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    Have just replaced a 97 Sport with a new 01 Sport.
    Both cars have AT. The car is towed. With both cars, we have had (at times) trouble shifting the transfer case in and out of Neutral.
    Any thoughts?
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    Walk, pickup a new one for under $20,000. Finance the next one, even for 60 months financing 100%, your payments should be in the same ballpark except you own the thing.
  • christa824christa824 Member Posts: 17
    I agree. I just ordered a new 01 sport. You can probably get one for a little less than that!
  • eaganeagan Member Posts: 25
    what options did u get on ur 01?? and how much did u pay for it?
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    Hi all. Looking to sell my '96 Sport and am located in the Northern Virginia area. Anyway, it is a great truck, runs well, looks stunning (red color), but need to get a new one for commuting purposes. Has 160k miles, power everything, tow package, etc. Asking $7k. Please e-mail me at [email protected] with any interest.

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    NHTSA investigates door problems on some SUVs

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    I got select trac, tow group, skid plates, a full size spare, speed control, ABS, sentry key, allum wheels (I am having trouble reading the salesman's writing-they are the nicer wheels-not the standard ones), the sport value group, CD stereo and tinted windows. I had to order it for the tow group. I was going to get up-country suspension but I changed my mind since we don't really go off roading. With all of the incentives we got it for 20,000. (before my trade in). Check on the incentives-there was another 1000 out there for "dealer cash" besides the 2000 cash back from Chrysler. They also have some decent financing in lieu of the cash back-we were already preapproved and I wanted to go 48 months, not 60. My advice is deal, deal, deal. Don't give in to any offers over 20,000-I don't care how loaded you want it.
    They really want to sell these things.
  • eaganeagan Member Posts: 25
    Thanks a lot. your cherokee is the exact same one we are looking for but we dont need the tow package. our plan was to spend around 20,000, so it sounds like we were about right. i guess we will go out soon and look for one.
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    I'm looking to buy a 2001 sport. Should I get an extended warentee, or is the 3 year/36,000 miles adequate?

    Also, I was quoted a price about $22,000. Small spare, standard AM/FM (no cd), tinted windows, 4 door, 4x4, pretty much basic (very few bells and whistles) I getting ripped off?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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    i got my 2000 sport (got it last sept.) for 19,100 after incentive, before taxes etc. mine is the basic sport model with 6 cyl, auto,tint, fog lights, sport value group, and standard wheels. 22K is much to much, i bet i could have even got it lower, i said "i want it for 20K out the door" he said "OK", it took 5 minutes. as for the warranty, as far as i have read, these jeeps are pretty reliable mechanically. the stuff most people complain about is minor rattles etc. that most warranties dont cover anyway. mine has had the brakes in for service at 6K miles, the rotors needed to be turned which i have read is a common problem.
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    I have a 95 jeep cherokee, and have noticed the door weld cracked on the drivers
    side , but it does not sag, works OK , was their a recall or any warranty fixes for the door problem ?
    I have 107K miles.
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    I'm not sure if there has been a recall yet; you can check the NHTSA's website to be sure. But the NHTSA is investigating. Perhaps you read the article that Steve posted a few days ago?

    BTW, is yours a 2dr?

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    Received my Cherokee from my dad as a first car. He bought it brand new and it's in perfect conditon. If you take care of your Jeep (hose it down after every off-road drive, fix all paint scratches as soon as you spot them, keep all joints oiled, and wash twice a week, YOU WON'T HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS AS SOME OF THESE OTHER GUYS. Treat it like its brand new, and it won't ever let you down. JEEP... The toughest 4-letter word on (and off) the road.
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    I don't plan on buying an extended warranty when we pick up our jeep. I have been burned in the past (not by Chrysler). The only thing I got on the last car we purchased (a Dodge Stratus)was some extra warranty on the power train because we bought it used and I had just had transmission problems with my fake jeep (Suzuki Sidekick). The extended warranty that had come with my Sidekick just happened to go out when I started having problems. I even had Car Guard for anti-rust. Guess when I started having rust problems? Right after the mileage and years both ran out. I don't think that was too much of a coincidence. The warranty companies know what they are doing. Good luck shopping for your jeep. I can't wait to get mine (should be about 3 more weeks).
  • matteo2matteo2 Member Posts: 17
    I have a 95 Cherokee sport , just had some bearings replaced in the transfer case,
    106K miles, but after that was done I still have a loud rough noise when I place it in
    four wheel , almost as if the SUV wants to slow down, I took it back the Trans shop
    and they said the trasfer case is OK , They said it might be my front
    wheel bearings? can they cause this,
    has anyone had these problems, I read an old post #282 of 499 in the archived
    discusiion where somone had a similar problem.
    It runs great in 2wd. Any thought on what I can check next , I have
    the NP231 transfer case selec trac
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    I have a '90 Cherokee, and the paint on the steering column under the area where the ignition sits has been completely worn away. I realize that this is because of the abrasion caused by the key chain. Not that it bothers me all that much, but is this a common occurance.
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    My 2000 sport with 7200 miles has an cylinder misfire problem. My engine light came on four times in 3 weeks each time I brought it to the dealer they cleaned or replaced the spark plugs. On my last visit I was told that chryslar was aware of the misfire problem but did not have software available to fix it. The jeep vibrates excessively and instead of fixing the cause of the vibration they keep putting new parts in like a whole new muffler system (it still rattles). I went to arbitration with chryslar after the third temporary fix and of course I was turned down. this is not my first Cherokee I had one in the 80's that drove much better and quieter than this one. Anyone out there have misfire problems?
  • milt721milt721 Member Posts: 83
    I'm sure it was due to weather, but I had a similar problem on my '99. It had been sitting outside for a couple of days and the temperature was 20 degrees or less (F). When I started it, it ran like only three cylinders were firing, and would not idle without stalling. (The check engine light came on, too.) I turned it off and re started it, but the problem continued. So I went inside to call AAA. When waiting on hold, I went back out to try it again and it started beautiffuly, the check engine light went out and I haven had a problem since. Strange. (Sorry I didn't offer any help, I never took mine in for servicing.)
  • eaganeagan Member Posts: 25
    i would imagine it is a common thing...its probly from the keychain like you said.
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    Quick question for you jeep gurus out there:

    With the auto transmission and 6 cylinder engine (2000) is the engine noise in the cabin usually much more audible than than other cars or the same jeep (1999) with a manual transmission when travelling at 70-75mph? Reason I ask is that after switching from the manual, its taking me a while to get used to the engine noise on the highway whereas the manual transmission was much quieter (granted it was in 5th gear). Also, my drivers door does squeak whenever the car goes over any bumps or uneven surfaces (even though its a newer model) so I was going to ask the dealer to take a look at it next service. Hopefully it won't fall off :-).
  • christa824christa824 Member Posts: 17
    I am about to take delivery on my first Jeep. I have had great luck with Chrysler products in the past.
    The first Cherokee Sport that my husband and I took for a test drive was extremely loud. So loud that we had to shout to hear each other talk (now, I can think of some times on trips when this might not be a bad feature) Hee! Hee!
    Anyway, when we got back to the dealership we asked the salesman about it. He said that was just the inline six engine-they are all loud because they are such workhorses.
    Well, we talked about it and decided that we were not going to enjoy that car if it was so loud so we started looking at Escapes.
    I talked to a coworker who has a 98 Cher. Sport. She said that hers is not loud.
    So, I asked my husband if we could try testing another one. The second one was much quieter and it was only really loud in passing gear. We talked to that salesman (we went to another dealership)who said that they can be loud when they are cold. Hmmm. I am not sure if I am totally convinced. The second salesman did seem to know a lot more about the Jeeps than the first one when we asked about command and select trac and all.
    But, since I do love the Cherokee, my husband went the next day and made them an offer and I should get it anytime now (today is my ship date). Will my new one have a loud engine? I guess I will find out when I get it.
    If anyone out there knows why they are loud and if anything can be done about it, please post.
  • milt721milt721 Member Posts: 83
    I would imagine that the auto has more engine noise since it is revving higher than a manual at the same speed. I don't know for sure however, all three of my XJs have been manuals. I have noticed, however, that the engine is noisier when it is cold.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    I've always wondered what they did to the 4.0L in the Grand Cherokee becauae it's MUCH quieter. I'm sure it's something in the exhaust manifold or such, plus extra sound deadening. If the GC is gagged (noise wise), I wonder how they keep the power rated at 190hp? I'm sure something similar could be done to the Cherokee if it really bugs you enough.
  • milt721milt721 Member Posts: 83
    There is no doubt that the 4.0L in my '97 ZJ was quieter than any of the 4.0Ls in my XJs. But I can attribute all of it to a huge amount of sound deadening materials and an overall stiffer structure. Of course Grand Cherokees also weigh at least 500 pounds more than Cherokees, and sink like a stone in the mud.
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Member Posts: 958
    I Own a 300M, & 96 Impala SS. I need some kind of cheap old SUV for towing purposes. I am looking at different ones. Does someone have any info of the old cherokee's Like 89-94. I can get these with low miles, for dirt cheap. I want a manual tranny also. Any info on these would help too. Maybe someones knows of another site with this info.
  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    You mean to tell me that baby can't tow? I bet it tows better than any cherokee!!!

    My uncle used to have a 72 LTD which he towed skyscrapers (actually, loaded campers, etc.) with no problem, with wife and 3 daughters.

    I am sure your car has better engine, brakes, tranny, etc.
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Member Posts: 958
    Yes, but it is not a car to tow things with. I would only use a truck/suv for that. Not a car. Besides, it's more of a collector thing. I barly drive it.
  • milt721milt721 Member Posts: 83
    An older XJ would be great for towing, especially if it has low miles like you said. Be advised though, the manufacturer only rates manual Cherokees to tow up to 2,000 pounds. The autos are rated up to 5,000 pounds. But, I also know firsthand that you can tow a 19-foot bow rider with no problems with a manual Cherokee, just be real careful about clutch engagements.
  • afieldingafielding Member Posts: 3
    I have a 98 Cherokee sport with 22,000 miles on it. It has part time 4 wheel drive - however when it is not in 4 wheel drive the front wheels sometimes still grab when turning into parking spaces etc. I have taken it into two dealerships, one said it was normal the other said low air in the front tires caused it (after checking the tire pressure it still continued). Has anyone else experienced this? It also pulls slightly to the right. Is it normal? Apart from this it is a great vehicle.
  • milt721milt721 Member Posts: 83
    Sometimes you need to back up about 10 feet or so to disengage your automatic locking front hubs after you've been using 4WD. If that doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you. You will also get that type of feeling from your rear tires in parking lot maneuvers if your Cherokee is equipped with Trac-Lok. (No fix for this one.)
  • eaganeagan Member Posts: 25
    i was wondering what wheels drive a cherokee when its in 2wd. my friend has a blazer and that is rwd. so is the cherokee fwd or rwd?? thanks
  • tjeep27tjeep27 Member Posts: 17
    It's rear wheel driven.
  • yettibuttyettibutt Member Posts: 98
    My 2000 does the same thing, when turning sharp into parking spaces, the wheels sometimes will chirp, it doesnt bother me and i am sure it is normal. The cherokee doesnt have auto hubs, the wheels are just attached to the axel. When you drive, you turn the front axels and driveshaft, the link to 4WD is in the transfer case.
  • coolfj40coolfj40 Member Posts: 14
    >Received my Cherokee from my dad as a first car. He bought it brand new and it's in perfect conditon. If you take care of your Jeep (hose it down after every off-road drive, fix all paint scratches as soon as you spot them, keep all joints oiled, and wash twice a week, YOU WON'T HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS AS SOME OF THESE OTHER GUYS. Treat it like its brand new, and it won't ever let you down. JEEP... The toughest 4-letter word on (and off) the road.

    Impressive logic.
    Since when does washing your jeep fix transmission problems? Or fix the many, many recalls on these vehicles? Do you wash your jeep instead of changing the oil? You're right, though. As long as it looks good it doesn't matter if it runs or not. Curb appeal is half the battle, right?

  • azjeep3azjeep3 Member Posts: 5
    Just joining the group today - came in to crosscheck the invoice price on my Brand New '01 Sport!! Let me vent a little....

    Went to the town hall section as a newbie and had to laugh - under "SUV" we have Hyundai Santa Fe's, Happy Explorer Owners, optimistic Liberty buyers and God knows what else in the way of soft-roaders....What An Age We Live In!

    Background - I have had two Cherokees, an '87 and a '93. Both were GOOD TRUCKS!! In fact I can honestly say that the '93 Sport 4x4 has been my very best 4x4 truck ever (auto and CommandTrac), and that includes F250, Bronco II, Jimmy, Trooper, and a Pathfinder 1-ton Chevy 4x4 van.... Nothing but Cherokee since 14 years ago!

    Every magazine said something different about the Cherokee and the Liberty - from Dead Now to dead in 4 years... When the economy dived and it was clear that the Cherokee was being dropped like a hot rock, I knew it was time to buy (tho I was NOT ready...) and I knew I wanted the last of the 5-speeds in copper, champagne or amber fire. (HA!)

    Anyway - I'm in metro Phoenix - a sweltering, congested sprawl with 8 or 10 Jeep dealers. Try finding a truck on the lot with a block heater or hot mirrors...or a manual trans! They ran zone computer checks and said NO we have no 5-speeds. NO you can't order one any more. NO you can't get UpCountry suspension - we never order those. NO you can't get the premium colors - all we have is muddy blues, muddy greens, muddy reds, and black. OK, I'll go with white or silver - my last two Jeeps were that beautiful copper-champagne.... The point is - you can not get a five speed now. They stopped making them. The line is closing. Jeep is dying. DaimlerChrysler does not care. Off-road means the Black Forest to those guys.

    Factory order? Sure, just not your 5-speed. And forget the incentives - good to April 3rd only. Might be extended, might not. It's a gamble worth 5 grand in interest to you. What did I do? Got a quote thru the Jeep website / hooked up with fleet sales and got a decent price, but not a steal. Would've ordered up from fleet sales in Farmington New Mexico but would lose the 1.9 percent. The incentives seduced me. Found one on the local lot, just off the transport w/ blue tires, had the wrong tranny (auto) but had towing, UpCountry, tint, cruise and CD plus Eccos. It's white.

    So far it is breaking in well. I don't think it's noisy but hey - I had Borla and K&N on my '93, plus a Con-Ferr rack. Will upgrade this new one as time goes by.

    Here's my final point - sorry to ramble - Jeep slowly de-valued the Cherokee over time. Yes the driveline improved, and the build quality also, but look at the interior - find some storage space? Some redesign! How much effort would it take.... My 87 had door pockets for maps etc. My 93 lost those but had pockets in the console and below the glove box, and it had carpet on the door panels. My '01 has NO minor storage, and smooth shiny cheapo plastic doors. And look at the reduced options as to models, colors, interior fabrics, rear tire carrier, etc. DC just turned away from the Cherokee. Why should they care?....Enough for now - it's a great truck!
  • christa824christa824 Member Posts: 17
    Just received my new Jeep Cherokee Sport yesterday. So far I am extremely pleased. Very fun to drive. Stereo is neat. Yes, I know there are cars with fancier bells and whistles out there, but the Cherokee suits us just fine. We love to camp and be outdoors. I love driving in a higher profile vehicle. Now, if I can just get my 80 pound lab to get in the seat by herself... Hee! Hee! And my parents teased that I need running boards because they don't think they can get in and out. My dad was comparing it to his Dakota. I don't think that is a fair comparison. I will update on here how it does as we break it in. OH...and talking about the previous posting about engine noise,(#121) it is not extremely loud like the first one that we test drove was.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    Hell, I couldn't get heated mirrors here in the mid-west. There was one available in the color I wanted, but then it was missing several other options. So again, I bought a vehicle without heated mirrors (3rd in a row) but I'll survive. Anyone that wants a plain sport with the standard options can find one on every block, but ask for something strange? (htd mirrors, tow pkg) you'd think you were asking for a block of gold.

    Engine noise: my engine is fairly quiet on the highway. Did a 5 hour trip friday, averaging 70-75mph and rather windy in spots and I could talk in a normal voice. The only time the engine gets loud is during hard-throttle runs, but the sound is pretty smooth. Nothing as obnoxious as a GM V6 (braaaaaaaap, gurgle gurgle) at full-throttle.
  • eaganeagan Member Posts: 25
    I went to test drive a cherokee sport today and really liked it. the one thing that annoyed me was that many of the sports on the lot had these mopar mud flaps installed aftermarket. I personally think they are nasty looking and make the sport look small and lower to the ground. They were also equipped with the mopar trunk liners. I wondered how good they looked so i opened the trunk and i thought they were the worst waste of $99 I've ever seen. They are real flimsy plastic and the mold they follow doesn't even line up with the outline of the floor. I was wondering if anyone has one of these liners and what they think of them. I just hope the dealer can take the hideous mud flaps off if I buy a sport from them.
  • christa824christa824 Member Posts: 17
    I got heated mirrors here in Ohio. I didn't even realize I had them until I asked my husband why there was the little symbols on the mirrors. Now, if I can only figure out how they work. This is my first car with this many buttons! :)
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    Hey I'm in OH too. The heated mirrors should kick on with the rear window defogger, or at least that's how it's worked on the other vehicles I've owned. Picked mine up mid-december and Ricarts had one exactly like I wanted (sienna, tow, alloys, htd mirrors, fogs, tint) but it sold the day before my dealer contacted them for a trade. They ended up going around detroit for it, everthing I wanted except htd. mirrors. I'll survive.

    For all the whiners out there, I had about 4500# behind the Cherokee this weekend and it towed like a champ. Straight up the big hills here in SE Ohio with no problems. Try that in one of those weak, nice riding SUV's.

    Oh, BTW just clicked over 10K miles without incident and It's been a hard 10K.
  • eaganeagan Member Posts: 25
    i wondered if anybody has had any experience or knows anyone who has used to get a cherokee. it seems a little odd to me but i was wondering if anyone has opinions on it?
  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    Just hope you don't get that stalling problem on the side of some mountain! Makes a Toyota look a whole lot better.
  • christa824christa824 Member Posts: 17
    We didn't use cars direct, but I did price a Cherokee on there and used the price as part of my bargaining power. Have you ever heard of Clark Howard? He has a radio show about finances and credit. I think he bought a car on autobytel. He has a website about car buying (in fact he has a link to Edmunds) Wish you were in Ohio, I could introduce you to a great salesman we had here. Good luck shopping!
  • arussell89arussell89 Member Posts: 5
    I caught the tail end of a national TV commercial last night advertising a JGC Laredo for $299 per mo. for 36 mo. with $1706 total down (included fees but not tax). Did I catch that correctly or is anyone else aware of such a deal? Thanks
  • altray3altray3 Member Posts: 1
    I am going to look at a 1996 4door Cherokee Sport with 4wd - it has 65,000 miles and the guy is asking $9,800 - i am looking for a good used SUV that i will hopefully have no problems with and will last me a few years. Any one have any problems with the 1996 model?
  • gsogymratgsogymrat Member Posts: 97
    I took my 1986 Jeep Cherokee to the Jeep service department today because my Jeep has a strong gasoline smell. The mechanic said the carburetor needed to be replaced. The cost:$1600. I about choked! He agreed the vehicle is not worth investing that amount of money. He gave me the numbers for a couple of mechanics who might be able to rebuild the carburetor but neither would do it. The odor is so strong I was worried it might catch fire but the mechanic said he didn't think so. So I guess I will run it until it drops. The bright spot of this story is they did not charge me anything.
  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    You can buy another vehicle for that kind of dough.

    Surely a carb can not cost more than $200, $500 tops. I'd keep looking.
  • eaganeagan Member Posts: 25
    Well today we went down to our local dealer and bought a new 2001 sport. We pretty much walked up, picked the one we have been looking at for what seems like years now, and told the dealer what we would pay for it. The window sticker was:

    21,915 Base Price
    945 Auto Trans.
    270 Tinted Glass
    45 Power, Heated Mirrors
    250 Speed Control
    245 ECCO Wheels
    20 Smoker's Group (didn't reall need this, but it was already on it and an extra outlet is always nice)
    75 Cargo Cover (again, not needed, but its already there)
    410 CD Player
    210 Full Size Spare (NICE!!)
    585 Destination Fee

    24,970 TOTAL
    -2,000 Rebate

    22,970 Adjusted MSRP

    21,050 Reasonable Price For The Jeep

    21,069 What We Paid (Before Taxes Etc.)

    We are located in central New Jersey and we used Global Auto Mall. So far we are satisfied with the dealership...we pretty much told them our desired price and they were 19 bucks higher (which probly covers the first tank of gas). We are supposed to pick it up on monday. I can't wait. O yeah it's patriot blue with the agate interior. Monday will come sooner than I i'm just waiting now...
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    Congratulations! Great choice.
  • christa824christa824 Member Posts: 17
    congratulations! I love mine (I have now had it for 10 days! :)
    Mine is also Patriot blue with agate interior. Great choice! Very sharp! Hope you have as much fun driving yours as I have driving mine!
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