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2009 Audi A4



  • Thanks for the advice...didn't think of that. I could always finance with my credit union where I have my mortgage, pay for the car w/ a cashier's check. The whole goal of using my credit card though, is that I get 2% back, saving me around $750-800. I don't think I would get the 2% back if did a credit card balance transfer (to pay off the auto loan). I believe its for direct purchases only.

    Bummer....only reason I applied for a $40k credit limit.
  • richardnvarichardnva Richmond, VirginiaPosts: 79
    I just took my first test drive of the new 09 A4 and I have to admit I was very "underwhelmed". I loved the styling and the extra room in the new model is great. I test drove the front wheel drive 2.0 turbo and felt that the car was really underpowered and the engine a little noisy. I did not have time to drive either the 2.0 quattro or the 3.2. Has anyone driven both the front drive and the quattros that can give me some feedback for comparison? I've never owned a turbo so I'm not used to the hesitation at low rpms. I had a 02 A6 and now drive a Acura TL and love the acceleration of both of those cars. I thought I'd start with the base engine on the A4 and work my way up. Am I being too hard on the 2.0L engine?
  • The 2.0t may be turbocharged but it is still a small displacement 4 cylinder engine. You are compairing this to cars with V6 engines. There is going to be a difference in power delivery and feel. Of course, the 2.0 will provide for a lighter, more responsive car, with better gas mileage. Cars are all about trade offs, so it depends on where your priorities lie. And yes, the 2.0t has always been a bit noisy, with a sound sort of like a diesel. I was hoping they cured the noise issue with the new model but it appears they have not.
  • I am in CT and considering the following -- A4 Quatro with Premium Plus and 18" Sport. What is reasonable? Dealer quoted $1500 discount to which they add back $499 Doc Fee. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • richardnvarichardnva Richmond, VirginiaPosts: 79
    Rascal, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I realize I'm comparing apples to oranges with 4 cylinder vs. 6 cylinder, but I was really surprised at just how weak the 2.0 liter was. After all, it is an Audi ;-) Seriously, I realized during the test drive that I'd have to drive to the 3.2. I was hoping (dreaming) that I could get a solid Audi for under $40k... I've moved past that daydream and am back to reality. I'm looking forward to driving the 3.2, but honestly am not a fan of the quattros. I don't need an all wheel drive car (I get about an inch of snow a year and a couple inches of rain) and you mentioned trade offs, Audi's are heavy to begin with, add the extra weight of the quattro and they're almost always the heaviest car in the lot. Anyway, enough of my rant. Any other feedback on driving experiences from the 3.2? I'm looking at the Lexus ES and possibly the Benz C-class. Thanks for the feedback.
  • I also found the 2.0T quite unimpressive in the automatic. Which is one of the main reasons I'm holding out for the 6-speeds. In my experience, the same engine in a stick is way more "powerful" because you have so much more control with the clutch and when to shift, etc.

    That being said, even with more power, I could never be satisfied driving a 3.2L in an automatic. It really sucks that manual transmission is becoming a thing of the past, unless its a tiny little coupe or super expensive sports car. From what I've seen, Acura, Audi, Lexus, etc. don't make their V6 in anything except automatic transmission...boring!. Sports sedans are meant to be driven, not automated, IMO.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Many car dealers won't take a credit card for a new car purchase. The reason you can get 2% back from the cc company is that the seller pays a fee to them to use their services, and depending on the agreement, it can often be larger than the 2%, your bank doesn't do this for free, and the auto dealer doesn't want to pay the large fee. Service is one thing, but a car is another.
  • richardnvarichardnva Richmond, VirginiaPosts: 79
    Have you looked at the Infiniti G37? I think they have a V6 with a manual transmission. I'm not positive, but I think I saw that as an option.
  • kinctkinct Posts: 59
    I agree! In my latest round of car shopping, pre-requisite #1 is the transmission. Manual only please. While the "tiptronic/DSG" transmissions are excellent from a performance perspective (read: on paper), they are substantially more complex / exotic, and hence more likely to break and when they do - $$$$. I have never had a manual transmission or clutch go bad - and have had cars go 225k, 213k, 195k miles.

    And don't get me started on pure automatics... :-)
  • Thoughts on this deal ?

    this is the deal i just got off the phone with.. wonder if G can help me !!

    A4 2.0quatrro premium plus
    15,000 miles
    36 months
    MSRP= $38,000
    INVOICE= $35734 (he told me he was giving it to me for $36,000)
    told by the dealer the following : MF= .0009 Residual = 50%
    (saw on another board the MF = .00104 and residual of 49%

    $575 per month ( i thought if i can get him to $550.. i'd jump)

    drive off is 1st month, bank (625) and NYS reg (200)

    Any helps would be much appreciated
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I just did a similar deal at 645.00 with sports package, Audi Care, and Nav. Your deal sounds very good. I did not squeeze since the salesman spent allot of time with me. You got more off MSRP than me. I suppose if you just call up or deal with an Internet salesman you get the best price. I took two test drives today and one last month. Ordered my perfect set up for April delivery. If you want a bargain go to Infiniti for a leftover 2008 G35 or Caddy for a CTS (sale only). Audi is pretty firm on their dollars.

    My co-worker leased a 2008 G35X, no Nav for 385.00. They have so many 2008s they don't show the 2009 G37 sedans. (better tranny & motor) That's a great deal and you will never have a repair. Just hope gas stays low.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I think anyone who is underwhelmed with the 2.0T is in the minority

    The new 09 2.0T is quite impressive to me. With nearly 260lb ft of torque, it's no doubt better than most V6's out there. BMW and MB's standard V6's can't match that. Even Audis own 3.2 with 265 hp has 243lb ft of torque. The 2.0T is probably one of the best motors on the market right now.

    All of that torque is available under 2000 RPM, and you can really feel it around town.

    I've got an A6 with a 350 hp V8 and love power like anybody else. Every time I get in a 2.0T and slam on the gas, it makes me smile. It's a heck of a lot of fun to drive and has plenty on punch to me.
  • richardnvarichardnva Richmond, VirginiaPosts: 79
    I'm a big Audi fan and agree that on paper the specs on the 2.0 seem to match up against other engines, but from a drivability perspective it's hard to compare a small 2 liter to a larger V6. Maybe it would have performed better if I had stomped on it like you referenced. I did normal city and highway driving without really pushing it from a hard stop to see what the raw acceleration would be. For normal city driving it didn't do so well at low speeds (stop and go traffic). It's still a great engine, and arguably my expectations were too high. I miss my A6 and probably need to move up to the 6 to get what I want. I'd still be interested to hear from anyone who has driven both the 2.0 and the 3.2. Thanks.
  • I'm confused about the TMV pricing on the Audi autobuilder.

    The prestige package has a price of $6909 and the navigation has an optional price of $2,326. It is my understanding that the prestige package INCLUDES the navigation system. Is this correct?

    I was quoted $41,942 for an A4 2.0T quattro (auto) with the prestige package.
    Does this seem high or in line with TMV?
  • From PBS's MotorWeek to Car and Driver to AutoWeek and on and on and on, including Ward's Best Engine of the year (one of the 10 for '09), the current, B8 Audi 2.0T receives praise for:

    "undetectable" lag
    Nearly weapons grade torque

    It also is reviewed as being the quicker of the two US versions of the A4 quattro, in some tests by OVER 1/2 second. The 3.2 is a great engine, but its main characteristic is it sounds good under part throttle. Both sound good at full cry, but the edge on "sweetness" goes to the 3.2.

    If you found the 2.0T underpowered, you will not be pleased with the 3.2 between rest and 80+ MPH.

    I have a theory, based on your post: you drove a front wheel drive version with the CVT transmission, which imparts an entirely different feel. Further, the AWD version uses a very very quick shifting tiptronic and rear wheel drive biased AWD (40/60 f/r torque split.)

    I tested four recent Audis: S5, A5 3.2, A4 3.2 and A4 2.0T. They are all desirable, based, IMHO, on trim level (I have the Prestige, 19" sport package, Nav+voice+camera, ADS, rear and side sunshades -- everything but ACC and rear airbags, that is). The 2.0T A4 is push you back in the seat quick, somewhat like the awesome S5 (somewhat, I'm not saying alike or even "close").

    The reason: 258 pound feet of torque available sub 1,900 rpm. The V6 on the other hand, 243 pound feet of torque that comes on north of 3,100. The 2.0T weighs less and the engine at idle whilst you sit at that lonnnnng traffic light makes you wonder "is this thing still running" it is so silent and vibration free.

    0-100KPH for the 3.2 = 6.7 seconds; 6.2 seconds for the 2.0T -- and a mile or two or three better MPG if that is of interest. Corners better, too, since the 3.2 is a smidge more nose heavy and slower to respond due to the wait to get to the higher RPM's where its max torque comes on.

    Try a 2.0T Prestige, 19" Sport package (or SLine) equipped '09 A4 quattro. You shouldn't have any issues with THAT configuration.

    Finally: the A4 itself is the quietest Audi I have ever had: of 29, including an A8, S6, allroad and most recently a 2005 A6 3.2.

    While I may wish for a bit more torque and perhaps plus 15% more HP, I am here to testify -- the new 2.0T may be Audis best "small engine" yet.

    It is easily better than my 2.7T and even better than my 1995 S6 20 valve turbo 5 cylinder, which DID have that sweet sound down pat.

    The 4.2, however, at this point, is the sweetest of all, especially at full cry.

    Can't wait to test the 3.0T (supercharged S4). :surprise:
  • richardnvarichardnva Richmond, VirginiaPosts: 79
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do look forward to trying out the 3.2 quattro for comparison to the 2.0. Ironic that you quote the Motorweek review, I just watched their review of the A4 and it was very complementary, and I agree that it is a very nice car. As far as part of your theory about the CVT, I'm sorry to disappoint you that I don't think that was the basis for my comments. My A6 was a CVT as well, and I actually really enjoyed the driving sensation of the smooth pull that the CVT delivered. I'm actually a little surprised that you can still get the CVT anymore, I was beginning to think that Audi was going towards quattro only and getting rid of the 2-wheel drive CVTs. Hopefully I'll have some time in the next week or so to try out the 3.2 for comparison. I'll let you know. Thanks!
  • Can any of you new owners of the 2009 A4's comment on how you like the new fast shifting Tiptronic? If you have driven a car with S tronic how much difference do you notice between the two transmissions.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    I'm fairly tall and long-waisted. It tweaked my interest when I saw the headroom spec on the new A4 - they say it is 40"...maybe if you could find one without a sunroof (Europe maybe, not here). My car says there's 39.6" and I have at least 2 more inches of headroom than the Audi. Bummer. Personally, I'd prefer a car without a sunroof - quieter, lighter, more room, cheaper. It's just that few luxury car manufacturers care to satisfy that desire.
  • Sorry I am not answering your question. I am just curious which SoCal Audi dealership you got this good price. $2k below invoice is great. Do you get this good price because you are financing? I am in the market to get an Audi A4 similar to yours too.

    I believe 2009 A4 is new to US, but not in Europe. Does anyone hear anything about its reliability issue or is it just too early to tell?

    Please help.
  • fglamserfglamser Posts: 22
    I have the 2009 2.0 Front Trak model. If you put the transmission in Drive it's a bit sluggish, but has phenomenal fuel economy. If you put the tranny in "S" the car is way quick. You have to be sure you have room in front of you when you step on it.
  • tdg1tdg1 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good SoCal Audi Dealer?? I have tried to work with Keyes and Rusnak and have not been happy with their service or lease deals on the A4. The best I could find so far is Rusnak with the following:

    '09 A4 2.0, CVT, w/ 18" Sport Pkg, & Heated Seats
    MSRP = $33,725
    Down = $1250 ($750 Audi Loyalty + $500)
    Term = 36 / 10k / .25 cents per mile over
    Payment = $450 (inclusive of CA tax)

    I couldn't get any more information out of them like the money factor or residual...

    Any comments or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  • fglamserfglamser Posts: 22
    Can someone tell me how much oil is represented from the top to the bottom of the oil level bar graph display? This would be helpful to know in topping up without over filling.
  • I have received the quote of $31,500 OTD for 2009 Audi A4 with bluetooth and 6,000 miles. Is this deal good?
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    You have to ask yourself, why already is this 2009 car pre-owned? Do you have a Carfax report on it?
  • s0l0s0l0 Posts: 39
    What is the difference between the CVT and the 'standard' automatic that are available in the 2009 model?
  • fglamserfglamser Posts: 22
    A constant velocity transmission (CVT) has no discreet gears. There is no shifting, just a changing of the gear ratio up or down as the circumstances demand. Motor scooters have used this type of transmission for years. Nissan uses it in many of its vehicles. Because there are in effect an infinite number of gears, the transmission can always be in the best ratio for power or economy. This results in excellent fuel economy. On a recent 650 mile round trip I got 35 mpg running at 70 on Interstates. On the A4 the drive selection (D) is best for economy. The sport (S) selection allows higher rpm's in any given situation that involves acceleration which allows more power. There is also a manual setting which allows the driver to shift up or down among 8 simulated gear ratios. I normally use the drive setting which results in a very smooth ride with no apparent shifting. It's like an electric motor.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    FYI, CVT stands for continuously variable transmission - in case the neighbors ask. ;)
  • fglamserfglamser Posts: 22
    Thanks! My bad. We use acronyms so much that the original meaning gets lost.
  • s0l0s0l0 Posts: 39
    How does it differ from the standard automatic in terms of reliability and driving experience?
  • fglamserfglamser Posts: 22
    Nissan has had good luck with their version. I don't know how long Audi has used that approach.

    As far as driving experience, there is no sense of shifting, only changing RPM in response to current demands. On the A4 you may choose an economy or power priority by selecting D or S with the gearshift handle.
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