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Nissan Maxima



  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    frank97, george2kmax: Guys, as most have already stated this is the Nissan Maxima topic and anyone wanting to talk about anything having to do with the Maxima is welcome to discuss it here. If you want to start a new topic by all means do so, but I would recommend that instead of creating a non technical topic and telling everyone who is discussing non technical issues to get out of this topic and go there create a Maxima - Technical Only topic and invite anyone who wishes to discuss technical issues to join you there.
  • max2001max2001 Posts: 63
    that every couple of weeks we get off maximas and start attacking each other. I agree with everyone that stated that this is maxima board and anything maxima related should be welcomed. For those that think we don't discuss enough technical stuff, that is, as someone stated before, because most are owners, not technicians. If you feel you need a more technical forum, i would check out That's a group of maxima enthusiasts that have a ton of tech knowledge as many of them mod. their cars.

    Now back to our regular programming...

    Quick question for any 5spd owners, anyone have a good recommendations for trans. oil? Is it worth it go to something like Redline??
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    Unless you race your Maxima, the factory oil works just fine but....redline is one of the best out there so...if you feel the need, you can use it. Just don't expect to feel any difference.

  • jamberjamber Posts: 21
    Before I bought my Maxima in Oct. I spent two weeks following this board for advice and opinions. This board really helped me make desicions about getting a Maxima, pricing, and what options I should get...
    Years ago we did not have this great resource. I think it is wonderful!

    I'm the one that originaly posted about my light gray floor mats getting so dirty so quick and that I should have gotten the black floor mats. I mentioned this because it would have been something I would have wanted to know before I bought my Max with the Frost interior.

    I'm glad Joenissan participates in here, I think it is great that we have a Maxima owner that works at Nissan to contribute to this board.
    For example a while back, Joenissan posted great advice about changing the oil at 1000 miles and explained the benefits.

    I love my Maxima.
  • jamberjamber Posts: 21
    My automatic climate control fan sometimes makes a high pitched noise on the first and third fan speeds. (I can only hear it when awesome the Bose stereo is not turned up.) Does anyone else have (or had) this noise? Could it just be a leaf stuck somewhere? I do have the micro-filter if that would make any difference. I'm going to bring my Max into Nissan service in two weeks to have them replace my scuffed spoiler, I will have them check it out then.
  • wg45678wg45678 Posts: 55
    Thanks for your opinion Joe. Wasn't aware the filter had so much surface area. I've been dismayed by the continually decreasing size of filters over the last 10 years. My '93 Quest's oil filter, with the 3rd gen? 3.0 liter V6, is twice the size of my Max's filter.

    And you are right -- both engines were ruined by the lack of oil. The rebuilt engine was mis-assembled and oil flow to one of the connecting rods was blocked off. That cylinder's piston, after about 1 minute or two of operation, seized in the cylinder. The connecting rod broke, spun around the crankshaft, sliced open the oil pan (dumping the contents all over) and then jammed against the cylinder wall of the opposite cylinder in the V-8, stopping the engine.

    It was a marvelous disaster, particuarly since it wasn't my car, I didn't do any work on it, and the fellow who owned it (and had rebuilt the engine) chalked it up to a learning experience.

    -- Walter
  • Thanks for hint on tire pressure. Have only had the car about 2 full days and one of those was at the dealer getting detailed. Owner's manual did not say about recommended pressure, did not know it would be hidden under armrest! Yes, it rides firm at 44lbs.

    I do not understand the insults and attitudes here - I have been on other boards and not seen this. If you have an attitude, go hose yourself! (how's that for an attitude?)

    I personally love technical discussions, but most of these general topics are dominated by people talking about what color their car is and any squeaks they have or other minor problems (also a few token irate owners who are disgusted in some way and venting).

    One question ( and I can't seem to find a good search technique here so I apologize in advance if its a old rehashed question) --

    My car with 200 miles on it has very mushy brakes. The dealer had their head mechanic drive it and he said it was "normal". I know better than that. I can push the pedal to the floor at a light, it seems like it has air in the lines. I'm going to the dealer to drive a few others to compare it to but I think its a bunch of excrediment that he said it was "normal" for a 4 whl disk brake car to have a soft pedal. He said "its the ABS" but the passat had a hard pedal.

    Anyone care to chime in?

  • Let's get back to talking about the Maxima and getting away from these personal conflicts.


    Joe is a mechanic and he is kind enough to lend a helping hand to those that have technical issues in this forum. Mind you, Joe doesn't have to do all this, and most people (I included) appreciate the help he gives. So let's not devalue or judge Joe because of what he does for a living just like we don't judge or devalue you. Let's try to get along...

    Speed <---- peacekeeper
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    There's definitely something wrong with your brakes. Take it in immediately, maybe to a different dealer if possible since the guy at the first dealer either doesn't know what he's talking about or is trying to snow you. Why he would be ignorant on something as vital as brakes is an interesting question.

    Awesome deal, by the way.

    And to the above poster, knock it off on insulting the mechanics! They might have less work to do if the engineers had done a better job in the first place! Joenissan has always been helpful to people here, his contributions are much appreciated.
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    Wg.... The new Quests with the 3.3 Vg engine also use the same oil filter as the Maxima. I know..they are quite small..almost funny to see but...they do add the extra filter area to make up for its small size.

    Slope....You're shouldn't be able to floor the brake pedal. And your diagnoses sounds spot need to have Nissan bleed them.

    George....Now that you've made that vain attempt at trying to boost yourself-image, do you feel better now ? hope so. Then there's no reason to continually bombard me, and others, with your condesending remarks and attitude. All I do here is try and answer questions that people want answers to. But for some odd reason, that bothers you. Unless you were once labelled as "Doesn't play well with others", I still think the inferioirity theory holds true. Enjoy pal.

  • max2001max2001 Posts: 63
    Thanks for the input on trans oil.
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    I now have this warm fuzzy feeling all over !

    But really...I'm always glad to be able to help !

    Thanks again

  • borsystborsyst Posts: 30
    There is a TSB on the squeeky auto climate control fan. I used to have it, but not anymore since I had already brought my Max in for it at the end of November.

    Joe - maybe you remember the number?
  • mjrkemjrke Posts: 3
    This is regarding my car, Nissan Maxima 1993, The car has a digital dashboard with a heads-up display. I bought the car last year from a private seller. During the winters when I start the car the dashboard does not light up, its only after I have driven 10-20 miles (depending upon the temperature outside), does it light up. When it is not working the odometer does not record the miles, which I have driven during that time. From my observations I have seen that if the outside temperature is greater than 70-72 I the dashboard works fine, otherwise it only after driving some 20 miles (continuously). During summers I do not have any problems as the outside temperature, especially in Phoenix is always over 70 F.

    I took my car to the dealer to get it checked. They told me that the digital display unit is dead and I also need to change the control unit for the same. The representative explained to me that there is a solder problem, when the solder expands the contact is made and the dashboard lights up. This they told me was a common problem in all these models. The only way they can be repaired is by replacing the unit. Now even if one part is bad I have to replace both the parts, because they work in tandem, and replacing one will only cause the problem to re occur in a few weeks time. When I asked them that should&#146;I Nissan be doing something about it, he said they did, they stopped putting the digital displays in any of their cars. The customers who have it basically have to live with it. The digital display and the control unit cost $1800 and $1000, and with labor and taxes, the total expenses involved is around $3300. The representative told me that because of the expense no one gets it done.

    I therefore feel that Nissan should shoulder the responsibility and should have recalled all the Nissan with this kind of a display. I as a customer should not be the one to pay for a design fault on their part. Has anyone had similar problems with their digital displays? Any help/suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
  • Hey George,

    Do you read

    There's plenty of stuff going on over there. If you're into the technical, or mods, I suggest you swing by over there. It's much more active than this board, and may have some of the discussions you seem to crave.

    Everyone else - check out that site too (there seem to be some new folks here recently). They've got a BBS for each generation of Maximas.
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    But..I digress...'s TSB #NTB99017A. This is the TSB for the blower motor noise refers to a ticking noise, and only in the low speed. But it's quite possibly the same problem.

    Mjrke...I totally agree. Find out from your dealer the name and contact of Nissan area rep and complain. If that doesn't work, try writing directly to Nissan. I wouldn't expect the work to be done for free but...I would suggest offering to pay for the least it shows that you're willing to negotiate in good faith.
    Good luck...let us know how you make out.

    LOL...Thanks everyone for understanding that this forum if for ALL Maxima issues. As for the one or two that feel the need to validate themselves in here, because of some deeply seated issues, their irrelevant tantrums simply show they have much broader problems to deal, for one, feel sorry for them, and plan on ignoring all future posts by them.

  • Joenissan why do you put down everyone that happens to have a different opinion then you. When I posted a new topic, I knew that you would criticize and find fault with the new topic. I did not mention any names all I did is start a new topic which you of course found fault, but then I knew you would.

    Just like when the person in post 993 had a concern about the lemon law and you responded to him by saying "It sounds to me that you need to be driving a Mercedes Benz S500 and not an SUV", was that really called for to put down that person because he was having problems with his infiniti. You went on to make comments about the lemon law which you clearly do not know what the law states.

    The person in post 994 stated how wrong you were about the lemon law and went on to say in post 997 that no current state lemon law requires that a vehicle be undriveable like you said. He said he was not sure what you really thought or were you just starting propaganda.

    In post 1052 you criticized george2kmax because he did not have the same opinion as you again??? There seems to be a pattern here joenissan. Anyone that differs in opinion is criticized by you.

    Please do not respond to this post with your usual name calling and criticism. In fact do not respond to anything that I post in the future. I am not interested in your responses.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    What is not allowed: Stuff that was in a bunch of posts I've just removed.

    What is allowed: Any polite discussion related to the Maxima, even cleaning products being used to clean one. If it dominates the topic, which I've not seen, maybe I'll ask that it move to another discussion.

    What is not allowed: Telling other guests what they can and cannot post here.

    What is allowed: Contacting me if you feel that this discussion needs direction or attention.


    Sedans Message Board
  • If you notice, it's always the same people who seems to have a problem with my giving help in this forum. Some folks seem to have major ego problems for one reason or another..who knows.
    As or the fellow with the QX4...maybe Frank was right....I was kind of hard on him...maybe because that's what I deal with on a daily basis...people who expect a vehicle to be something it's not..but....that's my problem, and I probably should have kept my mouth shut on the issue.
    As for the Lemon law issue...I stand correct in saying that in all 50 states, the vehicle in question must be "UNSAFE TO MOTOR", or "IMMOBILE"...with each state having a different OOS time frame. Although it may not be what someone wants to hear...I refuse to blow smoke up their [non-permissible content removed]. Their going to get the facts. And those ARE the facts.
    Now where this "gatekeeper" or "HOST" title comes from is news to me. people ask questions, and I simply answer've not seen me "strong arm" anyone. If knowing the answers to the questions in this forum constitutes as "gatekeeper", or "host"...well then...ok.

    I'll respond to any relevant questions anyone might have in this forum but....LOL...The kiddie bickering, although funny (no..really...I was laughing so loud, my daughter asked me what I was reading), is once again getting old.
    Those of you who seem to feel somehow threatened, for whatever reason, by me...well....just skip over my posts.
    Now...back to Maxima chat ! Thanks

  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Joe, I would have to politely disagree with your interpretation of the lemon laws in various states. I think the guy with the defective QX4 was right in that lemon law may be applicable if the defect has a material impact on the value of the car, and the dealer/manufacturer has not been able to rectify the problem after repeated attempts (usually 3).
  • Well, maybe its just a new brake thing. I got to drive the car today (wife has been hogging it) and the pedel was not going to floor but was not crisp. I'll see what happens how it feels as we go on.

    There is a strange engine behavior, at just off of the throttle stop, the engine goes from nearly "off" to "on" like a light switch - you can go back and forth from full engine braking to slight acceration, and it is noticeable. With a automatic I doubt you'd notice it, but it was nearly jerking my neck a little bit just trying to sort of coast along with slow city traffic. Got better as it warmed up the motor. I dunno if its because the motor is so strong its pullling right from idle, or if the TPS is not set right or something to do with emissions related programming of the injection.

    Will keep watching. Other than these things, the car seems strong. My 5th gear is only 400rpms drop from 4th, a big difference from my other car. This motor likes to rev, that's for sure.

  • That throttle you speak of is what a lot of people have been complaining about...they call it the "Fuel-cut" problem. You can read a lot about it in the 5 speed forum. You'll get used to it, and learn to use the clutch to offset it. And unless you drive in a lot of stop and go may not bother you.

    Canadiancl....You're correct but you have to read the entire statute...part of which claims the car must be out of service for 30 calander days, and had to have been repaired to no avail four times by the dealer for the same problem. Although that maybe an AND/OR situation...I'll have to double check the NY statute. Thanks

  • Stop your've not heard me call anyone names.
    ROFL...Why do I waste my time with folks who are either to bored, or too mentally challenged to keep on topic. You're

  • i strongly advice everyone to ignore those post that attack other members of this forum. rather than to reply to them and make things worse.. just ignore it and it'll stop. Thanks!
  • Joenissan, Take a look at post 1071, the person very cautiously disagrees with what you have said. He knows what happens if anyone disagrees with you. So he appears to very politely disagree with you hoping that you will not jump down his back. Maybe that might be called strong arming when people become concerned about what reaction you will have if they have a different opinion.
  • Hey Robert!! I am not Joe nissan!!! I don't live in NY and never would consider it!!! I live in the midwest and drive a 01Se (loaded by the way) I don't get this room? It is here for help...LET'S all do this...if you want to answer a question fine then do so...if someone else has a diferent answer...then who cares....let the person who asked the question figure out which piece of advice they are going to use. Nobody is GOD in this room and nobody is better than anybody. Nobody is 100% right all the time. So let everyone answer each question and let the person asking figure out what he/she thinks is right. This Cat fighting thing is B.S. and it makes the room look like a bunch of kids....lets talk about maxima's and anything to do about maxima's, tech, paint, tires, anything to do with the car and leave the B.S. for the kids...
    cabowabodude......NOT JOE!!!!
  • jamberjamber Posts: 21
    Thanks Borsyst & Joenissan, I really appreciate your help. I gave the TSB# to my service manager on the squeaky auto climate control fan. He told me to bring in my Max and they will replace the blower motor.

    I really love my Maxima, it is so much fun to drive, even too the dealer to fix a small problem like this squeaky fan, they treat me so well there.
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    Your brakes don't sound right at all. Really, get that back into a dealer. That's too important to just "wait and see." My brakes respond immediately - if anything they might be considered a little grabby - so I don't think that delay or mushiness you're talking about is anywhere near normal.
  • bryannbryann Posts: 54
    he guys, this is my first post in this thread. I have 2 questions. I am sorry if they have been covered already, but I don't think I have the time to go over 1000 posts to see. anyway, I was wondering if anyone had replaced their head lamps with any of those high intensity bulbs? I did and they burned out twice already and now they are past the warranty and I am tired of replacing them and driving around in the dark. I have a little squeak from the A/C and heat fan. does anyone else have that problem? thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.
  • Bryann,

    If you are replacing your existing head lamp bulbs with higher intensity bulbs that usually means that the bulbs have a much higher wattage rating. The higher wattage rating bulbs could be over heating in the head lamp enclosure due to the higher wattage usage of these bulbs. What that means is if the head lamp enclosure is designed for say 100 watt bulbs and you put in 150 watt bulbs in the enclosure the enclosure temperture will get much hotter which could be causing the bulbs to burn out.

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