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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • Wow, that's great. We don't really experience all those problems except for the gauges. Occasionally we'll be driving down the street listening to the radio and it will skip to another station, or, if we're listening to a CD it will change from disc 1, song 12 to disc 4, song 6. This has really confused me. I'm ready to pull my hair out as I'm sure you were...ANY advice would help...
  • I would def. check your wires because this all didn't just happen on one day. It happened over about a month long process... the windows were working on occasion, or on the overhead computer (whatever you call it) was stating that the back hatch was open, when it really wasn't. Then the windows and locks would only work with the driver door open (because that's when the wires would touch). So, considering how easy and cheap this was to fix, I would highly suggest that you start there. You said that you aren't having all of the same problems, but with the radio acting the way it is, it could be a different wire in the door... there are a ton in there, and they all do different things, so it's a high possibility!! Somehow it got kinked and they slowly over time we started noticing different things not working, but that's because the wire was getting thinner, and thinner and thinner!!
  • The run down:
    1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee TSI V-8 4X4
    The jeep runs great at all speeds, as well as the transmission. It is pretty much sound mechanically. But electrical y it is evil.
    The dash gauges do not work. The interior Lights will not go off. The power windows will not work on any door. I had to remove the interior light fuse just to get them to turn off. When you put the fuse back in, the relay clicks repeatedly, then seems to quickly drain the battery. It SEEMS that as long as the fuse is out the battery stays charged.
    The radio and fan both work. The power seats work as well. The information center on the upper console and the larger display information center that has a digital picture of the jeep located near the shifter both light up, but display no information (outside temp, compass, etc.), just hyphens. The bottom info center that has a picture of the jeep will not show that a door is ajar when it is.
    I have checked all fuses and circuit breakers, but all are good.
    I have taken it to two shops that gave up and told me to come pick it up (I figure because they did not want to mess with it). The third shop I took it to told me that the BCM would not communicate. And that I would have to buy a new BCM at the dealership and have the dealership program it to my jeep. I took it to the dealership and had the new BCM installed. They told me that it made no difference and that it was still not communicating. Why would a new BCM not even communicate? The problem must be before the BCM.
    The dealership said that they will not do anymore diagnostics on it because it has been gone through by too many other shops. All wires that have been messed with are still in-tact though. I am to the point to where I am willing to dismantle the dash and dig in. But if I could get some ideas on how to go about this, I would be very grateful.
    Please note that the lights behind the gauges do work just not the needles themselves.
    So after over $1000 of spending I still have the same Jeep I did at the start of all this. I cannot take it to anymore shops as I will probably end up spending all together, more than the Jeep is worth.
    Could this be an ECM/PCM issue?
  • My windows have started to periodically not work. My sunroof works fine. Also the power locks which are programmed to auto lock (at 15 mph) & unlock (when drivers door is opened) only work with the manual button on the door (just started that today). Has anyone else had this exact problem and if so, where you able to fix it??
  • jcarey1jcarey1 Posts: 2
    I have a 99 4x4 Grand Cherokee Laredo and am having a problem starting. It only occurs from time to time. When I turn the key it clicks and all the gauges bounce back and forth and continue to bounce even after the key is removed. If I keep trying it will eventually start. The first time it happened I pressed the brake and the gauges registered normal and it started. This morning the gauges started bouncing again then it finally started but now the gauges are dead.
  • Did you find a cure for the evil demon? I have a 1999 jeep Gran Cherokee with the same symptoms and am pulling out my hair. Nothing I have done mitigates this problem and like you no shop has been able to diagnose the problem. I'm ready to give it away.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would try and change the ingnition switch
  • The dealership told my girlfriend that the radio was skipping because a "stuck seek button". I know that can't be the problem because it skips randomly when playing a CD. The check engine light went after changing out the O2 sensor and adding a new air filter. The spark plugs have since been changed and so-far so-good (knock on wood).

    I think the problem with the radio lies in the steering wheel as it has controls on the back of the pillars. The buttons seem like they've been mashed beyond function and don't work when pressed.

    As for the gauges, I would *GUESS* there is either an electrical short somewhere throughout the vehicle, or the ignition is bad. I would look for articles or posts on that problem elsewhere. Also, if you can find a Haynes' Manual for you Jeep, I would. I will as soon as I finish this post...Good Luck!
  • Nope, note yet. I know what you mean when you say you are ready to give it away. I would, but its so hard to when it runs so good. I just picked it up from the dealership yesterday with no leads from them. I did get some good leads from other forums. I have been told that my BCM must not be getting power. Being that it is new, it must note being getting power since it is not communicating.

    I have been given a list of wires and areas to check that would most likely be the problem for the power outage. So as soon as it quites raining I will be digging in.

    I will let you know if I fix it.
  • i hope u have fixed this problem by now. your problem should be under the battery tray there is a vacuum line thta has a hole in it. seen to many like this.
  • I have a 200 jeep grand cherokee that has gone nuts. first the pcm went bad and we fixed that with no problem. but now everything is nuts. I can't communicate with bcm, windows don't work from any door, overhead console won't display numbers at all, a/c will not turn on, instrument cluster goes crazy every now and then, and sometimes vehicle dies as if you just turned it off. it always restarts but will eventually do it again. any ideas anyone.
  • I have traced the wiring harness with a fault finder from the condenser to the fuse block with no shorts detected. I have also replaced the TSP and crankshaft sensor. It mostly happens when it's hot outside (above 80). I can't get it to replicate all the time, but when it happens, I can consistently get it to die when I turn on the AC or defrost. Won't stall the engine with the blower on by itself. Changed the relays and checked fuses and it still stalls. I think it's narrowed down to the AC (automatic climate control) head unit or the PCM. Any ideas?
  • I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee that i bought new. It now has 108k miles on it and i have wanted to trade it off for something else but my wife likes the thing. I am tired of working on it! it all started with the power steering system that i pretty much replaced all parts, and then the window regulators. A couple of months ago the windows quit working. I thought maybe i did something when i put in the new regulator in the drivers door, but couldnt find anything. Then the AC quit working, the overhead computer quit working and the lights did funny things. I searched here online and found one posting where someone found a bad wire in the drivers door and tore back into it. Where the wires go through the rubber boot from the drivers door to the door jamb, i found THREE SPLICED WIRES!!! This vehicle has only been worked on or serviced by myself and i know i have never pulled back the rubber boot. The wiring harness must have been spliced from the factory! I soldered in about two inches of new wire and heat shrinked the splices, unhooked the battery to reset the computer, and IT WORKED!!!! I could have spent thousands on diagnostics in a shop and they may never have found the problem!!! I suppose it just took a dumb farmer to find a problem that was built into the vehicle at the factory. This is our second Grand Cherokee and i can honestly say there will not be a third. Good luck
  • That is weird. I noticed several factory spliced wires in the door and under the dash. But they looked like they were still tight though. But that may not be the case, they could be loose I guess. I will take those wires and add new wire to it.

    Thanks for the tip, maybe this will help.

    Oh yeah, and I hate jeeps now. I do love the 318 V-8 thats in it, so much power and wont get stuck anywhere. But I have had two jeeps now with these strange electrical problems. Sad to say, but I am done with Jeeps after this.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    :) Thanks to all for the input above:

    All the panel warning lights were intermittently lighting up for a few seconds, then going back off. Thanks to what I've read here, it was easily fixed by cleaning the battery posts and cable terminals and tightening them down well. (2005 Grand Cherokee 3.7L) :shades:
  • In the last few weeks I have had several incidents of my jeep just turning off when I am in the middle of a turn. I have to put it in neutral, then turn the ignition and it just starts right back up. It has only done this while I am in the act of turning. Luckily it has only occurred when I have been slowing down - like turning into the garage or pulling into a drive thru lane. This issue started right after I had the dealership change out the battery (since I couldn't find the battery at any of the local part stores). Could it be possible that something happened during the battery installation that would cause this or is it just coincidence?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    have you tryed new battery? would try that first as jeeps like realy good battery volts
    when i have helped anyone with eletrical prob i have then change the battery on any of the newer cars as computers are real touchey on volts (you put a serge protector on your computer in your house to smoth out serges dont you) weak battery will charge in serges computer dont like that
  • hi mat

    did you manage to fix your problem?

    I am having similar problem on my Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000yr. When you open or lock the car the hazardlights dont flash, once inside the lights dont turn off, the windows dont work, the memory seats dont work because it says the belt is on but its not, the belt light stays on.

    if you could help me please let me know

  • Hi Guys

    i am looking to see if someone can help me with my Jeep Graand Cherokee w reg 2000 yr. Firsty when you unlock or lock the door the hazzord lights dont flash, the interior lights dont go off, the side interior side lights dont work, the seatbelt symbol stays on the dash, teh funcion to control the volume doesnt work, the windows dont work, the temperature or av MPG doesnt work.
    if anyone can help me please do.

  • Hi Guys

    i am looking to see if someone can help me with my Jeep Graand Cherokee w reg 2000 yr. Firsty when you unlock or lock the door the hazzord lights dont flash, the interior lights dont go off, the side interior side lights dont work, the seatbelt symbol stays on the dash, teh funcion to control the volume doesnt work, the windows dont work, the temperature or av MPG doesnt work.
    if anyone can help me please do. or email

  • After only purchasing Toyota cars for many years, and on an "impulse buy" deciding on a Jeep since they gave me such a great deal, I am already regretting the choice. I love the Jeep- the way it drives and handles, and it fits me like a glove. However, I am wondering if this is a quality vehicle and that if I am already having a problem now, what's it gonna be like in five years??
    Here's the problem: the rear liftgate door usually doesn't respond to the lock/unlock key. I went four days straight with being unable to get the liftgate to lock, even though all the other doors work fine. I would stand by the liftgate pressing the "lock" mode on the remote key fifty times- no response. When the liftgate would lock on rare occasion, then it would go days without my being able to UNLOCK it!! Any thief could have opened that rear door, crawled in and taken anything he wanted!! I took it back to the dealer only a WEEK after I bought it and had the service department look at it. they replaced the actuator and the latch, thinking that would fix it, but no.... I now have another appointment with the Service department in a few days. My hunch is that either this is a simple problem , i.e. a wire that needs adjusting, or it's a complex electrical problem that might never be fixed. if it's the latter, I'm wondering what my protections/rights are as a consumer...anyone have advice on this?? I have only had the car for a month! No brand new car should have this problem.
  • I found spliced and broken wires where the drivers door hinges. I fought electrical problems on my 02 for a while until i found and fixed this problem. Also, when my battery gets to be a couple of years old, it starts doing strange things. The first place id look is in the rubber boot from the drivers door to the door jamb and check the integrity of the wires there. Good luck!
  • eridererider Posts: 2
    Well, after two days of it being at the shop, and checking just about every wiring configuration in the vehicle, it was determined that the junction box, which contains a lot of wiring, was defective somehow. this vehicle never should have left the factory floor with that defect- I guess the person in charge of quality assurance was out that day!
    thanks for the reply Farooq. but it sounds like you know a lot more about electrical problems than I do. Electrical problems can be hard to diagnose. I know some European models are notorious for electrical problems. anyway, the problem is fixed and I hope to enjoy my new Jeep for many years.
  • My Jeep, a 2005 5.7 liter with 39,000 miles just got stuck in 3rd gear (5 speed automatic) as I was cruising at 65MPH while in Drive. The vehicle has the 8/4 gas saving feature. The dealer has had it since yesterday morning and says it may take yet another couple of days to figure out the problem, and that the problem is probably electrical. I put a new battery in one month ago. Any ideas, relay of similar experience, would be welcomed.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    It sounds as if the transmission has gone into the "limp home" mode, which usually is due to a malfunctioning sensor input to the transmission. However, the dealer should be able to find a code quickly from the OBD computer. It shouldn't take days to do that. The 8/4 (MDS) almost certainly has nothing to do with the problem. :)
  • 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee problems
    . Does not Work
    1. Windows
    2. Automatic head light sensor
    3. Door locks
    4. Temperature Display (not eng) outside temp
    5. Map lights stay on (if setting is on auto)
    6. Air Conditioner compressor does not turn on
    7. All gauges do not work ( work briefly if i press on the brake)

    I sent my Jeep to a mechanic I had problems my gauges did not work and he said it could be a coil spring or ignition. He serviced my vehicle and changed the ignition. That did not fix the problem but the items listed above do not work. He did
    a diagnostic check and the computer would not respond. He said my accessory control was most likely bad. He checked the coil spring and said it was good. He said most likely I should take it to the DEALER.

    I would press on the brake my gauges would work briefly.
    If I would put my turn signal my gauges would work briefly.
    If I turned my wipers my gauges would work briefly.
    My windows would roll down if I would stop and turn off my ignition. Now they just don’t work
    I would be driving and my turn signal warning chime would go off.
    The jeep has stalled three times but started back up.
    All the vital stuff works such as Turn signals Head lights
    I have not had any problems with the transmission or engine it works just fine. Except when it stalled those few times.
    I can hear a clicking noise under the dash it sounds like a relay clicking.

    I since have sent it to the dealer (bunch of yahoo's) they have never seen the problem. RIGHT! look on the internet I am not the only one. They diagnosed the problem as the instrument cluster.

    I tore into the dash this weekend and looked for all the posted possablites and I found no corrosion no spliced wires in the boot of the door.

    I did find a burned connector for the ac as soon as I touched it was Hot and then the blower turned on. This part is called a Resistor for the blower fan. (OEM INSTALLED RESISTOR SYSTEM FLOW SENSOR (DELCO MODEL #16250779, SERIAL #0304021) I went to the dealer got a quote for the part and casualy asked him if he had a lot of call for this part he said yes. I asked if there was a recall on it he directed to the service deptartment and there is no recall. Funny thing is that they also sell the connector to replace the melted male adaptor.

    I just want to know if anyone has checked this sensor its located under the passenger dash next to the blower.

    I just wonder since this Fried under the dash if this has caused some sort of ground or actually fried the computer and I wonder why It did not blow the fuse...Its unplugged for now until I replace it. Since I have disconnected it has not helped the guage issue. I now notice that the window control on the door makes
    a clicking noise and turns on and off from door to door I am just wonder if this could be a multiude of problems. I used to love my jeep. As the saying goes if you love them you must let them go..
  • smithed: thank's for response. The dealer finally delivered the Jeep on Monday, 10/13 in the early pm, fixed, said the computer check was negative, tech. traced problem to two bent prongs on a wiring harness connector, straightened them out, billed me $518.00.
  • hi
    i had problems with my electrical windows, door lights would not go off, the memory seats wouldnt work, the temp sensrs and dash wouldnt work, temp wpould not give accrate reading.

    i got an auto electricain who looked at the door switch and re powered it and all the problems went away. all i need now is the code for the sterio.
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