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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • highleyjmhighleyjm Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a Limited FWD with the Ultimate Package for $32655 ($700 below invoice) including $500 competitive bonus and $500 military discount. They went a little low on my trade (loaded 03 Tahoe 4WD) at $16,300, but it was still in the ball park of what I expected. So, out the door I paid right at $17k. I felt that was pretty good, since another dealer had offered to do the same deal (for a AWD model) for $23k + TTL.

    The delivery was pretty crappy though - they had to do a pickup about 50 miles away, and I gave them about 6 hours to prep the car. When I got there the e-brake had mud on it, and the seats had grease stains. I was not happy with that and went off on the salesman/manager. There were also some scratches on the door sills, and a screw was missing from the footrest under the e-brake. I'm not sure how much of that is from the factory and how much was from the dealer. They eventually got it cleaned to my specs, and ordered 3 new door sills (the rear VC brushed aluminum plates and driver's side plastic sill). The manager apologized, and he'll give me a tank of gas when I go back to get the sills replaced, and my first service will be free as well. I was happy with that.

    The vehicle itself is OK - we wanted something better on gas than our Tahoe, and this certainly is. However, I'm a little unhappy in a few areas. First, the 3500 lb tow rating is limited to only 2 pax in the vehicle, which stinks. Next, the DVD player is really far back, so when you're watching a movie it's right up in your face (my kids have to crane their necks to see it). Also,
    the memory settings don't apply to the pedals/radio presets. The front seats are comfortable, but the arm rests seem too far away to rest your elbows comfortably on long rides. Lastly, there's no way to customize the vehicle via a computer interface (set door locking/light settings, etc).

    Despite missing a screw, the quality is very good - the interior is 100x better than our Tahoe. Handles well too.
  • jscddncjscddnc Posts: 2
    I am in the market for a SE but hate to buy right now with no rebates, incentives, or any type of year end discount. The Santa Fe has a $1000 rebate and many of the other auto makers have been doing pretty good deals to move out the cars on the lot and make room for 2008's. I am leaning toward waiting for the 08's. I figure the price shouldn't change much, and better than having a year old car as soon as I take it off the load. What do you guys(gals) think?
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    The changes (standard equipment) to the 2008 Limited model is great news! All of the below are now standard. Does anyone know how this will affect the price. I assume we are going to see an increase?

    · LG navigation system
    · Previously optional equipment on Limited model, now standard
    o Memory settings for power driver seat, exterior mirrors and steering wheel
    o Power tilt/telescopic steering wheel
    o Adjustable gas and brake pedals
    o Proximity key with immobilizer
    o Rain-sensing wipers
    o 115-volt power outlet
    o Lighted door scuff plates
    · Power tailgate and 115-volt outlet now available on SE mode
  • spratmanspratman Posts: 25
    Are you saying your sales price was $700 below invoice and then you were able to get an additional $1,000 due to the competitive bonus and being in the military? That was a very sweet deal! Which dealership did you use?

    PS. Well deserved discount for being in the miltary!!!
  • spratmanspratman Posts: 25
    How did you hear about this??? That would be awesome news! Are these written in stone or just assumptions? Please tell us!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Here is the press release:

    Also notice in addition to changes posted above, Bluetooth is stated to be available across the trims.
  • highleyjmhighleyjm Posts: 3
    Actually, the end state was $700 below invoice - the outright cost was $300 above and then I got $1k in incentives. I got prices from most of the dealers in a 150 mi radius and theirs was the best. I went with Healey Hyundai in Beacon, NY.

    I'm happy with the cost. As for the 08s, there will always be something better/cooler that comes out - since the 07s took so long to come out, I wouldn't expect the 08s to hit dealers until Dec or so. Even then, based on the reviews it's getting, I think the VC is going to pick up momentum, and there will soon be little to no incentives on this vehicle. I'm pretty well convinced that they'll just get more expensive (especially with NAV, more options, etc).
  • johnstcdjohnstcd Posts: 2
    Has anybody heard when the 2008's are suppose to be on the lots? I am currently waiting for my local dealer to find me an '07 AWD Limited (no package beyond Limited), but I am in no real rush.

    My local dealer is saying December, but he did not really apper to be stating fact, more trying to keep me in the buying mode now.

    Your information and opinions would be appreciated.
  • I went to Terrell, Tx. to Randal Noe Hyundai on saturday. They were offering the Veracruz Limited MSRP $36,300 for $30,995 using the ballon financing. Take the July 14th saturday add. out of the Dallas Morning News. They offered me this price on any of their Limited models at the same price. I think they had 5, two liquid Silver, Black, Beige, Bronze. You need to get with the internet sales person. Im in negotiation with the wife, lol, about purchasing one this week. Best numbers ive found in the DFW metroplex.
  • Randal Noe, Terrell, Texas
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    You are absolutely correct. Amazing!! This seems to be the best deal in the country (not just Texas). Here's the link to their ad:

  • spratmanspratman Posts: 25
    I admit this sounds like a very good deal but where did an MSRP of 36,300 come from for a Limited model? Are we talking about a Limited FWD WITH the Ultimate Pkg?
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    Exactly what I was thinking when I first viewed this post. A Limited FWD with no options stickers at $32,995 including freight. Although FWD VC's are not as popular/in demand as AWD's, I sincerely doubt this dealer is actually selling a Limited with Ultimate package at this price. I really dislike this type of advertising. Smells very fishy.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    I received an offer from a dealer in philadelphia for a Hyundai Veracruz Limited AWD with the Ultimate Package for $34,975 + ttl. I then received a counter offer for $33,945 at a competing dealer. Lastly, I received an offer matching the $34,975 offer but with the premium leather. Can someone tell me if these are good deals?

  • joe131joe131 Posts: 996
    None are "deals".
    Those are only dealers' asking prices. If you want a good deal, go in to one of them and make an offer to buy at some amount LESS than your maximum desired buy price. If they agree to it and sell you the car, THEN you have a deal.
    Whether it's good or not is up to you.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    Maybe I can be a little more helpful than the other response. $34,975 for an AWD LIMITED with Saddle leather is an OUTSTANDING deal, especially if it includes freight. I paid $35700 for the same package a month ago although I got 2 accessories for this price (roof rack cross bars and floor mats). Good luck with your purchase.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    Thank you carbuyer11! Your reply is very helpful. Much appreciated.
  • jcindcjcindc Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what the finance rates are on 36 month loan from Hyundai on the Veracruz?

  • nrzjagonrzjago Posts: 17
    We just purchased 2007 Veracruz Limited with the ultimate package. Silver with beige interior. Simply a beautiful vehicle. We paid $31,845....sticker 36,275 plus dealer priced options of $596 (VIN ETCH; WINDOW TINT; AND DOOR GUARD EDGE). Interest rate for 60 months 7.9% (others offered 8.9 - 9.9%). Had to travel 150 miles to get this price. Return trip yielded 24.4 miles per gallon (driving 65-70 mph highway w/ a/c.

    A few benefits for us - 7 passengers fit (all should be comfortable) I am 5'5 and fit fine in the 3rd row. The 2nd row seats are easy to adjust while you are in the seat (the handles on other models are on the top outer corner of the seat and makes adjusting it very difficult). 2nd row seats recline and slide easily to allow access to 3rd row. DVD is nice...headsets are very comfortable.

    Drive this car at night to truly enjoy the lighting of the cabin/exterior. The lighting is outrageous. Approach the vehicle and the sideview mirrors have a light to help visualize the area around the vehicle. Interior lighting is blue..cupholders even have the blue light. The dash is lovely and doesn't create any glare. Ride is nice. Noise is minimal. Adjustable pedals and steering wheel are nice features. The airbag turns off if the passenger is too small (we just tested it with my 10 and 12 yr olds). When my 10 yr old sits up front(or seat is empty) there is an indicator light "passenger airbag off"...when my 12 yr old sits there the light is off. I don't think I will let my 10 yr old ride there until I do a little more research on the safety. Several rear a/c vents. Here in HOT SW TEXAS this is a plus...and 2nd row passengers can control the air. Also, dual a/c controls help my husband stay comfortable while I keep icicles on my side...

    We have TOYOTA, DODGE, GM, PONTIAC, FORD, NISSAN, MERCURY dealers in our town. We looked at the MURANO- no 3rd row seats (better interest rates)only 2 small vents on the door frame. Not enough for vehicle w/ this size interior area. Ford Edge has super cheap fabric closure for the sunroof allowing MORE road noise in the cabin.

    Because of the safety features offered we saved $11 a month on our AUTO INSURANCE! Not often that happens. We were told it is because of the safety features as well as the anti-theft options. :shades:

  • scout1125scout1125 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know of any available '07 Veracruz Limited AWD Ultimate Packages Option Group 6 (the saddle leather) in either Dark Bronze or Beige? Having a hard time finding one in CA.
  • johnstcdjohnstcd Posts: 2
    Scout, I wish I had better news, but we've been waiting for an AWD in Beige or Bronze Limited for 3 weeks with no hope from our local dealer and the "port search" has no results so far. The reality from our perspective is the Veracruz is in high demand, and AWD is even worse unless you live in the NE...or so our dealer tells us and seems true from our own internet searches/calls (AZ/CA/NM//NV/TX/CO). We are looking for an AWD/Limited in Bronze/Beige (don't care about if it has or does not have 05/06 package) and our dealer can not locate a Veracruz for us. BUMMER. I think you may be in for a long wait unless you are willing to go down to a GLS or other.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    As a happy owner of a beige AWD Limited with ultimate/saddle, I feel for everyone not able to find what they want. My search was also difficult here in Virginia. I guess I should consider myself lucky for snagging one when I could. I had to drive 60 miles to get mine. My closest dealer has yet to receive a single VC in this configuration.
  • austx37austx37 Posts: 18
    nrzjago - Can you tell me the name of the dealership and city you bought your Veracruz in? You said you live in SW Texas, I live in Austin. I'd like to research the prices at the dealership you used. I'd be willing to drive the same distance if the price is good.

  • excid182excid182 Posts: 3
    i have been back and forth whether or not i need the limited VC or not. I have been quoted two different numbers from two different dealers here in socal.

    Veracruz Limited FWD w/mats: 32,000 OTD

    Veracruz SE FWD w/ aftermarket leather and mats: 29,500 OTD

    what do you guys think?? is the extra stuff on the limited really worth an extra $2500?? i am debating it myself. how do these offers sound to you guys also?? let me know.

  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    Nope, not worth $2500. You can get aftermarket neoprene seat covers for $179

    Aftermarket Leather Seats priced from $579 to $999

    No resale/trade-in value. Checkout used car prices using KBB (or other sites). For a 3-year old car, adding leather increases the trade-in value merely by a few hundred dollars, if that.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    There's a lot more than just leather....

    heated front seats (probably not a big deal is SoCal)

    power passenger seat

    Dual climate climate (the biggest reason I selected the Limited over the SE

    Upgraded stereo


    Backup warning system

    Cosmetic stuff like chrome accents and special door scuff plates

    In my opinion, the Limited is worth the extra money. Good luck with your purchase.
  • spratmanspratman Posts: 25
    Does anyone have a really good image of the Veracruz in dark bronze? I can't find one locally and would love to see one. Thanks in advance!
  • jskimjskim Posts: 8
    Sandy 19
    What was the MSRP of the vehicle and what did you end up paying? If you can email the salesperson I would appreciate it. [email protected]
  • scout1125scout1125 Posts: 3
    The only image I have seen of this color (which I am also looking for) is in the printed Veracruz brochure,
  • nrzjagonrzjago Posts: 17
    SURE. Red Mc Combs North Central. The salesman there was quick and easy to work with. We tried the Red McCombs UTSA and had NO LUCK. We are enjoying ours (and I think the price was right).

    Good Luck and let me know how it goes.

  • nrzjagonrzjago Posts: 17
    Please let the salesperson know nrzjago from Del Rio sent ya! There were 2 internet sales people (a female and a male) and both were fabulous. The special finance officer explained EVERYTHING! We dealt over the internet and phone (and nobody was PUSHY). Once we liked the numbers - he faxed the numbers/contract and we drove up there. In and out of the lot in less than 3 hours....the trip was longer! :blush:
  • nrzjagonrzjago Posts: 17
    I agree with carbuyer11...the ulitmate is worth a that amount....We won't use heated front seats in SW Texas....but...the power passenger seat is nice....the DUAL AIR is to die for...sound system is GREAT (I think ours is a little different w/ the ultimate package)!!!!! power tailgate is handles are CLASSY. Backup warning system is nice...traded in a Maxima....trying to get used to a vehicle this size means I will NEED some warning when I back it up!

    We got our LIMITED w/ ULTIMATE package for 31,845....which I think was a great price...we got mats - crossrails for the roof siderails - VIN etching (whatever that is) - and door edge protectors.

    One reason we decided on the ULTIMATE package was because of the power telecopic steering wheel and ADJUSTABLE pedals. I didn't know how much I would like these features....

    Good luck buying.....

  • nrzjagonrzjago Posts: 17
    We just bought a silver Veracruz FWD in San Antonio, TEXAS. I just spoke to my salesman (who was a dream to work with)....he did some checking and said he is confident he can get one from one of there lots. They have 7, I don't know. Contact RED MCCOMBS HYUNDAI NORTH CENTRAL (THE OTHER LOCATION DIDN'T HAVE SALESMAN AS READY TO WORK FOR THE CUSTOMER). Kenneth was great! If you need more info....let me know...tell 'em nrzjago from DEL RIO sent ya.

    Good LUCK!

  • nrzjagonrzjago Posts: 17
    I just spoke to the salesman we dealt with....he is confident he can get one of these for you from one of their seven lots....


    We had a fantastic experience and did our dealings via internet and phone (only towards the end)....they faxed a deal...we drove and out of the lot in less than 3 hours. Kenneth was great.....We couldn't get any type of respect at our local dealer...

  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    Was this a FWD or AWD?
  • nrzjagonrzjago Posts: 17
    Sorry, I didn't ask that question. I believe the dealership is open tomorrow. Kenneth should be able to answer phone questions or email questions rather quickly. .
    Have a beautiful weekend.
  • csmabcsmab Posts: 9
    Check out post 520 in the 2007 Veracruz thread. Dark bronze was the color od the Veracruz in all of the big autoshows. It looks like charcoal in certain lighting situations. My dealer final got one in and I verified that it is the color in the link. The brochure makes it look a lot more bronze than it actually is. It is one of those colors that changes depending on lighting conditions. This is my favorite color.

    csmab, "2007 Hyundai Veracruz" #520, 10 Apr 2007 7:12 pm

  • nrzjagonrzjago Posts: 17
    Spoke to Kenneth and he can get a VC in bronze..but, not AWD. Hope this helps!
  • hiestandhiestand Posts: 10
    Hi Wheelie1, We're about to purchase the VeraCruz Limited AWD here in OHio. Dealer is having trouble finding the color I want. No deals... We're flying out to Phila. on 8/03 for the week. Please email me the dealer info! We can drive it home and see what the real mileage is on highway for 9 hours. Thanks!
  • ssinohiossinohio Posts: 2
    About 2 weeks agp I went to my local dealer in OHIO and drove a Satin Beige FWD limited with the ultimate pck w/black/saddle leather. The MSRP was around 36200 and they have this one low price/no budging/no commision/bottom line price which was 33800 (invoice, or really close to it). They didn't offer any rebates except the 500.00 lease competitor ( I turned in an '03 Pilot) They also had no lease options on the LTD, and the payments were a little
    out of my reach. I want to wait for either the '08's to arrive to compare the prices, and/or wait for some rebates similiar to the sante fe.
    Well a week after that I ran into another salesman at a local event the same dealer was sponsoring and I was asking about the Veracruz and I gave him my number. Thursday night later he leaves a message on my machine and says the one that I drove (Satin Beige LTD) had a 1000.00 rebate and the "BOTTOM LINE" was 30,990.00 !! I don't know if it's before or after the 1000.00, but I figure that's quite a drop from MSRP and INVOICE. Does this sound right? If so, any ideas what the total would be with TTL, etc? I just got the message and haven't called back yet. Any answers would be appreciated. THANKS
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    MSRP: $36,200
    Price: $30,990
    Please let us know if this price was using the Balloon Financing or not? If no balloon note required, then GO FOR IT!!

    This price is right on the money with what others are paying.
    See post Post 161 and Post 171

    Good luck!
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    Here's some additional info on purchase prices with and without Balloon Financing options:

    Veracruz Limited MSRP $36,090
    Price with Balloon Note: $30,995
    Price without Balloon Note: $32,995

    Dealer Fine Print:

    The extra $2k is also true for the 2007 Santa Fe. Since this is through HFMC, it is a National offer.
    Full dealer ad can be found here:
  • hiestandhiestand Posts: 10
    SSinOhio- I can't believe the 30,990.00 on the Limited w/Ultimate pkg & black/saddle leathr. Where are you? I'm buying the VeraCruz w/ partial financing, not leasing. I just finalized my deal on a VeraCruz LTD w/ Ultimate (Black diamond ext.). The lowest figure I could get a my dealer was 36,800, NOT OTD. So I ended up paying 39581.38! I guess I did a horrible job with negotiating... I didn't even start to negot. until I was told by the salesman he found my vehicle. Then when I was done signing and handed over a 20000.00 check for the down pymt., I was told by the manager "These vehicles are extremely difficult to find, but he was confident we would find one very soon." How dumb am I??? BYTW- I spoke on the phone with a Hyundai PR rep from CA. check out link for '08 info html She confirmed the prices on the '08 VeraCruz will be set by the end of next week. Then the orders on the '08's can be taken. No Navigation syst. until after Jan.'08. No running boards, etc. until Fall.
  • scout1125scout1125 Posts: 3
    Hiestand - I assume based on your price that you are buying an AWD? Far more rare. The one at 30,990 must have been FWD. I am getting quoted straight MSRP on the few AWD Limiteds with the saddle leather that I have been able to find.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    I paid $35708 or nearly $2400 under MSRP for an AWD Veracruz with Ultimate and saddle interior. I'm located in Central Virginia and purchased from the Hyundai dealership in Charlottesville in mid-June. Just returned from a day trip to the beach. My wife and a friend watched a movie on the DVD on the way home. The surround sound was spectacular.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Has anyone engaged in some serious negotiations when purchasing a Veracruz?

    Such as below invoice pricing before you apply any incentives for factory marketing assistance?

    What is the dead cost of a Veracruz? (Invoice (no dealer add-ons)- hold back and dealer prep = dead cost)

    Who is backing the extended warranty programs? What are the real costs of these programs?

  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    Anecdotal info: I was looking at a lease on a VC and the purchase price was 750 under invoice (for the lease) with very little negotiation. MSRP 27120, invoice 25666, price quoted was 24916; no trade or any extras.
  • jarusjarus Posts: 7

    I'm planning to buy Limited w/Ultimate pkg & black/saddle leather veracruz. I highly appreciate any buying experience and feedback in and around Bay Area, CA.
  • jarusjarus Posts: 7
    I got this internet only price quote for the Limited w/Ultimate pkg & black/saddle leather Veracruz.

    MSRP is 38020 and Price is 35985

    This quote include all factory and dealer discounts, destination and delivery, and your consumer rebate.

    Is this quote reasonable/Decent ?

    The dealer is Stevens Creek Hyundai.

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