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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Is that the real MSRP or the price after dealer ad-ons?

    That price sounds way too high.

    You need to know the invoice price for that car. The Edmunds site can provide you with that information.

    You need to get all the details before you can evaluate the deal. Real MSRP, Invoice Price, Discounts, Rebates, etc...

    A fair deal would be the invoice price minus factory rebates, but you can do better if you are good.
  • excid182excid182 Posts: 3
    well after much deliberation as to what model and everything i wanted i finally purchased my SE Veracruz Deep Blue with Gray interior with aftermarket leather. The leather does not void the warranty and in fact it comes with a 5 year warranty of its own. My final price was 29,700 OTD with the leather. how does that deal sound?? the selling price of the vehicle without leather was $700 below invoice so i think i got a pretty good deal and they ended up giving me more for my trade in than expected. i kind of got lucky in the sense that i went 1 day before the month ended and the salesman told me he still had 2 more vehicles after this to sell in order to meet his quota. let me know what you think of my deal. i am also in CA so taxes are higher than most other places so factor that into the sale also. Thanks.
  • hiestandhiestand Posts: 10
    I actually paid for the '07 VC AWD Limited w/Ult.pkg. last week. Before I finalized the purchase, I was certain the salesman said he had found my vehicle. After I signed on the line and gave them a $20,000.00 check, I was told these vehicles are extremely hard to find. Turns out, they can't find one! I told them upfront I can actually wait for an '08. I phoned Hyundai PR in Fountain Valley. They confirmed the prices will be set for the VC '08 next week. After those prices have been set, orders can be taken. Looks like I'm not going to get my '07 vehicle. How long do I let the dealer keep me hanging? How long can they keep my money w/out giving me a vehicle? Thanks
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I'd get your money back. I wouldn't let anyone sit with that much cash of mine, particularly a car dealer. The deal will still be there, trust me.
  • hiestandhiestand Posts: 10
    Thanks for the advice. Could you tell me how to get my money back? Maybe I should give them 2 more days... The excuse today was, "I'm sorry I didn't call you yesterday. It was a very, very busy day here yesterday..." This has never happened to me before. I've always had a great experience w/our other dealers.
  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    I would go to the dealership and demand your money back immediately. Ask for the general manager if you need to. If they give you any excuse at all, contact the local media and BBB. If still no luck, hire an attorney.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Furthermore, I would stand in their showroom and make these calls with my cell phone. That way if the reporter would like to speak with the sales manager you can hand him the phone. Did you write a check? Can you stop payment? (I know this costs money but...). This type of behavior is completely out of bounds and they need to know it. When I put a deposit on mine I put it on a charge card to be able to dispute or cancel the charge and not have to go through this BS. Good Luck. Let us know what happens.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    I've been checking this forum for a few days and there's been very few postings and there hasn't been any new messages at all since Aug. 3! Is this an indication of sales? I have yet to see ONE Veracruz on the road around the Philadelphia area. This vehicle has gotten great reviews and dealers are willing to deal. I know a lot of people (myself included) are waiting for AWD Limiteds which are knowhere to be found (especially black). Could this be why or it's simply the slow summer and this there are no rebates or financing deals for the Veracruz?

    Any thoughts? Hellloooooo (echo, echo) :confuse:
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    Has anyone spoken to dealers about when and if they expect '07 Veracruz Limiteds w/Ultimate package & Premium hitting the shores soon? There's been nothing on the east coast for a little over a week and I hear it's worse out west. I'm trying to decide on whether I should just go ahead and purchase a FWD or try to hold out longer for the AWD. It seems most AWDs come in and get sold right away and dealers don't want to trade with other dealers. I tried to call Hyundai's U.S. headquarters and got the runaround. Help!
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    I agree that Veracruz sightings are about as rare as a cool breeze anywhere on the East Coast right now. We've owned ours since early June (one of the coveted AWD Limited VC's) and I've seen one so far. We were headed to VA Beach 2 weekends ago and saw a Liquid Silver VC heading in the opposite direction on I-64 just east of Williamsburg. That's it so far. Supply appears very tight on the in-demand models although I have a feeling that FWD models are not selling, at least here on the East Coast where winter weather warrants AWD, especially since the gas mileage difference is only 1 MPG.

    I've been watching inventory of my local dealership. Their FWD inventory is simply gathering dust. My theory is that the Hyundai shopper is opting for a loaded AWD Santa Fe over a FWD Veracruz, especially since they are rebating the Santa Fe.

    One more interesting observation. When I bought my Ridgeline 2.5 years ago, everybody asked about it, especially in parking lots and gas stations. I really thought this would happen with the VC since it's new and rare. Nobody has said a word to me about my VC. It's like it's invisible. Maybe they think it's a Lexus RX350 :)
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    Live in Pittsburgh, saw a couple Limiteds with AWD earlier, but they are scarce now. I am waiting for the 08 version, since many options in the 07 will become standard in the Limited 08 edition. Hopefully there will also be incentives or better financing?
  • hiestandhiestand Posts: 10
    You're right about no Black LTD AWD w/Ult.available. (Unless you like the Saddle leather) It's been over 2 weeks since I put my money down on the 07 VC LTd, AWD w/ Ultimate pkg. in Black Diamond. I was told they found my car but the dealer where the car is won't trade. I was asked to give our dealer a few more days to negotiate, but it's doubtful we'll get it. At this point I told my dealer I'd wait for the '08. He told me they would make a special order for me as soon as the orders can be taken. Again, the HyundaiUSA PR rep in CA told me over the phone 2 weeks ago the prices for the '08 VC will be set in "about 1- 2 weeks". After those prices are set, then orders can be taken. No Navigation systems until after January.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    Very frustrating experience. I've had a similar experience with dealers not willing to trade. I guess thats what happens with a model in short supply that sells well. I wan't the saddle leather and dealers out east can't locate anything (except demos).

    I recently went to a Mazda dealer to test drive the CX-9 (sweet engine, cramped 2nd & 3rd rows) and was told a similar story. All the dealers assumed buyers would mostly want the mid-range models so they mostly ordered those, but buyers wanted the loaded models so there was a shortage. They switched ordering priorities for the '08s and I'm sure Hyundai will do the same.

    I'd prefer the AWD, but I'll go ahead w/the FWDs if I have to. I need to wrap this up this month and the '08s probably won't show up for another couple of months. I'm also concerned the '08s will have fewer dealer incentives since they're just coming out and the supply will still be tight as demand rises with increased marketing exposure. The next window to save $ probably won't be 'till the holidays (dec.)

    Will you be paying full price for the '08?
    Who's the PR rep you communicated with at HyundaiUSA? Do you have direct contact info?
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    The ones on the local dealer's lot have been sitting there for two months. Don't remember which trim they are. I don't see too many of them here in Pittsburgh, they don't really stand out when you do see one driving down the road. I also think that they priced it too high for what you get (after all, GMC Acadias are flying off the lots, and they offer more for a similar price--don't think the public is buying into this Lexus comparison)
  • carchexcarchex Posts: 3
    Heard the 2008 Hyundai Limited FWD priced at $34,050 (invoice 31,577) + Deliv. Cheaper than 2007 with Ultimate Pkg @ 35,255 (32,655). Of course you give up DVD and sound gizmos previously included in ULim. Should be in late Sept
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    I agree the Acadias are selling well. It's a handsome design, but I'm not so sure they offer "more" for a similar price. Acadia's have an advantage in terms of overall space and they have a navagation option the Veracruz lacks, but an Edmund price comparison shows that the difference in invoice price with equally matched features (no nav.) shows the Acadia is $1,351 higher than the Veracruz. Plus add in the generous Hyundai warranty and reliability rankings and the value proposition increases. Unless dealers are offering rock bottom deals which I would be suprised to see since they are selling so well, I give the pricing and value advantage to the Veracruz. I'm also not interested in Navigation and the dimensions of the Veracruz is just right for me.

    Also most folks I talk to have never even heard of the Veracruz which doesn't suprise me since there's been very little promotion. I see more ads for the Santa Fe and consequently a lot of Santa Fes on the road.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    Where did you get your pricing info?

    I've got a quote for a black '07 Limited FWD/Ultimate Package/Premium leather for $32,750 (deliv. included). My thinking is given the quoted price which does include the DVD won't be cheaper on the '08

    Am I wrong?
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    If you go over on the Acadia forums, you will see that many people are ending up paying near invoice, and in surprisingly many cases, below invoice (due to rebates).

    So the value proposition for the Veracruz is a bit diluted, since the price advantage isn't all that great, especially for a Hyundai. You get a bigger vehicle with the Acadia, the ability to get a NAV, those big dual sunroofs that people seem to like, all for just a bit more than the Veracruz. But what people really seem to like is the bigger size, hence "more".
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    I don't understand your "especially for a Hyundai" comment. Since when is GMC considered an elite brand?? Have you checked reliability ratings for GMC on Consumer Reports? While the Acadia looks like a nicely finished vehicle (although it could stand to go on a diet- read any car mag's review of the Acadia or it's blood-brothers), I didn't even give it a consideration when purchasing the Hyundai. Why? Because of GM's history of reliability. They've improved but not enough for me to spend my hard-earned money on one of their vehicles. Haven't own an American brand in 27 years. Not about to start now.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    Just to make things clear: I'm not trying to look down on Hyundai, just giving a reason why the Veracruz might not be as popular as the Acadia.

    Hyundai kinda pigeon-holed itself into being the company that offers a similar quality car at a lesser price. When you read the forums, many people believe the Veracruz should be much cheaper than the Acadia, CX-9, or the new Highlander--hence the comment "especially for a Hyundai".

    Plain and simple, the Acadia hit a right note with buyers: it's chunky, just like a standard SUV, but offers reasonable mpg and is big as a whale, the latter appealing to the standard SUV crowd. I think the Veracruz is getting lost in the mix--maybe a more aggressive front-end might make it more noticeable, as well as a more aggressive marketing campaign?
  • fatemifatemi Posts: 15
    Is the following a good deal, or could I do better?

    2007 Hyundai Veracruz Limited FWD black outside beige inside
    No optional packages installed

    Total out the door price: $29,000 (includes all rebates and a hefty $2000 Texas TT&L

    Thanks in advance!
  • fatemifatemi Posts: 15
    Vehicle sales price (includes all dealer fees): $29,000
    (minus) HMFC Rebate: $500
    (minus) Additional financing rebate: $1,500
    Tax, Title, and Registration: $2,000
    Approximate final price: $29,000

    As you can see the rebates cancel out the taxes/licenses

    Edmunds TMV: $31,500
    Edmunds Invoice: $30,660
    Edmunds MSRP: $32,995
    Dealer quote before rebate: $29,000
  • carchexcarchex Posts: 3
    Pricing released to dealer couple days ago. If you are a member of Sam's Club, Costco, or perhaps AAA, they have buying programs which can be less hassle and competitive... usually $500 to $700 over invoice
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    Do you happen to know what the pricing is on the different trim levels?
  • scott2uscott2u Posts: 3
    Can you please provide additional details for the $1,500 rebate for additional financing?
  • fatemifatemi Posts: 15
    The financing rebates (total $2000) is for balloon financing. I'll give you more details when (if) we go ahead and sign the contract.
  • scott2uscott2u Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply. I just purchased a FWD LTD in NC for 28,866 minus 500 HMFC bonus cash minus 500 competitor cash....OTD for 29,300. The dealership did not mention the rebate for balloon financing. Sounds like you may have received a better deal.
  • Scott2u, I am close to buying a FWD LTD in NC. Would you share the dealer info? My dealer said that the balloon financing is illegal in NC, true?
  • scott2uscott2u Posts: 3
    Car_buff, I don't know anything about balloon financing. I purchased my vehicle with traditional financing. Another person replied to me indicating they had received a rebate for balloon financing. Can I ask what dealership you are working with or the city? Is your price close to what I paid?
  • fatemifatemi Posts: 15
    I am very close to purchasing the Veracruz in Texas with balloon financing. Basically, balloon financing allows you much lower monthly payments but a huge lumpsum "balloon" payment is required at the loan's maturity.

    We have no use for that feature though, except for the $2000 rebate that comes with it. We're planning on paying it off as soon as possible to avoid having to pay exorbitant interest. For example, if I hold until maturity and then pay the lumpsum balloon payment, I'll end up paying more than $5,000 in interest, making the "rebate" a ripoff of $3000!

    I think the earliest you can pay it off is after two payments. For me that equals about $250 in interest, so the effective rebate is $1,750.
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Posts: 25
    Two weeks ago if someone mentioned Veracruz, I thought Mexico. I believe 99% of people would answer the same way even today. We, and Google are a rare few that know that Veracruz means something else.

    What opened my thinking, was the Motor Trend article comparing the Veracruz to the Lexus. Just the title is enough to get a Lexus owner very curious. And, I mean VERY curious. Like "It can't be possible" curious. So, I read the article. Actually, about three times to really understand it. I just could not believe it. Motor Trend is a very respected, old publication, so I knew it was not a "paid endorsement."

    That got me thinking very seriously about the Veracruz. I Googled every imaginable Veracruz article and review. What I read really surprised me, especially from tough professional reviewers who always rate cars lower than owners.

    Add to that, comments from owners that all seem to be in love with their VCs and I went from serious to very seriously considering replacing my RX300 with a VC. Especially since negative comments about the VC were almost nil.

    Oh sure, I did find the one where this guy did like one thing about the car, but, that was probably posted by a nervous salesman from the competition. All other comments on the same site were positive.

    As I read more and digested the specs of the car, I made the move. Yes, the car was hard to find. I wanted AWD Limited and with Ultimate. I typically keep cars about 7 years and was not interested in cutting corners. May as well enjoy my driving experience to the max.

    I am taking delivery of my VC this Tuesday and am very excited.

    The cars are scarce, that is for sure. Especially AWD which to me is a must in an SUV or CUV. I think Hyundai has an unexpected success on their hands. Wisely, they did a slow, muted introduction to test the water. After all, who would take them seriously stating that they were going after the likes of Toyota/Lexus with a car named after a sleepy Mexican town? Sounds like a joke.

    I believe that they will have a very successful rollout in 2008. There will be more cars available, more advertising, and demand will increase in a big way for this David vs Goliath car.

    Until the volumes match the demand, the dealer may still be in the driver's seat. That is why I took delivery of my 2007 rather than waiting for the 2008. Some things may be standard, but, look for it to be in the price somewhere. And, with high demand, less incentives and flexibility in deals.

    On the lack of Nav System that reviewers seem to focus on - it is a gadget for most. Sure, at first you use it to find Costco that you have been to 100 times, and marvel how it gets you there. Then pretty soon it falls into very limited use because unless you are a Fed Ex driver, you tend to go to the same places when you drive and you don't need Nav to get you there.

    I purchased a Magellan Maestro for $199 at Comp USA. It has every street in the USA and works amazingly well. It has same street set as Hertz NeverLost. Beats paying $1500 for one. And, I can take it from car to car and have Nav in every car I drive.

    Good Luck with your VC quest.
  • spratmanspratman Posts: 25
    Hey scott2u,

    Can u please share which dealership you purchased your fwd ltd from in NC?

    Thanks in advance!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Very good writeup. And congrats on your purchase of the VC mostly!!

    I had a chance to drive the Veracruz recently and was pleasantly surprised by everything from start to finish of my experience. If anyone's in the market for a family hauler, I would recommend the Veracruz. Go out and test drive one and see if the CUV is the right fit for your needs.

    I am with you on the position of the Nav system. Personally I prefer a map and a highlighter but since there are multiples vehicles in the family, a portable one works very well.

    That said, if anyone is looking for one from factory, Hyundai is due out in its 2008 model year (which should be delivering to dealers in the fall) with the availability of a navigation system.
  • austx37austx37 Posts: 18
    I am on the fence for a new VC, primarily due to pricing. I simply don't have it in my budget to buy the mid-level VC and I don't need all the bells and whistles anyway. I just love the styling and want the 3rd row when we do carpooling every now and then. I am interested in the most basic model, a GLS FWD, and I have seen them for roughly $3000 cheaper in other states (on the dealerships websites). Specifically $23,800 in Maryland vs. around $27,000 here in major cities in Texas.

    If I showed my local dealership a price quote from an online dealer in another state do you think they would be willing to match that price on the same FWD model here?

    Also I read from another forum poster that the VC FWD's are gathering dust up in Philadelphia. Does anyone know if a local TX dealership would be willing to have a GLS FWD VC shipped down here from one of the dealerships in another state where the FWD models are "gathering dust" and give me the same price as the other dealership ? If so what shipping cost do dealerships usually charge the customer to do that?

    I'm not ready to go round and round with a local dealer just yet so I wanted some of your thoughts on this if you don't mind.

    Thanks from an envious VC owner wanna-be! :)
  • fatemifatemi Posts: 15
    We finally purchased a black/beige Veracruz Limited FWD. The pricing is as follows:

    Vehicle sales price: $29,300
    (+) sales tax: $1,750
    (+) title and registration: $130
    (-) HMFC balloon financing rebate (8% interest rate): $2000
    (-) Competitive bonus (for Cadillac Escalade): $500

    = $28,680 (out-the-door)

    Short of working for the military and/or being a recent college grad, I really think this is the best we could get. It took three days and going to two dealerships to get this deal.

    I was originally planning to get a Santa Fe, and we got an excellent deal on a FWD Limited black/beige at $24,000 out-the-door, but for just $4,500 more I think the Veracruz is well worth it.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    Great write-up.

    I'm hoping for an '07 limited/ultimate/awd for the reason you stated. Once the word gets out, the '08s will sell like hotcakes and incentives will be few and far between. I'm trying to hold out for the AWD, but I'm tempted to move ahead with a FWD as I'm worried that one may not be available before the '08s. Dealers who are lucky to get them won't trade them and they're likely to command premium $. It's seems dealers are just now realizing what they have on their lots so it's a good time to negotiate.

    I originally wanted the a navagation system, but came to the same conclusion. I'll purchase a portable aftermarket and be satisfied.

    How did your dealer locate your VC Limited? Would you mind revealing how much you paid or at the least if you paid a premium or close to invoice?
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    I purchased my AWD Limited Veracruz from Jim Price Hyundai in Charlottesville VA back in June. Their price was within $300 of invoice. They went out of their way to make me a satisfied customer, even driving my VC 60 miles to deliver it to me in Richmond VA. I know inventory is tight on AWD Limiteds all over the country. I frequently check internet inventory in my area. I just visited my selling dealer's website. They are showing a Satin Beige AWD Limited ($35,820 MSRP) and a Dark Bronze AWD Limited ($38,770 MSRP). Just thought I'd let any Mid-Atlantic shoppers aware of this inventory. Good luck with your search.
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Posts: 25

    Actually, my Credit Union had a car buying service and it was that rep that located one. I had no luck with a couple of dealers that tried to locate one for me. Does not seem like Hyundai nationwide inventory is readily available to dealers, or, there is added hassle and loss of profit if they trade cars. My experience is they don't get real excited about trading for whatever reason. Especially across state lines.

    On my own, I also found an SE AWD with premium leather and entertainment package from a dealer up in Maine. I wanted the Limited, so, I kept looking. But, he was ready to ship that one to me.

    Admittedly, it cost me $600 to have the Limited Ultimate AWD transported on a flat bed truck to my local dealer. It was worth it to me to get what I wanted, and spread over the 7 years I will keep the car it is not much.

    Today, I would fly to TN and drive it back to Fl. With everything I have read about the VC, it would probably be a very enjoyable ride and good way to break it in.

    Florida dealers don't favor AWD because as you know, there are few hills/snow in Florida and people don't want to pay the extra $1700 for AWD. One Florida dealer told me "I can't give an AWD away." There is sand in Florida and there are beaches around my town where you can still drive on the beach and I like going where most others can't. You might try some South Florida dealers. They may just be "stuck" with one.

    Another option for an AWD is "up North." Folks in the snow belt do value AWD and like that option. If you go to Yahoo Yellow Pages and put in Boston as your location and then search for Hyundai dealer, you will get the phone numbers of all the Hyundai dealers in the Boston area. Then, just call them and ask a salesperson about their inventory of AWD VCs. They may tell you about an AWD that they have, but, if another dealer calls and asks, they know what the next question is going to be - the apparently dreaded "will you trade? question." You are correct, I don't think a dealer with an AWD is going to be too willing to trade it away now that they appear to be scarce. The word is getting out about the VC.

    On the price, My Credit Union works with dealers on Invoice + $100. I was lucky enough to get that deal, but, that was about a month ago. If a dealer is sitting on just one AWD, he may not be willing to take that same deal today. It might be the dealer who will be in the VCs driver's seat.

    I got the competitive discount that expired July 31st for another -$500.

    I am going to research that $2000 financing incentive, though I am paying cash. Someone said that you can prepay after two months on that deal. There might be other fine print. That just sounds to good.

    As the 2008's get closer, then dealers may be in a softer position to deal if they have inventory. However, I don't think that there will much if any AWD inventory.

    There are VCs out there, you just have to be willing to do the research and call them. So what if you have to drive 800 miles from somewhere. In that car, that should be a non issue. Or, 1600 miles for that matter.

    Good luck in finding your AWD VC. I noted in post #240 that there are two.
  • ehtpineyehtpiney Posts: 25
    For those of you looking for the limited. We looked at the limited but the limited color choices of interior/exterior led us to purchase a fully loaded SE. If you can sacrifice a few of the extras that the limited offers then go for the fully loaded SE. Plus you will save $$$. Even though they are nice we dont need the proximity key, power tailgate, duel front air or power passenger seat. And the ride is exactly the same! In our SE we got the awd, roof vent, 10 speaker 605 amp surround /dvd system, roof racks, power driver seat, leather and more less than 300 over invoice and the color choices liquid silver with black interior leather fit our needs better. Other than the chrome door handles, they look identical.
  • spratmanspratman Posts: 25
    Hey Fatemi,

    That sounds like a GREAT deal! What part of the country do you live in and could you please share what dealership you used?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Very grateful for this website and info shared! Otherwise, I would not have considered a Hyundai Veracruz.

    Bought my VC from an out of town dealer since dealers here are unwilling to match, and this is not even the best offer out there. None of them has AWD in the lot even though that's what I wanted.

    2007 Hyundai VC Limited FWD w Floor Mats, & First Aid Kit:
    MSRP $33,140
    OTD $30,100
    Bob Dunn Ford/Hyundai in Greensboro, NC

    No balloon financing, no competitive rebate, paid in full.

    I stick on my Garmin Nuvi while driving home (80 miles from the dealership), it works fine so don't feel bad about the lack of Navi system. It was a very smooth pleasant highway drive. :shades:

    Unfortunately I found an almost microscopic nick in the second row leather seat. With the perforated leather, I worry that it will tear even though it's small. The manager at the dealer said that I have to have the leather repaired back in Greensboro, it cannot be done at Chapel Hill, Cary, or Raleigh. That's a long trip back :(

    Thanks again and good luck with the rest of you.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the great advice Jimmyz4!

    I think I may be on the verge of finishing my quest, but until I have the keys I won't celebrate just yet. A dealer I spoke with a month ago contacted me last night that he had located the black Limited AWD/Unlim./Prem. I've holding out for and I jumped on it. I'm just waiting for the transfer process to be verified and completed. I can't wait!

    If all goes as planned, I should get it $350 under invoice which is pretty good for a scarce vehicle. I had negotiated a much lower price at 2 other dealerships ($1000 under invoice!), but neither has been able to find anyone willing to trade.

    I'll let you know what happens.
  • jarusjarus Posts: 7
    Hi wheelie1

    Could you let me know where you are buying this?
    I'm in Bay Area, CA and could n't find a good dealer yet.

    Any help is appreciated.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    Greetings Jarus,
    I'm purchasing through Fred Beans Hyundai in Doylestown, PA.

    They're the only dealer in the area to actually locate a black AWD limited w/ulimited/premium package. They won't tell me where they found it, but seemed they had little trouble.

    It helps to have already received a competitive price negotiated (online) from a competing dealer. Look at the Hyundai site for other nearby dealerships.

    Good luck!
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Posts: 25
    I must say, as a Lexus RX300 owner I had more than one sleepless night when I made the decision to buy a Veracruz Limited AWD.

    In my insecurity, I read the brochure about 20 times, and the Motor Trend Report is dog eared. I read every possible Internet blog and review on the car. Still, I wondered whether I had made a bad decision that my years of experience should have protected me against.

    How can you pay less, and get equal or more?? That usually does not compute in the rules of life.

    I almost called the dealer and told him to cancel the order. Twice.

    I'm sure glad I didn't. I took delivery of my VC and I am thrilled with it. Even my wife said "You REALLY like that car, don't you..." YES, I do. And she does too, I might add.

    I have been all over that car trying to find if they cut corners. Instead, I find attention to detail and great thought and quality. From the seams in the saddle leather to the thoughtfully laid out dash, to the bag hooks in the rear, quality and thought is there. All the doors to storage compartments are spring loaded and open with a magical smoothness. A nice touch.

    As for the ride - Excellent. Granted, I have only driven it 100 or so miles, but, I am getting ready for a trip to South Florida and really looking forward to it. That six speed transmission is as smooth as reported. I mean, really smooth.

    The Infinity sound system is second to none. Your teenagers will want to sleep in the car, if not, establish a long term loan agreement. It is a cool car that they will drool over.

    I have gotten 18 MPG around town with the temperature 95 degrees. So, I am happy and expect that I will do much better on the road. More later after my longer trip.

    I have no regrets and am very satisfied with my VC.

    If any of you are having doubts about the Veracruz, take it from a two Lexus owner and one that has bought many new cars over the years - as the Hyundai ads say - Duh - no brainer. Buy it.

    It is a superb car with lots of technology, toys and safety features. It reflects thoughtful design and careful, caring assembly.

    You won't be sorry....
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Posts: 25
    Wheelie1.....go for it!

    You will understand when you get it and drive it.

    I find $1000 under invoice a little hard to believe, that is probably why they can't find a car. Might be a little snake oil there. Or, bull oil.

    The best to you on your quest.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    It's great to hear such a positive review from a Lexus owner. As a first time Hyundai owner, I also have struggled with the move from Honda, a brand that symbolizes the ultimate in reliability. I really gave the Pilot a long look but the current long-in-the-tooth model can't touch the Veracruz. We've put a little over 2000 miles on our VC Limited AWD with ultimate/saddle. It's been great so far. Sooner or later, I'll shake the little voice in the back of my head that says "but it's a Hyundai". I'll trust it like I trust my Honda Ridgeline and trusted my Honda Accord, the vehicle that was replaced by the Veracruz. This vehicle deserves consideration from anyone shopping for a 30+K CUV with a lot of bells and whistles.
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Posts: 25
    carbuyer11.....I have nothing but the highest praise for my Lexus cars. I have had one for 10 years that has been flawless in all aspects. That is my wife's car. She loves it.

    My 2000 RX300 has also served me well. No complaints, just a great car in all respects.

    But, vs an RX 350, the VC intrigued me. I am a toy/technology guy and I loved what Hyundai did with the VC. I saw innovation, great design and a fair price. And, also a very important thing - quality. So, I bought it.

    It is a Hyundai and certainly that does not have the "status" of Lexus. But, like I told my wife, I really could care less about what anyone thinks about my VC. I will match it against their wheels anytime. Bring it on.

    Frankly, probably most people will think it is a Lexus anyway.

    My vanity plate - CRUZ'IN
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    Jimmyz4- good for you. enjoy the ride. love your choice of vanity plates.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    My quest is finally over and it was well worth the stress. I finally picked up my black AWD Veracruz Limited/Ultimate Pckg/Premium last night and all I can say is America is about to find out that Hyundai has arrived. This C.U.V. is all quality. The ride is smooth, the Infinity sound system is breathtaking. I feel like I just bought a Lexus.

    This time last year I came so close to buying a Honda Pilot. I'm so glad I waited. Take my advice if you're on the fence don't hesitate.

    Saturday, I'm taking a drive with my family to the Jersey Shore and I'm so looking forward to it.

    Thanks to all who post for your help.

    By the way, negotiated price was $35,175.00 + TTL. This price also included a $200 search and transfer fee. I hate fees, but since this vehicle was so hard to find, I figured it was worth it.
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