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2009 Audi A4



  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    I'm sorry, I made a mistake. For the 2.0T the invoice price for Premium Plus is $34,086, for the 3.2 (which automatically is Premium Plus) invoice is $37,200.
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    Another person in this forum talked to Ramon at Steven's Creek and got his car for $500 BELOW invoice. 34K is good, but you can probably get it a little lower.
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    Picked up my new Audi last week and I LOVE it. I got the 2.0T with Prestige and Navigation in Ibis White. I'm getting a Ventureshield Clear Bra this weekend, then Formula One Pinnacle Tint, JL Audio subwoofer and amp, and 3 piece forged black & chrome Kinesis wheels. It will be sweet!

    I changed out my grey front grille for the 3.2 glossy black grille (a couple hundred dollars more), and added chrome tips (makes the back so much better).

    My favorite thing is the keyless start. I never have to take me key out of my purse! I also like the LED daytime headlights. I can't lie, I get happy when I catch a reflection of my car. I got a 2007 A4 loaner car while the put on my grille and I have to say the two models were like night and day. The 2007 felt like a tiny sedan... not much difference then the geo prizm I upgraded from. The roomie-ness and features of the 2009 make it feel like luxury! I'm so glad I got the Prestige!
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    A premium plus car is 37.5k with destination. No way you can buy that car for 34k. There's not $3500 of markup in a premium plus car.
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    The 4 cyclinder (2.0) is ~$3000 less then the V6, so if you buy the 2.0T then the invoice lists it about $34k. Check for yourself in the Edmunds pricing.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I think you are failing to add the 825 destination charge in.
  • minowminow Posts: 1
    Hi kikihow:

    I'm thinking of the same color (Ibis White) with the same prestige package and nav. What color interior did you get (Beige/Black). When I did the buid your own Audi at the website it came out to $42900. Were you able to negotiate a better price or is that a relative accurate price? Also how long did your order take for you to get in from the day you ordered to pickup?

    Congrats on your car. I plan on shopping in November as currently I have other things to take care of so I'm just reading about the A4 on the net such as here.

    Thanks for any input.
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    Hey Minow,

    I paid $500 over invoice. It came to about $41,200 with destination charge, ad fee, document charge and port prep. Taxes and registration fees were about $3600, but where I live sales tax is 8.75%. I was actually offered the car at invoice at another dealership, but would have had to wait longer for the car. Another guy paid $500 below invoice at the same dealership.

    It took about 2 months to get my car. It would have been longer but my dealer was able to have the car re-routed from another dealership. I did have to put $1000 down to order the car, although the dealership I didn't go to I talked down to $500. got black interior, I think the beige looks granny-like.

    Honestly the best thing about the Nav is that all the controls are moved to the center console. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't search by business name like my Garmin (or maybe I can and I haven't figured it out).
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    I also recommend to everyone to get the extended warranty. The guy initially offered the Platinum (bumper to bumper) for 6 years, 100,000 miles, $100 deductible for ~$5000. I got him to change it to $3655, 7 years, 100,000 miles, $0 deductible. I was able to do this cause my credit union (Pentagon Federal Credit Union, 4.75%, 72 months) offered the same package for $2965. The reason I went with Audi was because it covered more (stereo, gps, non-covered parts causing covered parts to go out, etc). If you get the warranty, go with the best, NOT the gold or silver.
    I've heard stories of people having problems after 30k miles and so I wanted to alleviate that worry! I also looked into a comparable warranty after the manufacturer's warranty expired (I.e. 7 year warranty in 2008 vs. 3 year warranty in 2012) and it is MUCH cheaper to buy it now (about half the price). The take into account that you have the 4 year dealer warranty.
  • Can owners please comment on how they like the navigation system. I could not find any manual online. How does it compare to other cars?
    Can you search street names by voice?
    Can you search businesses by name?
    Can you search businesses by phone number (voice)?
    Once it finds a business does it show the phone number and allows you to automatically dial this number through bluetooth connected phone?
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Just get everything and enjoy! Why skimp?
  • Just picked up my new 09 Audi A4 2.0T Premuim+ Ice Silver
    35.5K + TTL

    Alas I realized when I connect my iPhone v2.1 to the A4 using bluetooth I can't access the phone book just the dial history!
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    Take it to the dealership. I have the new iPhone and am able to access my phone book in my new 2009 a4.
  • I got same problem! My wife's motorola though uploads the phonebook just fine. Therefore i suspect it is something to do with my iphone being jailbroken. How about you? Is it jailbroken or not?

    Also, i wonder if the ipod cable is supposed to come with the price of the car or is it sold as separate accessory? I heard that at least one dealer (not my though) gives them away with the car. Not sure how true that information is.
    My dealer said they sell them for 50 bucks a piece, but did not have them in stock...
  • danxpdanxp Posts: 47

    for those of you who have the 09 a4, can you tell me if this car has the feature where if you put the car in reverse, the passenger side mirror tilts downward so you can see the curb?

    i really like this feature and have required it in my next car...

  • yes, there is, at least on my A4 Premium Plus.
    just be sure to leave the mirror adjustment knob in the right-most position for this to work. quite convenient feature indeed.
  • danxpdanxp Posts: 47
    well, that settles it... i'm definitely getting the a4 then...

    i'm going to be getting the car in may, how much of a deal do you think i can get?

    i've been considering the following cars also...
    - lexus es, rx
    - acura tl, tsx
    - mazda 6
    - vw passat
    - honda pilot

    i've got a couple of kids, so i really need the space, but am trying not to get an suv (even tho i'm considering the new pilot)

    btw, do you recommend the extra cost of the prestige package over premium plus?

  • I didn't jailbreak my iPhone and it's actually the 1st generation iPhone. The iPod/iPhone cable comes with the car and you dont have to pay extra. They were just out of cables when I picked up my car.

    I just got a note from the dealer.....they actually have two types of cables in and he wasn't sure which one will work with my iPhone but was willing to try both if I drive over to him.
  • Do you have the 3G iPhone and what version?

    I have the 1st generation iPhone with version 2.1
  • I really want to get an 09' A4. Since the market is so crappy I wonder if Audi will announce any new promotion on that car. Does anyone think it will be worth to wait till next month?
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    Yes, I have the new (2nd generation) 3G iPhone .... I think it's also version 2.1, but I'm not sure.
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    I HIGHLY doubt there will be any big promotion on the new '09 A4. The guys at my dealership told me the A4 and A5 sales aren't hurting. They might have some special lease program or something. However, I do think you can negotiate invoice price for the car. If you wanted a '08 or earlier you could probably get a sweet deal, but they aren't nearly as nice as the '09.
  • kikihowkikihow Posts: 20
    The '09 A4 is much roomier then previous years (I know this from the loaner cars I've driven). I do recommend the prestige package. If you have your hands full of kids it'll be useful to not have to dig around for keys to open the door (just walk up and open it with the key in your pocket). The audio systems with the Prestige is also WAY better (Bang & Olfsen). I think these two features alone make it worth it. There's also other features... but I forget what they are. Additionally, there are some options that are only available with the Prestige (i.e. sports package).

    The only other car you listed that I liked was the Acura TL, but not the new one, the older ones, I hate the grille on the new one. The tsx just didn't have enough torque for me (the 2.0T A4 has 258 lbs of torque, it really picks up).

    I think you can get the car for $500 over invoice, if not invoice exactly.
  • Just to add to the pile, I got the car at $500 over invoice for an avant premium plus... One dealer claimed his "actual cost" was significantly more than invoice, and settled at $1000 less than msrp. Another accepted $500 over invoice, and in this case invoice was IDENTICAL to edmunds, which was the first I've seen someone report that. Usually people get told that the true invoice is more than edmunds.
    Someday I will get used to paying this much for a 4 cylinder!
  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
    i am guessing close to Indy?
  • I purchased the Premium Plus package and its what I would suggest unless you have the considerable amount of extra cash the Prestige is going to cost you. I've listened to both sound systems and the one included in the Premium Plus is excellent.

    As for deals, I also negotiated to invoice price. I've also heard that the lease on this car is going to get more expensive starting in November. The current money factors and residual were set prior to the last several months and thus haven't been adjusted.
  • Hello,

    I've been car shopping for a while and have narrowed it down to 2 cars-- well, almost 2: various flavors of '09 Subaru Outback, and the '09 A4 Avant. These are very different cars, but among AWD wagons, I liked them the best.

    My question is, does the 09 Avant really only have 17.3 cu ft of space with the seats up, or is that some sort of mistake? When I test-drove each car, I looked in the back, and the Audi looked almost as big as the Subaru to me-- I guess the raking of the C/D pillars on the Avant is so extreme that I didn't notice how relatively short in height the back space was, even though it was plenty long/wide-looking? The Outback, by comparison, offers 33.5 cu ft, and looks it too-- that could be a huge difference.

    Audi's own site, like, reports 17.3. The only other figure I found was on the EPA site (, which gives the Avant 27.6 cu ft-- a more visually believable number. But now I don't trust my eyes.

    Is Audi calculating this figure differently than Subaru? Does anyone here have any insight into whether the behind-the-seats space in the Avant is really that small (and smaller than the '08!)?

    thank you
  • a dealer today told me new lease programs start 11/11, i live on so california. i am also looking at 09 a4, premium, lease.
  • This is no doubt a better version A4 ('09) than than '08. This new A4 got my attention versus the the previous years. The exterior and interior is way better looking. Bigger is better in this case. Can't wait the see it on the street and in person.
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