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Chevrolet Aveo Engine Problems



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for the issues you have had with your vehicle. Have you had the present concerns looked at by the dealership? Or do the concerns still persist? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • 303303 Posts: 2
    2008 has a 100,000 mile warranty.
    Blown head gaskets are not a wear and tear item.
    A blown radiator hose can cause overheating and a blown head gasket due to
    warping the head.
    It is Chevies problem not yours.
  • huffcutthuffcutt Posts: 1
    Thanks for the helpful suggestions! I had my wife read them step-by-step as I worked through them. Just a couple of quick notes. On my 2009 Aveo, a 15/16" box end fit the oil filter cap. From the left (manifold side), I could just get enough of the cap to take it off. I plan on buying a socket and swivel joint though for next time. Also, there was a yellow mark to identify the oil plug, but it was on the housing next to the oil plug and not on the oil plug itself.
  • smalltown2smalltown2 Posts: 2
    Most likely your catalytic converter was going bad; they fail all the time on Aveos.
  • smalltown2smalltown2 Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    I have probably shelled out 10K so far on my husband's '04 Chevy Aveo. He has a talent for picking lemons. We are now averaging about $500 in repairs per month. The timing belt broke at 51K and destroyed the engine, which I replaced, since we are paying for two more years on this car, but that was a mistake. Now, the catalytic converter is going bad and the car is not even remotely worth the cost to fix it. It is not even worth keeping around for occasional use.

    This car has been a strain on our marriage, and needless to say, I will never buy another Chevy as long as I live. "Disposable" is a kind word for this car.
  • mscheeksmscheeks Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    i bought a 2004 chevy aveo in november 2007. by march 2008 the car completely cut off i spent $2700 dollars to get the timing belt and some stuff to the engine done. from then till now i have had the car in the shop every year till now. and now the engine has locked is there anything i could do because i still owe $5000 on it.
  • My Aveo occassionaly accelerates at random. The dealership says there are no error messages on the copmuter.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Jonesrow,
    How long has this concern been present? Have you taken it to another dealership for a second opinion? Has a service tech rode with you and experienced the concern as well? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • 48,000 miles. Car overheated and I blew head gasket. I replaced and at same time replaced water pump, timing belt, serpentine belt, etc. When all back together it started right up and seemed to run good. Then, eventho temp gauge showed normal, it appeared engine was overheating and check oil light came on. Since I had just changed the oil, put in new coolant, etc. I was surprised. Now, cannot find out why overheating, but sure causes clattering of valves (I guess). When cool, all is fine.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,338
    With the valves clattering, the oil MUST be low. Could be that when you took everything apart and put it back together, oil that normally sits in other places than the oil pan waiting for you to check the level isn't there, if you know what I mean. Since you've run it, check the oil level now and I wouldn't be surprised if it's low

    Edmunds Moderator

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  • Thank you so much for your response. Unfortunately, I did check the oil and it was fine. Since it does not clatter on start up nor is the oil light on, I think maybe that part is okay. Seems that when it gets hot, the oil light comes on and the clatterinig starts. Like maybe water is not circulating even tho' the temp gauge shows normal. Thanks again for helping! I sure need it on this problem.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,338
    Ah... another detail... the oil light... could be that the oil pump has failed. Oil not getting to where it needs to be would explain the clattering, and the heating up due to lack of lubrication. And if it's heating up because of lack of lubrication, I would want to find out what the cause is immediately

    Edmunds Moderator

    Silver 2012 Nissan Versa Hatchback & White 2019 Nissan Rogue S

    Need some roadside assistance? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Just purchased or leased a vehicle? Write your own vehicle review

  • This may be a strange question, but this has happened several times. I have 2010 Aveo we bought in November 2010. Nice little car. Here's what happens. At the same place on the same highway near our house it often either starting skipping or nearly stalls. It doesn't completely stall, but regains power after about 10 seconds.

    The only thing I can see is that there is a cell phone tower nearby and some high voltage power lines over head at that place in the road. It doesn't do it every time, but has nearly stalled three times, and often skips. It's worse at night. It's always at the same place on the highway.

    Any ideas?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Have you taken your vehicle to the dealer? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • When I had trouble with my Aveo hatchback stalling, it turned out to be an ignition problem. If you leave your ignition key dangling on a key chain or in any way, whenever the road is such that a bit of roughness creates some shaking, the ignition shuts off. That problem existed in a new Aveo two years ago. Maybe Chevrolet fixed that problem. I took care of it by taking my ignition key off the chain and using it singly without support.
    - Burton, Wolfe, publisher of Mind Opening Books
  • No I haven't taken it to the dealer since I'm sure it would be just fine there. I thought I would ask around first, then maybe call the dealership.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    spethel ,
    I would definitely recommend doing so. Please keep me posted.
    GM Customer Service
  • My experience with our 2009 Chevrolet AVEO LT Sedan started about 3 months after we purchased it. The car was purchased used and had 36,000 miles on it; so we figured it was a rental or a program car. We purchased an extended warranty (hoping that would help). The first time the problem happened was while driving one day; just before a major intersection. I had to stop at the light. There was a line of traffic in front of me. The first thing that happened was when I let off the brake to edge forward, the car LUNGED forward; so I slammed the brake. When I did the RPM’s started jumping up and down. The car started sputtering; I let off the brake again and it LUNGED again. When the light turned green I pushed on the accelerator and it was as if the engine was not getting any gas. I pushed the peddle to the floor and it finally went. Once it acted normal I continued down the road; only to have it start again. I pulled into a parking lot; and the car became very shaky and the tachometer was bouncing up and down. I pushed on the gas and the engine just cut off.
    Since then on a regular basis the car will lose power to the engine; when stepping on the accelerator peddle. The car acts like there is no signals from the accelerator peddle to the throttle assembly. There are days when it does nothing at all. There are times when it happens then the engine will just seem to return to normal, then out of the blue the engine will lose power again. There are never any warnings or check engine lights. None “HAVE EVER” come on. We have taken the car to 3 different Chevrolet dealerships; and to one independent garage; who did have the problem happen once while I was driving with the owner, but the OTC GENISIS Device could not identify what was happening, it just recorded the history of the event. None of the Chevrolet dealers could get it to duplicate or find any codes in the 10 days they had the car. The problem has continued off and on now for almost 6 Months. I have been taking videos with my HTC DROID when the car is having its problem (for all the good that will do). It is like keeping a journal. I show the RPM spikes and drops; the sudden deceleration and the “No response when the gas peddle is pushed. The problem has occurred at all speeds, including when on the freeway. The problem happens at times within the first few minutes of driving; and there are other times it may only happen once or twice in the same day. The car has gone up to two week without the problem happening; then starts again and is even worse for a while. We have already spent over $600 on various (so called fixes); including a complete fuel system cleaning (Including the THROTTLE BODY CLEANING) none have ever helped. I was told By a Chevrolet Dealer it was a bad O2 Sensor (But no check engine light had ever came on). O2 Sensors always cause a check engine light to come on. My wife refuses to drive the car. I think it may be the entire ECU COMPUTER; but no dealer wants to admit that, due to the cost involved.
  • I was told by the dealer today they will no longer help with our car. No buy back. can't trade it due to negitive equity. 3 weeks ago they said they would do what ever it takes to help; since it was our 3rd vehicle we had purchased from them. They acknowledge the issue, but are under no obligation to help; so they have decided not to. So we will be stuck with a "used Lemon' . and no recourse. Welcome to 2011.... :mad:
  • I have had a very similar time with my 2009 Aveeo. It's a piece of crap. At 30,000 it needed $600 service. Now the transmission is going. I can't afford this car!! I'm totally upside down on the loan, the thing won't run, Chevy dealer is useless. Today it won't accelerate. I've had check engine light, oil light, HOLD light all on and off, on and blinking etc. What a waste of money this car has been.
  • hello just took delivery of a brand new Aveo petrol model 1.2 DOHC 16valve 60 miles on the clock and at idling of 500rpm it dont seem to be idling that smoothly at normal engine temperature. If I crank up the revs to 1000rpm the engine to's and fro's from 1000 to 1500rpm on its own. when on 500rpm it stays still there at 500rpm but sort of vibrates rather than idling smoothly. Do you reckon should take it back to dealers, or should I wait until engin has 'run in' a bit more seeing as its new or maybe the ECU is working in 'safe mode' and after amount of time will 'learn' and then it will idle better? - what do you reckon? its not bad but its a bit of a niggle especially on a brand new car like this.
  • I am having a problem with the 2009 Aveo that we just purchased. It only has 38,000 miles but randomly won't start. I'll put the key in the ignition, will turn it - all the dash lights turn on like normal but - there's nothing - it just won't start (and no clicking noise like a bad starter). I end up having to reinsert and try 2 or 3 dozen times until finally it starts without any hesitation - almost like a bad connection that just randomly touches and is then ok. But the frustrating thing, like I mentioned before, is that it is random. It generally happens once every 20 starts or so.

    I'm really upset - this is our family's only car and having to use it for both my wife and I to get to work and for a newborn that needs to go to the doctor for checkups is really stressing my wife out.

    Any and all feedback from anyone having a similar issue would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks.
  • It is most likely the timing belt going if it hasn't broken already. Mine was doing the same thing and that is what it ended up being.
  • The engine is not being engaged when I turn the key (i.e.- the starter isn't even turning the engine over) ... almost like a bad connection in the ignition. But it's not the timing belt because the belt only comes into play when the engine is actually running or at least trying to start. Additionally, the car runs clean and smooth w/ no smoke when it does finally start.
  • I have a 2009 Chevy Aveo LS, 4 door sedan with 5 speed manual transmission and 1.6 Ecotec egine. About one week ago I got the infamous flashing yellow engine symbol light and car began to run rough, idle rough, lose lots of power and gas mileage drop 10 mg a gallon immediately.

    1) Went to Autozone after checking on this website and researching the internet for others that may have similar problem. Code reader at Autozone gave a P0303 cylinder misfire #3. Thus I bought 4 new spark plugs, Platinum NGK V power to replace the copper tipped NGK from factory. Hoping this might be solution or at least a cheap fix if lucky. After finally figuring out how to take off the black plastic cover to the engine ignition coil pack that had the four spark plugs under it, I changed out the old plugs and put in the new ones.

    2) NO LUCK, car did run noticeably better but still flashing yellow engine light and slight rough idle within few miles of driving with new spark plugs. So call dealer and set up appointment to have them run their diagnostic machine check on the Aveo. This will cost you so expect to plunk down at least $75-$100 just for them to hook the machine up to your car but it is worth it.

    3) Today I am $307 poorer! Yes, I have over 57250 miles on the car, all highway, so warranty of bumper to bumper was expired and no good. Apparently after doing more research, Aveos seem to all have a problem with their ignition coil or what the dealer calls coil or coil pack or coil bridge which sits on top of the four spark plugs with 4 black rubber boots that look like [non-permissible content removed] on a cow hanging down, literally. Inside those black rubber boots are the spark plug wires. Basically unlike other cars where you can just change out a bad spark plug wire for $25 or less and take out bad spark plug wire and put in good one, Chevy Aveo does not allow for that, YOU will have to buy the entire new coil pack or ignition coil pack, there is no way to fix just one or replace that bad spark plug wire, thus you have to buy the entire coil!

    3) After doing much research and seeing other Aveo owners comment and checking ODB code reports, around 30,000 to 60,000 miles on Aveo there is a high probability that you may have a spark plug wire go bad inside this coil pack causing your check engine light to come on or stay on or flash or blink and it may give you the P0303 code. Thought others on here would like to know this so they do not drive themselves crazy trying to figure it out or spend lot of money on other areas trying to fix this problem that are not necessary.

    4) I paid $144 for the labor and diagnostic machine reading plus $152 for new coil pack today. I got off easy I thought considering that I priced a new coil pack at Autozone and Oreillys last week and both were $762 - $815 each! I only found one other place online that had the new one for $426 for the coil pack alone. Granted it is not hard and is easy to install this coil pack, simply disconnect the connection plug on side of it, unscrew 2 Torx size 40 screws, lift up coil pack then put the new coil pack in it's place and done, then re-connect connection plug and put back in screws. Only should take 5-10 minutes at most. Key here is finding that coil pack though under $300, just was not able to do it so I took it to the dealer.

    5) WARNING For those of you that think, oh what the hell, I can drive it anyway, so what if I lose a little power and light flashes or it idles rough I will get it worked on later when I get time. DO NOT DO THIS. You will ruin many more other parts or components that tie into your emission system, engine system and exhaust system which will screw up the catalytic converter, O2 sensor, and many other miscellaneous parts. The first two mentioned will run $150 for O2 sensor or more and the catalytic converter will run around $1000 or more to fix plus it could even harm engine valves and heads, not counting the labor also.

    So it is not worth it. Go get it fixed immediately or stop driving your Aveo until you can have it fixed.

    Had mechanic today tell me that he had worked on 3 other Aveos last year that the owners had ignored this warning light and kept on driving the car for many more thousands of miles until it would not hardly run or start at all, then try to have it fixed and ended up causing serious damage to the Aveo and having a several thousand dollar repair bill. Thus if you get one of these flashing engine yellow lights or the light stays on constantly or you go to Autozone and get a code reading of P0303, I strongly recommend you go to your dealer ASAP and or if you know where to find one of those new coil packs for less than $152 you can do it yourself.
  • My experience with buying a new 2009 Chevy Aveo has been pretty good.

    Only problems I had during first year of ownership the dealer resolved immediately and did a great job with no hassles. Very pleased with the dealer, it is actually too bad Chevy does not include the actual dealer mechanics in their product design or get ideas or suggestions from them first before building or designing a new car, for it is these people that actually know what will work and last and hold up well as opposed to the engineers that come up with some pretty stupid ideas for design thus causing a lot of problems for the car owner and a lot of needless repairs.

    Year 1 - I had to have the weather strips along both driver and passenger door adjusted and built up and re-attached so the howling wind or squealing loud wind noise would stop, and dealer fixed this for me during first year.
    Second problem I had and it was covered under warranty also was the front left wheel bearing went out, no big deal, just a slight noise which I knew what it was immediately from past experience owning other car brands having same problem, dealer fixed this as well. This is something that happens and is normal wear and tear, I actually think I did it when I hit a hidden pot hole on I44 turnpike in Oklahoma last Feb running about 75 mph, since right after that I noticed the noise coming from front left wheel. Who knows maybe not. Anyway it was under warranty and got it fixed.

    Year 2 - No problems at all, drove for entire second year and no problems other than the fact I had to replace the Hankook factory installed tires. After 27,000 miles they were completely wore out and no good, should have at least lasted 40-50 thousand miles, anyway at the end of year 1, I had new Hankook tires put back on the car, that was not good idea and was a big $300 mistake, I do not recommend Hankook to anyone now, they are not good tires to last, or well you do not get your moneys worth out of them at all, they wear out too fast and are far too expensive since they only last one year or year and half. This second set I have are ready to be replaced now and only have a little over a year and one month driving on highway with them after 30,000 miles. And this was with me rotating the tires 4 times in one year, helped a little bit, I may be able to get through spring and summer but doubt much more longer than that.

    Year 3 - Check engine light came on and started flashing within couple blocks of home driving in from work last week, car immediately began to run rough, idle rough, misfire and lose power. I took it to Autozone and had it checked for free next day and got the ODB code P0303 when checked for free at Autozone. Changed out spark plugs, improved the rough idle and loss of power and gas mileage but still it was flashing check engine light and running rough or missing and losing power. Took to dealer yesterday, out of warranty now, I have put on 57,684 miles on it in little over two years, all highway driving 55-65 miles hour for work. Anyway, problem was the spark plug wire inside the ignition coil pack that sits on top of the spark plugs, unable to repair the one wire that was bad, have to buy entire coil. Checked prices at parts stores and best I could find was in $400 range for new coil, thus I ended up paying $307 to have new one installed. $152 for parts and $144 for labor of which $75-$100 of the labor is for the diagnostic hook up to machine that can tell Chevy mechanic exactly what is wrong unlike the Autozone hand held code machine reader you can get them to check with for free. Anyway I spent $14 on new spark plugs also at Autozone and even though they were not in bad shape yet I replaced them, according to manual they are to be replaced every 25,000 miles and no more than 37,000 miles, so I guess 57,000 plus out of them was not bad.

    Conclusion - for what I paid for this brand new in Jan 2009, $10,675, I really cannot complain, and overall have been very pleased with the car or well more then pleased since it has exceeded my expectations. It is a manual 4 door sedan LS 2009. The gas mileage has been great. 40-46 mpg on highway driving always at 55-65 or more. The lowest gas mileage I ever got was 33.5 mpg and that was driving all in a city one week in stop and go traffic. Never have had a problem with anything tearing up inside the car, no road noise issues, no body part issues, no squeaks or noises, just the things I listed above. If I could have found a ignition coil pack for the car myself for under $300 I would have done this last repair myself but just the way it goes.

    For all of those that have had bad experience, I feel for you that is no fun and expensive, but looks like Chevy is putting the AVEO to rest now this year and will not be building anymore, thus not much more time left for griping or complaining about this model of car! Looks like a new model, the Sonic will debut this fall and take AVEO place. Oh well, now to got look for some deal on new tires. It never ends, all any car ever does is cost a person money to operate them, an ongoing expense necessary to work or live in USA, no more no less than another tool. And well all tools wear out or need to be maintained, just a person hopes to buy a car for small amount of money and hope not to spend a fortune repairing it or keeping it running.

    Maybe some day they will make a car like that, I have yet to own a car or truck yet that did not have to have something done to it or repaired or replaced or worked on and I have owned many. I just try now to buy or operate the least expensive model to buy and operate/repair that I can if I can. It changes from model and make each year sadly if a car makers gets one right for one year it seems they always change it in the next year or so it goes and one year model is never the same quality. Go figure.
    Anyway here is wishing everyone owning AVEO many trouble free miles of driving.
  • 65guy65guy Posts: 1
    I am sure it is the timing belt. Even though it looks fine the teeth on the belt wear off and timing is messed up. My daughter has the same car and has it has the exact same issue. Just found out it will cost her about $3000.00 to fix and I would rather she just junk the pile of scrap metal.Good luck with yours and I hope for you it works out better.
  • Wow...I am suprised at some of the posts with the Chevy Aveo. Mine just turned a little over 106,000 miles and this car has paid for itself. My check engine light is on...the code is reading the second 02 sensor. I've never had any major repairs with it. Just its normal wear and tear and up keep at this milage. (battery, new belts, breaks, rotor rotation, tires, spark plugs, wires, and a couple worn hoses...Now looks like just an O2 sensor needs to be replaced) I had the issue once with the flashing engine and hold light. It was spark plugs. I hope that helps. I am going to continue making the little repairs to my aveo. I plan on giving the car to my mother who drives very little to start with. I want to make sure it is in good shape and will be safe for her. Im thinking about purchasing the Chevy Sonic once it hits the market.
  • dalekinderdalekinder Posts: 2
    edited April 2011
    So, where to start... About 2 months ago I had the timing belt on my aveo changed and new tensioner etc.. 3 days after I got it a loud noise was coming from the timing cover. So we called the shop and we forced them to bring back the car to take a look. My dad is a engineer/mechanic (retired thats why we had to take it to someone to do the belt job) and he told them the noise was not normal, so after the shop hassling us about having to fix it they finally did and it ended up being the tensioner being over torqued and broke. So thats replaced...

    Today I let my GF drive my car to work on the way home she had called me and told me the engine jolted real hard lost power and then died. When I got there to see what was wrong the car will turn over but not start. Engine shakes a little bit when trying to do so. Car has a little over 134,000miles and has not been hot rodded in any way.

    We got the car towed home (thanks triple AAA, I def recommend their membership to anyone who does not have them it will save you a crap load!) my dad first sprayed some starting fluid into the intake, it wont even start from that or act like its going to. we took the spark plug from #1 firing and conducting a test with a curtain hanger and a long wire connected to #1 on the cap and grounded it and started.. it has spark.. so no issues there. When we try to start it just turns over and thats it.

    I dont think the timimg belt is broke bc the engine is not locked up. however we can not take it back to the same shop that did the work because we had to sign something for them to fix the tensioner for the 2nd time for free because they gave us hassle and the document basically says their not liable after any issues occur after its fixed.

    All the lights light up like normal when the key is on, I can hear the fuel pump turning on when the key is turned so I dont think thats the issue, where should we start? Is it possible that it jumped time. Any suggestions would be helpful at this point before we tear it down and start trouble shooting, I think the first thing is to see if it did infact jump time, and maybe the 2nd tensioner went bad, wont know until we pull it apart. Thanks for looking and for your time! I look forward to seeing your responses.
  • Hi. to all that have the aveo stalling problem. I had it too untill today !! My 2009 Aveo would stall almost daily while driving in town, specially after it had warmed up and run also very insecure even on the highways. Molle chevrolet in Blue Springs MO found the problem. They combed through the whole car and found it to be a ground wire behind the dashboard. Tech term = Repaired dash ground 102. The car runs now without any problem. They fixed a few other connectors. it is definately a ground wire problem. The car runs so different now it is amazing.
    I hope this is helping everybody with the same problem. Make sure each reports this problem to GM, so they can make a decission to make a serious recall since it is not safe to drive the car , plus the diagnostic is not reading a darn thing, neither is any warning light coming on in the vehicle.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I am glad to hear your dealer was able to fix your concerns. I most definitely agree anyone experiencing issues should report their issues to GM. If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Service
  • mrszackmrszack Posts: 4
    Purchased our 2010 Chevy Aveo 94 days ago. It stalled the first week, continued to stall the second week. Keeps stalling. I have been in total denial since purchasing this car thinking it was just the new car needing to be driven host of reasons. Thinking-Wishing-Praying it was "is" just a glitch...temporary thing and today the sad fact is it is NOT! Now we have charged the battery twice it will not hold a charge. Now I am reading all of the problems with this Aveo here on Edmunds and other posts. I know with all the info on the Internet I should have done my homework before buying this car. Looks like I am in for an Electrical Problem. Right now I am to see the tow truck driver first thing in the morning to tow it to Medved Chevrolete...absolute imposition total drag and frankly is it right to have to have a car repaired that only has 254 miles on it! ? !
  • barkydogbarkydog Posts: 45
    My 2009 has about 8000 miles on it with no problems. This could be as simple as a loose battery cable. But since you say the battery "will not hold a charge", it might also be that you have left a door or a light on that is draining the battery.

    I can understand your frustration, but don't condemn the car prematurely.

    OTOH, DO "hold the dealer's feet to the fire" and have them diagnose and correct the problem.
  • There is one other possibility you might check. If you use a key chain or key case that dangles from the ignition switch, that can cause the switch to go to the off position - hence, the "stall." It is best to use the key only in the ignition switch.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I can understand your frustration with this being a new vehicle and all, but I am glad to see that you are planning to work with the dealership to resolve the concern. Please feel free to keep us updated regarding the fix. Thank you.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  • You are totally wrong. I traded it in on a Hundai Accent. I refuse to deal with cars that have problems which can't be easily identified. I need reliable transportation. I will never buy an Aveo again.
  • mrszackmrszack Posts: 4
    James the mechanic at the Dealership frowned when we picked up the car. They replaced the battery. James mentioned that if there is a ground wire problem they can not find it and if it happens again have it towed in again and they will look again. He said sometimes Electrical problems are illusive and take a few tries to fix. ....Not Good for me good for you for having an Aveo that you can trust.... as for my Aveo ... I don't trust it.
  • mrszackmrszack Posts: 4
    BWolfe thanks for the suggestion. This Aveo was purchased for a Flower delivery business. The actual flimsy white tag with the Vehicles vin# is actually the only key available for this vehicle, I locked up the spare- we have yet to even put it on a key chain and this vehicle which has been driven 3 times, again it only has or had 254 miles on it when we experienced stalling problems and this now battery that lost its charge.
  • mrszackmrszack Posts: 4
    First time it was taken from the Dealership at 8pm and at a stop light it stalled. Second time a trip to the Flower shop from its stored location and it stalled third time a trip to Home depot and it stalled I drove it that last time and it was in the middle of the day, the trip was quick, I did not even turn on the radio, needed no exterior lights and when I returned it was parked. I dropped off a set of keys for someone and did not load a thing into this car. So how someone could leave a "Light" on defense totally blows. A car should not lose its charge. Somethings amiss. The stalls by the way twice were
    when the car was at a stop light while idling. Once just after starting the car it started idled stopped. The fourth time we attempted to drive this vehicle dead battery that the tow driver (we called triple a forgetting about the warranty) Triple A said this battery wont hold its charge. So was of right now hate to say it but there seems to be an Ground wire problem with this Aveo.
  • dappismom1dappismom1 Posts: 1
    sorry to hear about your troubles...My daughters car has had similar problems...It started stalling..she would stop and restart and no problem...4 weeks ago it stalled and wouldn't restart...had it towed to shop....timing pulley broke and damaged heads/valves...$1700 to repair that....last week it was making a loud noise/she pulled over and we towed back to the shop....It has thrown a rod/ damaged engine/ engine $4200....get rid of this's not worth all the I'm stuck with a car that doesn't run and I still owe money on....
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    Thank you for the updates. Please continue to work with your dealership. Keep me posted on any information from dealership.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • clowniexclowniex Posts: 1
    I got my 2008 abel last year. The day after I had it it was in the shop three days in a row for the oil light problem. They " fixed" it with a sensor that goes to a volvo. Now the the head gasket has gone out and was a longer job to fix that expected. That was thankfully covered by the extended warenty. Now two days latter it is back on the lift. I had to have it towed there after the oil light came on and the engine was leaking oil like a stuck pig. Now the oil sending unit is blessing out from all around it, and im in a rental yet again. Don't know the warenty is going to cover this or not yet, couldn't get an answer on that one from anyone yet. I hate this car. Chevy needs to recap this rolling money pit before some one gets seriously injured or worse. As soon as I can I am dumping this car and getting something that isn't listed on car sights as a "bad idea," before something else goes wrong.
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    edited May 2011
    we have a 2009 pontiac g3(same car as aveo5) with exactly the same problem. Finally took it into dealer having 18,000 miles. They didn't have a fix for it, they reflashed the computer and said we'll see if it's fixed. Needless to say it's not fixed. we probably have to wait until it doesn't start at all and need a tow. Otherwise car is good.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    Could you please email me your VIN? I would like to look further into your situation.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    vin#KL2TD66E89B653820, THANKS
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I would like to set up a case with GM Customer Assistance. In order to start the process I will need your complete contact information (including full name, mailing address and phone number), current mileage and involved dealership sent to me in an email. Also, could you please provide a brief description of the problems you are experiencing?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • coinslotscoinslots Posts: 4
    This problem was solved a long time ago, thank you for trying to help. It was the idle control valve if I remember right.
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