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Pontiac Bonneville



  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    I'm having trouble associating labrador retrievers, the lick you to death dog, with evil beast, but anyways, you should try posting this in the maintenance group. I'm guessing rubbing compound might be strong enough, hopefully it is not deeper than the clearcoat.
  • It was just a joke about the dog being evil. I just called it evil because it scratched my car.
  • wkawka Posts: 14
    Our 2000 ssei is getting close to it's warranty end date. I have a few problems.

    Braking at speed gives a pulsing sensation, suspect warped rotors, is this a known problem.

    Idle is rough at times, cruising the highway for a couple of hours, when we slowed the idle was going from 600 to 1000 for a few minutes. a half dozen times or so the engine stalled while idling.

    Compass went out the other day, saying to recalibrate but than came back in.

    A couple of other small issues including the onstar recall.

    Any advice on the above?
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    Can you elaborate on the OnStar recall. I have a 99 Bonneville ssei which is why I check into this forum, but the OnStar is on our 2002 Rendezvous. I'm wondering if there are any issues which impact it. Thanks for any input you can give. And Good luck w/ getting your warranty issues resolved. We've had pretty goodluck w/ our '99 Bonneville, and we're well past our warranty period.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Hope you love your Bonnie to death!!!!

    Welcome to the fold. Please let us know of your experiences along the road!

    Ken (2000 SE)
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    It only appears to affect certain 2000 and 2001 models. Here's part of the campaign notice:




    2001 AZTEK

    Due to parts availability, this campaign will be administered in phases and dealer listings will not be issued. Parts are to be ordered when the customer contacts you to have this campaign performed on their vehicle.


    General Motors has decided that certain 2000 model vehicles, and certain 2001 Pontiac Aztek model vehicles, equipped with a factory or dealer installed OnStar system, may have a condition in which the OnStar Vehicle Integration Unit (VIU) may not be able to acquire a vehicle location from the Global Position System (GPS). This occurs only after power to the VIU is interrupted and restored, as when a battery is discharged or disconnected. If it occurs, OnStar services that are based on OnStar's ability to locate the vehicle - including airbag deployment notification, stolen vehicle tracking, and more - may not function. This condition is unlikely to occur during the first 12-14 months.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I'm afraid we're seeing the first results of Mr. Lutz philosophy: sell less for more...

    He said that people end up buying plain import cars over domestic, in spite of better equipment. His rationale is that the customer doesn't care about a good load of accessories.

    Well, my last two cars were from GM PRECISELY because I perceived them as a better value!

    My other car is a Stratus and I think that Mr. Lutz's approach is partially responsible for Chrysler's demise: good looking cars with no content.

    I just hope that he sees the light before his mistake hurts GM more.
  • Does any one have any experience, opinions, or recommendations with either of these?

    I have 2002 SSEi with 3.4 inch pulley, and 18X8.5 ACE Wheels and 245/45 Michelin Pilots.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    I was packing the SSEi for our anual trip to the beaches of Florida when I noticed a puddle of red fluid underneath the car. Quick change of plans and cars (power steering hose). Dropped the SSEi at the dealer and serviced our 2000 Park Ave and made it ready for the road. Left at 2:00 am and drove through some very remote areas of MO., AK, and MS. About noon, coming out of a curve 30 miles south of Hattisburg, Ms. the steering, water pump and alt went out. Threw a belt. Drove off the road and saw an Autozone across the hiway. Sputtered into the lot and decided to buy some tools and make a repair; then I found out the engine must be lifted out of the cradle to remove the belt. Bummer. Upon closer inspection of what looked like a new belt, I noticed plastic shavings coming out of the tensioner pulley. I went back in and bought a tensioner (100 bucks) it looked a little hairy for a shade tree repair.... appeared to have water connections. I then pulled the tensioner pulley and bearing off (with a crescent wrench) and replaced only the pulley. The tensioner itself never was bad. They tell me the pulley is not available by itself. I left the old belt on and 2000 miles later I'm back with a new road story. The dealer replaced the SSEi hose and lubed the steering shaft while I was gone...nice. As the Bonneville and Park are very similar, I wonder if the engine must be lifted for removal of the main belt. I'd go look, but I don't want to look under any hoods for a while.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    It's too bad that I found out yesterday that my SLE is electronically limited to just 100MPH. :^( The car had much more to give, as it was loafing at mere 3500RPM and the sensation was sure footed, as always.

    Darn, I got used to more than that in a business trip to Germany! ;^)
  • adallasadallas Posts: 1
    I disconnected the battery on my 96 and changed the plug wires. Afterwards my climate control works but will only blow hot air. The set point temp. flashes and the owners manual says take it to the dealer. I had already taken it to a reputable AC shop and they reset the computer but said although it fixed it momentarily, it went back to doing the same thing. Anyone had the same problem and know the fix?
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    What's your preferred leather care product and how often do you use it and why?

  • skyhawk3skyhawk3 Posts: 42
    I have a 2001 SLE. I was told by my dealer that the top end is 124 mph. I have been in the 115 range when I ran out of open highway. My Sonoma is limited to 95 mph and at that speed the engine rpm drops to idle rpm and it will not pick up until the truck slows to 90. Only then will the computer allow the engine to start to repond.
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    I'm back from Maine(the land nearly devoid of Bonnevilles) after a very nice but too short summer out there. Felt awfully good to get back in the seat of the Bonneville and have it fire right up after sitting there in the garage for nearly 3 months. After driving a van all summer, the kick in the seat of the pants felt especially good when I "accidentally" dropped the hammer on the throttle. I also have to get used to the controls of the Bonneville all over again since the location of the van's controls seem to be imprinted in my brain.
    Saw that the Monaro/GTO was going to be hit with the gas guzzler tax. I guess at 350hp there wasn't any way to avoid it.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    skyhawk3, that's exactly what my SLE did, drop the RPM when I reached 110, even though it was far, far away from the red line...

    I just called Pontiac customer service and they confirmed the 110MPH... :^( They said that only the SSEi goes to 124MPH.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,955
    I had an opportunity a few years ago with my '97 GP / GTP (obviously very much the same drivetrain as the Bonneville SSEi) in a sanctioned, top speed run on an otherwise unused airport runway in NC. On my fastest run, I entered the speed traps just as I hit the top speed limiter - and thus I 'coasted' through the traps - at an official: 126.761 mph.

    - Ray
    Who does occasionally miss the torque of that mildly modified S/C 3800 . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    I believe the manufacturers do that due to the speed rating of the tire supplied with the car. The car might be capable of more but the tires aren't. It begs the question of what to do if you replace the original tires with higher rated tires.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    However, my SLE came with H-reated tires, capable of up to 130MPH... :^/ I guess it has the same engine computer as the SE, as they share the same engine, which probably has either S or T-rated tires. Even though the SLE comes standard with the performance axle, when GM might raise the top speed instead.
  • dmckeowndmckeown Posts: 107
    Just stopped by and saw streetracers ?'s. I believe a GTP will be a good half second faster in the quater mile then a 2000 or later SSEi, maybe closer to .8 running the same level of mod's. It is more then just weight, it maybe the Stabilatrack in the late model SSEi acts a bit like the Track control when left on, it senses wheel spin when you luanch and cuts power. So if you want 13.5 quarter's in your SSEi you have to spend a few grand more then in your GTP, sucks but true.
    As for street racing here in my area of N.Y. the word is out on GTP's, you won't find many that want to race you cause they have no idea what level of mod's your running and a stock one will stomp the B jesus out of most cars. I race often (at a track) with my GTP and the late model GT Mustangs hate to line up against us. Very humiliating to them. Most of our GP club cars that race here are consistant 13.5 to 14's so we are mid level moded GTP's. I did get a lot more street racing in my 2000 SSEi then my GTP but thats OK, speeding tickets are expensive.
    Check out Zoomers stage 1 intercooler, target price about $1,000 and stage 2 should be $1,500. You know his 97 GTP ran a 11.97 a week ago, too cool!
    I think if I were you I'd see what a 3.25 feels like on your SSEi plus some exhuast mod's, like down pipe change and ported exhuast manifolds . Rockers are cost effective also.
    The Intense transaxle is a better deal then SLP's for sure, the LSD and the lower final drive gives you some kick were we need it, at low speed WOT applications. And Scott at 12.1 in that crazy Bronzmist 2000 SSEi sure test the transaxle he sells!
    See ya, Doug
    P.S Ezrapon, keep your belt on ! Didn't you spit a SC belt on your SSEi? TEN-SION !
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    It's true that the manufacturer programs the PCM to limit the top speed of the car based upon the speed rating of the tires, but I think in this litigious day and age there may be other factors as well that determine the top speed limit. On some cars, the manufacturer will program different speed limits at the factory for different performance configurations, but my guess is that GM decided 110 mph was the overall limit for the Bonneville regardless of tires or axle ratios. If you put higher speed rated tires on the car, GM is not going to simply let you up the limit, and my guess is that it is not a parameter one can set with a scan tool either (it's probably in the firmware).
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    Good to see you post again. Yeah I blew a belt with my 3.4 pulley, but the extra tensioner is for the main drive belt(park Ave). Can't find anyone to sell just the pulley/bearing so I guess I'm stuck with it. Today the same 3.8 quit running again. Had to come home on the hook. Dealer replaced a fuel regulator sensor relay or something (200 bucks)... I just don't expect these engines to lay an egg. Especially twice in one week. Thank God we weren't in Mississippi on 55 at 2:00a.m. Yes, anyone wanting all out performance needs to be in a GTP. Except for Intense. I imagine his mods on a GTP would be supersonic. Different rides, I still like the SSEi platform for everyday use.
  • dmckeowndmckeown Posts: 107
    You having problem's with those 3800's dosen't have anything to do with you looking at that Mercury awhile back does it. Seems as though cars can sense a trade coming and punish you for even thinking about it, much like a girlfriend or wife will, oh well never mind.
    Some where on the Grand Prix net I saw mention of a GM part number for a pulley assembly for the belt idler, in this case it was a slightly larger diameter idler pully to fit the SC belt tensioner, giving you more rap around SC pulley and you didn't need a shorter belt with a smaller pully. I think it was under $20 with a new bolt so GM does make a replacment pulley without tensioner body.
  • dmckeowndmckeown Posts: 107
    I forgot to mention the use of cutout's for your exhaust system. Now a guy like ezrapon will remember street rods using them in the 60's but the ones I'm talking about come from Quick Time Performance,
    QTP's are electricly activated and you can set one up for less then $200. Some GTP guy's set them behind the resonator and they aren't that loud when open. This setup will reduce Knock Retard quite a bit when open. And of coarse you can activate partial opening also. I'm going to do this mod as I don't like real loud exhaust systems for highway cruising but can't take KR when I'm racing.
    The headers would be nice on your car but I cheaped out and got a set of ported stock manifolds from a guy here in the club who does them for $150 with exchange of your old manifolds. About 12 hp and with the RT downpipe / low restriction cat at 8 hp($300) I'm ready for the Elec. cutout.
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    Boy, I guess that means I'm really old since not only do I remember them, I had them on my college car, 1961 Chevrolet station wagon, 283 4 barrel. I always figured that I never got a ticket when they were open since no cop would ever think to look at a station wagon for the source of the noise. I usually got 2-3 mpg improvement when I used them but obviously, I had to do it selectively. I can see my wife's eyes now as they roll back in her head if I told her I wanted a set for the Bonneville.
  • jaybee4jaybee4 Posts: 1
    Engine does not have to be removed for serpintine
    belt change.Between the crankshaft pully and the compressor, the engine mount is attached to the block. Between the engine mount and the block there is a spaceer held in place by a hex bolt going thru the engine mount bracket, spacer and into the block. Your best access to this area is thru the right wheel well. You do not have remove the tire, but the wheel must be turned to the right.You may have to purchase a deep socket for this service.Once the bolt and space is removed,release the tenioner for belt removal.
    This worked on my 95 Bonneville.
  • Does anyone have any idea how long springs usually last? Do they usually last about as long as the struts? My car seems to suddenly ride bad. It feels unstable and when u hit bumps its like the suspension isnt reacting like it should. Also, maybe its just me being paranoid, but the bumps can all be felt now it seems. Noticed more floatiness than usual. Brand new struts though. Could worn out springs be the cause? My car seems to have lost that "suspended" feeling. Now it feels like gravity is pulling it towards the road 20x stronger (lol). Thats another way to describe it. Its lost that smoootthhhh ride now it feels like a dump truck. To me worn out spring would make complete sense as to why its riding funny now. Anyone else had any experience with replacing springs that have gone bad?
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    If I'm not mistaken, the last Bonneville to have springs was built in 1986 (the last of the body-on-frame, rear-drive G-bodies). Since then all Bonnies have had independent rear suspensions. Does your car have the automatic load leveler (air shocks)? Maybe the shocks are not holding any air, or there's a leak in the system. When were your new struts installed?
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    Doug, I think your right. Ever since I test drove that Mercury, all 4 of my GM cars with the 3.8 have malfunctioned in some way. I had my oil changed (SSEi) at the local Chevy dealer today and had to resist the urge to kick tires on the vettes and surburbans for fear of retribution. I'm still mulling over exhaust options, but no one has ever got on here and bragged about the perfect system... not to loud and yet much better performance. I'm kind of waiting to see what GM comes up with if the ever roll out that hi-po bonneville. That might be the perfect exhaust.I think 6 bangers just can't emulate the old big block growl. All my old motor head buddies enjoy hearing the sounds eminating from under the hood of my old trans am while crusing, more than the sound system... kind of like a cabin crusier with cowl induction.
  • I meant coil springs. Yes my car does have the load leveling rear but it still has the coil springs on the control arms. I put new struts on about 2 months ago. There's no air leak in the struts either. They work just like they should. When theres a bunch of people in the back the back end doesnt sag at all it still looks the same. It has to me a sloppy feeling at higher speeds and in the rain and on gravel roads. Almost the same as it felt when the struts went out but it feels different. It would make sense to me that the springs usually last about as long as the struts. How can you tell if its the springs that are bad anyways?? I have no clue how to
  • I just put the 3.25 and Thrasher CAI in the SSEi, and 3.4 in the GTP.

    I have TOG headers for the SSEi, on the way. I going out to Intense in Columbus,OH to have Scott Cook install them.

    I may see if he can also do an LSD.

    I have next level sway bars and strut tower braces on the way for the GTP. I am going to have local shop install them.

    My future plans for the SSEi on the Intense 4T65E HD with 3:69:1 final drive ratio and a custom Digital Horsepower chip. I need to wait for DHP to do a 2002 chip before going to new trans, do to speed/rev limiters.

    I plan to install a Quaife torque biasing differential for the GTP, along with DHP chip, and Intense rocker arms and headers.
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