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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That doesn't sound like a short. It sounds like a broken circuit or bad switch. Have they checked all the electrical connections?

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  • boveebovee Posts: 3
    not sure what they have or have not checked, I got frustrated with the mechanic and picked up the truck today, now it won't start at all and the fuel gauge is reading empty, the low fuel chime keeps dinging, and when I drove it home, it had 3/4 tank. What kind of circuit or switch should I be looking for, and could this be a bad fuel pump or sending unit? thanks for your help.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The speedometer and gauges are all electronic and there are a number of electrical connections between the battery and these components. The problem could be at any of those junctures. I don't have hands on experience and don't know how accessible any of those would be so we'll have to wait for someone knowledgable to jump in here - anyone?

    I am a little surprised the mechanic didn't pick up on any of this (electrical, fuel pump, sending unit, etc.) if starting it is such a problem. Perhaps a new mechanic would be helpful?

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  • I have a '97 JC/XJ that I bought used. Ive had it since early '01, all power options. Its always had electrical problems. Im thinking it might have something to do with the remote start the previous owner installed...

    First off, sometimes, most times actually, when I roll down the rear window on the driver side, the locks trigger. And then I cannot lock the car without doing so manually for a undetermined amount of time. Also, sometimes the car simply will not start, after I drive it for any length of time. Put the key in and the dash comes alive, but the engine wont turn over. I have to wait anywhere between 5-15 minutes typically for the engine to start. Doesn't matter if I take the key out or anything. Seems like the computer needs to reset?

    Ive asked various mechanics and they all have no idea. Ive never had the money to hunt down the problem...
  • Bought a 2004 JGCL last August. Figured I would get something newer so my vehicle wouldn't nickel and dime me to death. Sadly mistaken.

    3 weeks ago I had to have the Throttle Position Sensor replaced, after doing some research this seems to be a common problem. (rough idle, rpm fluctuations in cruise control, high idle at startup regardless of engine temp.)

    I had some electrical problems. My radio quit working intermittently. I had to mess with rear driver side window button to get power to the radio. Last night driver side windows would not work. This morning none of the windows will work, instrument panel light cluster is lit up like a Christmas tree, fuel gauge, speedometer, tach does not work.

    I think that it is a problem that has to do with a short and moisture in door panel. This issue happens mostly after rain or if there is a melt from the winter. Does anyone know if there were any recalls? This seems to be a common problem.
  • I got a 94 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 6cyl. automatic. not a 4x4.. it just started to sputter recently; then die. i'm able to turn it over again and it will be fine for a day or so. I checked the fuel pump by disconnecting the the lines from the inline filter. turned it on the on position yes pump was fine .however i did change the filter it was there and disconnected and only 12 bucks ....why not. Worked for another day and a half. started the same thing...... was acting like it was running out of gas bucking and what not. i popped the hood then i got a better idea of the prob. ...the engine stalled then i started to hear shocking like something was arching somewhere. i ran around to turn off the car and my tachometer was jumping like crazy from 0 - 6,000 rpm + up and down in variation. i cleaned my posts and dis cap. it seemed to be fine for about 8 miles and started again. please do you know what this is? i'm up for options and ready to get dirty. please help? :confuse:
  • Ok. I went out and bought a used 85 JGC with a 95 4.0L transplanted into it for 700.00 bucks, solid as a rock, no leaks, runs, drips, or errors. Simple, eh? Nope. Apparently the previous owner was committed to a local "sanity re-establishment facility" due to the Jeeps proclivity to eat batteries. As far as I've been told he managed to ascertain that there was some sort of voltage leak but could not narrow it down to which system the gremlin had taken refuge. At that point, he ripped out most of his cranial skin with his hair and subsequently had to be sedated and rushed to a doctor. Witnesses were heard to say that there were muted cries of "Only in a Jeep? ONLY IN A JEEP?" emanating from the back of the ambulance. So I put it to you, dear readers; where do I start looking? :confuse:
  • AH HA! Part DEUX......So I was looking around under the dash, and I noticed a few things...First, the dome/overhead console fuse was blown. Second, the rear wiper fuse was on vacation. Third, the ignition circuit tag under the dash on the fuse block itself has some sort ot cobbled up wire running from it to some unknown point within the dash.
    And now for something COMPLETELY the power lead to the main fuse/relay assembly underhood seems to be the area of suspicion. I did the ye old "remove a lead" method to see if I could elicit a spark, and VIOLA'! a flash of energy. So its somewhere within there.

    The search continues...
  • I'm having a problem with the window and door lock controls on the driver's door of my 04 Grand Cherokee. My remote unlocks all of my doors except for the drivers door and none of the windows will roll down. The doors do not lock when I hit 15 mph and the interior lights stay on the entire time the vehicle is on. They eventually dim out when I turn the vehicle off and lock it, but it's taking a lot longer for them to turn off than usual. I've checked the fuses inside and under the hood and all looks well. everything else in the vehicle seems to be working fine. Any ideas?
  • sounds like either the lock motor on that particular door has gone south. Since that door gets all of the primary use, its not uncommon for the motor to wear out or get tired and weak. You didn't specify if the lock works when you use the button for that specific door though. My money is on the lock motor. also could be the ECM. Sometimes those damned things act up after a rain or if ANY moisture gets in them at all. I've pulled a few where the carpet and surrounding areas were bone dry and yet the ECM showed signs of moisture damaging and shorting.

    I'd have your local dealer put the ECm on a SOLUS device and check it out.

    Thats my opinion, though...ain't worth much...LOL
  • I have a 97 JGC orvis and im having a weird problem. The dimmer used to flicker making the dash lights and fog lights flicker on and off. Last night I took the panel off and amazingly the flickering stopped when I removed the top left screw on the panel. Since that was the first screw I took off and it started up as normal again I put everything back together without having to take the actual control box off. The car started up fine this morning I drove to the store and when I got back in and tried to start it up, it turned on and stalled. Then I had absolutely no power and a ticking noise was happening under the passenger side glove box area. I tried turning the key several times and as I did that the ticking stopped but nothing else would happen. I could not control the windows, the door locks, nothing. Then I took the keys out, opened the door and that ticking started again. After about 15 min of trying I opened up the door and tried to see if the headlights would turn on. They didn’t but as I was walking to get back into the car the interior lights were on and the car was dinging because the lights were on. I tried to start it again, the car was in park and it would turn over and start but as soon as the rpm needle dropped back down from the sec. it started it would shut off. I turned the key half way and put it in neutral then started it. The truck started right up and stayed on, i threw it in reverse and drove away with no problem. It hasn’t happened again. Does anyone know what this could be? I don’t think it is the battery im guessing it is more of an electrical problem or a short. Thank you in advance for your time and help, it is much appreciated.
  • I'd have the ignition switch tested. It sounds like the wire that sends the "Everythings' Kosher" signal to your Jeeps' theft deterrent system might be goofy OR the theft deterrent system has an emotional issue. The dash itself has its own locating bosses that plug into the interior wiring harness/engine management system. Sometimes, if the connection is loose or corroded, the signal can be interrupted and weird crap can start happening. Make sure you tell your mechanic EXACTLY what YOU did so that he can narrow his search down. It'll cost you less in labor in the long run. GOOD LUCK!
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    I have been having problems with gauges working on and off (mostly off) , electric windows and door locks acting strange or not at all, and sometimes the AC compressor refusing to kick in. I knew it was a short, but was unable to locate it. The mechanic could never get an error code, only an everything is good or can not evaluate due to incomplete connection message. After trying everything that was mentioned on the internet blogs, still no luck. Today as the mechanic said he was about to give up as he was out of things to check he discovered the problem would disappear when he unplugged the airbag control module located in the console I won't know if this is it for sure until I drive it for a few days, but if it is it just shows the problem could be anywhere. The airbags are one of the areas that was not giving me any problems.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Replacing the airbag module did solve my problem. All the assorted electrical demons are gone!
  • HELLO:
  • mwolf9000mwolf9000 Posts: 29
    You absolutely should NOT buy the car. But can you give me your family member's phone number?
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    '98 GC Ltd. ZJ 5.2L

    i've only recently noticed that i can hear static and low-level whine that rises and falls in pitch with my engine rpm. i only hear it if my headlights are on (either w/ turning lamps/fog lamps only or headlights on too) when the car is running. any ideas? it sounds like it might be related to my alternator, but i'm not sure.

    any thoughts would be appreciated, since i'm headed to the shop tomorrow for some TC/trans. work. thanks.
  • trekker3trekker3 Posts: 1
    I bought this vehicle used last summer and use it primarily for recreation. So at times it sat with out being started. The battery always needed to be recharged if it sat more than a week. I figured I needed to replace the battery. I spoke to my mechanic about it, he told me he'd take a look at it while he was doing some other work on it. Turns out the battery is fine, there is something drawing from the battery while it is not running. All the obvious things were checked. But we could not figure out what was drawing from the battery. I thought it may be the alarm, does not appear to be the problem. When the cables are re-connected the poz always sparks. Anyone know about this problem?
  • Hello, having the exact same problem with my jeep same year as well. Wondering if you had the problem fixed and if so what was it and how much did it cost? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone else has any other solutions please advise. Thanks in advance.
  • bozawazabozawaza Posts: 2
    I drive a 94 Jeep Cherokee with 97000 miles on it. Yesterday morning I woke up to a dead vehicle and figured my lights had been left on, so I jumped it and it worked fine. This morning I woke up to a dead jeep again, so I figure its the battery going on me. I cleaned the terminals and connectors and then put a 10 amp charger on it. Upon doing this, a module on the right side (not quite sure what it is) began to smoke pretty bad. I quickly unplugged the charger and the smoking stopped, and now here I am.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Is it possible that you connected the charging unit with polarity reversed? Or perhaps you have a shorted electrical circuit.

    tidester, host
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  • bozawazabozawaza Posts: 2
    I thought that maybe I had them reversed when I jumped it, but I'm positive that I hooked the charger up right. And it still started smoking. The ECM is the module that is smoking. Could a short elsewhere cause this?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Absolutely! At this point, I would put in the hands of professionals though that's probably not what you want to hear. :(

    tidester, host
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  • ellachellach Posts: 8
    Ihad exactly the same problem with my 2003 gc 2.7 diesel rhd. all the same symptons, on removal of drivers door trim it was found to be a broken wire when sorted no more trouble. hope this helps
    Regards Ellach2
  • Hello, I was wondering what correlation does the door lock motor burning out have to do with the windows not working for all for doors? Also is the door lock motor the same as the actuator and wondering how difficult this would be to replace? Thanks in advance!
  • katrae06katrae06 Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem with my 04' JGC wold you please share any trouble shooting that work to fix the issue?????? THANX
  • katrae06katrae06 Posts: 2
    I mean I'm having the EXACT same issue as you
  • Hey not sure if you fixed the problem yet. But after taking the driver side door panel off and checking the wires i moved on to the rubber boot that goes from the driver side door to the body of the jeep. After sliding the boot from the door towards the jeep, low and be-hold there was a black wire that was completely snapped in half. Used a butt connector to attach both ends and sure enough it fixed all the problems. Hope this helps.
  • sufe70sufe70 Posts: 4
    I parked my jeep back in Dec. for the common stall/hard start problem these jeeps have.Pulled my hair out and could not solve the stall/start problem.
    Well during the few months it sat between Dec. and spring the battery died.I did not put much thought into it as it was 5 years old and died during the winter while the vehichle was not being started. So I just shrugged it off and bought the new battery.However since the new battery the draining has not stopped.It will hold a charge for a few days some times other times it will drian in less than 24 hours.
    I started the jeep and pulled the neg. cable from the battery and engine ran fine.
    So the alternator is charging.
    The Jeep is not giving me any other symptoms. No wierd light issues or chimes.No warning lights or engine lights.No codes. No lights staying on. All I can say is it seems fine and even acts fine for a day or so most times.Park it at night come out in the A.M. and have a dead battery.
    Any ideas? It's going to a mechanic tonight and I told them to keep it for a week or 2 or until the stall/start and Battery drain issue both show themselves.
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    sounds like you might have a frayed wire or short to ground somewhere in your electrical system. a weak connection to ground might explain your slow and consistent battery drain.
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