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    It's gonna be Patriot Blue - Love the color, agate inside, with Auto, Tow Package, Full-Time FWD, steel wheels, base radio, with cruise, tint glass, block heater and heated mirrors - it will live in Wisconsin - and all the other standard goodies. 22,800 was agreed price, we will lease it first then buy it, we can get at least $5400 discount that way.. Now here's the kicker, the 2000 Limiteds came with some nice chrome accents, where the 2001s don't.. So I gonna order those, and scrounge up the chrome strip which ran along the roof seam on earlier models - I think '89, '90 era Limiteds.. I think bright chrome accenting the blue will make it a real beauty. Can't wait.
  • eaganeagan Member Posts: 25
    well we picked up our new cherokee today and i love it. the patriot blue is such an awesome color in the sun. now im gonna check out some accessories. im thinking about ventvisors, cargo mat, better floor mats, possibly some tube steps, and a K&N air filter. so far so good with 32 miles on it!
  • sweetjeep96sweetjeep96 Member Posts: 2
    Im looking at a 96' Cherokee sport. 82k miles
    control teak 4x4 ac tow at very basic in good condition. The dealership that selling it is asking $8600 I am going to offer them $7400 cash
    does that sound reasonable? comments?
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    I'd be careful about driving around in that vehicle for extended periods if you can smell the fuel. The reason is that if you can smell the stuff, obviously fumes are entering the cabin. It can't be good for you to keep breathing in the stuff since gasoline is carcenogenic, IIRC.

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    I'm going tomorrow to begin negotiations on a 2001 JGC Larado with the 28s package. I was looking through the info and noticed that Edmunds TMV price is the same as the invoice price. I was wondering if this is correct and, if so, why? If there are some rebates or something else I would like to know when I go in so I can bring it up. Likewise, the advice page says your first bid should be below the TMV. In this case I would be bidding below the invoice price. Is this realistic or will I get laughed at.
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    In conjunction with my previous message I was curious about the current $2000K customer cash incentive. Exactly what is it and can I use it in conjunction with the current 1.9 APR special that Jeep has.
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    Go here and check out what current incentives are available.

    You can get either $2k, but no special rate, $1k with a special rate, or $0k with a somewhat different special rate, depending.

    If it were me, I'd be trying to swing the 0.9%, $1k cash, 36 month deal.

    Whatever you decide to offer, make sure 1)You and the salesman both know what the factory incentives are and 2)Your offer does not take the incentives into consideration

  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    You might get laughed at, but who cares? Car sales are crap right now so you should be able to get a good deal. When we bought a Jeep GC Ltd. as a company vehicle back in 99, straight deal walking onto the lot was $500 over invoice plus the rebate/incentives. I would never pay more than $500 over invoice right now. I'd start out at invoice (realize their invoice might be a bit higher than edmunds because of regional advertising charges that edmunds doesn't know about). The dealer I go to sells pretty much to everyone at $500 over invoice, that's his gig. I talked to another dealer that had one I liked better and after some whining on his part he agreed to go $500 also. I ended up having my dealer trade for another I liked even better but my point is the other dealer didn't think he could get anywhere near $500 until I walked then magically he called back with a change of policy:)
  • davrukrdavrukr Member Posts: 12
    I bought a new Cherokee last night for my wife. I think I got a pretty good deal. I contacted as many Jeep dealerships around plus other manufactures. With Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler's rebates and incentives, no other manufactures could come close to the Cherokee.

    base price = $20,405
    + sport value group 2,345
    + cover 75
    + 4 spd auto 945
    + deep tinted glass 270
    + heated mirrors 45
    + sentry key theft system 75
    + fog lamps 110
    + speed control 250
    + cassette/cd/equalizer 410
    + full size spare 145

    Total MSRP = $25,660
    minus $2,345 for the value group discount so the
    Net MSRP = $23,315

    we got the $2,000 customer rebate and $1,000 dealer incentive, plus they came down another $1,603.

    We paid $18,712!!

    We traded my wifes 99 Mazda 626 LX with 30,400 miles. Edmunds said in clean condition we could expect to get $9645 as a trade-in. They gave us $10,000.

    On top of that, we used and got 7.35% for 72 months!! That's a darn good rate.

    I think we got a decent deal, at least as good as one would expect. And my wife is extremely pleased with the Jeep.
  • chaser1chaser1 Member Posts: 20
    That was a fantastic deal - I'd be happy as (@(^ with that deal! Way to go!
  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    I'd do that if I could...

    too bad I can't fit into the Cherokee.

    I love the styling, motor, room, size, everything.

    My only complaint is my knees hit the steering wheel.

  • davrukrdavrukr Member Posts: 12
    I'm happy with it deal we got. We looked at all other mini-SUV's and couldn't beat that price. We were looking for the most economical deal for an SUV. I think my wife will like it for the money we spent.
  • saolearsaolear Member Posts: 2
    Thought I'd comment about my 1987 Jeep Cherokee. With 210,000 miles I have had to replace the fuel injecters (4.0L), one rear differential, exhaust system, brakes a few times, and a water pump. The only problem I have with it now is a oil leak from the rear engine seal. It still has a lot of power and compression. I am giving it to my son for a garage project. I was hoping to buy a new SUV and looking forward to a Cherokee but it doesn't sound good.
  • csawrucsawru Member Posts: 29
    Steve, I have no idea what timeline you're one, at this time you can still order a Cherokee. I did about a week ago, but the cutoff is coming soon. The line will shut down for good on June 29th. Anyhow, new Cherokees will be on the lots for several more months and Lease returns for a couple or so years...
  • christa824christa824 Member Posts: 17
    Has anyone towed with their Cherokee through Great Smoky Mountains National Park? We have reservations next weekend at the Cherokee, NC KOA. If we can tow on that steep, winding road we can cut off about 2 hours driving time. We are using my parents travel trailer. It is a small 18ft older model Prowler. Weighs about 3000 pounds. We have the factory installed tow group. My parents always take the long way around going down there because they are concerned about hills. I have seen people tow big rigs through the park. Any comments would be appreciated.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    Does the trailer have brakes? You should be able to get a brake controller for a $150 or so if it does and I would take it through. Without trailer brakes, I dunno. Up the hills wouldn't be a problem, but down is the tricky part. I had alot of weight on a couple weeks ago and it pushed pretty good coming down some of these hills here in SE Ohio. I was controlling my speed so there wasn't any problems but that might cause a problem on a heavily traveled road. The Jeep isn't that big so it can get pushed around pretty easy. Yell if you need more info.
  • bjl5bjl5 Member Posts: 24
    My 1998 Grand Cherokee has had a rumble sound toward the rear of the vehicle, between 65 and 70 MPH since the day I purchased it new. It is not a whine or growl but a deep pitched noise which pulses. The dealer has checked all tires and replaced one. The transfer case has been rebuilt and the rear propeller shaft replaced. The front and rear differentials were inspected. While the vibration which accompanied the rumble noise is reduced now,the rumble sound remains. Does anyone have a similar experience, or advice?
  • mmo21mmo21 Member Posts: 1
    I also have had a problem with a cylinder misfiring. I have a 2000 Cherokee Classic with 5300 miles. I took it in today because the engine light came on, and they told me that was the problem. They reset the light and said that there wasn't anything else they could do because they haven't gotten anything on how to fix it.
  • christa824christa824 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks. We are going to practice towing close to home before we our trip. I am pretty sure the trailer has brakes, I am going to ask my dad.
  • saolearsaolear Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking to buy a new SUV in the next couple of weeks. I would prefer a Jeep and a Cherokee at that. In scanning the postings there seems to be a lot of bad news about Jeep products across all product models. I will admit GM has its problems too. Any suggestions?
  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    I was in the same boat as you.

    I am currently checking out the XTerra and 4Runner (used).

    Keep in touch.
  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    let me add Wrangler to that mix
  • csawrucsawru Member Posts: 29
    Hey all,

    Yes I've had issues with the Jeep's I've owned, some aggravating. I do feel corners are cut in some areas such as fit, finish, trim and accessories. However the aftermarket support for Cherokees is superb, which means you can replace or update parts you don't like, easily enough. That and 18 years worth of junkyard parts. What I have found is the powertrain and suspension has been rock solid. And for me this counts far more than anything cosmetic. Partly I can accept this because the price - I just don't expect the amenities of a 30,000 something SUV. 20 Grand is *still* a lot of money, but when you consider you get the capability of other vehicles for so many thousands less, it's a little easier to take. There are parts I wish were a little more robust, for example the standard radiator is only a single core, however upgrading the radiator core is a fairly easy process taking less than two hours and not many tools. So I guess it's my own tolerance and knowledge of the vehicle, what it does well and what it doesn't - and I still love them.
  • tjeep27tjeep27 Member Posts: 17
    I agree with all that you have stated. Jeeps make the cut where it really counts. My 11 year old Cherokee has never had a single problem (that's the God-honest truth), and it runs like the day it left the lot. JEEPS RULE.
  • 143ally143ally Member Posts: 9
    i own a 1999 cherokee sport with 4wd and automatic. i know suvs with 4WD usually have resistance when 4WD is engaged, but does anyone notice the serious jerking when the steering wheel is turned ALL THE WAY OR ALMOST ALL THE WAY! i've had this problem since the beginning, which was brand new, and i thought it was a characteristic but more and more, i m getting pissed off. does anyone else experience it? thank you. this is a regular 99 cherokee sport with command trac 4WD and automatic tranny. thanx.
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    Ummm....Oh boy....

    Please say you engaged 4wd offroad, or on packed snow, or on sand, and not on dry pavement....


    Command trac is not a fulltime 4wd system. It does not have any sort of differential in the transfer case. You can damage it if you engage it on dry pavement, where traction is good.

    You didn't do this did you?
  • 143ally143ally Member Posts: 9
    i dont engage during dry pavement but during rain i do sometimes. with 4WD during the rain, it's hard to manuever around parking lots and even cities when my wheel is jerking back and forth while turned all the way or almost all the way.
    even during snow, the wheel jerks when it is fully turned, i am planning to test drive another 1999 today and see if it is only mine or it is a common trait. because it is really beginning to agitate me. little embarrassing too when my friends sit in and the car jerks like heck everytime i turn!
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    You shouldn't be driving in 4wd when the pavement is just wet. There isn't enough of a loss of traction for the wheels to slide like they should.

    The front and rear driveshafts turn at the same rate when in 4H. The wheels can't scrub off the difference when making a turn (when the outside wheels must travel different distances) if traction is good.
  • diabeldiabel Member Posts: 2
    I bought my 96 Cherokee on Dec 31st 1999/ it was a trade-in/ 24,656 miles / Paid $10,900 tax&title
    I know have 38,000 miles and still love it < the funny thing is I wanted a 4x4 with a 5spd / found several here in Tamp Bay / but all Forest Green/ my bad luck color/ 24- 25mpg on highway @70mph /
    What I would like to know what are the after market Parts seasoned Cherokee owners might recommend , RE: exhaust / suspension, filters etc, would like to some advice / planning on keeping it 150,000 more miles I hope
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    As you are probably aware, Jeeps enjoy a tremendous amount of aftermarket support. Most of it is related to increasing their offroad prowess (Jeeps are built, not bought) such as lifts, armor, lockers etc.

    What sort of things are you looking for? The 4.0 liter engine frequently goes over 200k miles with proper maintenance. A factory service manual is probably the first thing you should get.

    I would suggest you get involved with NAXJA ( and/or JU ( or any other dedicated Jeep site. The guys that post there typically know the vehicle inside and out and can quickly offer suggestions for just about everything you'll come up against.
  • 143ally143ally Member Posts: 9
    how much does it cost to get a locker installed professionally? i have a 1999 cherokee sport 4x4. thanx.
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    Depends entirely on what you go with.

    An EZ locker is probably $250 plus $100 installation. An ARB airlocker is more like $650 plus $200 compressor plus $300 install. Per axle.
  • 143ally143ally Member Posts: 9
    i m new to this stuff, what is the difference between the two? air and EZ? thanx
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    There are many options for putting either an LSD or locker into a Jeep. Those 2 are sort of on the edges in terms of cost. The ARB uses compressed air to lock the differential; push of a button from within the cab engages/disengages it - pretty slick. I don't know too much about the EZ, I think its auto engaging though. Other types can be manually engaging.

    When it comes to lockers/lsds, the first thing you need to find out is what axles you have, because not all manufacturers make their product for all axle types. Most XJs have a DANA30 up front, for which ARB has a locker that will fit. However, with 97+, the rear is generally a ChryCo8.25, which ARB doesn't have one for yet. They keep saying its coming out...

    At any rate, if its something you are interested in pursuing, I would start hanging out at sites like NAXJA and Jeepsunlimited. I'm not an expert at all, but you'll find the guys who are at those places.
  • xjoedogxxjoedogx Member Posts: 1
    I would like to buy a Cherokee but the top of my head hit against the inside roof and was wondering if anyone knows of an easy fix for this problem...there must be other tall people who have Cherokees...a special bracket or after market seat? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    My friends and I were having a discussion.

    I was talking about buying a 4x4. He said something like "Hey, they plow the roads here, what's the problem?" We live in Massachusetts, and then I told him how I like to ski in VT, so he gave me credit there. He has a '94 Ranger pickup, and I said you could always get a locking differential. He said a cheaper way out is to just weld the axles together and not worry about the tire scrubbing, just buy cheap tires every other year. There is some point to this, I guess.
  • csawrucsawru Member Posts: 29

    Ummm, since about 1995, Jeep said to heck with locking hubs, axle disconnects and any similar devices. What this means is the front and rear axles, differentials and driveshafts are always turning. With proper lubrication it's fine, because with the typical Part Time system on most Cherokees, the front wheels are not *driven* most of the time. They are just turn, and all they do is stir up a bit more fluid in the transfer case. But when you place it in the 4WD modes, then you split torque and send half of it to the front driveshaft and on out to the wheels. The ways this arrangement will cause severe wheel scuffing is leaving it in 4WD mode, (also known as locked) which will create severe driveline loads and stresses and will likely break something expensive in a short time, or the front end is worn or out of alignment...
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    csawru: I think sasquatch was implying take a rwd vehicle, and "weld" the rear axle in such a way that its always "locked".

    I don't think that idea is worthwhile at all. For starters, "cheap tires" shouldn't be a vocabulary word. Its the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road.

    2nd, I think it would wear the tires out MUCH sooner than every 2 years. Probably more like 2 or 3 times a year, depending on where you live and how often you drive.

    3rd, the stress on the welds would be incredible, if you somehow manage to weld them to make it work. I would expect the welds to break fairly quickly, which might destroy the "differential" housing such that rewelding impossible.

    All to save $200 or $300? Not a chance.
  • csawrucsawru Member Posts: 29
    bblaha, I agree with you about the welds, I missed some prior paragraphs... Anyhow, does anyone know who makes the stock AM/FM cassette radio in new or late model cherokees? Alpine comes to mind, I just don't know. Thanks in advance..
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    I don't know who makes it, but it's low watt unit. I replaced with a Pioneer chryco sized cd player. It's rated at 45 watts and even with the crappy factory speakers it sounds worlds better. I'm sure the speakers will blow soon, as one started rattling the other day. Time for some good speakers now...!
  • tjeep27tjeep27 Member Posts: 17
    Do you know of any reasonable methods of having a rwd professionally converted to 4x4, or even all wheel drive? Just curious.

    Concerning radios, I know that my '90 cherokee has a Jenson system (this may only be the speakers-not up on sound systems).
  • 143ally143ally Member Posts: 9
    woah, manual engage limited-slip, that is pretty nice. more than what i expected. all i want is the two wheels spin. thats all i care. but you havent answered my biggest question, how much does something like this cost? the actual locker and the installation, thanx. i really hope they make one, because i m sick of spinning one wheel!
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    tjeep27: Yes, you can convert a 2wd to a 4wd. However, to do so on a '90 would probably cost alot more than selling the 2wd and purchasing a 4wd. To give you an idea of whats involved, you have to add/replace the transmission, transfer case, shifter, front and rear driveshafts, and the front end. If you manage to find a junked Cherokee that is the 4wd equivalent of yours (manual if you have manual, auto if you have auto), the conversion isn't too difficult. I've never done it but I seem to recall its basically a straightforward bolt job.

    But the costs of those parts, even used, plus the labor involved probably exceeds the difference in cost between a used 2wd '90 and a used 4wd '90. Some people like the learning experience that goes with doing that kind of a job though....

    Somewhere there is an article that describes the conversion; if I can find it I'll post it.

    143ally: Sorry, I guess I wasn't being clear. The "cost" depends entirely on what you want to do. You can spend a little, or ALOT. What year is your XJ? If you have the Cryco 8.25 rear axle, everyones favorite is a Powertrax No Slip. Its a locker that works well on the road. It costs between $350 to $400, plus an hour labor (figure $100). If you are handy, you can install it yourself. If you are interested, here is Powertrax's list of distributors. Call one near you and ask for the price.
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    Here is an article (pdf) describing the conversion. Really though, the best thing is to sell the 2wd and buy a 4wd.

  • 143ally143ally Member Posts: 9
    hey, thanx for your help, i really appreciate it!
  • robtwrobtw Member Posts: 4
    Any comments on rotor problems on the 2001 as there are on the 99's?

    I'm not about to buy another one unless the brake problems have been fixed. Five brake jobs on the front, three on the rear in 35K. Too expensive to even consider keeping this car beyond the warranty mileage.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    I'm not aware of them changing anything since 99 concerning braking systems. I've heard of some people having rotor problems, but not as often as yours. I'm at 12K miles on my 01 and so far the brakes are as good as new. I've been towing some too.
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    There is a recall on the brake rotors for years 97 through 99 for the "salt belt" states. The rotors are replaced with less corrosive ones. Presumably, since the recall doesn't affect the '00 or '01 model years, they install the less corrosive rotors on those years.

    However, if you are inquiring about the Grand Cherokee, you are in the wrong forum. This forum is for the XJ Cherokee.

    143ally: You're welcome. :-)
  • christa824christa824 Member Posts: 17
    Took the jeep to the Great Smoky Mountains last weekend. Got 24-25 mpg on the way down!!! I was very impressed.
    We were going to tow my parents' camping trailer. We hooked it up and the jeep towed it just fine the night before. When we left the next morning, we got about 5 miles from my parent's house and the brakes on the trailer kept locking up. We are not sure what the problem was, but we did have to use an adapter to plug in the trailer lights because the tow package had a 7 prong plug and the trailer had a 6 prong plug. When we go the trailer back to my parent's house, my dad found that a fuse had blown in the trailer. I don't think we should have used the adapter. Anyway, the jeep sure did prove that it could tow the trailer. We went up and down hills without any problems. It was a real bummer when the brakes on the trailer locked up. We really wanted to tow the trailer on our trip to camp in.
    We still love the jeep after 1 month!
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    The problem with trailer wiring, is that there really isn't any "rule" as to what goes where. Alot of times, a couple different wires are switched so you have to rewire everything. I move alot of horse trailers, and it seems like everyone I hook to is the opposite of the one I just had. I'm getting pretty good at rewiring trailers. Most campers have the plug like the Jeep comes with, most horse trailers have the small round connector, but I've seen them opposite too. And then inside each of those plugs there are two wires that might be switched depending on who wired it last!
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