
    anyway. Extended bumper to bumper is a bad deal. In MHO.

  • austx37austx37 Posts: 18
    I live in Central Texas and I would also like to know where I can get financing lower than 5.9% for 60 mos on a new Veracruz. Also has anyone in TX purchased a GLS FWD with no options for lower than $25,832? Edmunds is showing that's the lowest price for this area but I'm curious if there's a great dealer within driving distance that may go lower. My goal is to have 60 mos payments at $450 or lower. I was thinking of waiting for an end of year clearance sale, but one dealer salesman said they'll all be gone by then. Is that a bunch of hooey? I'll wait til December if it'll cut the price lower but I don't want them to run out.
  • excid182excid182 Posts: 3
    I live in the la area and am looking into buying a Veracruz. I have been emailing several dealers and I wanted to know what people thought about my price quote. I am searching for a deep blue SE FWD model with PREMIUM AND LEATHER package. This is what I have been quoted so far:

    MSRP $32,045.00
    Selling price $29,533.00
    Savings $2,512.00
    Rebate $0
    Net price $29,533.00
    Total Savings $2,512.00

    Does this look like a good price to anyone. I think it looks good to me. It is below the invoice pricing. Any help with what others paid for a similar model would be a great help.

  • If you intend to keep the car for a long time, then the extended warranty may be a good deal. There's a ton of things that could go wrong other than the powertrain (with my current car, all my major repairs had to do with things other than the powertrain, such as electrical issues, the starter, etc.). Yes, you are buying it several years before you'll ever need it, but that's also why it's $800 (which possibly could be the cost of one repair).

    I guess my point is simply that it certainly is a bad deal for someone that switches cars every 3-4 years. But if you keep it for 6+ years and intend to drive it over the 100k mark, then it's worth considering.

    I'd be interested in hearing what other people paid for the extended warranty (or if you didn't buy it, what you were quoted for it when you purchased your Veracruz). Perhaps that will help determine whether the $800 price is a good deal or not, if one decides that it makes sense to purchase the warranty.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I decided to take a pass on it. Besides, they already threw in a 200K mi. powertrain warranty if you have your service done there. The final deal also included 2 years free maintenance with 3K oil change intervals. Final price was $27,819 for a GLS w/Premium package. Black with tan interior. It's a work vehicle for me but is occasionally used for family stuff. The premium package had exactly what I was looking for. Love it so far.
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    -- 0.0% financing for 36 months or 2.9% for 60 months.
    -- $2500 off MSRP (Invoice or below).
    Here's the ad scan from today (July 5) Chicago Tribune.
    Hope this helps...
  • bmark99bmark99 Posts: 1
    Is this a nationwide deal on the financing or just dealer specific?
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    bodid, There is a seperate forum for Veracruz Leasing.

    As a comparison of resale values, 36 months 12k/yr:
    50% - Veracruz
    56% - Acura MDX
    54% - Mazda CX-9
    54% - Volvo XC90

    This is the resale value of MSRP and not what you actually paid for the vehicle, which is less than MSRP. To compare:
    -- Base MDX stickers at $41k. It would be worth $23k in 3 years. Depreciation = $41 - $23 = $18k.
    -- Veracruz Limited (which has more features than base MDX) stickers at $35k. It would be worth approx $18k, however depreciation = $35 - $18 = $17k.

    Since it is only a grand more, over 3 years, then MDX becomes a no-brainer. However, assuming both purchased at invoice, add:
    -- extra interest paid for $6k more purchase price.
    -- 0%/36 or 2.9%/60 financing on Veracruz = $4k interest savings compared to Acura's 5.9% financing.

    So, in summary, you'd be ahead by approx $5k - $6k with Veracruz over say, MDX, and enjoy more features.
  • why dont you try the balloon option of the VC. My wife and I are considering a VC or Azera. On the 4th was quoted a payment of $349 for 30months on a GLS VC in Dallas, i dont remember the exact $$$ down but was like 2K down...then can refi after 30months, turn it in for a $600 disposition fee or trade it back to Hyundai if purchasing out of pocket expense....
  • You can probably do a little better but still not bad. I live in Dallas and was quoted on a Liquid Silver SE FWD Leather Package $28,995 this was on the 4th...I almost took it home but decided to wait 6 thinking/hoping Hyundai will increase its incentives on the VC and Azera...on the 10th...if not then i will choose at that rush seems like their are many VC on dealers lots mostly Limiteds...
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    One good reason IMHO is that most of these 100K powertrain warranties do NOT transfer to a second owner, but a purchased B-B warranty would. So with a vehicle from a manufacturer with poor resale history you could easily get a lot of the $800 back on resale even if you never get to use it for repairs. Could be inexpensive insurance in the long run.
  • eadlertxeadlertx Posts: 20
    jefferson 1964; who is the dealer that quoted you 28995?
  • sms290sms290 Posts: 1
    i live in north dallas area,

    i got a deal with Veracruz Limited FWD without options.

    MSRP was about $33,500

    and final price was $30,000 + ttl after a negotiation.

    I think i could make the price around $29,000.

    How much could i discount more for this model?

    Is it a proper price for Limited one?

    and i got 7.5% rate of interest.

    i think 7.5% is too high because i thought

    hyundai would offer me at least 2.9% or less.

    <<<< $33,500 -> ???????>>>>>>>
    <<<< 7.5% -> ???????>>>>>>>
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    Unless you're financing for 72 months or more, that 7.5% rate seems to be the Balloon rate. There is a $2k dealer incentive when financed through HMFC using Balloon Note, atleast for Santa Fe's and Sonata's.

    That is, however, a good purchase price. Tell 'em that you'll pay cash and get your loan from your local bank / credit union.

    Not sure about Dallas but atleast in Illinois, you can get 0%/36 months or 2.9%/60 months on Veracruz.
    Good Luck!
  • joe131joe131 Posts: 996
    Yes. Great point! Cheap, maybe even free insurance.

    Much easier to sell a used Hyundai for top dollar if you can include a great warranty with it.
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