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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Dealerships generally do not pay invoice prices for vehicles. Here's a good article explaining how dealership pricing works.

    Invoice price: What's it really worth? from CNN
  • jn2007jn2007 Posts: 2
    you had me re-check my sale contract just to make sure.

    I got the SE w/ P&L floormats mudguards wind deflector/etc according to this website invoice was $30,274.

    Price on my sales contract was $29,650 so I gues it was even a better deal at $624 below invoice.

    + they filled it up w/ gas.

    and - i tell you my trade was not worth what they gave me.

    hope this helps
  • jak51jak51 Posts: 17
    What are the current incentives on a Veracruz if any, the current residual and money factor for a 36 month and 12,0000 mile lease. If hyundai's standard lease is 30 month's I will want that info. I am posting here since a lease board is not set up.

  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    there are currently no incentives on the veracruz. i don't know the lease breakdown.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 152,514

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    HYUNDAI VERACRUZ looks like a nice SUV/Cross, however many journalists don't think they have earned the right to charge the $$'s on the VERACRUZ. Many think customers will take a bath of the resale.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Well, this isn't the 80s or the early 90s anymore.

    Who are these journalists you speak of? To put on a scale, more than nine out of ten have given positive/favorable reviews. I work closely with the all of the auto manuf. and you should know industry professionals would disagree with your assessment on the VC and the rest of the Hyundai portfolio, including your exaggeration, "bath of resale".

    Go test drive one and find out for yourself. I can tell you the Veracruz undercuts competitions while still offering more values and features. The demographic of Azera owners, close to 90% have opted for the top trim - this is a great sign, as consumers are ready for $30K+ products, and more importantly, further resonates its incredible improvement in quality, reliability, and durability, some rating even better than Toyota. I know I am ready for my first Hyundai - the RWD luxury/sport sedan coming next year might just find home on my driveway :)

    And the answer to your question - YES!!
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    I don't know which journalists you are talking about, but here is what Autoweek said in closing to their recent review of the Veracruz:

    This begs the question: Who would pay $30,000 or more for a Hyundai? With the Veracruz, the better question might be: Who wouldn’t?

    This comes from a generally well-repected enthusiast's magazine so I think that counts for something. Here's a link to the full article:

    Autoweek article ;)
  • nizeguynizeguy Posts: 1
    I recently purchased Hyundai Vercruz Ltd with Ultimate pkg AWD Natural Khaki with beige interior for $36,600 + tax (CA). I am very happy about this purchase..
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    I bought a white SE model with floor mats at $500 below invoice:
    $26,294 - $500 + $125 floor mats + $690 destination charge = $26,609 (+ tax and license fee)
    Didn't pay $150 advertising and had free front window tints.
  • fredctfredct Posts: 2
    That sounds like a great deal! What part of the country did you make your purchase? How did you negotiate. In person or on line? Did they have several Veracruz's on their lot or only a few. Was there any documentation fee? Thanks.
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    I bought it from North Scottdales, AZ.
    They had ads for sales every Hyundai for $500 under invoice, so when I arrived, took the test drive, then they showed me the invoice and start from there.

    You can call any dealership and ask for fleet sales manager and ask them how much they can sale their cars from invoices. When you see him/her, take test drive and if you don't like the car, just leave.

    They didn't have any SE Models, they allocated from another dealership. Yes, license+documentation fee for a total of $700 approx.

    I did test drive a Santa Fe, Entourage, and Nissan Pathfinder. Veracruz is superior, very quiet; especially, the 3rd row seat is very comfortable for 5'-5" people and have rear a/c control with vents from ceiling for both 2nd and 3rd rows, and from B-pillar too for 2nd row.

    Gas mileage gets 21 mpg combination from 75 mph on freeway and in town. Car insurance is even cheaper than my 99 Isuzu Trooper S. I'm happy with it.

    I love this XOver SUV!
  • frankjay02frankjay02 Posts: 3
    New to this list, new to Hyndai. The sticker had a MSRP of $33k, Vera Cruz ( I am not sure of the trim letters) with leather,AWD no DVD, all standard stuff, 6 CD changer etc, puddle lights, roof racks and , mats.. The OTHER price was $39K. I was told that it is dealer markup and the 30% sale was off that and not off the MSRP. I have never seen this before at any dealership and it puzzled me. I have owned at least ten new cars.
    Now, my final price was, $28,500 incl, a $1000 trade in . I know what the TMV is on edmunds, but what troubles me is that the sales guy told me I was getting almost 12K off the "strange price" but really not much off the MSRP with a grand for my old Taurus. the 28,500 ,exclusive of title, fees delivery etc. a good price or am just being BS'd because of the hight "other price". What are others really paying in the northeast.
    Frank in NJ
  • frankjay02frankjay02 Posts: 3
    The sales guy said he didn't know when they will be out. Plus there were only 4 VC on the lot. Is this car that hot? and would'nt a new model come out when the other new models come out. Anyone have insight into this. Or, is it another way to squeeze a decision.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    There have been some union issues in South Korea where the Veracruz is made. There aren't as many to go around yet.
  • erichilderichild Posts: 4
    I am very interested in getting perspectives on residual values for the following cars. I play to pay cash and believe the MDX will be a value over a 4+-year horizon typical driving (15K per year). I have seen RV for the MDX falling to 50% levels (36 m), so a bit concerned on my theory. Have no clue of the Veracruz will hold value. Thoughts on what represents a better value?

    2007 MDX Tech/Sport - $44K

    2007 Hyundai Veracruz Limited - $34K
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    The MDX will hold closer to it's value, but you are not talking about a big difference in price for not alot of return in features. Sure, the MDX is a better handler, but it uses premium fuel and get's slightly lower in gas mileage. You really have to account for maintenance costs as well.
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    It's a good deal. I don't think you should need extended warranty because the drive train, the major concern, is warrantied for 10 years.
  • practicalpractical Posts: 53
    I like both cars, even MDX has better handling.

    Premium fuel is RECOMMENDED, not required. All dealers I visited use regular on MDX, the latest and current models. However, RDX the only one turbo REQUIRES premium, else ...
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Most engines have knock sensors that can adjust just fine to regular fuel, but be prepared to take a hit in performance by using regular. Even the RDX will run fine on regular, but turbos take huge hits in hp by running lower octane.
  • medrepmedrep Posts: 1
    Hi - I am trying to buy the Veracruz Limited (Black w/ Saddle/black leather) and most all the bells and whistles. Well, the dealers in the area (pasadena / LA) say they can't find ANY Limiteds at all! Regardless or color.

    I need to buy ASAP and am wondering if anyone knows if these even exist in dealerships to buy right now???


  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    I saw Larry Miller Hyundai in Peoria, AZ had at least 2 Limited Model.
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    Are you a new car dealer? You sound angry because consumers buy new cars at invoice prices?
  • myveracruzmyveracruz Posts: 5
    Now am proud owner of Veracruz, and I hope it keeps up to its good feel in coming years. It seems like a great vehicle and all the posts on this forum just consolidated my view about this CUV.
    I bought a Veracruz Limited with Ultimate Package in Black Diamond with Black/Saddle interior. :)
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Sounds very nice. Congratulations! :D
  • broochbrooch Posts: 18
    Just wondering why the USA has a 10yr 100,000 mile warranty, while us Canadians have a 5yr 100,000 km (62,000 miles) warranty.
    Thats an extra 5 yrs and 38,000 miles for the US, while we get totally ripped off. Thoughts? If anything, I think they should be the equivalent.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    Heck, you'll take more than just a performance hit: when the engine adjusts for the lower octane, it will also lower the fuel economy. So any savings you might have with lower octane gas will be neutralized by how the engine tries to compensate (i.e. it retards timing to lower the compression, and you are now operating out of the engine's sweet spot, i.e. lower efficiency).

    Also, I'd be worried about always running the engine with the computer always turning the knock sensors on...not sure if knock sensors can respond fast enough when you try to floor the engine, although this is probably only true for a turbo/super-charged engine.

    Heck, a fillup is probably only $4 more for premium.
  • myveracruzmyveracruz Posts: 5
    oops in the rush to post the first message completely missed giving the price and thank edmunds, kbb, msn auto, auto bytel, and consumer reports and many more for guiding thru the buying process and helping me select my first SUV/CUV and its price.
    I ended up paying $34250 inclusive of everything (tax, title, paint protection,leather protection, under coating,cross rails, process fee)
    which i assume is a good price, obviously, memorial day and end of month helped me and luckily i got the colors i wanted.
    Also i saw more of GLS and limited and few SE out there.
    Last but not the least, costco auto program helped me to start my buying process and price point.
  • practicalpractical Posts: 53
    What $ you paid?
  • America $34250
  • eadlertxeadlertx Posts: 20
    A dealer offered me a 2007 Vera Cruz FWD SE with P&L package and mats for 29283 plus TT&L. Edmunds shows MSRP to be 32170. Is this a good deal or should I try to negotiate further?
  • bipsterbipster Posts: 5
    I'm right there, right on the edge of buying a 'cruz, but wondering about real-world gas mileage. Anyone keeping track? Thanks.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    I test drove my first Hyundai last evening, a loaded Santa Fe limited. I was only marginally impressed. Lousy stereo (yes this was the Infinity- no high end whatsoever), soft thigh side bolsters that will take a beating, especially on the drivers side, poor dash board (I'm used to the bright Honda readouts) and a rattle to boot. So I ask about the Veracruz. They have nothing to drive. The sales guy explains response has been lukewarm so far in this area ("customers don't want anything without a rebate"). He's going to attempt to track one down. I'm very concerned about buying a 1st year Hyundai that stickers just south of $38K (limited/ultimate/AWD), although his price quote is only $300 above invoice. Then I hear that Hyundai's initial quality rating fell from 3 to 12 in the JD Power ratings. Should I just stick with a tried and true Honda Pilot? Certainly not as sexy but they are wheeling and dealing on the current model (at least $5K under sticker). At least you know exactly what you're going to get. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • Hi,
    I am sure you will certainly enjoy a ride in new Veracruz, I can assure you that much. I bought mine a week ago and i am very happy so far. True Pilot is tried and tested but from what i have been reading, the current Hyundai's are no jokes either. They have come up a a looooong way and plus we have some really good warranty to back it.
    Also at the same time, i havent read any bad reviews from any one for Hyundai from professional reviewers so far.
    Look for a dealership who has a veracruz on site and ride one to believe it ...good luck with your purchase
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    The Veracruz is in a whole different league than the Pilot as far as interior quality, handling, and ride are concerned. Hyundai's sales on the Veracruz have done very well considering the limited availability. The Veracruz has very bright blue readouts on everything. The initial quality fall was mostly due to the 2007 Santa Fe. It has a few TSB's out on it due to TPMS and a couple other areas, but no recalls. Despite falling to 12th, Hyundai and Honda are not separated by that much, and Hyundai is still above industry average. Honda recently put off the updating of the Pilot to focus on more fuel efficient entries too.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    Thanks for the feedback. Does anybody know if the Santa Fe issues are related to their new plant in the U.S.? They've been producing the '07 SF's for a year now- you would think that they would have ironed out the kinks. Am I correct in stating that the VC is still a Korean import? If yes, does anybody know when US inventory will shift to US production?
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    Does disgruntled Korean union workers=bad build quality?
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    It's more related to parts issues than production issues. The 2007 Santa Fe sold like hotcakes when it was first released. The initial quality study only covers the first 90 days of ownership. The Alabama facility was actually in the top 10 plants for quality in the world last year, which is amazing for the first year of a plant being open. I guess that's what you get for a billion dollars. The VC is still a Korean import. I'm not sure if it will ever be produced here though. It seems that it would be easy to make in Alabama though, given it's similarities to the Santa Fe.
  • albanyjetalbanyjet Posts: 9
    We just bought a Liquid Silver Limited from Lia in Albany. The vehicle is in a class by itself when compared to cx-9, pilot etc. The most telling info I can give is that we traded in a loaded 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. We were very interested in stepping back a bit for fuel economy, and size reasons, and expected to be disappointed with the adjustment. I'm happy to report that the Veracruz is even more comfortable, quiet, and luxurious than the LC. We have only had it for 5 days so I can't report on MPG, or reliability yet. Our buying experience was painless. I negotiated an outstanding trade for the Toyota, and paid slightly less than sticker for the Hyundai. In the end, I know that the numbers were where I needed them to be, and the salesman, Bill L was very professional and polite. So far, I'd recommend this vehicle/company to anyone.
  • mab67mab67 Posts: 1
    Bought one for my wife a week ago. I am a bit of a car head and am a CFO by profession, so I did extensive research and test drives on the Honda Pilot, Mazda CX9, and GMC Acadia.

    Better than the Pilot - it's showing it's age, has a lot less toy equipment, not as quiet and a bit boring.. but with 100% Honda reliability (my car is a Honda Accord EXL-V6); Mazda CX9 was pretty good, but reliability is hit and miss with the brand and the cost difference for similar equipment was big; GMC Acadia is a wildcard... is it as reliable as a Chevy Tahoe (my wife's old car was a 2001 LT with every option - very reliable but too big and thirsty) or Chevy Trailblazer (ridiculously unreliable)? time will tell, but I'm not taking that gamble.

    Veracruz Limited is outstanding - quiet, powerful, good mileage, tons of equipment and yes, very similar to the Lexus RX. My brother in law has one of those and they are very nice... but $50k? Not for me. I'll invest the 30% I saved for my retirement! VERACRUZ = HUGE BANG FOR BUCK. :shades:

    P.S. Motor Trend did a head to head and came to the same conclusion as me: Veracruz Limited is with in spitting distance of the Lexus RX. Call it a near draw, take the Hyundai and save the $10,000+.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    I've been attempting for several weeks to drive and possibly purchase a Veracruz Limited AWD with Ultimate/Saddle leather. At least in Central Virginia, they are virtually non-existent. Hyundai has done a lousy job of packaging the Limited. Unless you opt for saddle, your lone leather option is a lovely shade of beige. Why isn't simple black or gray available on the Limited like the lower end models??
    Makes no sense whatsoever. And to starve the dealerships with inventory is a GREAT way to move the brand to the next level. This has been a very frustrating experience that will likely drive me back to the Japanese car manufacturers. Sorry, Hyundai- I was willing to spend $35K ++ on one of your products and you couldn't deliver. Great reviews are only half of the battle. How 'bout building some inventory for your dealers to sell??!!??
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    It looks like there are some production issues with the Veracruz. It has been a very slow rollout for the Veracruz. I'm not sure why they have been slow with this. I know they are expanding several facilities in Korea. Jumping back to the old, drivability-challenged Pilot? Or the underpowered, too-small Toyota Highlander? The CX-9 is really the only japanese competitor currently available that matches the Veracruz unless you step up dramatically in price to the new Acura... unless you don't need a 3rd row.
  • himi1himi1 Posts: 25
    Hey,just to let you know, there are no production issues with the Vearcruz!! The Veracruz has been on sale only for second or third month and the demand is high for this vehicle. That's why he might be having some problems with finding the right one!
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Finding limited models is like finding a needle in a haystack. For evey Veracruz sold in the month of May, GM has sold 11.6 Acadia/Outlook/Enclave. GM is having no problems meeting demand.
  • km64km64 Posts: 2
    I had the same experience. I ordered a white Veracruz with beige leather interior on April 13. 5 weeks later, the dealership could not deliver. They found one with mileage on it a few hundred miles away. I did not want a "new car" with that kind of mileage, so I canceled the deal. I placed an order for a base limited with no extras. You would think Hyundai could have been able to deliver within 5 weeks. So I found a white Nissan Murano with beige leather. I am happy with the color and the car.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I don't think that Hyundai expected to sell as many loaded models as they are. Most sales figures from many automakers, excluding luxury brands, have many more lower end models sold than higher end. It's safe to believe Hyundai thought that would happen.
  • coskatcoskat Posts: 8
    Hi I just purchased(6/12) a deep blue/grey int FWD GLS Veracruz for $25400 + TT&L. I went in for a FWD Sante Fe GLS or SE with options for 3rd row/steering audio but the option packages were only to be found on AWD models and that pushed up the price a bit and mileage down for something I didn't need/want. Plus the 3rd row is sooo tight on the Sante Fe. The extra room on the Veracruz was well worth the jump up plus mileage essentially same vs Sante Fe SE. I was given a price of 24,850 on the AWD Sante Fe GLS with T&P so it made the decision even easier. I love the ride but need to get use to driving a bigger vehicle ( I'm coming out of a 14y/o Volvo 240 wagon). The dealership & salesman were very professional and the buying experience was pleasant, fast & painless except for having to part with the $$.
  • jrdahljrdahl Posts: 3
    Does anybody have any lease numbers or experiences with this SUV? Some of the numbers I've seen tossed around make it uncompetitive when compared to others like the Mazda. I see 57% RV and .00301 MF for 30 mo lease and 12,000 miles. Rate is twice Mazda's. Hope this isn't right
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I have to say that the price difference between the Lexus RX350 and the Hyundai is not as much as has been portrayed by Motortrend.
    Remember, that model RX that was in that comparo had the navigation system and the Mark Levinson sound system.

    A better comparison between these two cars should have been an AWD RX350 with the premium plus package, which still gets you HID lights that swivel. The MSRP would be around $42,000
    with people buying these particular models for
    around $37,000 or $38,000(???).
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    They mentioned that in the article. The soundsystem is moot since the Veracruz has a 605 watt Infinity stereo. The only difference is nav and hid lights which is only a $3k difference max. The Veracruz has the cooled center console and 110 volt outlet along with an extra row of seating. That's atleast worth some money for some people. Even if it isn't useful to a particular buyer, it's a comparison of an MSRP of $45k versus $38k.
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