2009 Honda Civic

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I know what you are thinking. This is a thread about the 09 version. Apparently according to Hondas release schedule the Civic will get a MMC for 09. No info has been released but some usual changes will be made. Possibly some Hybrid and NGV changes could be made as well.

As this time goes on more info will be posted as soon as it's a available. Stay tuned for more updates.


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    yeah, this is when they start tweaking the apperance and interior a bit and maybe add a few ponies.

    i would imagine:

    a few new colors, or at least color combos

    slightly different front fascia and taillights (and maybe a chrome exhaust tip standard on the ex sedan?)

    145 hp for the hp wars

    and maybe a true analog tach like in the 07 accord, instead of one that is backlit a la fit. it'll make the display match a little better too.
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    We'll probably see the VP trim for 2009. And perhaps ESC at least as an option (ala Corolla and Elantra), if not standard (ala Accord).
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    I don't suppose we'll see anything dramatic with the '09 MMC? People seem to be polarized by the way the car looks - some love it, others hate it. But the car seems to be selling so well that Honda probably won't change much for '09.

    That's unfortunate for me, because I'd like to see some dramatic improvements. New bumpers, new grille, new tail lights.... well, okay, there's a chance we'll see some of this. But what I'd really like to see is a new interior. Nicer materials. New dashboard. Traditional gauges (goodbye two-tiered dash!), new gearshift and parking brake... The interior is the main reason why I refuse to purchase the current Civic.

    I'd like to buy a Hybrid, too, but I'd like to see black or gray interior colors. WTF is up with blue as an option?
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    I agree--I don't think Honda will make major changes since they would be expensive and Civics are selling well as-is. They made few changes in the middle of the prior generation--mainly a new plastic nose piece and grille, a tweak to the taillamps and small changes to the interior. And I am trying to remember if they made the side airbags standard for 2004 also. Will probably change colors, and maybe trim lines e.g. something like a value package.
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    We love the two-tiered dash as it's so much easier to read without taking one's eyes off the road. It just falls into the natural line of sight so one's can be kept on the road...where they belong. I do agree about the padding on the arm rests and certain other areas of the car though...they could use a more durable and softer fabric. And the plastic does scratch easily. Nitpicky things I know, but Honda needs to get back to their reputation for taking care of even the smallest details.
    Backy, on a side note. Just left BJ's and they had a leather lined 6 cylinder Sonata in the front and it was unlocked. Couldn't believe how nice the leather surfaces were, smooth and soft as a babys butt! Seemed very upscale to me, but we haven't had leather since the '60's & '70's when the folks drove Cadillacs and Lincolns. Comfortable seats also and pretty nice ergonomics to boot. A step down from the Camry and Accord, but Hyundai is 9/10's of the way there. Was very impressed to say the least. And I'd bet the Sonata is only a little bigger than the Civic in length anyways. Good job Hyundai! :)

    The Sandman :)
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    I too love the 2-level dash for much the same reasons. It is good design. And I come from a family of artists and designers so I (and they) know good design when we see it.

    This is my 1st Honda after 4 Toyotas (3 Camrys, 1 Highlander). I think there are a few things that need to change (some are more possible than others) for 2009 et al.

    A few quirks come to mind:

    1) the fundamental uselessness of high-revving/low torque engines for urban use is a biggie. Probably means this will be my only Honda. Fun car, just absolutely gutless.

    2) why not have the headlights JUST TURN OFF instead of the stupid noisemaker? The cost of the required relay is probably less than the chirper thingee.

    3) (coupe only). When you do the auto-move on the passenger seat to access the rear seating area, why can't it go back to the recline angle that it had? Every time you do this you have to reset the seatback angle. PITA

    4) Is the civic the only car in the world without visor exensions?

    Little things I like, and hope won't change:

    1) the hide-away hanger hooks in the rear seat. clean design and durable.
    2) the cast-in arrow in the oil pan to denote the oil-drain plug. genius.
    3) the correctly-oriented oil filter (unlike toyota's insane upside-down filter, which guarantees oil spill and since it happens to be right above the exhaust manifold, a stinky one at that.)
    4) worth mentioning again: the two-level dash. excellent.
    5) the sliding center armrest
    6) cover over the center cup holders
    7) the combo trunk/gas release, altho it could be a bit smaller and less garrish.

    and sandman, the Hundai leather (and that of any new car) is a far cry from that in the domestics of the 60s-70s. I drove lots of those (and worked for a cadillac dealer in the mid 70s). That leather was solid hide, today's is bonded leather, which is basically pieces-parts glued to a fabric and is incredibly thin. It does not hold up.
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    2) why not have the headlights JUST TURN OFF instead of the stupid noisemaker? The cost of the required relay is probably less than the chirper thingee.

    I agree! The last two cars I bought (both of which cost a lot less than a Civic, btw) have auto-off headlamps and it's just so logical, I don't understand why Honda wouldn't add that to the Civic. It can't be very expensive.
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    4) Is the civic the only car in the world without visor exensions?

    Nope. My $23k MSRP 2006 Accord doesnt have them. My grandmother's lower-level $19k 2002 Accord has them. Go figure!
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    Anyone think that Honda will add factory installed bluetooth as an option to the '09 civic?
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    Probably in the EX-L navi and Si Navi. Maybe EX navi. Honda has to work on a new revision of the GPS system. Maybe a Hard drive Navigation system.
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    In reference to the 2009 MMC:

    Does anyone know if they are going to offer Stability Control on the LX & EX, and not just the SI? Doesn't make sense. It's a life - saver.

    How about a diesel engine? That'd be fantastic! Much better mileage.
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    I have been holding off and am hoping for 2009 that they fix the stupid parking brake. I am on the tall side they way the have it located it is right in my knee. I am still driving by "96 because of how they designed that brake. I like the rest of the car including the 2 tier dash, cool. The other thing I would love is a power driver seat with memory on the LX. I can not buy the EX because of the sunroof and losing that much headroom. My '96 LX has more headroom then the current model and a sunroof is a killer. Upgrading some of the plastic and cloth would also be nice including a medium grey interior to hide dirt.
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    Yes they will add Stability control on all trims. I don't think there will be a diesel engine! Honda will debut that in the Accord and CR-V before the civic. Maybe on the next gen Civic in MY2011.
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    Hard drive navi is backwards. That's how the old ones were before they moved to DVDs. They will also be much more difficult to upgrade maps than simply swapping out the DVD.
    Portable gps with bluetooth works well enough except that you have to pull out your portable navi all the time so that the bluetooth handsfree will be available in case you get a call even if you only need the navi for driving directions a few times a month.
    If you use your gps to find addresses every day this doesn't matter, but I bet most people only need driving directions once in a while.
    I hope they make factory bluetooth available like it is in the Nissan Sentra and not require factory nav like they do on the Accord.
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    Well actually there were CD units at that time as well by the germans. Some hard drive units now use DVD's to update the maps. Just like upgrading a portable system. Pop in the dvd and you're set. . May be bluetooth with navi. Honda still thinks you should have navi and bluetooth together. Maybe it's because they already have the microphone so they could just use that.
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    Well, I loved the Civic Si 8th generation of the U.S, until I saw the European Civic. Has anybody seen it? Why can't they bring it? It's true, the Civic Si hatchback 05 model was not a hit in the U.S because of the model, but todays European hatchback is completely different.
    In Australia, the Civic was similar to the one in the U.S 4 door, and did not have the hatch. Last year, they introduced the European Civic Type R hatchback. Can this be possible for 09?
    For 2011, when the next model change is expected, do you all think they will make it available like previous years to own a hatch and a coupe?
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    4) Is the civic the only car in the world without visor exensions?

    Nope. My $23k MSRP 2006 Accord doesnt have them. My grandmother's lower-level $19k 2002 Accord has them. Go figure!

    I'd like to correct that. I just realized the WHOLE VISOR slides on its arm in my Accord. Maybe the Civic does as well?
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    It could mean VSA on the EX or even VSA only for EX-L with Navi.
    "VSA for non-Si trims" is vague.
    I assume the 350W stereo is just adding the small sub and amp that the EX coupes have had since the 2006 models.
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    New Headlamps with Halogen projectors. Not HID
    Refreshed front and rear ends
    Rumored LED tailamps
    New 17" wheels for the Si

    Revised tuning on the Si should give a small boost
    2 New replacement colors. 1 is Si Only
    Colors are supposed to be pearl white and some gray color.

    VSA for non Si trims
    Also a 350W stereo for EX and maybe hybrid sedans which is a possibility.
    Maybe bluetooth on navi models or as an optional accessory.

    Thats about a standard MMC as you can get.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Is that standard VSC on all trims? That would be really great--and I think the first economy car to offer standard ESC across the board.
  • ilragazzoilragazzo Member Posts: 3
    Sounds good, just hope they dont take out the special Si blue color.
    Also, where did you get the updated info?
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    My Si that got I bought last month doesn't have moveable visors. They fold left (or right depending on the side you are on) and flip down but that's it and unless you are under 5' tall I can't see why they would need to be lower. Traction Control can be turned off with a press of a button.
    The seats pick up lint something fierce but are very comfortable.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    My Si that got I bought last month doesn't have moveable visors. They fold left (or right depending on the side you are on) and flip down but that's it and unless you are under 5' tall I can't see why they would need to be lower

    When moved to the side windows, people often need to extend them further towards the rear of the vehicle for the visor to block sunlight entering from the side windows. The complaint isn't that they don't come down far enough. Make sense? :)
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    I think the reason why there is no iPod adaptor is that Honda could release a USB adaptor for the 09 civic. The USB port would allow full integration. The 09 RL's USB port just needs an iPod USB cable and thats it. The iPod USB cable can be brought along or can be bought cheaply. I got the info from 8thcivic. It's one of those stories where a friend knows someone from AHM. Don't expect a hard drive but a USB port can compensate for one. Also plays USB thumb drives / Hard drives. Hope this helps again.
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    Of course the could release a USB adapter for the 2009 Civic refresh.
    They could have done the same for the 2008 Accord (that was a totally new redesign) and yet they didn't, so it is very unlikely for the 2009 Civic.
    Maybe the 2011 redesign.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Member Posts: 531
    When moved to the side windows, people often need to extend them further towards the rear of the vehicle for the visor to block sunlight entering from the side windows. The complaint isn't that they don't come down far enough. Make sense?

    Oh I see yes extending them rearward makes sense I guess. I haven't had a reason to need that feature yet, since we've had more snow than sun but either way the Si visors do not extend and they are hard plastic as well.
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    Element and 06 civic got aux in before so that could be a possibility.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    Yes, but they were totally new designs at the time and the 2009 Civic is not.
    Probably not going to happen.
  • according2u06according2u06 Member Posts: 95
    Are these official or just speculations?

    Man, I'd love to see the new halogen projectors and refreshed rear(for the sedan, coupe looks fine as it is IMO).

    and if VSA were standard it would be awesome! :)
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    Is that standard VSC on all trims? That would be really great--and I think the first economy car to offer standard ESC across the board.
  • applecore323applecore323 Member Posts: 41
    Friend of mine works at the dealership, I believe it is official.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    I wasn't the person who posted that VSC would be available on the 2009 Civic. I asked the same question you did. We haven't gotten a clear answer yet.

    Maybe with standard VSC on at least some trims, Civic can take the CR "Top Pick" crown back from the Elantra SE, which grabbed it for 2008 partially because it offers standard ESC.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    Yes, VSC is important in the rankings.
    However, that also helped Honda in the case of the Accord:

    "In one category, family sedans, the Nissan Altima outscored the Honda Accord but lost out to the Accord because stability control is available only on an upgraded trim level."

    If Nissan adds standard or widely-available VSC to the Altima next year, Honda could lose the family sedan category for 2009.
    A 2009 Altima 2.5S or 2.5 SL with stability control would be a nice family sedan for people who don't need the additional rear legroom of the new Accord.
    For 2008, you have to get a pretty loaded Altima (and with the V6 or hybrid only) to get stability control on any Altima at all and that dropped it off CR's rankings.
    You have to get an Si model to get VSC on the Civic today, so that removed the Civic from eligibility this year even if the Civic might have had more points than the Elantra in other areas.
  • according2u06according2u06 Member Posts: 95
    Thanks for the confirmation! I'll be on the lookout for a new 09' Civic (for someone else, of course) when it's released! Great news!!! :D
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    The 2 spoke steering wheel in the current USDM Civic sedan is fine but the 3 spoke steering wheel has a really nice look to it. I'm wondering if Honda for the 2009 Civic refresh will use the 3 spoke steering wheel on the sedan models (DX,LX,EX,Hybrid). Every other country around the world uses the 3 spoke steering wheel in the regular (non-Si) Civic sedans. The North American market is the only one that has the 2 spoke steering wheel.
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    I just hope that they don't do to the Civic's exterior styling what they did to the Accord! I had really admired the 03-07 Accord, but I'm really turned off by the new bulky, frumpy looking 2008 model with the taillights and trunk lid that look like they came off of a 1980s Oldsmobile. Please, Honda -- keep the Civic sedan as cool looking as it is right now!
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    Fit is getting USB so it's very likely that the civic will get it for 09. The USB port can play iPod's and USB thumb drives.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    It's possible, but more likely it could be delayed until the 2011 redesign.

    The Accord did not get an AUX input when the 206 Civic got it. They waited until the redesigned 2008 Accord and they may do the same with USB and the Civic.
  • raychuang00raychuang00 Member Posts: 541
    1) The switch to the same headlight lenses used on the JDM/Asian market Civic sedan.

    2) A slightly revised instrument panel, probably with a new optional car stereos that include switchable high-speed USB 2.0 port direct control for Apple iPods, Microsoft Zunes, Sandisk Sansas and higher-end Creative ZEN portable media players through the car stereo controls.

    3) Revised valve timing on the R18 and K20Z3 engines for slightly more power and/or better fuel economy.

    One thing I'm watching for is whether Honda finally replaces the 5AT unit that has been around since 2003 on the Accord. If we go to a 6AT unit (which is quite possible given Honda's recent Japanese patents on small, compact automatic transmission designs), that could result in better acceleration and better fuel economy since the engine can be allowed to rev lower at freeway speeds.
  • totalsportstotalsports Member Posts: 5
    When do the 09's usually get to dealers?....
  • scottimusprimescottimusprime Member Posts: 19
    Most likely the '09s will come out in September. There's always the chance that they'll hit a few weeks earlier (August) or a few weeks later (October) but early Fall is typically when Honda releases their new models.
  • mcmanusmcmanus Member Posts: 121
    Looking to buy this summer. Only want a DX 5M (cheaper, prefer 15 inch wheels/tires for 40k of rural driving per year) but need A/C. Bought a Civic DX 14 years ago and paid $1000 to add A/C (right when the old CFC refrigerents were being phased out). So must have gotten an old unit with new refrigerents that are less efficient and leak more easily. Never worked well, needed annual recharging.

    Should I just bite the bullet to go with a LX or maybe a Fit 5M (but can't find them in my area).

  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    A couple of comments about your post:

    Are you suggesting that 15" wheel/tire assemblies will last 40,000 miles and a 16" setup won't? If that's the case, I'm thinking that you've been grossly misinformed, as I've never seen any scientific or empirical evidence that suggest a tire wear difference between 15" and 16" tires. FWIW, six of my last eight cars have had 16" (or larger) wheel/tire assemblies, and the only one that didn't get 40,000 miles out of a set of tires was the one that came equipped with summer only performance tires, tires that are designed to stick to the pavement well at the expense of tread life (which is typically between 15,000 and 25,000 depending upon how aggressively they're used). The flip side of course is that I just replaced a 16" set of tires on one of our cars late last year, and the set that I took off still looked pretty good after 65,000 miles. In fact, they looked good enough that had it not been for the fact that winter was looming large, I'd have left them on for an easy 10,000 more miles.

    As for going opting for an LX, if you need A/C, you're probably best off paying the extra $1,950 and getting the car with factory air. Think about it this way, that comes out to less than a $1,000 difference between the LX and the DX once you have A/C added to the latter (assuming you can find an aftermarket A/C system that is compatible with R134A for $1,000 installed). For the extra grand, you'll get a car that most probably has a more reliable HVAC system as well as a security system with remote lock/unlock, power mirrors, power locks, cruise control, a better audio system, a center console, and factory floor mats. I'm thinking that the extra money is well worth it.

    Best Regards,
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    Supposedly the build out for the Habanero red and Fiji Blue civic will be in May. So get those while they last. 09 will have some new Si only colors. Teal and Orange. Also the 09 civic will get a new Black Color. Expect a new brown color.

    Hope this helps
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    The LX is the better deal. Shipo makes a good argument. Shoot, i'd think Cruise Control alone would be an important upgrade for a highway/low-traffic car!

    Also, check the tires' treadwear rating. That will be the deciding factor, not the size of the tire.
  • ilragazzoilragazzo Member Posts: 3
    This message is for rv65.
    Hey, where did you get the info that the 09 will not have fiji blu and habanero red, and will stop production in May?
    Well, if its true I'm glad I am getting my SI in blue next week :)
    Would you know if there any changes for the new model?
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    I don't expect too many major changes. Maybe some here and there. iPod compatible USB port is a possibility. Don't expect a hard drive or something like that. Bluetooth is very likely on the navigation models. Non navigation models will have to deal with either an aftermarket kit or the repackaged blueconnect system. I don't have any details on this minor model change. I found the colors on the other forum. Also the 350W stereo could be put in the EX/EX-L sedan. That would be nice. Hope this helps.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    USB port will happen. Honda said at the 09 Pilot dealer ride and drive that it be on all models pretty soon. So maybe by 2010 all cars should have it. I expect this minor model change to have it. The radios are capable of having it. Thats why Honda isn't releasing an iPod adaptor since this USB port can do just that and with better integration. I like the idea of the USB port. Now you can play USB devices and iPod with just one simple connector. All you need is the iPod sync cable on any recent iPod and it should work just fine. It will likely work on all 4th gen and up iPod. Mini and nano should work just fine. No video with USB though. Hope this helps.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    They may or may not add USB to the Civic for 2009. They could easily wait for the 2011 redesign.
    When the aux jack came on the 2006 Civic, the 2006 Accord didn't get it. They waited for the 2008 redesign before adding that feature.
  • jkirk2jkirk2 Member Posts: 3
    I own a 2007 EX civic and need another-looking at 2009. Any new colors coming out?
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