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  • yettibuttyettibutt Member Posts: 98
    Here is the breakdown on my Jeep.

    2000 Sienna 4 Door Sport, 4WD
    Sport Value Group
    Tinted windows
    Fog lights

    MSRP on sticker 23455 + 995 "adjusted market value" = 24450.00 total sticker price

    sold it to me for 19109, this includes the 1500 rebate

    with tax etc. it came to 20 even

    i just walked in and said "ill take that one for 20K out the door, i can write you the check now"

    he said "ok"
  • yettibuttyettibutt Member Posts: 98
    oh yeah, by the way, to the person who wanted to know what part of the country I am in, im in the greater washington DC/northern VA area, which is one of the most expensive places to live. that is where the "adj. market value" number in my above post came from. basically an additional charge to take into account the high cost of living..whatever.
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    Last time I saw that was in 1979 on the then new Maserati TC by Chrysler. They had it UP for $10,000.00 !!! By 1981, the final year, they were discounting them $5,000.00 & there was a rebate from factory of $10,000.00!! From Ten over list to $15,000 off list, in 36 months!
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    How easily can the Cherokee handle bringing home building materials (4'x8' sheets)? I realize that the lift gate is one piece, but can sheets easily slide in and the gate tied down, or is the roof rack your best bet?
  • jrtxjrtx Member Posts: 18
    I have used a bungee cord to tie the lift gate down. I just hook it to my trailer hitch. I have carried long items, but not 4 x 8. You may have to angle them for the width. I usually use my utility trailer for the really big stuff.
  • HammertimeHammertime Member Posts: 14
    I can usually reach the entire roof by standing on the rear tire and the front door sill. Just be careful because the wet tires can be slippery.
  • coopdavecoopdave Member Posts: 2
    I have a 96 cherokee, and I want to put in one of those overhead consoles with the computer display (fuel remaining, trip computer, etc).

    Does anyone know if I can pick one up from the local junk yard and install it, or order one from somewhere (suggestions?)

    I don't know if this will work because of the IR remote entry, and if I need to add any other electronics from the computer to get the readouts to work.

    Thanks for any help.
  • vinneyvinney Member Posts: 43
    hey folks, does anyone recommend a particular kind of window vent visors for my 01 cherokee?
    they have the kind you tape to the door with 3m tape and the one that actually goes in the window channel. which one is better ? Also do you get a lot of wind noise from the back of vehicle while at highway speeds? I have seen a wind deflector for the back window to keep it cleaner by diverting the wind across it. what do you think ? any help will be greatly appreciated!
  • sandyboysandyboy Member Posts: 114
    Go to your JEEP dealer and request a 2001 JEEP accessories booklet, (it's about 10 pages). They have them in there, and theirs are warrenteed to fit properly, and they will also install them. They are unpainted, deep tint plastic. The one on the tailgate above the rear window neither adds nor detracts from the vehicle's appearance. The side ones, over the windows, in my opinion, detract, and really do nothing. Our vehicles do have (unlike all other csrs) rain gutters that run full length where the roof meets the door frames, so the side vent shield are pretty much redundant.
  • eaganeagan Member Posts: 25
    I would have to disagree with sandyboy when he says that the ventvisors detract from the appearance of the cherokee. I installed Ventvisor brand window visors on my cherokee and I think they look real nice. Also the reason to install those is not to channel water off of the roof(which the rain channels already do) it is to prevent rain from coming in the window when it is raining and the window is open. I also like them because they darken the interior, i hate the bright sun coming in the driver and passenger windows, since they are not tinted. The ventvisors are a good buy I think , and i wouldn't bother going to the jeep dealer at all. I bought mine off and installed them in less that 10 minutes. The 3M tape is already on the visor and all you have to do is clean the area where they go on and stick them on. As for the rear window visor, i don't have one but i think they are a waste of money. They are just for looks i think, but like i said i do not have one so they may actually be nice. Those are just my opinions.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    Also, you can leave your windows cracked a bit to let air in when you're away from your car. Not noticable that the window is cracked and you don't have to worry about a sudden rain storm soaking your seat. The Mopar ventvisors have a nice little JEEP sticker on them, but they were $65 for a set of 4. I was ordering a bunch of other stuff, so I threw in the ventvisors too. I'll bet they are cheaper elsewhere.

    A relative had one of the rear visors on their blazer and it did nothing for keeping the rear window clean. All for looks. Granted that was a POS blazer, but I can't imagine it would make much difference. It would take alot of down force to keep water from spaying up onto the rear gate.
  • yettibuttyettibutt Member Posts: 98
    Does anyone here run a nose bra on thier Cherokee? If so, what brand?

  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Member Posts: 237
    I tried standing on the rear door step and the tire to wipe down the top of the vehicle and it worked fine. No more ladders for me. The rear door step was a little scary, though. It's only a few inches wide and with wet shoes I thought I was going to fall off.

    I'm also looking for a nose bra for mine and I'm going to try a dealership first to get a worst-case price scenario.
  • tchurchitchurchi Member Posts: 1
    Heyguys,Does anyone own a 91 grand Cherokee we're considering buying one but I have no experience with them. Are they reliable or lemons? I would appreciate feedback a.s.a.p. as we're buying tomorrow
  • haanahaana Member Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    We just leased a 2001 Cherokee and have had less than a month. Today at the car wash a speck of paint washed off from the hard plastic wheel mold covering.. is this normal? We're now going to look at mud flaps in event stones caused the problem yet still think this is too ultra sensitive material for a 4-wheeling machine. Are their any accessories which can be added for this? Wondering if anyone's put on a towing package to haul a small trailer after the fact?

    Appreciate all feedback!

  • yettibuttyettibutt Member Posts: 98
    Attention all Cherokee owners that have had problems with their front brake rotors warping. I have had my front rotors warp for the second time in 8K miles and took my 2000 Jeep Cherokee into the dealer that I have been seeing for service. They, by the way, have been doing an excellent job (Dulles Jeep in Leesburg, VA). The service manager called me to tell me that he replaced the rotors and pads with newer, updated versions that are less prone to warping. This is due to the lower concentration of metallic compound in them. The higher concentrations of metallic compound in the older pads heats the rotors up causing warping. This was all taken care of under warranty and Chrysler knows about the problem. Hopefully this will solve the problem. He said it was worse in areas like this (Northern VA) where there is so much stop and go traffic, that is primarily how my Jeep gets driven every day. If it happens again I am switching to Powerstop rotors and pads! Crappy design on Jeep's part it looks like. This is a problem with the newer Grand Cherokee's as well.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    Now the pads will probably wear out fast (softer material). I've always seemed to have brake problems with mopar products. So far at 16K miles, my Cherokee seems to be doing fine. I have a very very light vibration during braking at high speeds, which is pretty good based on my last Chryco product. Figure they might last to 25K miles, if I'm lucky.

    On my Sebring, they tried to tell me it was my driving, however I've owned 3 Camrys and consistently get 80K out of front pads, and have never replaced rotors on those. So why would my driving eat up rotors in 15K miles with the Sebring?? Duhhh, cheap rotors!
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    I have heard people mention that they own the cargo area cover. What is it? Is it like a sheet that drapes over the carpeted floor and spare tire, or is it like one of those things that stretch accross the top of a pickup bed, leaving a space between the liner and the bed?

    By the way, I am the owner of a new 2001 Sport, and I am thrilled with it. It has worked perfectly thus far, and seems to be a very tough and durable car. And, for those who are undecided, the ride and handling are excellent. I could not be happier.
  • sandyboysandyboy Member Posts: 114
    I agree!!! I have just 120 miles on my 2001 Cherokee Limited, and I am coming out of a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII, and I love this Cherokee! But, the one thing I don't understand is why dealers order their Cherokee stock so, well ~ Bare Bones! I was too late to oder, as I ordered mine on April 26th and the order was bounced as too late to submit, so we had to locate. I wanted one with all 13 options that they offer. You'd think I wanted one factory painted in Purple, or something!! I am in NJ and we had to search EVERY dealer in Jersey (Hundreds of them) & nearby New York, Long Island, Staten Island, the 5 Bouroughs of New York City, and the Southernen New Jersey Area boarding on the Phila., Pa. Zone. We found just 3 units with everything on them. A Flame Red, a Black and a Silverstone. I took the Silverstone. Why do they order these things without ABS Braking? Without the good stereo/cassette/Cd; without the Select-Trac; without the Infinity speakers and without the heated dual power leather seats?? Mine had a list price of $28,130 with a $2,000 factory rebate AND a $1,900.00 discount off of MSRLP, so it cost $24,230.00 and they seem to think that they can't sell them at this price??!! Yet they are pumping out $36,000 Dodge Durangos & Ford Explorer Eddie Bauers & GMC Jimmys and selling them as they hit the ground, and the dealer feeling is that anyting over $22,000 makes a Cherokee "impossible to sell" ~ Who agrees with the dealers & who agrees with me??
  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    The reason they order them without these options is probably because that is how most people want them.

    Most Cherokee buyers buy it for its rugged utility, not as a comfortable sedan. As far as stereo, you can either put in the same system for less or a better system for the same price aftermarket.

    ABS? Most people will agree that this is not a good thing for offroad use.

    My two cents.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    I agree with the dealers. The nice thing about the Cherokee is that it's a tough vehicle that is priced right. When you go adding on all the options, it gets up there in price (msrp, discounts notwithstanding) and is competing with the grand cherokee and tons of small SUVs that would probably attract more of the luxury crowd anyway because they are more refined and car-like (Ford escape and similar sissy mobiles).

    There are a ton of people that buy the cherokee as a long haul vehicle (such as myself) and don't want expensive accessories because they cost twice as much to fix. I'll hit 200K miles in 5 years easy.

    I dislike ABS, especially on a vehicle that will be used off-road and would probably pay not to have them. I was thinking about Selec-Trac, but decided $500 was too much for additional reliability issues and the fact that Command-trac works fine for me. I guess to me, at $20,000 the XJ is a great vehicle that can off-road, tow better than anything it it's class, and fly down the highway relatively trouble-free for 200K miles. The rest is just extra cost for stuff that's not important in this class of vehicle IMHO.

    I would also guess that because of the discounts, many people that typically could not afford a 4X4 SUV are buying and can't afford all the options. Also, with minimal options the dealers can advertise Jeeps at very low payments and attract those looking to finance their lives away.

    I also had a bit of trouble finding the few options I wanted (heated mirrors, tint, tow package, fogs, and Sienna color). A dealer friend of mine inventories about 30 Cherokees and about half are sport pkgs (no other options), and the other half are sport pkgs with alloys, cd-player, and tinted windows. He moves at least one/two a day at $300 over invoice plus all discounts. There's a dealer I drive past daily and he inventories maybe two Cherokees, one of which right now is a Limited that's been there for a couple months. But that dealership is ignorant for the most part, they probably want sticker for it knowing them. I just don't think there is much demand for the limiteds, and the dealers will know that more than anyone. They don't want to inventory something that isn't going to sell.

    At least you have a Cherokee that's different and you won't pass yourself on every corner! I wanted the Silverstone at first, but it has black trim on the Sport and it looked bad. Great color on the limited though. I had a hard time getting the Sienna, but it's been worth it because the darker colors look good in sport trim and there's not many out there.
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Member Posts: 237
    I have a new 2001 Sport with about 2000km (1250 mi) and everything has been great on it so far. I have the Cargo Cover and it is a sheet of thick nylon (I'm guessing) weave with hooks/loops on it to attach to points in the back of the Jeep. You can either use it to stretch from the top of the back seat horizontally to the back of the vehicle or use hooks in the back bed to cover stuff on the floor. I've yet to use it because I have tinted windows and don't really need to hide anything yet.

    I also had to search far and wide to find mine, mainly because Canada is smaller population wise and the major centres are more spread out. I ended up getting a killer price, though, about $6200 off MSRP after rebates. Most of the ones that were available all had the same set of options (almost all of them) and the only thing different was the colour. I did have to look a little bit harder to find one with Selec-Trac instead of Command.

    I have noticed one thing about the Goodyears on it. I have a couple spots on two of the tires where the sidewall has a sight indent, almost a concave depression. I keep meaning to stop off at a store and have them looked at, but I keep forgetting. Anyone else experienced this? The vehicle was sitting for 4 or 5 months before I bought it.
  • brad256brad256 Member Posts: 11
    I purchased a 99 XJ Sport over the weekend. After only a couple of day, I am quite happy and find the slight bounciness easily tolerable.

    My question is for you seasoned Jeep owners regarding the command-trac 4wd. I understand that the 4x4 system is only intended for part-time use under slick conditions. But if I'm driving across the state in a snow storm, will I be able to drive for over 100 miles in 4H?

    Keep Jeepin'
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    If the road is slippery, yes. If it's just wet, no. If the road is not slippery, you can bind up the 4X4 system during turns. If the road isn't seriously covered with snow the 4X4 isn't going to do much for you. 4X4 isn't going to safely allow you to go faster on the highway, as most Ford Explorer drivers would have you believe. It's pretty rare that I use 4X4 on the interstate. If you're fish tailing in 2 wheel drive, you're driving too fast for the conditions period. The 4X4 may keep you from fish tailing, but the vehicle is still obviously moving to fast.

    I got past this winter on a two lane twisty/hilly back road by a Ford Festiva. I was going about 40mph in 4X4 (about 3 inches on the road) and the Festiva pulled out and past me up a hill (fogged over windows, engine screaming). I don't know how he made it to town alive, but I never seen him again. People are crazy, I think it's the blue oval, LOL!
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Member Posts: 237
    I think sebring hit the nail on the head. That's the reason why I spent the extra cash and got the Selec-Trac which lets you use 4x4 all the time, even on dry stuff.

    Sebring, one of the funniest moments in a car was driving my little, heavy 87 VW Fox down a road with 6 inches of smooth ice (packed slush/sleet) at about 40 km/h. If I went any faster I could feel the car wanting to spin around. An explorer blew past me going at least double my speed and as soon as it got back into my lane it started to fish tail. First left, then right then left then right getting worse and worse until finally it just started doing circles down the middle of the road at 60 km/h. It finally hit the ditch (not too badly). I drove by and laughed. The woman driving it should have been able to get it out in 4x4 but I don't think she was the best driver. It was only slightly under the freezing point so I didn't feel too bad that she would have to walk down the road for help. It's all about respect for the conditions.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    I spelled "passed" "past". Not a good day for multi-tasking; LOL! I answered the phone earlier and almost told them my name was Sebring. Need...More....Sleep!

    Vin: I'm thinking about starting a thread about what model SUV promotes bad drivers. I emailed a host for their opinion before opening up that can of worms. I have a feeling I know which SUV has the worst drivers. I think you'll agree with me.
  • brad256brad256 Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for the 4wd info. So when I'm driving on the interstate and conditions are not severe, I may only want to use 4H on curves, inclines, and changing lanes. Otherwise, drive smart and stay in 2H as much as possible. Let me know if anyone disagrees...

    Knowing what I now know after reading the manual, I probably would have also preferred Select-trac (since I live in the midwest), but you don't often get everything you want when buying used. I couldn't even find one with ABS! But I'm happy with the cruise, privacy glass, cass/CD deck, and overhead console.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    Well the main thing is make sure the road is slippery. It won't hurt to run in 4X4 constantly as long as the road is slick. The rest is just preference on each persons part. If you feel more secure by running 4X4 all the time (when it's slippery) that's ok. You just don't want to be running 4X4 if the road turns dry/non-slippery. The tires need to be able to slide around a bit in order for the system to work correctly. If the tires can't slide a bit, it will bind the drivetrain causing strain. Wet roads don't constitute slippery, as the tires still can't move around like they need to.
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    The Cherokee two-door, two-wheel-drive model received two of a possible five stars.

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    I was wondering if anyone else who owns a cherokee notice that at around 55mph that the steering wheel shake?? Mine does, except when the dealer checks it out, it almost seems like a bad tire balance or alignment but that's be checked and fixed and still the shakes happen. I really don't think the dealer took it for a test drive. I love my Jeep but I won't keep it past the lease period if I can't get this resolved. Ley me know if any one else has notice this!!
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    When you say they fixed the alignment/balance, have the tires been replaced? It's possible you have a tire (or two) either out of round or with bad spots. The Goodyear RT's that come standard seem to have a history of causing some vibration problems. I had four bad ones (all at the same time) on a Toyota Tacoma once. Couldn't be fixed by balancing the tires and it took three shops to finally figure out the tires didn't roll perfectly straight. If it's on the balance machine, you can look at it and see it sway a little bit as it spins. That's the only way to really figure it out, and most shops just pound on the weights and let the machine tell them the tire is balanced. Also, you can try rotating the tires (fronts to back) to see if it's just one bad tire that happens to be on the front. But like I said, these tires seem to get some vibration problems later in life.

    I've only got 16K on my factory Goodyear RT's, but I'm already planning ahead for some new rubber. From what I've gathered, a good set of Michelins or similar makes the Cherokee ride and handle much better along with quieter operation. The RT's aren't exactly off-road/snow Kings anyway. Just a good all-around tire. I'll probably run these until late-fall and yank them for a fresh set for winter.
  • brad256brad256 Member Posts: 11
    As stated earlier, I just picked up my 99 XJ last weekend, and I just noticed this morning that at 55-60mph the wheel started a gentle but consistent shake. I was guessing that it was either road surface, or a balance issue. I also have the standard RT's with 25K miles, so I'll also look into the tires as a cause...not that anything can be done.
  • sandyboysandyboy Member Posts: 114
    It's 11:00AM on the East Coast of the USofA. Within the next 120 minutes or so, the FINAL JEEP CHEROKEE will roll off of the Toledo, Ohio Plant #1 production line, closing down an 18-year run of a little less than 3 million Cherokees. (About 2 million, 800 thousand). I believe it to be the longest running, visually the same, in constant production domestic passenger vehicle since the end of WWII. A moment of silence, please...................
    (By the way....the rarest example, for 2001 was a Sport 2-Door in Amber-Fire Metallic ~~ anybody ever see one?).
  • yettibuttyettibutt Member Posts: 98
    My 2000 was getting a slight vibe between 50 and 55 mph. The dealer found that one of my wheels had come out of balance (the weight flew off). This seemed to take the shake out. I beleive the post saying its the tires in general, I will be replacing mine with Michelins as soon as they wear out! Also, the 96 and newer Cherokee's are know to have vibration problems due to the longer tail shaft on the transfer cases in these models. This effectivley shortens the drive shaft and can cause vibrations. I have heard that in severe cases, the dealer may shim the transfer case down to bring the driveshaft into alignment.
  • ed96ed96 Member Posts: 20
    interesting about the 99 has the same effect. not so much in the steering column but below my feet. my take is that i feel it not because of the speed but at certain rpm . at approx 1400. it begins . but if i let up on accel
    and reapply it goes away
    by the by it is a 99 classic 6,4dr,control-trac
    any suggestions.
    my third jeep 88,96,99 so i dont expect a sedan. the bumpy ride keeps me awake anyway lol
  • countsmackula1countsmackula1 Member Posts: 61
    When I told my beat-up 1995 model of the news of the last of its kind rolling off the line , it sighed and nearly gave up the ghost.( till I explained to it that now that it was finally paid for, it would serve me till I can afford a Liberty. It has 86,000 miles on it, so it should be okay for a few more years, easily. It's a 2-door, which is inconvienient for passengers(rear), but better for looks and front seat access. Also, why doesn't Jeep build a pickup-you know they'd sell like hotcakes. I guess the(Daimler-Chysler) Germans think that two brands of pickups in a company are too many--boy, are they wrong. Shows how much they know about this "market". Build it boys, and we'll buy them.
  • haanahaana Member Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    We just leased a 2001 Cherokee and have had less than a month. Today at the car wash a speck of paint washed off from the hard plastic wheel mold covering.. is this normal? We're now going to look at mud flaps in event stones caused the problem yet still think this is too ultra sensitive material for a 4-wheeling machine. Are their any accessories which can be added for this? Wondering if anyone's put on a towing package to haul a small trailer after the fact?

    Appreciate all feedback!

  • sandyboysandyboy Member Posts: 114
    To anyone with a 1999, 2000 or 2001 Cherokee. Do you have a Glove Box Light? My 2001 Limited with every factory option X-cept the trailer tow, engine block heater or Up-Country Suspension Group, I have discovered has no glove box lamp. I took back to dealer & they told me that they do not have this. I then went to the new-car inventory and my salesman got keys to the 3 stock numbers I asked for & I check out all 3. NO glove box light!!!!! I check a Sport with the Sport Value Pac (which includes the light group), a Sport with the 60th Anniversary Package, and another Limited. What gives??
  • yettibuttyettibutt Member Posts: 98
    It does'nt come with one. I too noticed this and thought it silly, but thats just how they all are!
  • sandyboysandyboy Member Posts: 114
    Go to your OWNER'S MANUAL. Turn towards the back, to the listing of BULB TYPES for the various locations around the vehicle. Right there, 2nd column, "GLOVE BOX LIGHT BULB" with the bulb size!!!!!!!! But, there is no recepticle nor wiring, that I can see......!
  • csawrucsawru Member Posts: 29
    Ehhh... must be that durned small print again, "Specifications, descriptions, illustrative materials, and all competitive comparisons in this web site are believed to be accurate at the time this web site was published. DaimlerChrysler Corporation reserves the right to discontinue models at any time or change specifications without notice or without incurring obligation. For the price of the model with the equipment you desire, or verification of specifications contained here, see your local dealer." - This from

    Well anyhow, I'll check this out when I get home...
  • sandyboysandyboy Member Posts: 114
    From this week's "Automotive News" the auto industry trade paper:-

    DaimlerChrysler ended production of the Jeep Cherokee (XJ) on Friday, June 22nd at 9:02 AM, Toledo, Ohio Time. The Cherokee's were built in Toledo since 1983 when American Motors introduced them. An estimated 2,708,645 were built since then. The final unit, a black Sport 4-Door 4WD with the 60th Anniversary Package was loaded onto an enclosed trailer for shipment to the DaimlerChrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan. After a brief ceremony surrounding the vehicle, there was a small party in private quarters. Some employees were seen shedding tears over the demise of the vehicle many had built for 18 continous years. On June 28th (Thursday) the final Plymouth will be built. It will be a silver Neon, and was sold to a Chrysler employee in Florida. The Prowler has been badged as a Chrysler since the last week in January, 2001. All Navy Blue Prowlers are Chryslers, any other color is a Plymouth.
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Member Posts: 237
    I'm looking to add the front and rear tow hooks and the skid plates to my '01 Sport and I would like to install them myself. Does anyone know if they come with instructions, are easy to figure out without, or need any special tools? Has anyone done it themselves?

    Thanks in advance.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    I bought the fuel tank skid guard and returned it because it was going to be a huge PITA with the tow pkg, and I didn't want it mounted between the frame and the hitch. Had instructions and didn't look too bad, with the exception of the hitch and bumper having to come off. I'm going to install the front skid guard, but the rest is fairly well protected for the type of off-roading I do which is mainly getting through muddy fields/small creeks.

    I bought the front tow hook pkg also, and have yet to install. All came with instructions and didn't look like they needed any special tools. The front bumper has to come off to put the hooks on also. I bought a tow hook that bolts to the hitch and I have installed that on the rear. It's pretty stout, I pulled a couple fence post with it a few nights ago.
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Member Posts: 237
    I'll probably do the same then. The front skid plate looks like it just bolts on. I actually found a decent website to augment the instructions for installing the front hooks:

    Did you get the Mopar rear hook for the hitch? I've seen a couple of different ones that have their own bar that fits the receiver and then another that attaches somewhere to the hitch. I guess I'll have to pass on the rear skid plate.

  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    Yeah, the rear tow hook was mopar. I don't know if it was specific to cherokee or not, the local stealership had one laying around and sold it to me for 1/2 list. It basically just bolted to the class III (right side). I've seen the ones with the hitch bar also, but it would be a pain to carry around an extra bar. I don't remember the specs, but the hook I bolted on was rated high enough to satisfy me. 3/8" bolts hold it on, so it's not exactly flimsy.

    The hitch actually looks like it will protect the fuel tank from backing over something. Coming down on a big rock might be a different story, but I'm not into rock crawling. The front skid looks like the most important with all the steering/suspension components hanging there.
  • rdnmburdirdnmburdi Member Posts: 5
    I bought a 98 Cherokee about three weeks ago. It has high miles (120000) and was a fleet vehicle. I got it for what I think was a good price (8600 out the door) with power everything except cruise. I also has the select track 4x4 system
    (used it a couple of times, works like a champ). My question is this, I saw a switch next to the rear wiper switch labeled "EXT IDLE". I have yet to find any reference to that switch except in a Haynes on one wiring diagram for the light on it. It listed the switch as part of the police package, not a surprise because is was a security vehicle for a local reservation. Does anybody know what this switch does and what is all part of this package. My local jeep dealer, not where I bought it, is worse that useless. thanx
  • reich2reich2 Member Posts: 3
    I'm trying to determine what is a good price to offer for a Cherokee Limited 4WD 4dr(non-60th an iv). The vehicle is loaded with most options, if not everyone! The MSRP is $29005, the invoice is $26436. There are incentives for both the dealer and the consumer. Dealer incentive is $1000, but I don't know if it applies where I live?? That is Dayton, OH, green county. It applies to certain counties but doesn't list them?!?! If anyone knows I would like to hear about it. (Thanks ahead of time!) There are consumer incentives also; APR, Rebates and APR + rebate combos. There is a 3% MSRP hold back. Would offering invoice be too high an offer or should it be lower than invoice. I'm kinda wondering cause I talked to a dealer and they seemed too willing to give me invoice. Making me think that maybe I could get it for less. What do you guys think??? Should I jump on it?? Is invoice minus the consumer incentives fair or should (or can) I get it for less?? I realize that the Cherokee has been discontinued and wonder if this is a reason to get it for less than invoice. I can walk away from the car. I have good transportation. But if there is a good deal.........who knows??

    Interested in reading some responses. Thanks!!
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    Have you tried using the switch yet? My guess is that it speeds the idle up a bit. I've seen switches like that in large semis also. Some of them you just hit the switch and it automatically raises the idle. Others, you have to give it a bit of throttle and then hit the switch when you reach the RPM's you want the vehicle to hold. You don't need it unless you idle for long periods.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    You should be able to buy it for invoice, less dealer incentive, less your rebate. If you are financing, you'll have to decide how you want to take the rebate/apr. I'm thinking you should be able to buy it for around $23,500 just guessing but you'll have to do the math. I'm an hour east of Columbus, and bought mine back in December. Most any dealer was selling them then for invoice less dealer cash and consumer cash.
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