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2009 Audi A4



  • I live in palo alto and i got the quote from the audi dealer in palo alto. I actually got a little better quote (under invoce) from audi steven creek and i accepted that offer.
    good luck!
  • I also live in SJ and just talked to the sales guy at stevens creek about the cost a new 09. I am also turning in my 2 year lease car in the next 2 months...

    Let me know which model you got and options and price PLEASE, he ran the number for a Prem + and the High end one and with 2500 to 4k down we were still talking about payments of 544 prem + nav so on or the high end model with nav so on for 640.00 a month ea for 3 years.... OUCH


  • Wow! Well, since I haven't bought mine yet I could still technically negotiate. Can I ask what options you got (Premium Plus?, Prestige?, Navigation?, etc), how much the offer was (or how much below invoice) and who you spoke with at Audi Steven's Creek? I wouldn't mind getting another thousand or so off my car!
  • I ordered A4 2.0T + Premium Plus + Rear Side Airbags + Wood Trim. The saleman was very nice and he even waived the $500 deposit. Hopefully he does not change his mind and cancel my order LOL. I have not negotiated my payment plan yet, will probably do 10K down payment + 48 months.
  • Thanks for that fast response :) You said you negotiated under invoice... how much under invoice? Do you remember the name of your salesman? My deposit was $1000 :( If Steven's Creek is giving such a good deal perhaps I could negotiate a better price with my dealership. It'd be great if you remembered your salesman's name! Thank you so much for the info!
  • Anyone have any issues with their A4 ??

    I still have images of friends who own 2000, 2001, 2002 A4's that were nothing but trouble. Having said that, that was also 5+ years ago.

    I saw one on the street and would have to concede it's a good looking car
  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    The dealer where I get my 2003 A4 1.8 FrontTrak serviced was having an introductory show today for the new A4. Nothing but A4's in the showroom and three out front for test drives.

    I test drove the 2.0 sedan. I loved the way it drove, rode and handled. But in showroom, they had the Avant. Even better in person than the photos. I don't need a wagon but I think it looks great.

    I didn't price shop because I'm not buying until January when my daughter gets her license and I'll let her drive the 2003.

    We have 4 Audi dealers around Cleveland. Should be interesting to see if any are doing deals once the novelty has worn off. Also, I want to drive the new TL before I decide.

    Has anyone else checked out the Avant? I'm not sure how much availibility there is. When I want one I'll have the flexibility to order it.
  • Anyone know what the money factor is for a 36 month lease on the A4 Prem Plus?

    57% residual as stated above? I am trying to work up a deal with dealer now.
  • it was $500 under invoice and the saleman name is ramon.
  • "Anyone have any issues with their A4 ?? "

    I had some really stupid issues with my first two A4's. But in August of '05 I bought number three, a 2 liter, manual, sports suspension... and chipped it at 1k miles.

    Now just over three years later, the car has yet to even sqeak or rattle in the winter... just scheduled service stops (although I do 5 k oil changes). Gas mileage on trips is > 35 miles per gallon. I even manage > 31 mpg with a kayak on the roof.

    Just drove the '09 Avant and it is mighty nice looking. The only thing that has stopped me from ordering one is that it is auto only. I just can't see spending $$ for a friggin' auto, even if it is a nice auto (much better than the previous auto).

    Anyhow, I suspect that the quality of new Audis is now probably as good as anything built in Korea.
  • Would anyone know if the A4-2009 2.0T has a rear seat safety curtain as standard equipment. The sales brochure online is vague. I do realize that a rear seat air bag is extra.
  • This is the quote I got from the dealer; we are talking new lease here, but seems a bit high... 2009 A4 2.0, I also asked about the pull ahead program and was told it's only for customers that bought there car in Dec time frame....

    MSRP: 43,800
    Model: 8K256l - PRESTIGE, Nav, Prem Plus, so on

    2500 down, 540 a month for 36 months ( 10k ) miles a year

    Sorry I didnt get the full print out of the quote

  • Here in Los Angeles, I got my A4 with Prestige, drive select, and navigation, at $45,325, which is somewhere between 3-5% over invoice, and $1000 under MSRP. The dealer claimed that his true invoice was higher than my figures, and showed me an identical car's invoice to prove it. Probably a trick, but there was indeed a plus $700 difference on the document he showed me compared to the published invoice price.

    I test drove both the 2.0 T and the 3.2, and enjoyed the acceleration on the 2.0 a lot more. The 3.2's torque doesn't kick in until about 3000 RPM and so felt a little family-car like to me. I vote for the 2.0 engine. The car's handling is amazing, just very tight. I bought white with a black interior, which looks better without wood trim. However, I saw a red with beige interior, that looked fabulous with the blonde wood.

    The only thing that is disappointing on the 2.0 is that the tail pipes are both on the same side, and NOT chromed. I can't figure why they didn't chrome them. Does anyone know if you can have that done by the dealership?

    Should arrive in port in mid October. Can't wait to get it, and get on a windy road.
  • The paper catalogue says only that rear side air bags are an option. The dealer told me they considered the option unsafe if you have children in child seats in the back.
  • Thanks for the heads up on what you paid. I'm thinking of going in and offering $500 over invoice and hoping they'll settle at $750. Looking to order a Premium Plus Avant with the 18" sports package in meteor grey (that color is sharp!). I really wish they'd offer the S-Line pkg in the Premium tiers but I guess that would take away the Prestige business.

    Funny you mention the exaust not being chromed as that's one of the first things I noticed as well. I would think there will be an after market kit for the chrome tips. One nice thing about the Avant though is that the exaust is split and not on the same side.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You can get tips in the Audi parts department for 100 bucks. I agree the 2.0 exhuast looks cheap...but it can be fixed easy with those tips
  • I Couldn’t agree with you more on the exhaust pipes. I purchased an A4 2.0 here in Atlanta, and the only complaint is the exhaust. I purchased the chrome tips yesterday and installed them......I must say the back side of the car looks 10 times better.

    On another note...The dealer gave me a cord for the IPOD which does not work as the one they provided was for older models....weird part is that every thing hooked up correctly, but still wont work. The dealer has ordered the correct cord but there is a 10 day wait......Anyone else have this problem?
  • Hammer, I think you should hold out at $500 over invoice. A second dealer around here offered me that after I had already agreed to about $1600 over invoice and made a deposit. Bah! :confuse:
  • Are we talking Edmunds web site invoice amount or the "invoice" the dealer showed you?
    My dealer is saying that their cost is $1,200 over the Edmunds amount.
    Thanks in advance
  • In my case, true invoice was $616 over Edmunds invoice, so $1200 over Edmunds sounds high. Two dealers have now stated to me that they are getting charged for something above Edmunds, maybe advertising charges, which accounts for the discrepancy.

    I now see I could have got the car at $500 over the dealer-quoted invoice.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    09 Ipod cables are indeed different.

    Edmunds invoices aren't necessarily correct. So they can be off by a couple hundred dollars.
  • Hey all,

    I have an S-Line order finally in the system, but still debating two things to finalize my order. Would be great to get any thoughts.

    1. Drive Select- Worth it if I'm already getting the S-Line sport suspension? Seems like the S-Line will have things automatically in 'dynamic' anyway, should I go for it to have the ability to 'smooth' it out at times?

    2. I'm thinking Deep Sea Blue to be a little different, but has anyone ever actually 'seen' Monza Silver, is it unbelievably cool and should I go for that instead?


  • I can't really pass on the Drive Select question. A lot of the reviewers loved it, but one salesman told me he couldn't tell the difference on the track and found the dynamic steering annoying. Me, I plan to get it.

    On color, take a look at the deep sea blue. Amazing color, gorgeous and classy. I have not seen the Monza silver.
  • Here are my thoughts:

    1. Drive select - with a sports suspension, I don't know that drive select would actually soften the ride. It would seem to me that the comfort position would be the normal sports suspension, and the dynamic position would take the handling to another level. I previously asked my dealer to find out but he couldn't (or wouldn't). My local dealer said he couldn't believe the difference with drive select vs. without when they did their sales training test drives on a race track in Atlanta. Virtually zero understeer and no body lean. This was on a non-sport suspension model. I wouldn't get drive select with the sports suspension, but I would with the non-sport model. The sport suspension should have outstanding handling, close to the current outgoing S4.

    2. I think the monza silver is stunning. Deep sea blue is nice -- seen it on the 08 A4. Also think white looks great on the S-line - really accentuates the front body and side creases.

    I'm leaning to getting the 2.0 prestige, S-line, white or monza silver, and nav package. I'm a little concerned about how tolerant the 19" rims will be on normal roads given the ultra low profile tires. So I've been thinking of prestige, no S-line, with drive select to get the 18" wheels. But then you lose the paddle shifters, which I really want.

    What's timing on your delivery for S-line? What pricing are you getting below MSRP? What state are you in? Appreciate any feedback.

    Whatever you choose from the combinations you've listed, you'll have a great looking car.

  • Though available in Europe in May, we have to wait until next fall. Great info & pictures at the Audi UK site. try this link:

    0-62mph in 5.1 seconds, which means 0-60 in probably 4.9 sec. You know they'll have some unique colors. Can't wait to drive this one. If only my lease didn't expire next month. Plus I bet the newly announced hard drive MMI will come on it (see article below).

    Audi 'Unplugs' with new In-Car Technology
    Sep 5, 2008
    New Audi MMI features integral 4,000-song ‘jukebox’, full remote iPod control and HDD navigation.
    • Latest generation Multi Media Interface offers the option of a new integral 4,000-track ‘jukebox’ which can download music files via SD card and store them on hard drive
    • Combined with optional Audi Music Interface, MMI offers full iPod control via the header unit and displays full track/title information on the in-dash monitor
    • Standard DVD playback facility, optional DAB digital radio and TV reception
    • Hard drive also contains even more intricately detailed sat nav maps with new 3D ‘digital topographical’ views
    • New processors even plot 3 possible routes wherever possible, including one specifically calculated as the most economical

    Audi has just broken the sound barrier with an advanced new in-car entertainment system that offers exceptionally easy and intuitive control of iPods, MP3 players and CDs, but actually doesn’t need any of them. With its new integral hard drive, the latest Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) is capable of storing up to 4,000 tracks internally – more than enough even for long-haul trans-continental holiday journeys.

    When MMI is combined with the optional Audi Music Interface, the driver can remotely control an iPod or other music storage device using the central MMI control knob with its new built-in ‘joystick’ and the four logically arranged push buttons grouped around it. Full track and title listings are displayed on the sophisticated in-dash screen, and tracks can be scrolled through and selected in much the same way as they are using the iPod itself, earning the system plenty of plaudits already for its clarity, accessibility and ease of navigation.

    Features available as part of the latest system also include DAB digital radio reception, analogue and digital TV reception and DVD playback, all through the large in-dash monitor.

    The new high-tech hard drive has a total capacity of 40 GB, 10GB of which is given over to the 4,000-song ‘mobile jukebox’ facility that can be loaded using SD memory cards. It also holds satellite navigation data covering the whole of Western Europe, replacing the outgoing system’s already widely acclaimed DVD-based technology.

    The new hard disk dramatically enhances the already high quality mapping offered by the Audi Satellite Navigation System Plus, significantly increasing the degree of detail and offering a new 3D ‘digital topographical’ view which gives a pictorial depiction of key landmarks to add even greater ‘context’. Wherever possible it even provides a choice of three routes to a chosen destination, including one that has been specifically calculated to require the least possible consumption of fuel.

    The latest generation Multi Media Interface with HDD navigation is now fitted as standard to A8 models, and will be available as an upgrade for the Audi Q7, Audi Q5, A6, A5 and A4 ranges in the near future. The Audi Music Interface enabling iPod connectivity can be added to the system at extra cost. For the optimum listening experience, the new unit can be combined in many models with speaker systems from Bang & Olufsen offering up to 1,000 watts of music power.
  • I appreciate the feedback. Sounds like I can't go wrong with either color and that Drive Select may not be worth the $$ with an S-Line, but would be without it.

    I've been quoted a late December delivery of my S-Line, the order did get into the system. I work for Microsoft and got a 6% off MSRP discount as a corporate rate, and there was no negotiating beyond that.

    Regarding your S-Line or not, I've been torn on this as well so I think you're looking at it the right way. I could absolutely see skipping the S-Line and sport package altogether and just going Prestige with Drive Select (so you can get dynamic steering, etc. if you want it), Navigation, and probably then the wood trim (I don't like the hologram look). I nearly went this way but opted for the S-Line route when it became available. Thinking I might actually order the 18" wheels with all-season tires separately and just switching them out for winter/summer (we get some weather in the Pacific Northwest...)
  • kmelbykmelby Posts: 3
    Does anybody have any experience/info how the new fast shifting tiptronic compares to the old tiptronic and how will it compare to the S tronic (DSG) which we presently can't get on this model?
  • Interested in Black/White/Brilliant Red all with black interior. Any feedback appreciated.
  • Please help. Looking at the 2009 a4 premium plus pkg to lease. was given a price of $37,525. Was also given a price of $35,800 for sports pkg . can anyone tell me what i should expect for a monthly lease. 12,000 miles year, 36 month lease? Im confused and could use some help. I want to be able to walk into the dealership and be able to negotiate and get to the absolute lowest monthly lease price! THANK YOU!
    They sent me this:
    adj cap cost: $31,721.09
    initial cap cost: $31,730.69
    lease end value: $18,922.75
    residual: 55%
    msrp: $34,405
    money factor: 0.00206
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    The invoice price on the Premium Plus is $37,200. I'm a bit confused about your quote for the sports package because I thought you needed to get the prestige line to get that, but I could be wrong. At minimum I'd recommend the Premium Plus though. The Premium is devoid of a lot features, including the daytime LED lights which really makes the car look great! I got the Prestige and LOVE the keyless start and Bang & Olfsen 14-speaker audio system it comes with.

    In order to get the lowest lease price you'll need to get the lowest selling price. $37,525 is a good price for the Premium Plus, although I was offered invoice at Steven's Creek Audi.

    You can calculate your lease payment here:

    I initially thought about leasing, but then decided to buy since it is ALWAYS cheaper to buy then lease (i.e. you'll get more money if you sell your car at the end of 3 years) and you don't have to worry about miles. I got a really good loan rate at Pentagon Federal Credit Union (4.75% for 72 months).

    Hope that helped!
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