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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems

naoredson1naoredson1 Posts: 3
i bought my jeep used two months ago and it has 37000 miles on it. recently, but not consistently all the gauges quit working when you start the vehicle. if i disconnect the battery the problem is fixed until the next time which could be a couple of hours to days later. if anyone has any answers please let me know before i burn it to the ground.........


  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    the first thing i ask is if the battery has been changed because jeeps realy don't liky any flucuations in voltage if bat is one to two years old change it nothing lost as if it don't fix prob will cost a lot more to find but batt change will fix in about 75 percent of time
  • paulmikpaulmik Posts: 4
    I changed the battery in my 2004 Grand Cherokee and to keep the clock on time and other things from happening, I connected another battery to the battery leads when I removed the dying battery. Installation seemed to go perfectly, but when I drove the vehicle two problems, that were not present before, were manifested:

    1) Cruise Control light appears on dash when I press the on button, but it will not engage.
    2) Mode control (recirculation, floor, floor/vent, vent, defrost, etc.) does not work but the fan does - all heating or air conditioning comes out of the windshield defrost louver.

    I checked the fuses in the cab and under the hood, all tested OK.
  • I've had my 05' Cherokee at the stealer 5 times this month all for the same electrical issues. While driving my headlights shift back and forth from high to low, tach and speedo needles bounce up & down, air bag light come on and dings at me, stereo shuts off and come back on, and the heated seat shuts off. This probem has been intermittent for over a month. The dealer so far replaced a control module in the steering column, the stereo, the ignition switch, the Heater / AC control block, and now today the instrument cluster.
    I'm going to pick the Jeep up today and if it still doesn't work I'm gonna SCREAM!! Anyone have an Idea as to what could cause all these problems? It seams the dealer is trying to solve each individual problem instead of looking at one cause for all the problems. It has 34,500 miles on it and I'm afraid if this happends again outside the warranty I'm screwed. Also, do I have any legal action I can take to protect me from getting screwed Magnusson- Moss Warranty Act?? or will they extend my warranty??

  • lunghdlunghd Posts: 61
    If you have those crappy aftermarket clamp on battery terminals... replace the cables.

    To all: Jeep Cherokees & Grand Cherokees are very prone to crappy cable grounds & such can cause all kinds of intermittent wierdness. The rear ground strap from the head to the firewall (driver side) is often broken / left off after service work that might involve getting the motor / head out (or CPS replacement if the mechanic doesn't know the tricks for replacing that).

    Battery to ground cable - check it! Positive cable harness - check it! Ground cable mentioned above - check it!

    Another thing to check are sensor harness connections - especially on the early / mid-90's models. The get oxidized / corroded and voltages get spotty especially when they get some moisture in them.

    Most auto parts stores carry generic, pre-made cables in a variety of lengths. When swapping them out, always opt for a larger gage wire as this was another area the factory saved .01 cents per 10 zillion Jeeps. (Larger gage wire will carry the cranking load with less resistance meaning your battery / charging & starting system will work a little easier.)
  • lunghdlunghd Posts: 61
    Most of the Jeep charging / starting issues are caused by the crappy ground points & corrosion / oxidation. A new battery might be needed but check the cables first.

    To all: Don't use those crappy clamp on battery terminal clamps! They are an corrosion magnet & I've seen more than one that would cause a vehicle to not even start - mimicking a bad battery.
  • lunghdlunghd Posts: 61
    Has this vehicle been in an accident? Or had major service requiring removal of dashboard or engine? Straight drive that has had a failed clutch master cylinder which leaked fluid down firewall (both in engine bay or under dash)?

    Check the gigantihumungous connector that carries the wiring harness through the firewall. Sounds like it is loose & not making full connection. Almost every circuit you list runs through it directly and the others could be affected by intermittent voltage.

    Long shot maybe - but if it's loose, it's a simple fix. (One screw on my much, much older Jeep.)
  • andyman74andyman74 Posts: 4
    No, it has never been in an accident. So far after two days of use its been working. The last thing the stealer replaced before giving it back to me was the instrument cluster. Who would have guessed huh? Time will tell though. Now I've only got 1300 miles left of my warranty before the real worry starts. Any one have any success getting Chrysler to extend their warranty? I'd feel better if I had another year on this. I can't believe they won't warranty all this work beyond the 3yr -36000
  • naoredson1naoredson1 Posts: 3
    i took it to a shop and had them run a diagnostic test on it. they came up with the ecm and cluster werent communicating correctly and caused the problems. so they reset the code and for now the comp and cluster seem to working properly. its a fix for now but will update later if anything changes.
  • andyman74andyman74 Posts: 4
    Well, I almost made it a week with out any problems. It seems the instrument cluster wasn't the problem either. The tach & speedo started bouncing up n' down again tonight. Damn It!! Maybe the sixth time to the dealer in a month will be the magic number.....yeah right.
  • naoredson1naoredson1 Posts: 3
    does anyone know what the diagnostic trouble code (dtc report) U110A and U1411 are?
  • matt4635matt4635 Posts: 1
    My Jeep has some sort of electrical problem I think. When every you turn the wheel the dome lights come on and it says the left rear passenger door is open when it's not. It seems that it only happens when it rains. Now the alarm goes off since it thinks the door is opened. What could be the problem? Help!!!!!
  • rstrackrstrack Posts: 2
    Hi. I own a 1996 jeep cherokee, 6 cyl. with about 1500000 miles. I unfortunately, am living in Mexco. Recently, after running without problems, I went to start my car only to find both the gas and battery gauges on zero with the key in the on position, and no ignition spark. Everything was fine earlier in the day. I have half a tank of gas and my battery was fine. My headliner has been coming loose, and I've been sticking cardboard between the headliner and overhead console. Aside from that, I have no clue. I wish I had an electrical diagram.
  • rstrackrstrack Posts: 2
    I'm sorry. In addition, all the fuses are good and I've tried swapping relays to no avail. I've also checked the wiring in the ignition switch and everything looks good. There is a lot of dirt and junk where a wiring cluster passes through the firewall on the drivers side. All other wiring and connectors look good.
  • mrduck53mrduck53 Posts: 1
  • Hi Matt. I was wondering if you figured out what the problem with your jeep was. Ours is doing a similar thing. Our windows started not working at times, and now completley wont work, as well as our automatic seat button and the locks. The dome lights are on all the time while driving. And the other night at 1am, the headlights started turning on and off all by themselves. If you've heard anything, I'd greatly appreciate if you could pass it along! Thanks!
  • jon51jon51 Posts: 1
    Interesting. I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee and yesterday at 80 MPH the thing just died in the number one lane of I-5 in San Diego County. The speedo went to zero, panel lights off, etc. After muscling it to the shoulder of the road, tried to restart and no way Jose. Towed the thing to my driveway where it awaits some help. Once I get itm I'll send you the result. If you get yours fixed first, please let me know what you did. Jon
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    do any of your lights work?

    when i have a electrical prob the first thing i do is install a new battery if it is older than a year.

    bad cell in batt could cause it to stop as jeeps are sticklers for the right batt volts as computers dont like flucuations
  • jra173jra173 Posts: 2
    My Grand Cherokee was sitting in the driveway, keys in the house. I looked outside and noticed that the headlights were flashing on and off and the hazards as well. I went outside and when I opened the door it was dinging as if my keys were in the ignition. The battery ended up being dead, but started up again with a charge. Would this have anything to do with the lights being on auto? If anyone has any information, it would certainly be appreciated. Thanks.

  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    sounds as if you panick button on key fob was pushed or the body control computer ground is bad
  • benlowfnbenlowfn Posts: 1
  • Hey Matt... I responded once, and this is what I found out since...

    The problem: windows, locks, mirrors and auto seat button not working... dome ligths on all the time when I drive... headlights turn on and off when keys are NOT in the ignition and when NOBODY is around.

    It's not my battery, it's only 2 months old.

    The solution??: After talking to my mechanic it turns out the switch (that controls windows and locks inside the driver door) is not communicating with the body control module. The switch is $202.00 and the BCM is $725.00 brand new + labor. I searched ebay with no luck and finally 40 junk yard calls later I found the switch for $35.00 and the BCM for $150.00. I was also doing some more research on line and someone stated that they changed the BCM first and it didn't do anything, and then they put in a new switch and it worked. Since it's signifigantly cheaper, I will be trying the switch first. I will be getting the switch tomorrow and after I get it on, I'll send another message. But I hope this helps!!
  • jra173jra173 Posts: 2
    Don't think it's the panic button because when I open the door, it sounds like the ignition is on and the dash lights are on. Anyone know where the body control computer ground is or where I could see a wiring diagram?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    possably be the ingniton switch as that is full of contacks could have bad contack inside it
  • anner0220anner0220 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have a solution? I've had this problem for 11 months.. the same lights flickering, seems like the car shuts off but it's not... all guages shut off... and come back on... The dealership blew me off when it was under factory warranty, and now.. blamed corrossion on my battery able- and insisted that the diagnostic revealed a faulty wiring harness. now over $600 later and only 2 weeks since that repair.. AGAIN!! lights flicker, guages off and on.... this is so scary when driving at night... the dealership doesn't care.. and acts like it's my fault.. or that I am SOL.. because it's electrical and are "impossible" to diagnois..


    Anne :lemon:
  • andyman74andyman74 Posts: 4
    Mine has ben flakely for 4 months now with countless trips to the dealer. They have determined that they can't fix the problem because they can't find it. I'll keep you posted as they are considering buying it back fro me.
  • i bought a new flasher for my 2000 jeep grand cherokee but cannot find where to plug it in. i was told its either under the hood or by the fuses under the dash.
  • Hello, my girlfriend's '05 Jeep Grand is doing the exact same thing minus the headlights (fingers crossed). Have you received any answers to your problem? The dealer is going to look at it tomorrow and I wondered if it might be something I could fix myself.
    I'm not ready to fix a wiring harness, though. Did you try the battery? If so, did it work?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    located on the left end of insternent cluster (don't look like a reg flasher looks like a relay second from the left on the junction block top row
  • The dealership called into Chrylser Engineers to get advice and were told to replace the " Multifunctionswitch" it's basically the headliths/windshield wiper "bar" that comes out of the steering column. I complained enough that the dealership did that repair for free. It's only a $70+ dollare part.. it's been a few weeks and ALL SEEMS GOOD....
    Have them check that switch... the wiring harness is bull!! Nothing was wrong with mine... don't believe them if they tell you that... I'm 90% sure for you it's going to be the multifunction switch...
  • Hi, yes my jeep is fixed. I've been so crazy I forgot to post it. The problem with our jeep was the dome lights were on all the time (with out keys being in the ignition), headlights blinking when jeep is not running or w/o keys in the ignigtion, windows, locks, and power seat button not working. My parents neighbor actually fixed. It was showing on the computer that the BCM was not communicating with the switch. Total prices for both parts was around $1000.00 plus labor. My parents neighbor was trying to pull of a portion of the door panel off, and couldn't get it. The more we discussed it he said it sounded like a lose wire. So when you open the driver door (on our case at least) between the side of the door closest to the steering wheel and the side of the jeep is a black foamy like cover, he slid it to the side to see the wires and all it was was a split wire. We sautered it back together and it's been fine ever since, for almost a month now! I hope this helps, but I'm so thankful we didn't spend the grand to get it fixed, because it still wouldn't have worked. FIXING THIS ONE SINGLE WIRE, FIXED ALL OF THE ISSUES!!!!!!
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