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Chevrolet Aveo Engine Problems

theflyguytheflyguy Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
While driving home from work yesterday, I heard a knocking noise coming from my engine. I was just pulling into my parking lot and shut it down. Found no oil on the dipstick. Had it towed to the dealer, appears front crankshaft seal failed. Did I mention its a 2007 Aveo5 with just 11k on it. Dealer will not replace engine, they are going to repace the crankshaft, and bearings.


  • I Have a '07 Aveo with 7500 miles I have changed the oil twice since i bought it and at the second time i noticed some oil had been leaking from the filter seal. So when i put on the new filter i made sure to tighten it a lil extra. that was at around 4000 miles. this past week i noticed some smoke coming from the hood and it was oil leaking again and dripping on the manifold pipe. and it ran for about 5 minutes yesterday parked in one place and when i backed up there was a puddle. i rechecked the filter and its tight. Ive been changing my own oil for 12 years and never had a problem with a filter leaking. Has anyone else had this problem? When i changed the oil the first time i had to use a pair of channel locks to loosen the factory installed filter thats was rediculus but is it nesisary?
  • I've had this problem on other vehicles caused by the rubber gasket from the old filter sticking to the engine block. Then you can't get a good seal. You said how hard it was to remove the original filter. Maybe the old gasket is stuck to the block.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I change my own oil and filter as well. Always have on every car/truck I ever owned! That first time I changed my filter I had to bang a long screwdriver through the filter and twist for 45 mins to get the damn thing off!! Good to know I am not the only one with that problem. It was on that tight. Personally, if I had this kind of leak, I would go to your dealer and find out if the area where the filter comes in contact with the block is straight and even. MAYBE when you changed it the first time you accidently made it uneven, since you had a hard time getting it off. I assume it is the same tiny engine as my 2006?
    It is under warranty...might as well find out if you damaged it by accident, or if there is a factory problem. Maybe the engine block wasn't cast perfect and that first filter was on so tight to cover up their own mistake! Not that they will admit to it. BUT you can get a good look at the area and see for yourself. I assume you did check the oil drain plug of course? That has to be TIGHT,and I have been told or read in my owners manual that there is some kind of 'sleeve' in there that has to be replaced, but not till like 50k miles or something like that. Maybe you pulled out this sleeve and the plug is the cause of the leak? Let us know.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Well I'll stir the pot here. I just changed my oil and filter...used Mobil 1 5W-30 Synthetic and a Fram filter. Cost me $28. Got the oil on sale,by luck! ONLY $5.50 a quart!. Mine takes 4.5 quarts...even though the manual says it is suppose to take UNDER 4 quarts even with the filter changed to. Anyway. I do all city driving as you know, and had 1,950 miles on it between the last oil change and this one,also 4.5 months. Do you all go by mileage,time,or a combonation of both? Since I never get on the highway, it is considered 'severe driving' by the owners manual. So it says 3 months or 3,000 miles. Well it was over 4 months, but well UNDER 3,000 miles. So I never know if I am wasting money by changing it so much, especially with synthetic oil, or if as I always say..'it is cheap insurance to change it frequently to protect the engine'.I know oil builds up acids and carbon deposits in the oil when you drive. Thus the reason you have to change it. The cleaner the oil, the better the condition the engine stays in. So I was at 4.5 months...but only 1,950 miles. And synthetic oil is suppose to last MUCH longer between changes. Since it doesn't leak any oil,and doesn't burn any oil...I am wondering if I am being TO careful?? What is everyone else doing? :confuse:
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    I think you are being a wee bit overcautious....I change mine at about 5000-7500....and the oil looks okey.
  • barbdrbarbdr Posts: 1
    I had this issue as well; apparently it must be an oil filter from the dealership, because it has a gasket that needs to be changed each time. I bought mine new, and just took it in with an oil leak issue, and had previously had the oil changed at an oil changing facility, and because they didn’t use the correct filter it developed a leak.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Sorry. But I didnt mention anything about an oil leak. I know a gasket comes off with every filter. I have never had a gasket NOT come off. I just always do my own oil changes...that way i know what is in my engine. But the factory filter was put on my some super strong robot. It took me hours to get the first filter off. I was just asking about peoples oil change routine/time.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    So....did you get it fixed and is it working now? Or has more happened? Is it a manual or automatic transmission car? Did you have the oil changed just before that happened? Maybe someone didn't do the job right? And all the oil leaked out and caused the seal to fail? Or they didn't even put any oil in...wouldn't be the first time that has happened to someone. Would that cause that to happen?
  • junker1junker1 Posts: 1
    2004 now with 42000 miles on it. This started with about 32000 miles on the car. Radley Chevrolet replaced the top end and the valves per the factory. 1 hour after leaving its back with the same problem and error code. now they replace the catalytic converter.
    months go by and then wammy its back again. now they say the code was caused by a blown fuse. a week or 2 later , Hello there we are back once again. The same error code again. This time they keep it for a week before they decide Ohh can we give you a rental vehicle ? This is 4pm on a friday night. it was more trouble than it was worth. BAM last night less than a week later it has started bucking but with no error code as of yet and it is a weekend.

    what a piece of crap ! ! ! ! ! !
    OH believe me I have much harsher words to say.
  • theflyguytheflyguy Posts: 3
    After 3 weeks in the shop, the car has so far preformed ok. It seems that the oil pump failed per the mechanic at the dealership, when it did so it made enough metal that the seal was cut. Reason for the long delay in the dealership was first they replaced the crankshaft and bearings, that did not fix the problem, as the head and cams got trashed with oil starvation. So they replaced the head, cams, etc. Funny thing or not so funny, when I inquired about it being cheaper to install a new long block, they advised could not get one, this for a car thats been out 4 or 5 years. go figure. Oh its a manual trans, I forgot you had asked. Anyway do not trust it, going to dump it before warranty expires.Oh here,s the biggy, the idiot light never came on when it lost oil pressure and started knocking.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    The idiot like didnt come on.....doesnt it have an oil pressure gage?
  • theflyguytheflyguy Posts: 3
    Does not have a pressure guage on the Aveo5. Still running fine since repairs, speaks well for the dealership. I am a long time Chevy guy, still going to dump it and go more mainstream. Funny thing is I commute back and forth between Seattle and Northern Idaho, driving 75mph it gets about 32mpg. While it was in the shop I had a Malibu loaner. Drove it back and forth twice, guess what nice smooth ride 32 mpg at 75. No jarring, swaying in the wind, horrible whistling noise when driving in windy conditions. Might be my next car.
  • joesaveojoesaveo Posts: 1
    does anyone know how to set the timing on my 04 aveo 1.6
    i see the marks on the gears how do you put them when puting on the belt :confuse:
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Seems I am back to MY same problem. I can tell everyone else when to change their oil,but not my own. While i am following the 'severe oil use changing' schedule, I still don't know if I am wasting my money or not!
    I have only put on 1,575 miles on the car in 4 months. When I changed it, I used 100% synthetic oil and high quality filter. Do I change it now,even though the oil is suppose to last for nearly 7,000 miles. Or go by the amount of time, and that says to change it at 3 months, since the oil is creating acids and other by products,and that is the reason to change the oil in the first place.

    Obviously I have a lot of miles to go with the synthetic oil,but it is now at 4 months,going on 5. Should I change it or get the use out of the synthetic oil and use it for at least a few more thousand miles? BUT it will take many more months to rack up a few more thousand miles
    up to maybe 8 months. Is that to long in time to wait..or is the oil protecting the engine from the acid and by products? I just cant figure out which to go by, time or mileage..IF I use synthetic oil...and I do and will continue to when I change it. Any input? :confuse:
  • ilaveoilaveo Posts: 26
    I've never used synthetic oil so I can't really tell you how it will hold up. I use a 5K interval on our cars because that seems to be about when the oil starts to look, feel, and smell different. If I were you, after the recommended time interval I would be sure to check the oil carefully after every tankful of gas and watch for changes in the look, feel and smell of the oil. I doubt that you need that oil change yet, but you should keep a close eye on it now since you don't know how long you can go.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Those factory filters are always put on super tight for some reason. If I am not mistaken you have pretty good access to your filter, where I have worked on other new vehicles and couldn't get a good grip to break it loose and ended up pounding a screw driver through it in order to get enough leverage. If you have changed the oil for the first time than you should be ready to switch over to synthetic. If you use the severe driving schedule maintenance, I would probably stick to 5,000 miles or so, but I may last longer. I would check the oil manufactures website and maybe ask your local dealer. A lot of new cars, mainly GM, have that oil monitoring system that lets you know when it needs to be changed. Those systems with just regular oil usually last at least 7,000 miles before the light comes on. The choice is up to you. I have never used synthetic and prefer regular dino oil. When you say high quality filter do you mean AC/Delco? I would definitely not recommend Fram because they are not built as good, and the internals tend to deteriorate leading to possible clogged filter. I have seen some ratings and for Fram they are not good.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Yes. I use Fram. I always have. For over 25 years of changing my own oil and filters. And the synthetic gives me 1-2 mpg more than regular oil. So do the Bosch Plus 4 spark plugs. Or I would be back at 15mpg all the time! I had to get the FIRST factory filter off by punching a screwdriver threw it to get it off it was on so tight! The robot that day must have been on super strong when it installed it.!!

    I wish I had the monitoring system,but our little Aveos dont have that expensive option in them. Guess I'll go another 1,000 miles...and then change it..Maybe like 2 times a years. I drive so little this time of year,till October, I will be lucky if I put 500 miles on it by October.
    So I will just change the oil and filter at the end of next month,and go six months from there.

    Just wondering. Has anyone had their GM dealer change their oil and filter? I have a coupon to get a free oil and filter change and body lube...what they can lube is beyond me..but ,has anyone had this done,did they do a good job? Did you end up with oil leaks? How long did it take to get it done?
    I WAS going to do it yesterday...but after waiting over an hour for them to open up,I had another hour to go..I got bored and gave up! So I left. But has anyone gone through a GM oil change,and what was your outcome?
  • nordy200nordy200 Posts: 14
    For your mileage I would recommend only a one a year oil change. One thing I would strongly recommend however is to take the car out for a long drive once in a while so that the oil gets good and hot and boils out the accumulated moisture in the sump. That water can form some bad compounds in the oil if it sticks around, even in small amounts.
    On filter changing-be sure to coat the gasket with clean engine oil before you twist the new filter on. It is generally recommended to only hand tighten a new filter, or to turn the filter about 1/4 to 1/2 turn after it first contacts the mounting base.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Good advise on the oil filter. I'm sure flaaveo knows about coating the gasket, but I have known people who didn't with near disastrous results. Yes 1/4-1/2 is about it after you hand tightened to the max.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Not wanting to start an argument with you, but AC/Delco and Wix brand filters are the best quality money can buy. I am glad you haven't had any problems with the Frams, but the internal valve bodies and materials are inferior to the others. I wish I still had the test results that I read about last year which tested 5 or 6 brands.

    On a related issue, K&N filters are bad for your engine. I have used a K&N in my truck for over 10-years, and also have one in my Honda dirt bike, but tests have shown that they don't trap as much dirt/sand as a standard air filter, but they do provide slightly better air flow. I will likely go with a standard paper filter in my next car. Also Split Fire spark plugs are a waste of money. I used to use them years ago but didn't see any difference whats-so-ever other than less money in my pocket.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I FINALLY got around to changing my oil today. I just hit 5,000 miles! Only took 15 months:) Anyway, I got lucky and found a sale on full Synthetic oil,Valvoline. Buy one get one free! I couldn't believe it! So it was only $10.00 for the oil..barely more than for an all conventional oil change. And I got a AC Delco Filter. Can you believe the 'salesman' at Advance Auto actually said NOT to put that filter into a Chevy! It's made for Chevys!!

    And it was actually cheaper than my usual Fram. So I went with the factory recommended brand. So it came to only $14.00. Usually my oil and filter changes run over $30.
    This buy one get one free sale is great! I should go stock up on it.

    I am still at only like 1,700 miles between oil changes,but it has now been over 5 months, I think, since I changed it and the oil is JUST starting to turn brown. So what the heck. I'm changing it. And I think I will stick with 3 months/3,000 miles rule.

    But that Royal Purple oil I used last,has lasted and stayed CLEAR till just last week. So it has done a great job...for over $7.00 a bottle it should! But it has been so hot here this summer,and I do ALL city driving,but I go for a long haul once in a while to try and see if I can get some mileage out of this engine. I actually got 21 mpg last week! I almost fell over!! But I think I just added my numbers wrong. But with gas now at 'only' $2.68 at my last fill up on Friday. It said I got 21 mpg...but it was a different station. So...I take it with a grain of salt. And this Valvoline full Synthetic is new to me. I usually use Castrol or Royal Purple...but this stuff was such an unreal sale,I couldnt pass it up. I know it isn't 'bad' oil. I just never used it before. Well..time to go for a drive and see if I tightened everything correctly:) :)
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    If you're changing oil at 3000 intervals just about any SM oil will do fine. In fact, if you're changing at 5000 mile intervals just about any oil will do fine. I think RP is a bit over priced but that's a lot of money to be deep sixing at three grand. I take it the Aveo doesn't include an OLM like American Chevys.

    Most Delco filters are now made by Champion Labs. Much better than Fram (what isn't?), but essentially the same as a SuperTech filter for two bucks and change, although filtering medium might be a bit more with the Delcos. Champions have that nylon birdcage like core that should really help with oil flow.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Boy I'm lost...what is 'SM' oil...'RP' oil...and 'OLM' I am totally lost in this posting. Sorry. And I managed to stock up on 100% synthetic Valvoline oil for only $2.99 a quart,while it was on sale! That is the same price as most plain oils. So I wont be paying more than anyone else for the next 1-2 years....depending on how long I keep it.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    The miles are more important than the months. I would change synthetic oil once per year regardless of miles.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Once a year!!! My god! If you let oil go that long unchanged, it would be a thick black goo! And just be ruining the engine. I think you read something wrong. I would never let it go that long. I think I said I have 'stockpiled' synthetic oil, since it was on sale for less than plain Dino type oil,so now I have enough FOR a years worth of oil changes. I change it every 3 months to 6 months at the most.
    I wish I could change it once a year like I HEAR you can if you have synthetic oil and drive as little as I do. BUT oil produces acids and 'goes bad' if it just sits in the engine over time. Whether it is Dino oil or Synthetic, it needs to be changed, because it does produces acids and other by products,when it is running or just sitting,that is why you HAVE to change the oil,it is suppose to 'go bad',it picks up the combustion byproducts that the engine makes as it runs.

    So,I go for 3-6 months. Knowing it is synthetic,I know I CAN wait for 6 months...even though I only might put 1,500 miles on it in that time. :shades:
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    My Honda manual says 7500 miles or 1 year. Pay your money and take your choice. Why don't you ask Shipo?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    You might think about every four months with the synthetic. Twice a year for low mileage is not out of the question according to some auto writers.
  • After reading all the messages on this site, I was wondering what is the final opinion on which is better - regular oil or synthetic oil. And what is the mileage for a change?
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Synthetic is the best you can buy. It holds up to the heat and the wear in the engine much better than Dino oil. That is why it costs so much more.It gets you better mileage, and makes your engine last longer. It is slicker than Dino oil,so it produces less wear in the engine,so it last longer. I just cant get an answer to how long it last and when to change it. It is suppose to last 2-5 times longer.

    But others say to still replace it at 3,000 miles. BUT when I only put 5,000 miles on my car in 15 months! I cant leave it in there for nearly a year. But if you can afford it,go synthetic.Its kind of like buying 'Pepsi', instead of a generic 'cola drink'. You know the difference. And which would you rather have? I know I want Pepsi! :)
  • I have been using synthetic oils in my cars for over ten years.I have used OE filters in most cases. I do work on the three Chevy Aveo's that my employer owns for our company use,They all get synthetic oils.The original filters were Very tightly installed!I run them for 8k between changes.The fuel economy has improved on all cars when they passed the 2-3k point. none have oil consumption issues(12k to 34k as of 10/1/07).#3387 filters are what is required,I wouldn't use another spec because I think there are thread pitch differences that may cause filters to loosen as the car is driven.These cars also seem to like new air filters! the fuel mileage seems to be most affected by the replacement interval of the air filter! I am not a filter salesman.I just observe and record info and maintenance intervals.The Aveo has no zerk fittings on its suspension parts.The only lube points for the dealer to attend to are hinges and latches.The ONE bad mechanical thing about these cars is the fact they have an interference engine design.So,timing belts should be changed at the recomended interval and NOT LATER. I think the auto trans cars should get it changed at 50k. I also dont recomend that tires be replaced with less than a "H" speed rated tire.I drove one with a cheaper non speed rated tire, This car is dangerous to drive without the better tire. the car is very UNSTABLE on cheap,soft sidewall tires!
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