Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Starting Problems

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hello all,,
i have a Chevrolet 1500 Silvrado Z71 2003 with start problem, it will not crank at all,, battery good and took it to the dealer and started fin without any problems there, but some times it will not crank at all, but it will start if i keep try for 10 or more times!!!

i changed the key but still the same problem?!!
any help appreciated,,

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    the problem is your starter, replace the starter, go to a mechanic place and ask them to replace your starter.
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    Hi! My question is in reference to my 99 Chevy Silverado 1500. It cranks, but won't start. I checked the obvious (out of gas, etc.) and changed the fuel pump/filter. It still won't start. Cranks and will 1/2 catch for a second, but then nothing. Before I sink a boat load of money into this thing at the dealership, any idea? Your help is appreciated. Thanks!!
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    I have a 2002 Silverado with 5.3L engine. Occasionally, when I turn it off, come back a few minutes later, it turns over but won't start. Leave it 15 mins and it starts. Recently wouldn't start at all, dealership put in fuel filter and fuel pump. Problem persists. Good fuel pressure (55psi). A second dealership has no idea of the cause; cjecked relay and its good. Message Center indicates low fuel when it's not starting (lots of fuel in it). Anybody have this problem, and know whats the cause?
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    RUSTY..........No imm. start when hot ?
    Sounds like the FPR (fuel pressure reg.). Easy to check.
    Locate the fpr. Run engine then shut off. Pull off
    vaccuum line on side of FPR....WITH ENGINE OFF!!!!

    If wet with fuel.........Its bad !!!

    Many posts of no hot start and FPR failures on older GM
    v-8 trucks around the net.............
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    My truck wont start . When I turn the key it cranks for about 1/4 second then nothing .
    None of the gauges or power locks and windows work .
    The battery is fine .
    Last night while driving all the gauges quit working and the a/c compressor kicked off , but the truck still ran fine .
    Any help would be greatly appreciated .
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    Start with the battery cables and connections........
    Problems with the battery bolts bottoming out in the
    terminals and not using/replacing the crush washers.

    BTW: Any mods or a killer stereo installed?
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    I have a Western snow plow . I think there is a short or loose ground wire somewhere . I got the truck running , but every so often when I hit a bump , the gauges go dead . I will be checking all the conections tomorrow .
    Thanks ,
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    I've got a 1988 K1500 with the 350 FI. It won't start, turns over, but won't start sounds like fuel problem. Fuel pump has been changed, fuel filter, Fuel pump relay, Fuel pump fuse, ignition coil, all have been changed or checked.

    Any ideas.
    It is getting power, just seems to not be getting any fuel.
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    The possibilities are endless.
    Start with basics.
    Compression. Spark. Fuel. Air in and out.
    Check the compression with a compression gauge.
    Use a spark checker to see if it has spark.
    Put a timing light on it and see what it shows.
    Use a fuel pressure gauge to see if it is getting fuel pressure.
    Is the air filter/tubing plugged? Is the catalytic converter plugged?

    When you crank it, does the engine itself seem to be puffing smoke (like out of the valve covers and oil fill) when you crank it over?

    What do you mean when you say it is getting power. Power to what?
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    it is sparking,
    it shouldn't be the catalytic converter since it was pulled 10-12 years ago.
    no puffs of smoke around the valve covers.
    I probably just need to get a professional to come towe it in and look at it,
    just trying to be cheep and do it my self
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    I just remembered something. :blush:
    Check the fuel injection and ignition fuses.
    They should be marked ECM-IGN and INJ A+B.
    I am betting one of them is blown.
    If it is blown, pull the air cleaner and see the pair of wires that goes to the injector. It is most likely worn thru the insulation and is shorting on the air cleaner.

    Let us know what you find.
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    i have checked every fuse that i can find on the truck, but will look at them again.
    now the wires leading to the injectors may be a problem. I know that one is worn and gets a little loose at times.
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    Let the fuel pump prime before turning the engine over ... then turn over without hitting the gas. If it keeps flooding you may need to get the ignition retarded or have the engine tuned. Automatic choke issues may cause problems.

    It could be the fuel filter needs a change. Using an engine additive may cause problems too as it dissolves so much sediment in your tank that it clogs everything up.

    Starters are bullet proof on the Chevy but worth changing every 10 years as is the alternator.
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    I have read several posts similar to my problem and still have not seen much about it being fixed, so any help would be great.
    I have a 92 Silverado 4.3 V6, 5-spd manual trans. Truck will not always start when turning the key, Dash lights and radio fire up but engine does not fire. Most of the time I hear a click and sometimes there is not click at all. If I let the truck sit for 5-15 minutes and try again, it starts right up. I have had this problem off and on for more than a year and sure it must be a simple fix. I have changed fuel pump, filter, starter , plugs, battery, neutral safety switch, wires, plugs, cables, coil and still cannot find out what the deal is. It is as if there is a relay being tripped or a fuel pressure backup somewhere that needs to dissipate before the truck will start. If anyone has any ideas, I am certainly appreciative.

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    1995 3/4 ton truck with 454 was sputtering, changed fuel filter, ran little better. Next day it sputtered at stop light, limped home and next day started it and it died and will not start now. Checked fuses(OK), checked fuel filter(OK), no spark. Help!
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  • diehard40diehard40 Member Posts: 5
    how about the fuel pump, however they often (or at least in my experience) don't give any warning prior to going out.

    For those that have replied to my 88 problem. I finally got it solved. After changing the fuel pump initially and not solving the problem, i thought it may just be a bad pump and was gonna change it again. that is when i noticed that somehow the ground wire was broken that goes to the fuel pump. repaired it and it fired right up. Often the little things that get overlooked or missed.
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    Hi My father in law has a LTZ crew cab 4x4 and has had the same problem. His battery is getting run down because the fuel pump runs and runs. It has been to the dealer 4 times and they are putting there heads in the sand. They have contacted a lawyer and may have to envoke lemon law. My inlaws hate the fact that they even have to talk with a lawyer but the spent 45k on this truck and he does not know if it will start or not. Next time you run around in it when you shut it off see of you can here pump running. It may be a short in the wiring harness. Yesterday we went down to a fishing hole on a bumpy road and it started doing it. He really wants to keep this truck but it has been a real heartbreak for him. If any one else has any ideas would be greatly apreciated. I am on here to check for them you can email me direct. [email protected] Thanks
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    Is this code indicate simply replacement of CMP? thanks for help
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    I have had this truck for three weeks. Yesterday I was at the beach fishing and on the way back it would not start. Initially it started, and withing 5 feet it bogged down and would not start after that. The battery is fine, the starter seems to be fine (it keeps cranking but the engine does not start). I got it towed to the dealer and will be finding out more soon. I hope this is not the beginning of a chronic problem. But in case it is, I was hoping you could give me some information on how to recover the cost / or how to approach using the lemon laws to get this thing replaced?
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    My brother bought a 2003 Silverado from an American insurance company. It has a couple of dents and scratches but we can fix that. Unfortunately the car arrived in Holland without a catalysator, so my brother bought one from a scrapjard. The only problem is this catalysator is for a 2003 v8, it fits perfectly. But the connectors from the lambda sensors are different. We managed to connect them, but the engine won't start. It turns over for around 3 seconds and then stops.

    My questions are:
    Is it possible to use a v8 catalysor on a v6?
    Do we have to change the 4 lambda sensors?
    Is there an other reason why the engine wont start?

    I would really appreciate it if someone could help us out!
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    It revs!! Apparently recharching the battery was enough!

    Only problem now, it's stuck in 'P' and it wil only almost shift to reverse!
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    I have a 2003 Silverado, and in the last year and a half or so it has decided that it randomly won't start. When I turn the key all the lights and gauges, radio etc comes on, but the truck won't start. It does not make any clicking or anything, I have been to the mechanic more times than I care to think about and no one can figure out what is wrong. It happened today twice in less than one hour, and it has never done it more than once in a day, so I went to the mechanic, and of course it started. The starter has been checked, its fine, new battery, cables are tight, relays have been changed, and it keeps happening. I feel like I am loosing my mind over this, and since I never know when its going to happen, it worries me because it may be 5 minutes to an hour or more before it decides to start, and I dont need to be stranded for that long by myself.
    If anyone has any ideas, please let me know, because I can't just keep dropping it off with mechanics for days at a time and never finding anything out!!
    ~*~ Sarah ~*~
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    Just died dead in street. Replaced fuel relay .. it was Ok .. replacd fuel filter It was bad.. Pump checks out fine and pressure of gas is to the box behind the carb? Disconnected the two lines (feed and return) from the fuel tank ..clear and under pressure ? If primed it runs quiet well, but I can't get fuel to the carb? Help
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    Had an Ods Aler (GM product) same thin.. replaced the igniton and was told by the dealer if the key is a bit off . the car will think it is a theft and shuts down the fuel system? Never happened again after the relacement? good luck?
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    I have a 2000 silverado and it has a starting problem. It takes me about 3-4 times to start it. It turns over everytime, but wont start until the third or fourth time. It sounds normal when i try and start it, it just wont start. When it does start it takes a second for it to completely start up, like its struggling for fuel. Ive already replaced the battery and fuel filter. It seems like a fuel delivery problem to me, or maybe a sensor is going bad. I have no way to tell that because no check engine light has come on. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Just had the dead in the street issue here . got it resolved... changed fuel flter/ still no result /then checked pump /had pressure..came to find out it takes a lot of pressure aout 50# to supply fuel to carb. changed the in-tank pump and screen ans it is now fine ......good luck
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    Thanks, i appreciate the help
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    hey i got the same truck, same problem and have no idea what to do, changed the fuel filter, checked the plugs, changed a bad o2 sensor still got nothing if you have any answers at this point i woould really appreciate it thanks

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    I am having the same issue. Have you found anything that will help us?

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    We chaned the fuel filter, checked the line for pressue and had pressure to the carb, but did not get a start. Then changed the fuel pump (in tank with the screen also required), and got a start immediately. System requires a high pressre to wok anseven with a working pump we were not gettingenough pressure. A new ful ilter and screen did the trick. AS a preventitive measue we has also at first changed the fuel fuse relay? Pressure at the carb from he pump is the key. Good Luck
  • mmoonmmoon Member Posts: 5
    We chaned the fuel filter, checked the line for pressue and had pressure to the carb, but did not get a start. Then changed the fuel pump (in tank with the screen also required), and got a start immediately. System requires a high pressre to wok anseven with a working pump we were not gettingenough pressure. A new ful ilter and screen did the trick. AS a preventitive measue we has also at first changed the fuel fuse relay? Pressure at the carb from he pump is the key. Good Luck
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    Hey all,

    I have a 2001 Chevy 2500 HD. For some reason which I cant explain I'm having problems starting it. I've changed the batteries, alternator, spark plugs and spark plug wires, and fuel filter. Now ever time I try to start it up I can hear to fuel pump kicking on, I can smell the gas going through to the engine and the starter is kicking, but the engine just is not catching. Does anybody out there have any clue as to why my truck won't start aside from kremlins?

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    Hey guys,
    2002 GMC HD, about 80,000 miles, having problems starting.
    She starts alright, but it seem to take a few cranks.
    At first it I thought it might be the gas., but I've goon through several tanks of gas. I've replaced the fuel filter, the ignition wires, the plugs, and the fuel filter again. Any Ideas?

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    My truck starts roughly only when it is cold in the morning after it has been parked for 10+ hours. Plugs and wires are new, idle air control new, pcv valve new....any ideas? This has been going on for a long time. Thanks in advance.
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    My 2003 silverado will not start in the cold. My battery keeps getting run down and then I give it a quick jump and and it runs fine. My meter says that the battery is retaining a full charge so that leads me to believe my alternator is fine. Any suggestions.
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    Problem maybe fuel pump also have experienced this simular prob with 02' Avalanche. Found that if I pump the gas pedal 1 time before starting it will start 1st or second time always so far, lot of cash to replace rite now, will wait until goes out. Hope that helps
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    replied to wrong thread sorry
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    I have an 01 Sierra with 6.0 V-8. Drove it a few miles last week and shut it off. Went back a few hours and it will not start. Does not crank, grind, click, anything. All electrical systems "appear" to be working. Battery is not dead, all fuses and relays in the fuse boxes have been checked. It is as if there is no power at all going to the starter. Any ideas?
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    i have a 03 with the same problem its like its completely dead i need help
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    I have a '02 Chevy 1500 5.3 liter with 55k miles. I put on a K&N air filter and tornado about 3 years ago and was consistanty getting 17.5+ mpg. During the last 7 months, mpg has been steadlily, consistantly going down. My last tank was 13.5 mpg for the same kind of driving as usual. The air filter is clean, I replaced the fuel filter, the tire pres is good, the spark plugs were replaced (they were in good condition), and I get no indications (check engine light, eng perform.) that something is wrong. I use premium gas because I found that I got more mpg per dollar by doing so.
    Also, in the Chilton maint book it says that a bad EGR valve could cause poor mpg. The thing is that my eng doesn't have one even though my VIN # (with a "T" in it) indicates it should (the chevy maint people can't explain it). The decrease in mpg seems to have started when I put on all terrain tires. The psi on these tires are 45 (compared to 35psi stock tires) and they are about the same in diameter. If it were the tires, wouldn't I see the difference instantly and not over time? The Chilton book suggests checking the exhaust and emissions systems. How do I do that? Any other suggestions??
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    Own two 2000 Chev pickups. One of them will sometimes start with a "metal clanging" sound, and the battery gauge will be low. Now when it does this, the key will not turn the truck off . . . it finally dies. This noise problem/low charge problem is not happening every time truck is started, but seems to be getting worse.

    The other 2000 chev p/u would not start, so bought a new battery, started, but the battery charging gauge is low. Help, pls.
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    HELP! 2002 silverado 4.8 4x4 extracab 90kmi.Is it possessed?several times over last few months,turn key to start-guages go nuts and truck goes completely dead-nothing,nada,zilch.Happened today.Sitting there with driver door open,scratching my head,door dinger began working and interior light began working,but only clicks when key is 750cca battery.If I turn key to on,volt meter in dash reads 14v-turn key to start and goes blank again-as if no battery were in truck.
    ANY CLUES???????????????
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    i had the same problem with a 2003 2500HD 4-WD diesel the problem was the gage cluster was draining the batteries when it was sitting for more than nine hours it was not related to cold weather it happened in the spring. it was just like yours it wold run fine once it was jumped off but every time i got up in the morning or got off work it needed to be jumped off i took it to the dealer i bought it from it cost $500 to change the gage cluster i also had to replace both batteries the first time i went to the dealer one battery was bad and they thought that was the only problem but i had the same problem the next morning after the battery change the other battery was bad after they changed the gage cluster maybe this wiill help you
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    it is common for the gage cluster to cause simmilar problems i noticed with mine the gages didn't move a fews seconds after it started for a month before it started draining the battery the bad news is it cost $500 dollar for the computerized gage cluster i did a lot of research on line and the gage cluster was a common problem with 2001-2003 bowties
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    i dont know if yours is a diesel but mine is it has been doing the same thing for the last week until today it wouldn't start at all i think it is sucking are around the water seperator valve on the bottom of the fuel filter it got dark today before i could finish working on it but i think i found the problem it cold be water in the fuel or it could be sucking air around a fitting possibl around the filter
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    fuel pump can work but not provide enough presure newer chevrolet need 50# of presure a weak fuel pump is a common problem with boe ties
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