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2009 Audi A4



  • I bought my 07 A4 from Audi of CLT. The buying experience was great. Pretty relaxed. I basically told them what I wanted to pay and they agreed (the price was a few hundred over invoice). This was a copule years ago. Trying to get an '09 at a good price will be tough though. It is a new model and appears to be popular, and the economy in Charlotte is much better than average. FWIW, try to negotiate the price of the maintenence contract in to the deal. It is worth it, and the service at Audi of CLT has been very good so far; although, I am sure they are expensive once the service contract expires :surprise: Good luck.
  • Ordered my 2009 A4 2.0T late last week. My first Audi and I can't wait for it to arrive from Germany.

    Premium Plus with the wood trim. Paid $37,400 (including destination, but not taxes, title.) This also included $500 off from Audi for attending the Audi A4 Driving Experience at Summit Point ( Very fun and free event that ended up saving me $500)

    I live in a one dealer area in Virginia and I didn't feel that there was much negotiating yet. They seem to be selling these A4's before they even arrive in the US.

    Tested the 3.2 at Summit Point and a 2.0 demo at the dealer. The 2.0 feels just as quick with all of the low end torque. Just my two cents. Instead of paying for the bigger engine ... spend that money on adding options.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Not true you'll have to wait until '10 for a manual. They should be here 1st quarter 2009.

    I'd personally skip the 3.2 and spend the money on extra options for the 2.0T as others have mentioned.

    There's a huge difference between the 08 2.0T and the 09 2.0T. The new 2.0 is a heck of a lot quieter, smoother, and much more refined than the last generation 05.5 - 08 models. It's a pretty fast car, and the torque curve with 258 lb ft under 2000 rpm is all you need.
  • I just ordered the 2009 A4 2.0T in white with black interior and the Prestige Package, Navigation and 19" wheels. However, it's true that there is a hold up if you want the wheels or the sports line package. My dealer told me they expect to have just the 19" wheels as a single available option any day now. He's waiting for the option before he puts my order in.

    The only thing I don't like is that the 2.0T has a greyish grille and not black. My dealer said he could send me to a guy who does their body work and for a $100-$200 I could get it painted piano black (sweet!)

    I was surprised that I was able to negotiate a good price on the Audi given it's newness, redesign and demand. My dealer agreed to $1000 over invoice (I'll still be paying the stupid $200 advertising fee though) which comes out to be ~$41,700 (not including wheels). However, it's worth noting the difference between invoice and MSRP is only $2600, hey, but I'm not going to complain about a $1600 savings on a 2009 A4! In fact, they agreed to it so quickly I wish I had offered only $500 over invoice. Another Audi dealer who was suppose to be a "friend of the family" only offered me $999 off the MSRP. I guess what this means is that they can sell you these vehicles for under MSRP. :)
  • I would agree. I bought my 06 Audi A4 back in Nov. 05, and I paid $800 over internet listed invoice. Very painless experience - probably the best buying experience I've had. Their service department is incredible. I would definitely recommend them if you found the right car.

    I agree, the 09 models will be more difficult to negotiate on because they are new models. I think you can still get 3% over invoice, maybe slightly less. Give it a try and see what happens.
  • Yes, I agree. My price ended up being 2.5% over invoice. There's an excellent FREE worksheet for figuring out what you should offer at Also, Audi doesn't have any factory holdback like most car dealers do! Although, I'm sure the dealerships make their money somewhere :)
  • Does anyone know when the 19" s-line wheel option (not package) will become available for the 2009 A4? Also, any ideas on what the MSRP/Invoice price will be for the wheels (or even approximately, maybe from past purchases)?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    As of today, you're probrobly looking at a 2 month delay in ordering 19 inch wheels.
  • yes, i also heard here in northern virginia that the a4 sedan will have a manual in early 09. i also heard from my dealer here that the avant version will have a manual in 2010 but i'm trying to get a second opinion on that. multiple dealers in the area have said that the manual transmission issue is the biggest complaint they have heard from potential customers.
  • "... multiple dealers in the area have said that the manual transmission issue is the biggest complaint they have heard from potential customers."

    Exactly. I would probably have just gone ahead and ordered an Avant with a stick. But I'm on the fence for an AT Avant.

    Just drove the A4 with the auto and, while the auto wasn't too bad, I have little interest in paying for one. It's additional $ for a small hit on performance and mileage. Phooey!

    Also noticed that the sliver instrument surround doesn't work too well with the wood trim. The car seems better sans wood.

    Final note was that the standard suspension was floaty and not at all to my liking. The car needs the sports suspension (or the fancy electromechanical suspension) for sure.
  • jd25jd25 Posts: 43
    Does anyone know when would the FWD model be available in the US and the expected MPG rating of the model?

  • Yeah, I have the 2009 Audi A4 brochure and it says ''A4 2.0T 211hp sedan front-wheel drive multitronic automatic transmission [CVT, available 2009]".

    Also the EPA MPG ratings are not yet release but the rumor is that it will have 30 highway MPG.

    Hope that helps :)
  • I am a BMW driver of 5 series for many years.

    I am due for a new car in Nov 2008. I test drove the 3.2 auto new A4 and liked the feel but I only drive manuals...( they say it can be ordered...but delivery Winter 2009?) How much smaller is this car than the 5 series BMW? That is the other vehicle I am considering. The A6 doesn't come with a manual transmission .

    The engine in the 535 is a turbo 3L 300hp and the A4 is 265 HP. Either car will be with a manual

    Opinions? Cost comparisons?

  • I got a quote from a local Audi dealer and the saleman said he was willing to sale me the car at invoice, 2.0T quatro with premium plus package. I was surprised and wonder if i should bargain more. what do you guys think?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    you can't get a 6 speed 3.2 - only the 2.0T.

    the 2.0 turbo is more fun to drive anyway with a manual. with all the torque of the 2.0, it's not woth it to have a 3.2 manual.
  • What do you think about the difference to the BMW 5 series....both the 528xi and 535xi in stick in comparison to the Audi A4 manual?

    Could you comment about the size and room in the backseats>? trunk?


    Also...cost factor to lease?
  • I am considering ordering the A4 manual 2009. I test drove the automatic version.

    I only drive manuals and was wondering what you thought of the car with the manual...and why "you didn't get a sense of how it operates"? I am in the NJ metro area.

    I am also considering the BMW 5 series. Any observations you could give me regarding the power and feeling of the manual? Do you think it has enough HP and power? I have to find one to test drive since it seems I would have to wait for the car in the late fall/ Jan 2009 to get one.

    Any observations would be helpful?

    Thank you
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The A4 is competing with the 3 series and the C class, so it's really not a "fair fight" so to speak.

    The big plus of the new 09 A4 is that it's the largest car in it's class. The wheelbase is stretched 6 inches and it's a far more comfortable car than last year.

    You're not going to get 300 hp, but based on the new 09 2.0T's I drove, the new 2.0 is the best motor in it's class, and it outshines both BMW and MB's base V6 motors. it feels really quick of the line, and with almost 260 lb ft of torque, there's plenty of power for most people.

    Audi has always made a great 6 speed gearbox, and I have no doubt with the new engine upgrades, the 6 speed will be lots 'o fun to drive.
  • Thanks...I appreciate your insight.

    one other thing....since you feel the Audi A4 2.0 "outshines the BMW base V6 motors"....would you also include the 528xi which has the V6 base motor ( 230 HP) as well? only the 535 has the 300hp engine.

  • and when did BMW ever have a V-6 engine?
  • line 6
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    After driving the 3.2 and 2.0T back to back, I personally wouldn't spend the money for the 6 cyl on the 09 model. The 6 is slighty sweeter and has a little better exhaust note. But the 09 2.0T engine is almost "too good" as the A4's base motor.

    As a comparo for a base 6 cyl 5 series with a manual, I think the A4 2.0T with the 6 speed is definately worth a drive. You can deck out a 2.0 A4 with a lot of options for a lot less money.
  • I just opened conversations with my local dealer here in the San Diego area and they said they were sticking close to MSRP right now...I think I can wait.
    Where are you located? I'd love to talk business with an Audi dealer who would give me invoice.
  • I live in Livermore (which is the San Francisco Bay Area). Your dealership is being ridiculous. I've been to 2 dealerships here, one offered me $1000 off invoice (Concord Audi) and the other $1600 (Livermore Audi). The difference between invoice and MSRP for the car package I'm getting is $2600 (the A4 2.0T with Prestige and Navigation) AND the car is being special ordered.

    I think you should try going to another dealership in your area. I believe I could've gotten my car as low as $500 over invoice (the dealership very quickly agreed to $1000 over invoice).
  • Wow, that's a great deal, INVOICE? I'm jealous. I got mine for $1000 over invoice (and did I mention I brought the salesmen a plate of BBQ and fried catfish?)
  • Last Monday, I turned in my 2007 A4 2.0T Quattro Auto for a 2009 A4 2.0T Quattro Auto in the Premium Plus version. I was amazingly able to take advantage of Audi's lease pull-ahead program -- I was coming up on my next 3 payments and was able to avoid those, plus got $2,500 towards the new A4 -- plus I was able to negotiate in a nice discount off MSRP and get Audi Care included in my new lease.

    I had one of the great 2 yr/30K leases -- and was able to get into the new A4 for less than $12 per month more, taking a 3 yr/36K lease withe the scheduled maintenance included. It was really a no-brainer for me.

    For those of you out there with a 2007 wondering about the new A4 with 2.0 engine, everything written is true. This new version is a monster -- WAY more off-the-line pull because of the increased torque. The 6A is also better sorted out, shifts smoother and no hiccups as to what gear it is in or should be in. Ride is far nicer, still very sporty and controlled but because of the longer wheelbase, much much nicer and way more room inside for 4 plus more room in the trunk (which was big before but is even bigger now).

    My 07 had the power folding mirrors (not available on any of the 2009 US A4 models AFAIK), which I really liked; I also had the winter package on the 07, which included the headlight washers -- again, apparently not available on any version of US 2009 A4's. Still have the heated front seats -- but rear seats still not avail heated.

    There were a lot more "cubbies" to put stuff -- underneath each front seat on the 07 there was a drop down bin; not on the 09. The holder for the manuals that used to be under the steering column on the 07 is gone in the 09 -- forced to use the glove box for this, which is smaller than the 07 version anyway. Putting the manuals in there makes it smaller still.

    There were also a few storage areas in the console/dash on the 07 that are now gone on the 09. Also gone are the front side marker lights -- but in their place is the very cool LED equipped mirrors. It appears that the turn signals on the front are LED's too, but unfortunately the rear lights are regular bulbs. The interior lighting is all regular bulb except for the foot well areas, which are all lit by LED's. Too bad they didn't use LED's for the entire interior.

    Bonuses on the 2009 prem plus version, though -- things that are really nice to have:
    Memory seat/mirrors
    3 zone HVAC
    Sirius satellite radio -- I don't know how long we get this for free (3 months?)
    Bluetooth -- this feature really works great
    iPod Interface -- a REAL iPod interface that allows you to cable direct to your player and control from the MMI screen -- VERY cool
    MMI -- actually works very well with a very easy-to-read screen

    Hope this helps some of you out there that might be considering what to do when you turn in your B7 version of the A4. If you have questions, I'll try to check in and answer them.

    1st tank of gas returned over 24mpg -- in spite of all the idling done with the new car. I am expecting great gas mileage from this 09 and don't think I'll be disappointed in that regard at all.
  • My A4 lease will be expired soon and would like to go for a 2009 A4 lease for another three-year. I appreciate if you could share some details about your lease terms. I am looking for the 2.0 premium plus package as well. Thanks.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Don't know if your dealer made a mistake and ate the cost, but there was no pull-ahead program that could be applied to 09 A4's.

    The 2500 and final 3 payments was for 08 A4's and not the 09's.
  • I can GUARANTEE you that the dealer did NOT eat the cost, nor did they make a mistake. I have the offer letter I was sent:
    "Now through September 2, 2008 (as they told me, that was extended through September 8 -- not in another letter, but evidently in internal Audi communication to the dealer), Audi of America will pay for 3 of your remaining lease payments on your current Audi Financial Services lease when you finance or lease most new or Certified pre-owned Audi models through Audi Financial Services*."

    That asterisk refers to this statement on the back of the letter:
    "* Must be available in dealer stock. The following new or Certified pre-owned models are NOT eligible for this offer: the Audi A5, S5 & R8."

    NOWHERE does it say that the 2009 is NOT available -- however, the clincher here is that the "vehicle must be available in dealer stock."

    That was the catch for my car -- given that Audi extended the offer by almost a week, my car came in on Saturday, 9/6 and was then part of inventory. Closed my deal on Monday, 9/8.

    The offer did NOT exclude the 2009 A4, but the hook was that the car HAD to be in the dealer's inventory, that's why almost no one was able to take advantage of this offer.

    Also -- one other nice thing, because this was "unplanned" I wasn't able to get my car inspected beforehand, but the dealer bought my car from Audi after I worked my deal and as a result, no worries about any up-charges or extra charges because of any scratches or scuffs.
  • Premium Plus residual for 3 yrs/36K is 57%
    Add 1% to residual when you get Audi Care -- so my resid was 58% of the MSRP of 38,000, or 22,040.

    Audi Care was added to lease cost cap #'s at the MSRP value of $650, so clearly they made some money on that. But I was told they had not discounted any 09's by more than a few hundred bucks -- I was able to do much better, plus got the $2,500 from Audi's pull-ahead program that went into the lease just as if I had put that money down, buying down the cost of the lease. Approx every $1,000 equates to about $30 in lease cost. So when you go up $1,000 in options, you've added about $30 to your monthly lease cost (and vice versa).

    I don't think there are any other details that would help -- there is a $195 port prep fee and Audi marketing fee of about $200 added to the invoice cost.
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