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Hyundai Santa Fe 2007+



  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I would say that trade-in value would definitely depend on Hyundai's continued improvement, but based on Hyundai's tremendous improvements in customer satisfaction, overall quality, and safety, I would say that the difference in 10 years would only be proportional to the difference in purchase price. I would say you would definitely see a significant difference in resale if you sold it in 1 or 2 years though.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I can definitely agree with that. People are still too preocupied with Hyundai's reliability to pay those MSRP prices. Also, there are always reliability questions with newly redesigned vehicles.
  • musky1gfmmusky1gfm Posts: 36
    First off,the pricing for a simular eqp'd 06 is pretty close to the 07-MSRP that is.What these dealers will get intially is a question,there are dealerships in my area that will go down to dealer cost,and even a little below.
    Will that be the case here,I doubt it.You want to be the 1st on the block for a 07 S.F.,you'll probably pay top dollar-supply and demand!
    Also will there be cash back offer?The Entourage was being offered with $1000 cash back and $500 loyalty,only a month after it came out.
  • musky1gfmmusky1gfm Posts: 36
    Just got some good info from a Hyundai training manager at their central district headquarters in Aurora,Il.
    He has a limited awd 07,and caught him outside taking a smoke break with some of his trainees.He let me check out the inside,etc.
    Anyway,he said he's getting 22mpg-overall driving--saw on the odemeter it has 2100 miles.
    Also a peer of his drove a same eqp'd 07 up from Alabama,and got 28 mpg-straight hwy driving,and that's with out the engine being broke in.
    He also said the Touring package-3rd row seat won't be available for several months.
    By the way,the fit and finish looked great.Blue dash board lights look good too.
  • toasttoast Posts: 50
    The press release states "Later this year, Santa Fe adds standard XM satellite radio and optional Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity, with an optional navigation system
    available in 2007."

    So the intial version will not even have standard XM radio. The Pilot is looking better all the time.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I'll give you depreciation as a drawback, but I can't give you safety. Hyundai's new vehicles are among the safest in the country.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    IMHO, the Pilot could never "look" good. The features and safety are very nice, but the styling of the Pilot is a huge drawback. Sometimes being conservative is not the best approach. Personally, I'm drawn to vehicles like the Chrysler Pacifica, Ford Edge, and Mazda CX-9.
  • toasttoast Posts: 50
    Hyundai talks up a good line, an example being the new Azera. The brochures state class leading safety. The actual safety results are mediocre at best. The Azera forum highlights these safety deficiencies and how many owners are disappointed about Hyundai's false claims.

    I'm sure the new Santa Fe will also tout "class leading safety". Time will tell if such claims can be substantiated. My guess is they will come up short. Give Hyundai another 2-3 years and they may be able to churn out what they claim they can.

    I agree the Honda styling is a little conservative, however when safety and depreciation are factored in the Pilot is a very popular vehicle and a smart buy especially at current pricing levels just north of $28K for an EXL.
  • reca1reca1 Posts: 14
    I find it strange that Hyundai would talk about what the new Santa Fe is going to have in the future (XM satellite radio, Bluetooth handsfree option, & navigation system option). Why should I rush out to buy the Santa Fe when a more complete version is down the road? Not very good marketing in my opinion.
  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Posts: 378
    I don't find it strange at all, actually. The vast majority of Santa Fe buyers couldn't care less whether it has XM, Nav, or hands-free -- or even that there's a Limited trim. For the very small minority of people who are willing to pay the extra $2K+ for Nav and Bluetooth, or wait for the XM, Hyundai is assuring them that these items will be available. To me, it shows that HMA is not just looking at the short-term: they're also trying to net folks who are looking at buying a few months down the road, as well as those who are just now starting to research their options for next year's purchase.

  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Posts: 378
    You've been a Honda/Acura fan since '85, no? You ought to just go for it! From the remarks you've made, it seems that you won't be happy driving anything else. If it's a Pilot you want, then make it a Pilot you get! It's always best to start out pleased - you're more likely to enjoy the vehicle as time passes.
    Afterall, the Honda is a great vehicle!

    My $0.02...

  • zubinh1zubinh1 Posts: 18
    Well I'm one of those people looking at the Limited with Ultimate and Touring. And quite frankly, $33k for this car while Pilot and MDX are selling heavily discounted right now is making me have second thoughts about the Santa Fe. I think Hyundai is just plain overcharging for the Ultimate package.
  • acronisacronis Posts: 29
    Remarks from toast and reca1 are premature. No one knows how well the newly re-designed '07 Santa Fe will sell. While it's true that accessories such as bluetooth, I-Pod access and XM are not yet available, the fact that some or all of these will be included in the very near future should be a positive.

    One more thing. Since this vehicle has not even been 'first drive' tested by Edmunds or anyone else the early bashing for lack of these nice-to-have features seems rather puzzling.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    I'm with Mike on this one. For vehicles 30K and less, especially, the percentage of consumers adding optional equipment such as Navi is very very small.
  • driverdmdriverdm Posts: 505
    Seems kind of pricey. As a matter of fact it is pricey. I don't think in upper end trim Hyundai will be the value leader any more. The Ford Edge can be had for about the same with much more horsepower in V6 form. The new Highlander is in the mix at that price as well. At $33K you are looking at a Lincoln MKX which isn't a bad car at all when you look at it and see it in person. Additionally, the Saturn Outlook which is much bigger and nicer is supposedly going to be in the mix at that price.
  • jveneziajvenezia Posts: 85
    Remember back when news of a larger, nicer version of the Santa Fe first broke? We were told that it would compete with the likes of the vehicles being mentioned in the last few messages. While, yes, the Santa Fe will be a somewhat less expensive, the point being made here is that Hyundai is seriously competing with the rest of the mid-size, nicer SUVs. If it doesn't have all the bells and whistles (like the soon-to-be-obsolete in-dash navigation [geez! don't you guys realize that advances in portable systems are burying in-dash systems??] or the latest satellite radio), quit your whining and go get an Acura. Hyundai will finally do what it needs to do to be a viable business force...compete at a price point that affords them a little more margin per vehicle. I applaud them for it. That's fantastic from a business standpoint and it's a phenomenal accomplishment for a brand as disparaged as Hyundai. From a consumer standpoint, it means that I'll get a much nicer vehicle due to the nature of the competition in that price arena, but I'll also have to fork over a higher monthly payment to enjoy it. That's why my own interest lies with the middle trim level of the Santa Fe (I want the bigger engine and higher tow capacity for an 18' Starcraft aluminum boat) rather than the highest trim level. I have to feed a family, after all.

    If you're a little put off by the higher-than-expected price of the top-of-the-line Santa Fe, then consider a lower trim level or a maxed-out Tucson or Kia Sportage. Frankly, I think that those who so blandly state they'll purchase the Super Luxury EX Tricked Out Eddy Bauer version of any vehicle are 1) blowing smoke and won't even buy the brand, or 2) will wind up buying a more sensible trim level when the rubber meets the road.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Comparable equipped, I think you'd still find the Santa Fe to have more value - starting under 21K, and low 30s for the range-topper with all options included. Ford Edge starts in the mid-20s (24 or 25K), I believe, but once equipped like the Santa Fe, you are looking well into the 30K range; MKX starts in the 30K range, well-equipped versions will run you 40 large; Highlander, new? Not the current one - try this fall. And, Saturn Outlook is entirely at another class so let's save it for another comparsion.
  • driverdmdriverdm Posts: 505
    Ford Edge starts in the mid-20s (24 or 25K), I believe, but once equipped like the Santa Fe, you are looking well into the 30K range;

    Nope, just went to Ford's website. The Edge comes pretty well equipped. Base for base, there isn't much difference. The pricing gap isn't that great. I think the Sante Fe has a better interior while the Ford is much better exterior styling and engine. The Sante Fe also has Hyundai's recent quality record going for it. The Ford will probably do very well quality wise as well though as recent Fords have been pretty good in quality.
  • 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing:

    Model Engine Transmission Driveline Retail

    Santa Fe GLS 2.7L V6 5-Speed M/T FWD $20,945
    Santa Fe GLS 2.7L V6 5-Speed M/T AWD $22,945
    Santa Fe GLS 2.7L V6 4-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC® FWD $22,145
    Santa Fe GLS 2.7L V6 4-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC® AWD $24,145
    Santa Fe SE 3.3L V6 5-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC® FWD $23,645
    Santa Fe SE 3.3L V6 5-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC® AWD $25,645
    Santa Fe Limited 3.3L V6 5-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC® FWD $25,945
    Santa Fe Limited 3.3L V6 5-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC® AWD $27,945

    * Plus $650 freight charge
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Santa Fe is well-equipped in the 20s range, and defn. have a lot of standard features as typical Hyundai models do.
  • njawdrivernjawdriver Posts: 23
    If it doesn't have all the bells and whistles (like the soon-to-be-obsolete in-dash navigation [geez! don't you guys realize that advances in portable systems are burying in-dash systems??]

    Now I own and use both NAV systems - an in-dash NAV in my Acura MDX and a portable Garmin for my Outback. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Garmin and the directions it produces are better than the MDX system, but, the in-dash system provides the following benefits that the portable can never provide:

    Larger size screen - my 45 year old eyes have trouble with the mini-screens on the portables.

    Always there / always on - My portable usually sits hidden in my glove box and I have to pull it out and set it up when I need it - A real pain when I'm trying to navigate around a traffic jam. I hate leaving it sitting on the dash where it screams "steal me".

    Integration with steering wheel controls - My hands never leave the wheel when I'm using the in-dash system and it's excellent voice recognition sytem (with a high quality built-in microphone, stategically located above the driver).

    Integration with car audio system - The in-dash nav is totally integrated with the car's audio. It uses the front speakers while the rear speakers continue playing what they were. Sound quality is excellent - something that a portable with a $3 speaker will never match.

    Integration with bluetooth - My in-dash system can use my cell phone to call any phone number listed for a restaurant, stored address, or POI. Again, my hands never leave the wheel and the voice quality is excellent!

    Like I said - my Garmin does a better job at navigating, but the conveniences that the in-dash system provide can never be replaced. :D
  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Posts: 378
    Here are some specification changes and additions:

    Turning diameter: 35.8 ft.

    Coefficient of drag, w/spoiler | w/o spoiler: 0.37 | 0.38

    Minimum ground clearance: 8.1 in.

    Cargo space, behind 3rd-row | behind 2nd-row: 10 cu.ft. | 78.2 cu.ft.

    Curb weight, FWD/AWD:
    GLS 5-passenger: (manual) 3,727 / 3,903
    GLS 5-passenger: (automatic) 3,793 / 3,969
    GLS 7-passenger: 3,892 / 4,068
    SE/Limited 5-passenger: 3,846 / 4,022
    SE/Limited 7-passenger: 3,945 / 4,121

    Towing capacity:
    With trailer brakes & tow prep: 3500 pounds
    (SE & Limited); 2800 pounds (GLS)
    W/ trailer brakes, w/o tow prep: 2000 pounds
    W/o trailer brakes: 1650 pounds
  • jclevinjclevin Posts: 7
    "Base for base, there isn't much difference."

    I just wanted to add that there are differences between the SF and Edge when comparing base models ONLY that could be significant to some of us:

    - Ford’s warranty is a speck in Hyundai’s rearview mirror:
    -- Hyundai: 5-years/60,000-mi. basic, 10/100,000 powertrain, and 5/unlimited roadside assistance
    -- Ford: 3-year, 36,000 bumper-to-bumper warranty
    - For safety equipment: Edge does not have front active head restraints (whiplash protection), a tire pressure monitoring system, or electronic brake force distribution. All standard on SF.
    - The SF has over 10 cubic ft more total cargo room than Edge (79.4 cu ft vs 68.7 cu ft) with the rear seats folded.
    - Comparing the looks of each vehicle is whatever each person thinks - “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I wouldn’t say the Edge has “much better exterior styling” than SF. Personally, I think the Edge looks like a 5’1” weightlifter on steroids = not for me. Again, just my opinion.
  • dickybirddickybird Posts: 3
    Hey gang, I have been following the many topics concerning this 07 Santa Fe which sounds like a great vehicle for the money. But, take the Honda or Toyota or other Japanese similar vehicles that have been compared to this 07, three years down the road when ready to trade, what will the resale be like compared to the others mentioned above???
  • giraldogiraldo Posts: 16
    Does anyone know if this combination is possible? If not, is there a 7 passanger vehicle that has 5spd manual transmission?
  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Posts: 378
    Yes, it appears that the Touring Package can be had with a 5-speed manual tranny on the GLS. You might have to order it that way, but certainly seems that it is definitely possible.

    Another [7-passenger + manual tranny] vehicle that comes readily to mind is the Mazda5. There may be others....

  • driverdmdriverdm Posts: 505
    What you really want is a Mazda CX-9 which is coming this fall.
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