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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • Cv joint boots require special clamps that are a one-time use clamp. There is also a special set of pliers to properly tighten them. It sounds like one of them loosened. Hopefully the joint isn't damaged. Once a new clutch is installed, it should be driven normally for a few hundred miles. Dropping a clutch is hard on motor mounts, as well as cluth plate torsion springs, splines, and other related components. But sometimes ya just gotta do it, ya know!! Usually when grease gets thrown out of a joint, the cv joint is history. If it starts popping in a turn, just throw a reman. half shaft in.

    Hope this helps.
  • pklaspklas Posts: 20
    I have been experiencing squeaks on my Civic since day one.

    After driving 30-40 minutes on the highway and then shutting the car off, the car makes really load squeaks upon exiting the car. It appears that it is coming from the front side of the car. Sort of sounds like a couple going at it on a creaky bed. When I try to rock the car, this creaking sounds is coming from the front wheel area. I'm concerned because the car also pulls and drifts at highway speeds.

    Also, I have been getting creaking sounds from the rear left in the interior after hitting larger bumps. I'm not sure if it is emanating from a window or seat. It is difficult to pinpoint.

    Anyone had similar problems or suggestions on what may be causing these creaks?
  • Well, those noises do sound peculiar. The drifting could be caused by low tire pressure, camber or toe wear on the tires, or an alighment problem. It is possible for a bolt to be loose, which, if it was your camber adjustment bolt, will definitely affect the alighment and possibly causing the noise. Check it out, and maybe swap the front tires to let you know if it's a tire problem causing the drifting. The rear noise could be a seatbelt reatractor, or something just fell back there. Sometimes noises just suck, they can be so hard, without having all the panels ripped out and having someone else riding back there. I had a 96 ex and the panels aren't THAT hard to rip out. I'd check out the noise and make sure everything is tight. Hope this helps.
  • I've had my share of squeaks to deal with as well, in my 00 Si. As far as the noise when exiting the vehicle, try exiting the same way but without the emergency brake on. Try rocking the car as well with the emergency brake off.

    There is a service bulletin about a squeak coming from the rear shelf where the speakers sit.
  • Anyone who reads this will be glad you own a Honda. After reading all of your 250+ complains they are nothing comared with what I have been through. Here is my story . . .

    Worst nightmare of my life! Good luck to those of
    you have horrific problems like myself. VOA will
    not do anything unless your car meets the EXACT
    letter of the Lemon Law. In brief your car needs
    to go in four times for the same thing or 30 days
    out of service. My car meets 15 days out of
    service and in three times for the same thing.
    Let me list the ways . . .
    1. Comfort control module on the circuit board was
    burned and melted which shorted the battery - this
    was the final straw for me leaving me stranded in
    a bad part of town on a Friday night.
    2. Warped door panel
    3. Drivers door was installed incorrectly causing
    a loud vibrating noise. Once this was fixed I was
    told due to the large door and the weight of it I
    would need to come in periodically to have it
    4. Fuel system gauge was not properly calibrated
    5. Right front turn signal replaced due to
    moisture build up
    6. Vibration in car when window open/cracked
    7. Window off track
    8. Rear hatch would not open from the inside
    9. Brake lights on all the time-they had to
    readjust the switch and replace if it happened
    10. Drivers side window switch replaced
    11. Passenger seat lever would not not allow seat
    to tilt
    12. Replacement of dashboard-I was told they are
    13. When the nose of the car is parked down hill
    about a 6-7% grade or less it will not start. It
    has to be rolled to level ground then it will
    start. The dealer has never been able to duplicate
    this and therefore will not check anything out or
    replace anything. This happens quite often.
    14. Sluggish going from reverse to drive and vise
    15. When going from drive to reverse sometimes it
    will not go into reverse. You have to shift to
    park then reverse.

    I have read almost all of everyones complaints and
    I see some definate similarities. A previous
    gentleman wrote that if everyone would please call
    VOA or write them then maybe they would start
    paying more attention to everyones problems. I
    will say that I have now gotten rid of this
    nightmarish car and got back into a Honda Civic and
    am much happier now. I sold my 1995 Civic with
    44K miles and paid off to get this darn beetle -
    stupid me, but a mistake I will never make again!
    Also, due to the treatment we received at our
    dealer ship and VOA my boyfriend who is a 6 time VW
    owner will never buy VW again. I've never been
    treated such a lack of respect. The dealer is
    Roseville VW-never buy from them, never buy a VW!
  • I gotta 2K1 Civic that drops 1/4 tank of gas on the gauge, but after driving it awhile the gauge returns to normal. Gonna be taking it to the Dealer, but wanted to know if anyone else was having this problem.
  • pklaspklas Posts: 20
    Brought the car into the dealership last week. The squeak upon exiting the car was caused by defective flanges on the catalytic converter. They were replaced and I have yet been able to replicate the sound (so far, so good).

    With respect to the squeak from the rear, some padding was added to the rear pillar/seatbelt retractor area. Again, problem has been solved. I was impressed that the dealership was able to solve these problems. Squeaks are usually difficult to pinpoint. Kudos to the dealership.
    Apparently, there was a TSB just released on this build quality issue.

    As a whole, I have had a hell of a time with my new car. The heater would not work on an intermittent basis. It took the dealership three attempts to find out what the problem was. (1. Thermostat 2. Water Valve 3. Disassemble the engine). Apparently, a bolt, not even a part of the car, was found inside the air intake manifold. From time to time, this bolt would be pushed into the radiator hose connected to the heater core. This caused it to restrict the flow of coolant to the core. As a result, the head gasket was replaced. Talk about poor build quality. I guess US assembly is still inferior to the [non-permissible content removed]. As far as I am concerned, the car will never be the same.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    It'll be "the same".

    Even the best of cars can have a mis-placed bolt.

    Things that shouldn't happen can happen.

    that's why warranties exist.

    Just enjoy your car!
  • pklaspklas Posts: 20
    Let me tell you, it isn't the same. The dealership gave me a base 4 door civic as a loaner and it had better acceleration. I do believe Honda does manufacture good cars, but the overall build quality of mine is sub-par. Obviously, I have a right to be ticked off. Especially, since I, as well as others, pay a premium for a Honda.

    Yes, warranties do exist. I'd prefer not to have to use it. This is the reason why many people purchase Civics. Replacing original factory parts is not something you want done to your vehicle at such an early stage. Disassembling the whole engine is shocking enough.

    Anyways, that is my two cents. I expect, as a reseller, you have to defend Honda's reputation. You earn your living by selling these cars. I have no problems with that. Don't get me wrong I know a number of people who are tickled pink with their Hondas. Mine just happens to be sub-par. Honda is not immune from producing a bad car. All car manufacturers produce bad cars. What separates the good from the bad is the company that takes responsibility for manufacturing a poorly built vehicle. I'm in discussion with Honda as we speak. I should find out shortly whether Honda will live up to its reputation of Customer Satisfaction.
  • Yeah, I meant loud above, not load. It's not a heavy vibration.

    Actually, the vibrating noise is getting much louder, and this morning on my way to work, it was terrible. Definitely something in the sun roof mechanism is rattling, and it just started a few days ago!

    I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    In a perfect world all cars would be perfect.

    No excuse for what happened. I do think, however, that you are making a big deal out of very little.
  • I have a 94 Honda Civic LX 4dr. I am trying to change the fuel filter but no luck to replace it.
    I know where it is, and I have been trying to remove it. It is a little tie and don't know what is the best tools and way to remove it. Anyone gets any suggestions? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  • I just bought a year 93 Honda Civic EX with Auto trans for $3,300 from a private owner, it has 125,000 miles on it though. Can anyone tell if it's a good deal? I checked it through edmund's but I think a car with this high milerage is exceptional, and the resale value is very low. Also after driving it for few days, the windshield wipers went out. It does operate at the low speed, but not at the intermittent and high speed. Anyone have any clues, or what the approximate cost to get it fixed?
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    I don't remember anything special to do off hand.I believe it is a 14mm line wrench needed for the incomming line and a 17mm wrench or socket for the out side.After the lines are off then remove the 10mm bolt holding the strap/bracket and take it out.If it looks differant then just write back more detail to jog my memory..

    Doesn't sound like a bad deal to me and mileage on a honda isn't all that much.As for the wipers I would guess it to be the wiper switch. They usally either break at the stalk(at the steering wheel) or they go bad internally more than anything else in the system.Try to wiggle the stalk(switch assembly) around a little as you try a speed that doesn't work and see if you can find a spot where it works or see?feel a break point.
  • When it rains the driver's side floorboard takes water. Checked the sunroof drains and they are clear. Any ideas where to look for the leak?
  • Hi All,
    I have not seen this topic posted. I have a 99 Civic (value package edition). Whenever I hit the brakes they make a clicking noise. I've taken it to two different dealers and have been told by both that it is the pads making contact with the rotors and is a normal sound for this vehicle.

    Does anyone else have this clicking noise. Is it indeed "normal?" I'm asking because I'm getting close to 36k and will soon be out of warranty.

  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    You are going to have to water test it from the bottom up in order to determine the point of entry.There is a corner body seem that may be leaking but it is a hard thing to get too so start by trying to locate hieght of leak then work from there.

    Brake noise,
    If this noise happens most of the time on first forward and first reverse braking and is a click or thump like noise then yes it is considered normal. However it can be repaired by spraying brake disc quiet on the back of the pads and shimms.
  • lately i've been getting an average of 25 mpg in
    my 99 civic cx automatic. doesn't that sound low
    to you? any ideas? i think i drive fine, and i
    certainly maintain the car. only 28k on it so far.
  • The whining whistling noise is heard mostly when I'm accelerating in low gear. The noise is worse in hot weather but I still hear it in cold weather when the car has warmed up.
    Thanks for your help-- hope to hear from you soon.
  • Having trouble starting my 1989 Civic Si (180,000 miles; first owner) in the rain. It starts readily in bitter cold or heat, but dampens in the rain (pun intended!)
    I normally give the fuel-injection system a moment or two to prepare, and it cranks fine. It just doesn't turn over.

    Could it be a distributor problem? H20 leaking into distributor cap?

  • I'm afraid that honda has re-engineered the civic several times since you purchased your SI several years ago. For instance, my 2K1 civic has stainless steel exhaust, and service manual recommends time belt change well over 100,000 miles which means it's actually engineered to last longer than that.
  • I just bought a 98 Civic, and I'm having a problem with the head and dash lights dimming when I pull up on the power window switches. I took it back twice, and both times they tested the alternator and replaced it, but the problem is still occurring. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it just a design flaw on the Civic? Please help!

  • Hi everyone. I just bought a 2001 Civic DX four-door automatic sedan last week, and I don't need to drive it back and forth to work. It sits in a garage when I'm not using it.

    I'll probably end up driving it somewhere around 300 miles a month for the next year or so, when I might end up driving it more often because of a move. Of those 300 miles a month, most will be highway miles.

    Is there anything extra I should be doing to maintain the car (aside from oil changes every three months regardless of the mileage), given that I'm using it much less frequently than most new cars are used and much less frequently than the manufacturer expects the car to be used?

  • Hello- I have a 1979 honda civic cvcc.
    All the tune up parts are new, as well as a new
    distributor, carburater, fuel filters(2), fuel pump is good, and I'm having cold start problems.
    The engine starts and runs up to normal choked rpm, then completely dies off. Restart is easy, but then it does it again, and again. Cannot drive until it is somewhat warmed up, and then it tries to die off until completely warmed up, where it runs well for a while but seems to lack really good power, just sufficient. I did a ring job about 6000 miles before this problem started and it has run well up until recently. I ran some water removal additive through it for two tanks then some plus gasoline. All of the additive is gone now and I'm running good fuel through it.
    It has passed the dmv quality checks.
    please help!
  • Like #242 through #245 I have a 2001 Civic EX with 350 miles on it. I've had to reset the radio 6 times (entering the antitheft code). The Honda dealer said that Honda will be out with new radios in 2 months and will replace them free at that time. They did not know If I would receive a notice, so I'm supposed to call them back for updates. Please anyone having the same problem add a post so that we can pester Honda until it's fixed.
  • Bioguy
    I bought a new Civic EX 2001 about 3 weeks ago. My radio {with the CD player} asked for the code the very next day. The day after that it went completely dead. No code, no power, no nothin'!
    It had conveniently died with a new CD in its belly and no way to power it up to eject it. My dealer was great. Showed me a repair slip for another customer with the same situation. Dealer also ON THE SPOT swapped my dead radio with that of another from a new Civic right off the lot. So far so good. We'll see. Oh,the service mgr. said Honda will return the digested CD in 2 to 3 MONTHS!
  • i have a 99 Civic CX hatch, automatic

    it's freezing in Boston right now.

    in the morning before work, i like to run out to the car, start it, crank the heat, and run back into the house and wait 10 minutes for it to warm up.

    other than burning gasoline, am i doing any harm to the car?
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    Sounds as if either the choke pull off isn't working or the advance on the distributor.Possibly a sticking plate inside distributor.Also if they seem fine you may want to make sure you have the timming correct and that it didn't skip.They had problems with the pull off's even back then so you may want to start with that system first.
  • Mine has worked perfectly. I'm still going to replace it, though, when the new design comes out. Tell me- are they issuing a recall or is it just one of those "there's-a-problem-but-we-don't-want-to-recall" kind of deals?
  • pklaspklas Posts: 20
    I have a 2000 Civic EX Auto. I also get a whining/whirring noise when accelerating in low gear. Maybe this is normal. I'm taking my car in for service later this week, I'll have the dealer check this out.
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