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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • revellrevell Posts: 2
    Problem solved :)

    The culprit was the neutral position sensor harness. It seems that over time the harness had rubbed against and bracket mount for the transmission and exposed bare wire for the Reverse causing a ground short.

    Here is how I trouble shoot it. I started the vehicle and then unplugged the neutral position sensor and the placed the vehicle into reverse and it did not blow the fuse.
    So I then started checking the harness for problems back to the fuse box. Luckly I didn't have to look far. I had bought a Hanes Manual to get the wire diagram so that I would know where/what was all tied into the reverse electrical system.
    After three days of brain racking, all is good now.

    NOTE: The vehicle will not start with the sensor unplugged, so be sure to start the vehicle first.
  • whwm01whwm01 Posts: 1
    About a year ago, I was driving home from a concert when everything went haywire. Head lights would dim in and out, the gauges went crazy, odometer flashed on and off, cd player shut off... And then my Jeep would start to stall out and then turn back on while I was driving. So I replaced the battery and everything was fine until about a week ago this problem started up again.

    Sometimes I'll go out and it will start right up, other times it won't even click when I use my power locks. When it doesn't start I have to sit there and continue turning the key on and off until it eventuallyyy starts up. Usually it won't make a sound when turning the key. The battery is only a year old, I have a warranty on it but Autozone checked it and said the battery and alt are fine.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    clean your battry posts off real good see if that helps
    still sounds like battery
  • So I just found out today that the wire going from the solonoid to the starter is bad and needs to be changed. We have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the mechanics keep telling us that the wire can't be changed. Something along the lines of the entire engine will have to pulled out in order to change it. Is this the case, or does anyone know of another way? I really don't want to have to pay the high cost of labor for a cheap part.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would tell this grease monkey to shalft someone else and find me a new mec. as should be able to just run a wire along the out side of the old wire and hook up where the old wire was
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    This sounds a bit fishy to me too. Almost any wire can be changed, even if you have to run it through the firewall to the cabin (e.g., that's what audio installers do all the time).
  • I agree with both of you, I thought it sounded weird too. I guess the issue is that the wire is way down inside, and supposedly the mechanic couldn't get to it even with really long needle nose pliers.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i dont know where the wire would be so hard to get at that you could not rerout the wire (if its that bad would have to remove engine to change the starter)
  • i have a grand cherokee 3.1 2000 Turbo Diesel Automatic. right i was driving along the road the other day and everything just completely locked up, braked a couple of times and stopped. engine still running. i could drive it in secound and first, as i had to get it to the side of the road. today i decided to have ago at driving it down the road in "drive" again and it was fine for 200 yards down the road, then it would brake twice and go in to a complete stop (didnt make a noise though). i put it in to 2nd and it went 200 yards down the road and the same kinda happened again, so finally i put it in to 1st and it went quite a distance up the road but it did the same again(same again no noise). reverse works aswell btw. the reason i was tihnkin it was an electrical problem was because the transmission fluid is perfect, it doesnt smell burnt or look black and i thought that if it was something mechanical it just wouldnt drive at all or make a clunking noise. ive done the trick of turning the ignition on and off 4 times and it come up saying "done" meaning there is nothing wrong with the car :S

    btw ive also had a problem with starting it, i can turn the key to turn the radio on but its takes a couple of goes to turn the engine on as it just make a clunking noise. also aircon hasnt worked and one of the electric seats doesnt work.
  • I hate to admit this but my 96 grand cherokee got the better of me I sold it , I just couldnt keep up with the electrical problems :mad:
  • rodiakrodiak Posts: 1
    Any additional information on this? Same exact thing happened to me the other day.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    on all the electrical problums i always ask HOW OLD IS THE BATTERY?

    if older than one year sugust you change that first as most intermit prob are a bad battery one cell could be going bad and not make contact all the time will cause all diffrent problums
  • My 2006 JGC Limited has an intermittent problem where the headlights flash on and off numerous times when the switch is in the "Autobeam OFF" position. So while the headlights turn off, the dash lights return to the day time brightness setting and blind you. It may be that I can temporarily halt the problem by turning the switch to "Autobeam ON" and back. Has anyone out there seen this problem? Thanks!
  • I had the problem with the dome lights staying on and the driver's side panel not working. I fixed that by splicing the BLACK wire back together in the harness.

    Now......When I try to start my car, the starter kicks over then stops and all of the electronics die in the car. No lights or anything. Can't restart it. This happened a few times to me but tonight it finally completely stopped. I went hunting quite a ways out of town and came back to the car and it locked me out!!!! No response from the controller. No lights. The gauges were going crazy on the dash board. I couldn't manually open the door because the keyhole was locked up.

    Needless to say, I had quite a long, pissed off walk.

  • Hi Seymop,

    Wow, that's bad. I never had those symtoms, however, my previous Jeep Cherokee had the problem where the gauges went crazy (I sold it soon). Are you located in a cold area? My situation in message #205 seems to happen when it is cold outside. What year/model is your Jeep?

    Thanks, DJ
  • 2004 Jeep grand cherokee
  • Appears to be #8 fuse but it's not blown. Radio, heater switch,. Readout display and overhead lights inop. Center dash components mainly. 93 Grand Cherokee. Help, its cold and quiet...Brent
  • I have a 2004 GC Limited, and I'm almost ready scream.

    It's sad when you have to guess whether or not you car will start, or when will it died while you are driving it... We have taken it to several auto shops and each time the mechanic is at a lost- they have no idea as to what the problem may be. I think the biggest issue is the problem is hard to reproduce, since the problem is so sporadic.
    From what I’ve read in the different forums, this problem is pretty common, leaving me to believe Chrysler is aware of the problem...

    If you are still having this issue, contact Chrysler at1-800-853-1401 or 1403
    or the National Highway Transportation Safety at 1-888-327-4236
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    From the information you provided so far, I'd say it's almost certainly a problem with your electric system.
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    Are you having the same intermittent problem as dknj? Please provide more details, so that someone might have a better idea of what to recommend for you.

    Also, I don't think it's accurate to conclude that your starting issue is a widespread problem based on you reading a few forum posts. Please remember that the posts here (and in other forums) are coming from a small sub-sample of Jeep owners and not necessarily representative of all of them. After all, one doesn't often see the posts about things running just fine, because there's no need to post about it ;).
  • A couple of times, my car has died while I was driving... no horn, won't start, not able to steer, and no lights- after a few minutes the car will start, the clock is reset to 12:00.

    I've also had more than a few times where the car just will not start, no lights on the panel, no indicator bell from the key being in the ignition, nothing, after a few times from trying, the panel will slowly light up, the indicator bell will ding the clock flashes 12:00 and it starts.

    Below are a list of forum I've read as to other Jeep owners having the same issue =all 19de5c08a8c922e9
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    i had this problem last month with my 99 grand cherokee, after the problem happened twice in 2 days i disconnected and reconnected the 3 computer plugs on firewall behind coolant bottle to clean off any corrosion that may prevent good sensor signals to computer, i thought that fixed it as i hd no problems for 3 more weeks, then it happened again but waiting a few mnutes did not fix like the two prior times, this time power did not come back, i called auto club, they did amp check on battery and it had died, it was 30 months old on a 36 month battery. He put a new battery in and tested to make sure alternator was ok, it was, everything working now. I had read in other jeep postings that when battery gets near end of life it may act this way intermittently till it finally dies, if i had my battery checked last month after first fail it probably would have shown as weak and i would have avoided my last final fail, so if your battery is more than 75% into its battery life, take it to a good place to check voltage and cold cranking amps of battery(CCA), i think auto zone will test for free and install a new battery with no labor charge, also sears, etc. If you have a reciept from when you last bought battery, go to the place you got it as they will pro-rate the cost of new one if its under warranty. Please post back if this was problem after you test battery.
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    Also check to make sure battery cables are very tight and clean, as they might be wiggling while driving over bump and coming loose causing problem. Weak battery in this car will mess with the computer and car won't run.
  • This reply is primarily for Lorraine1203. This problem sounds very similar to 3 different problems I have had on 2 Jeep Cherokees (not GC) and another Chrysler sedan. 2 out of 3 problems were extremely hard to troubleshoot. The good news is that the fixes were simple, relatively inexpensive and lasting. I have 2 questions for you to help me see if one might match your issue. 1) When your Jeep "dies" while driving, do you still have electrical systems such as instrumentation, radio, lights, etc? 2) When your Jeep "dies" while driving, does it stall for a matter of seconds and then start going again, or is it finish and you have to get it towed? We can go from there. Regards, dj_movers
  • I have two jeeps both 4.0ltrs .. The wrangler has had an issue from day one of stalling in 4x4 usually in reverse- I need to get it to the dealer since it has a bulletin to repair it...
    Now the 2003 Grand Cherokee is another story- cut out on highway and had no power no anything.. zero crank.. towed it home - still zero crank.. turn the key gauges come on and...nothing... zero crank... hooked up a tester to flash the computer has zero readings... 3 shops have told me they have no clue what it is..
    I found a lot of other forums that state its the PCM telling the ASD to shut off due to the PCM having weak wire connections or just going bad..???
    Does any agree- should I just buy a new PCM... Last Jeep I will buy just cant deal with the headaches between the window motors/heating act switched power sterring lines that end up being a re-configured pump and line ($400+)... i done
  • 1) When your Jeep "dies" while driving, do you still have electrical systems such as instrumentation, radio, lights, etc?

    No, I lose total power.

    2) When your Jeep "dies" while driving, does it stall for a matter of seconds and then start going again, or is it finish and you have to get it towed?

    It stalls for a matter of 2 to 3 minutes and then starts going again.

  • i have a 1998 grand cherokee laredo ok well i am sure u all have seen this befor but i have not. My right front and left front and back right turn signals do not work . I replaced the back right blub but no good. I replaced the turn signal flasher nothing. the ones that are working are flashing fast. One friend told me after looking i need to remove the front turn signals on both sides and get the water out and replace blubs and he thinks the short is there. is he right and if u think so how do i remove the front turn signals on the jeep??
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    how old is the battery if more than year or so change battery cheapest thing you can change when you start to have these problem as the jeep likes a battery that dosen"t fluctuate to much
  • Again, mainly for Lorraine: Maybe our problems are sligtly different since I never lost all electricity in my Jeeps and car. However, for your first reply 1) I would check out the battery in every way possible: remove the cables, clean them and the terminals with baking soda and water or a commercially available spray and wire brush. Test the battery as maybe a cell is going bad. Push on the farthest sides of the battery to see if they are starting to get soft (bad sign). For what it is worth, I have had what you describe on my motorcyle and it is always a faulty ground connection on the battery terminal. I have to smack it with a tool until I can get home to service it. Regarding your reply 2), whatever sensor tells the ignition where it is so it knows which cylinder to fire on may be going intermittent. This would NOT, however, cause total electrical failure. In the past, this was hard to troubleshoot, however, I would think that an '04 should be receiving computer codes to tell the mechanic. Finally with stalling, another hard to troubleshoot problem would be a faulty fuel pump relay. Again, this would NOT cause total electrical failure. In my case, the dealer replaced the fuel pump under warranty for no reason. I swapped the fuel pump relay with a like one on a non-critical circuit and never stalled again. Let us know what happens!

    Again, PLEASE if anyone can help me with my post #205, I would be grateful.

  • i have a 1996 grand cherokee laredo . drove to store had lights came back out no head dash or tail lights everything else worked. changed headlight switch . fuses are good and relay good. help this jeep means the world to me!
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