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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Starting Problems



  • dynomuttdynomutt Posts: 4
    I found out why the OBD-II port was not working. The cigarette lighter fuse also powers terminal #16 in the OBD-II port. I replaced the fuse and was able to scan the truck. But, no codes came up. Scanner says: "3 Readiness Monitors" Misfire, Fuel System, Comp Components. I have no idea what those are.

    Thanks for you help so far.
  • Hi Mike I have the same problem truck well start and idle for 1 minute the sputers then dies what was your problem
  • idagoidago Posts: 1
    Need some help. 2000 GMC 5.3 L sierra, I just ran a quick errand and when I got back into the pickup to leave, I turned the key and all I heard was a rapid clicking sound. Not sure if this is the starter or a relay or what. Any ideas??
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Hard to say with the clicking sound but it probably isn't a relay rather the battery or the starter. If it is the battery make sure you have the system tested with a load in case the battery was killed due to a bad alternator. Sometimes you can get a starter to work by banging on it with a hammer.
  • ahinsonahinson Posts: 17
    check the alternator
  • donthemandontheman Posts: 1
    I have a '99 Silverado that won't start. Several months ago I replaced the fuel pump, truck ran great. Check engine light came on weeks later, codes were P0440, P0446 & P0452. I was told the codes were not to important, so I did nothing which brings me to my current problem. Last weekend I had trouble starting the truck. It acted as if it wasn't getting gas but I got it cranked with it spitting & sputtering. I changed the in line fuel filter thinking it was clogged. That didn't make any difference. I talked with auto parts clerk who suggested it could be the air flow sensor and that I could spray carburator cleaner into the ??? & if it started then yes it was the sensor. I went home and tried it and behold it started. I live 20 miles from the closest auto parts, so I drovve back to town & got the part. Installed it but still won't stay cranked.
    I have no clue as to what else to check, any help would be great.
  • robert128robert128 Posts: 1
    OK - I have a 1996 Tahoe with the 350 with 175,000 miles and have had a similar problem? Randomly it chooses not to start although it turns over, gets gas, spark etc... I have had it into a shop and had the fuel pump replaced twice? 1st time it worked for a week then quit again so it was replaced and still did not work. Then, randomly, it will decide to start? The mechanic is stumped and checked all the normal things like fuel pressure, spark, yada, yada....

    It then just began working again back in march and worked fine ever since until about a week ago when I went to start it on a Monday morning(sat 2 days) and it would not start? took the other car to work and that evening it started right up. Ran it for a while and shut it off and it started right up again. Left it overnight and it has not started since? It has gone from very dry to a lot of rain and humidity lately but other than that nothing else has changes. One other thing - if it is in the "Not Starting mode" the check engine light is on but as soon as it begins to work again the light goes off?

    Help - I do not want it to go to the shop for another 2 weeks and not work any better than before. By the way, the truck has 175,000 miles, been well maintained and other than this issue runs great and has a clean bill of health per my mechanic who had it for 3 weeks and shook every wire back in March.

    I am befuddled

    Bob Urban
  • yamahogyamahog Posts: 2
    I own a 99 silverado,5.3.had problems starting in the pastso i came here.I changed the full pressure regulater and it was fine.The problems arose again so i changed it again oops did'nt help.filter is good,pressure seems good.can anyone give me a punchlist to check?new battery starter fuel filter,air filter the basics have been addressed.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Change or clean the IAC lately?
  • I have serched but didn't find the same problem i'm having so this is it.
    I have a 1997 gmc that will not start, I have 60psi fuel for the first two seconds or 50+ while trying to start. It will start and run if you put gas, starting fluid etc.. down the intake. but will not start back unless you do the same. It has not set a "check enging light" so I don't think it would have a code bit set.
    This is not the first time I have ran up on this problem, I had a similar problem with a 99 Tahoe. It would start then stall, most of the time while the air was damp. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
    Lynn Davis
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    This could be a defective check valve in the fuel line which allows the gas to drain back to the gas tank.
  • Thanks Obyone
    I'll do some more checking. I failed to mention that I removed the return line from the intake and installed a rubber hose in its place, cranked the engine over the press was 50+ psi but no gas out of the return line. That seems strange to me, I would have thought the pump would supply the gas then the regulator would let only what was needed go to the injectors and return the rest to the tank.
  • Hey fellas, don't no if any of you can help but here's the problem. My 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 4.3 L has a hard time starting after it has been sitting for a day for two. The first few times I noticed it I thought the battery was dying. It would take 3 - 4 tries to get the engine to turn over.

    I've checked the spark, its good. I just put a new battery on and I know its getting fuel.

    When I think it's just about to catch I release the key and it sputters for a bit before quiting.

    Any ideas??
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    There is a check valve in the fuel line. If the valve fails, it allows gas to drain back to the tank. If that's the case it would be hard starting till the fuel pump can pressurize the gas in the line. Usually takes up to 10 seconds. A good way to test this is when starting leave the key in the "on" position for 10-15 seconds. If your truck starts right away, you know the check valve is the problem.
  • obyone
    I have made some more checks and found two codes P0118 coolant sensor high and P0122 throttle/pedal sensor low.
    I replaced the crank sensor, testing I had no 5vac. I do now but still will not crank unless you put some gas in the intake.
    Do you think the cam sensor could cause it not to start?
    Oh yea, I am using my spare key that is almost new. I was told if the key was worn it could be a security issue.
    Any help is appreciated.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    P0118- The ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor could have a bad connection; open ground or short between the sensor and the pcm; or a bad sensor. This could cause a no start condition; or start and run bad.

    P0122- TPS sending signal too low voltage. Could be short to ground; not securely installed; or defective TPS. This normally would cause rough/low idle and/or stalling.

    I think your best bet would be to check out the ECT first then the TPS since you have the codes and the ECT could cause a no start condition.

    Hope this helps.
  • changed the wires and plugs...starts like a dream now. thx
  • I have a 96' gmc sierra 1500 2wd. Has been left at the curb for about a month. Started it, drove to a store, could'nt start it later to leave. Replaced the fuel filter, dist. cap and rotor, coil has spark, engine turns, but will not start, even when key left on for awhile, then cranking for about 15 seconds. any ideas? no probs. other than this one. thanks,
  • Thanks to all who posted to my problem.
    After chasing my tail for two weeks I installed a new fuel pump and filter. It starts right up.
    I don't understand why when the old pump showed 70psi when you first turned on the switch and would hole 50psi while running. Anyway, for any of you that may be having trouble like mind change the pump it doesn't cost that much.
    Thanks again.
    Lynn Davis
  • I have a 2003 Chevy 3500 that only wants to start in the morning. When the engine is warms up it does not want to crank right away sometimes not at all. I have taken the truck to two different dealers and everything looks good on there computers. I'm not sure if it is electrical problem of fuel problem. I installed a new fuel filter thinking this could help but no luck. Can someone help me out?
  • I have a 2001 GMC 1500HD that every now and then i will go out and get in it and it wont start.. it will not even crank over like it is going to start... i can hear the full pump kick on and all cluster lights come on.. Has anyone ever heard of this? i have heard that it could possibly be the starter?? Im lost and it is very annoying... Can anyone help??
  • How do you access the intank fuel pump and do you have to drop the tank....I am having the same problem with the truck just dying on me...I changed the spark plugs, the fuel filter and the air filter and still no luck with it starting. I can hear the fuel pump running but my problems seem to be the same as everyone else so I again need to know it the fuel pump and screen are the answer....and how do I get to it....Obyone, do you have any ideas??? Does anybody have any ideas? I need my truck----and I need it now....
  • had same prob on 96' gmc sierra, slid the bed back about 2ft after unbolting it(four on each side) and disconeccting two grounds, after that, piece of cake. make sure you replace wiring. usually what goes bad.
  • I have an 08 sierra with onstar.In June the battery was stone dead on a Saturday morning. I boosted it and took it back to the dealer. They checked it and nothing showed. It has an active management alternator on it also. It is hard to get used not seeing the alternator charging all the time. I thought that was the problem but it checked out. On the last Saturday of September, the battery was dead again. The next day, I received my monthly onstar report. I checked my old emails and the last time the battery was dead was the day before the Sunday onstar report. As it turns out, the onstar diagnostic runs everything on your truck but the lights for six hours. If your active management alternator hasn't been charging the last time the truck was driven, your battery is stone dead after the diagnostics are transmitted. Supposedly, there is a GM bulletin on this problem, but what is the cure? Get the onstar disconnected? Anyone else have this problem with their 08 truck?
  • Hello All, I have a '96 GMC Sierra. 5.7 liter. For the past month or two has been a little hard to start when the truck has been sitting for 5 or more hours. however the second it starts I can shut it right down and have no problem restarting. after leaving it for 5 days became impossible to start when cold without starting fluid. again the moment it starts I can shut it off and restart it immediatly with no hesitation. I replaced all plugs and wires, Battery, Fuel filter, to no avail. changed fuel pump yesterday and now it wont start at all. Pump is running and fuel is getting to the pressure check valve on the fuel rail.

    Dave :cry:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Yes but sounds like the check valve has failed since it doesn't hold the pressure after 5 hours and thus the hard starting.
  • you know I thought check valve, however, it didn't help at all when I leave the key on to run the fuel pump for a few moments. And since replacing the fuel pump I can't start it at all.
  • my 1996 chevy van,just started this..right after it started raing.after the draught..we had a hot dry summer.i was parking it in the i park it on gravel.i have the crank trigger on the crank shaft.but it could be a sensor.and there are lots of van cranked in the rain.with the front end,parked on gravel drive keeping the front out of the wet grass..thats all i know to do.i know it is not the fuel pump.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    There are only two things to check when there is a no start condition. That is spark and fuel. One of the two is lacking now to figure which.
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