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Nissan Maxima



  • george2kmaxgeorge2kmax Member Posts: 94
    We have all talked about glove box rattles here before. I decided to take my glove box apart today to perform two rattle fixes from Nissan's Tsb Ref No NTB99-056f pages 5 and 7 and to resolve any other rattles that I might find related to the glove box.

    The links to the Tsb pages are listed below.

    I first performed the rattle fix on pages 5. The Tsb instructs you to apply foam between the duct and the knee protector bar, (In my Maxima I already had foam there but I installed additional foam as instructed in the Tsb. I didn't feel this fix would resolve any rattles because there was more then enough clearence between the knee protector bar and the duct.)

    The second rattle fix I performed was from page 7 from Nissan's Tsb which instructed you to apply foam strips to the inside hinge area of the glove box. This clearly should help with certain rattles in the glove box area.

    After carefully inspecting the glove box I found two additional sources of rattles in the Maxima glove box. The first one is a clip attached to the left side of the glove box. If you open your glove box door you will see a thin cable with a loop attached to a clip on the left side of the glove box. This clip will rattle when the glove box door is closed and the cable and retractor are no longer providing tension and preventing the clip from rattling. You can prevent the clip from rattling by applying a small amount of silicone or other sealer to the clip and side of glove box which will prevent rattling when driving on rough pavement.

    The second source of noise that I found was in a access panel in the glove box. When you open your glove box door you will see a cut out panel on the upper top area of the glove box measuring 5" long by 2" wide. You can pull down on this panel from the side nearest to you to open this access panel. Once you have opened the access panel you will see 2 ribbed areas on the open panel door. These areas should be insulated with felt tape or electrical tape to prevent noise from the plastic parts rubbing against each other when driving on rough roads.

    After making all these changes I no longer have any rattles related to my glove box.

    Hope this helps everyone.

  • blackdog93blackdog93 Member Posts: 2
    Well-I don't think it will ever be spring in New England. I dropped off my Cherokee in a snowstorm last Monday and picked up my Maxima GLE. I have to admit It handled really well in the snow...and then on Friday there was torrential rain with many road closed due to local flooding. What a week to pick up a new car! I have noticed some of you have written about paint chipping. I have had the car 6 days and the paint on the hood is chipped in some spots. It is black so it shows right up. Should I go back to the dealership? I am actually bringing it back tommorrow to have a spoiler put on. I know that the paint is going to eventually chip but this soon?
  • george2kmaxgeorge2kmax Member Posts: 94

    It is very difficult to touch up paint chips to a point that you will not notice them. Many people dab on touch-up paint which in many cases make the paint chips look worst because they stand out more. Here's a link how to properly touch-up paint chips. This is a long time consuming process which requires lots of patience if you want it to look right. Good luck.

  • qx4qx4 Member Posts: 99
    many magazines confirmed that the 3.5L has been built already at 260HP for the maxima.

    the maxima will get it this fall. just like the pathfinder and the QX4 did without the wiat for the new generation model. it was part of the minor make over and a new engine. good strategy to boost sales in my opinion.

    anyways. the rumours has been around for two years and many sources are almost certain that it will get it this fall.

    could be a rumour, but a true rumour most likely:)

    its the same engine going into the new Z. the Z will have more output. a bit more. same engine.

    can't wait. for both.
  • toddmichtoddmich Member Posts: 8
    My Husband and I are looking at a Maxima SE(Automatic) with the comfort and convenience package, cloth interior, and a few small accessories (floor mats, splash guards). So far, the internet price we have received is $24,100 but I have noticed after reading this message board for a few weeks, that some have gotten as low as $23, this realistic? We are just really starting to look since my husband's lease has a couple of payments left on it but we would like some ideas. Also, is it possible that the prices may get lower as we get into the summer?

    As far as the car, he drove it and will not look at anything else. (This will be his car!!) I drove a Nissan Sentra in the past and had to do nothing but oil changes etc.-they are great cars. Thanks for any help!
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    That would be nice....let's just hope the info is correct. NDI is telling us that it will be a while before the Max gets the 3.5 .. but...come to think of it...they also told us that we would not be getting the Sentra SE-R. I, for one, am gonna be a bit pissed to find out that my two year old Maxima is now outdated !

    Todd...I would say that 24k for that car is not bad at all but......23+ is not too far from reality. The cheapest Maximas were the 2000 models at the end of the year...some of those were going much lower than even 23k. But seeing as the car you want, with the options you want should sticker over 26.5k, 24k is a pretty good deal.

  • al57al57 Member Posts: 67
    seems to be a differnce of opinion for oil weight in 2000 max.. dealer says 5-30 to be used for first few oil changes (10,000 miles) and then go to a 10-30 or 10-40 please advise..why change weights after break in period? do you need a little heavier oil as car breaks in or is it based on driving style and habits..advise
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    The dealer is telling you this ? The owners manual shows what Nissan recommends. 5W/30 for all year round, or you can use 10W/30 in warmer climates or during the summer months. In the newer cars, we use 5W/30 exclusively.

    Also, for those of you with 5 speeds, and want a lighter shift feel....have your manual trans fluid changed, and substitute 2 quarts of gear oil with 2 quarts of synthetic motor oil. Makes a huge difference...although it does nothing to cure the notchy feel, it makes for a much easier shift.

  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    Looks like consumer confidence is up and the economy is on its way back, LOL! Nice change from the garbage that went on in this forum in December and January.

    Someone asked about snows for the GLE... After a pretty snowy winter here in Massachusetts, I'd say the all season Toyos did just fine. Save you money for something else!
  • 92drexel92drexel Member Posts: 153

    A couple of oil questions for you...

    1) What are the benefits of using a synthetic vs regular oil?

    2) How do the various brands of synthetic oil compare? Mobil, Valvaline, Castrol, etc.
  • pennstaterodpennstaterod Member Posts: 12
    I pick it up Wed.

    2001 SE
    Sterlin Mist - Black Leather
    All options, but 6 disc
  • dettimdettim Member Posts: 9
    We are considering purchasing an '01 SE 5spd Anniversary Edition with leather, BOSE, etc. and was curious if there is anyone out there from the WA area who has purchased a Maxima recently. We are looking at a TMV of $27K but has anyone from our area been able to purchase one lower than this price? We're doing our homework and want the best deal possible!
  • norbert444norbert444 Member Posts: 195
    ... and say your prayers for the misguided ones, in the hope that civilized discourse will hold :)
  • max2001max2001 Member Posts: 63
    Break it in gently...1000-1500 miles. You may want to get the oil changed after the break in period. Gets rid of metal pieces (that are from the engine - as it breaks in - yes it's normal) in the pan - but not essential. I waited till 3000, no problems. Then after break in - go WOT and see if you can stop smiling! LOL!!!
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    The owner's manual suggests varying the rpms and keep them under 4000 for the first 1000 miles or so. I would also make sure that you avoid short trips when possible (that's easy with this car 'cause it's so much fun to drive!). I also changed oil after 2750 miles and went to synthetic (Mobil One, it's real synthetic, not a blend).

    BTW, I've noticed many of you guys have chosen to buy without the 6 CD changer. I too thought I didn't want one, but I took what they had and it included the 6 cd... I love it! Nothing like the random setting. Radio variety without the nonsense!

    All the action the past weekend is further proof that buying at the end of a month is definitely the way to go!
  • blackstone3blackstone3 Member Posts: 29
    I was looking at the hood of my 2k SE black Maxima with disgust at the amount of scratches on it. So I broke out the hose and rinsed it down and washed it real nice. I live in MA so it is still cool for this time of year (40’s) but I had to put a coat of wax on the hood to see I could fill some of those scratches. Some of them did go away but in my opinion the hood looks like s**t. Serves me right for buying black. I used a good Turtle wax and applied two coats. Also the lower part of the hood is pitted from all of the sand while driving on the highway. Has anyone tried one of those wind deflectors that fit on the hood? Do they even make one for the 2k max? Please Help!

    Thanks Jim
  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    My mom's 96 Max developed a radiator leak. Good thing that we check the fluids level often. You can actually see the coolant fluid splattering around in the engine bay after a nice long drive. No transmission problem (fingers crossed) like the older Maximas that we have. Our 94 Maxima cannot rev over 4000. Oh well, they are good car even with those annoyances.
  • max2001max2001 Member Posts: 63
    Don't know about wind deflectors but they have car bras for the 2K+. They work somewhat to protect the front end. But then you have other issues like if it rains you have to remove it (bad for the paint), etc.
  • anilpunjabianilpunjabi Member Posts: 61
    Hi, I own a 2000 maxima se fully loaded, got it for 26500+ taxes, is that a good price got it in early to mid august, well I have a comment on the new 2002 maxima with 260 hp, everyone knows why its coming out right, because of the 2002 Acura 3.2 tl S type pushing out an awesome 260 hp, it cant let acura get ahead of the game, I bet there are some crazy car maniacs waiting to get there hands on 2002 maxima se with a manual, oh boy i can see their mouths watering.
    Also I live right outside of philadelphia, DO NOT GO TO COLONIAL NISSAN in FEASTERVVILLE, he is only after money and nothing else, my neighbir has been cheated, so he moved his bussiness away, we almost got cheated, we almost both a so called "new" max from him, he said there were a max of a 1k miles on it, so we agree to it with all aftermarket accesoried at 27 k, we go to pick it up, the whol side door prtector strip is cracked, there are around 6k miles on it, and inside it was dirty as hell, this was a pure used car, we walked out right away. That afternoon we went to sloane nissan, very warm and nice, they at first wouldnt disoint b/c they thought that i was an avergae smuck and would pay close to msrp, thanx to EDMUNDS.COM, i found out the invoice including the holdback, and used that. Once they knew that we knew what we were talking bout, they disointed it a whole, lot, the msrp was 29975, the invoice said 26900 - a 700 holdback, we got the car for 26500, but he showed us the invoice sheet and said that was the price, he got fr including the hold back, so we agreed , and we got a perfect brand new max with only 54 miles on it, and i can say it is a graet piece of machinery. Sorry for bein so long, i just love cars, and thank god for And sorry for the run-ons, i had to put my thoughts in as quicly as possible
  • pennstaterodpennstaterod Member Posts: 12
    I got it right of the truck, 7 miles on it. I put the next 12 on it test driving it.
  • ed571ed571 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the post, i was going to go to Colonial Nissan for the purchase but thanks to you i will try O'Neal Nissan in Warminster, they have a way bigger selection anyway.

  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    There are a few benefits gained by using synthetic over conventional oils. The biggest being the synthetic doesn't break down like regular oil..basically meaning it stays slippery a lot longer, and doesn't lose it's addotives. Another great benefit is that, unlike regular oil, it doesn't coke up, or "sludge" up ...keeping your engine cleaner..much longer.
    I do know there is a difference in different brands of synthetic, and I do remember Mobil 1 coming out on top but.....I just can't remember what the difference is between them. Maybe George or someone else can shed more light on the issue.

    Blackstone3....yes, they're ugly as sin believe you can get them at JCWHITNEY.COM. Why not try Nissans nose mask....I use it all the time, and have only 2 or 3 tiny dings from those rainy days where I remove it. You can also just use the hood part of the mask if you'd like.

    Ineto6...Why can't you rev the 94 over 4k ? Are you have trouble with those injectors ?

  • dklaneckydklanecky Member Posts: 559
    New Max suggestion. Immediately remove your sunroof wind screen, clean the area under it really well, and wax the area before you put it back on (if you like the way it looks/works). Mine looked as if the car had come over on the boat, and someone in the port had stuck on the sunroof wind screen on top of all the "crap" on the car.

    I'm up to 52,000 miles so far on my 00SE and also use the hood piece from the Nissan nose mask set to virtually eliminate the hood chips. It's also really easy to put on and take off (less than 1 minute)
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    That's exactly where the deflector was put on. Some are dealer added options but, most are installed at port before distribution.

  • aramzaramz Member Posts: 1
    Just purchase one today with all the toys paid 27800 my question is does the Se 20th edition come with the chrome cover for the tailpipes the sales man told me it does not come for this model since it scoops down. Please advise thanks
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    The salesman is correct. The 20th AE comes with the I30 muffler which also comes without the chrome tips, and are turned down. Personally, I like the chrome tips that jut straight out.

  • mbaird3439mbaird3439 Member Posts: 1
    I totalled my 1999 Mazda 626 V6 over a week ago. Now I am in the market to purchase a GXL 2000 Nissan Maxima.

    After doing quite a bit of research I have decided to purchase a 2000 Nissan Maxima. It is in immaculate condition and has 10,000 miles.

    What is a fair price for this vehicle.
  • segirl7segirl7 Member Posts: 14
    Joe,I picked up my 2001 max last tuesday(you probably remember I was so excited,I posted right away),but my question is this.What type of fuel should I use?Owners manual say's 91 or better,but dealer say's 87 is fine,if I hear any pinging go to 91.I had just under 1/2 a tank and decided to go with the 93(that's what gas station had not 91)Is it okay to mix the fuel at this point to switch to the 93,should I stay with 87,I trust you because you seem to have a lot of info on these cars,and I got to many differnt answers so far from dealer,and gas attendant,manual.What's your opinion?Thank's Eileen

    p.s. I really think this forum is terrific and everyone here has such great taste in car's!(lol)
  • notseannotsean Member Posts: 1
    Bought a 2001 Maxima GLE after test driving / comparing versus Accord & Camry. Pleased with almost everything through the first 1500 miles, but the ride is "harsher" than we expected especially over uneven secondary roads at low speeds. Also note the rear bottoming out occasionally over speed bumps (even though we are creeping over the bumps at almost zero speed). We had an oil change at dealership at 1000 miles and they said suspension struts etc are all ok. Any thoughts or comments on this. Just normal different type of ride? (previous car was a minivan so its definitely a change!)
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    The harshness of the ride depends on your perspective. If you've been driving a land yacht or in your case a minivan, you will notice a big difference (harsher). I had a 92 SHO which had a sportier/stiffer ride (like the SE) and I think the GLE is pleasantly forgiving. Keep in mind that the minivan you drove would sway badly in corners at 40 mph, and now you can confidently take those at 50+ (I'm just guessing here, but you get the point).

    BTW, mine never bottoms out on speed bumps, but who knows how high/large???

    Have fun.
  • gnlgnl Member Posts: 94
    Check your tire pressure. A lot of people who complained of a "harsh" ride found out that their dealer had way over-inflated or under-inflated the tires.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Use premium fuel (91 and above). You won't get full performance with the lesser fuels, and eventually, if you use regular fuel, you'll start going through O2 sensors. A lot of people say they've used regular fuel, and have noticed very little difference. Some will argue that premium fuel is a waste of money. Don't kid yourself, premium fuel is cleaner, and keeps the fuel system cleaner. With the knock sensors on the Maxs VQ engine, you won't hear any knocking or pinging either...unless you have something else wrong other than using regular fuel.
    Stick to what Nissan recommends, they specify premium for a reason.

  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    the 94 is my dad's Max. So I am just waiting for him to get back from his extended vacation.

    We'll figure out something later this week - hopefully. However, I guess that it is the transmission because we had it rebuild before. If you don't drive it aggressively then you will hardly notice the problem since freeway driving is normal as can be.
  • volmaxvolmax Member Posts: 8
    I have a 95 SE 5 speed. 78K miles with only routine maintenance. I am noticing a hesitation or miss under slight to moderate acceleration (~2500 to 3000 rpm) in forth gear when going up an interstate entrance ramp. It feels like a hesitation or misfire?? If you put the accelerator to the floor, you get the smooth rush of power and no more hesitation. Any thoughts of what might be wrong? I had the 60 K service done about a year and a half ago.

    I'm thinking of trading for a 2001 GLE but I have read numerous complaints on the site about squeaks/rattles/wind noise in the 5th generation cars. The wind noise is blamed on bad fitting seals around the rear windows, I think? Are these consistent problems with the 5th generation Maximas?
  • norbert444norbert444 Member Posts: 195
    On 6 CD random setting: I assume you mean an all-disc random shuffle. If so, how do you achieve this? Thanks :) Norbert
  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    my dad's Maxima is a '93 GXE. It has rear drum brakes... But the engine is a 160hp V-6, not the fun 190hp that the SE back then has. Although, I like the styling, albeit conservative, of that generation than the recent ones.
  • qx4qx4 Member Posts: 99
    i'm not sure if the acura tl-type s was the cause of this engine coming out. after all time was taken to develop it.

    the new altima is suppose to get an optional 240HP engine. so they can't sell the maxima with 222HP they had to have some higher specs.

    a 260+ engine had to be developed anyways to go under the new Z car's hood. or maybe the Z was brough back becuase of the availability of a good powerfull engine.

    either way. enjoy your maxima. the VQ engines are the best.
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    You can change the "program" the CD players uses with either the #3 or #4 button on the left. I think it also has "prog" written on it. There are about 5 or 6 programs including "1" which is presumably one cut, then "all" which is all cuts in order, then "all random" and "random". My guess is that all random won't double up on a cut until all have been played which provides 4 + hours of continuous and varied play. The random setting will not go back and forth to the in-dash player, but you can access a seventh cd by pushing the CD/Tape player button a second time. This is all from memory (obviously I'm not in my car right now). Having a 6 CD changer and using the random setting is like have a party tape without the hassle of making the tape!!!

    We had a lot of discussion about squeaks and rattles here a while ago. It seems to have died down, which leads me to believe the malcontents have gone elsewhere to talk about it. Also, the cold weather has something to do with it and with spring on its way or here in many parts of the country, I suspect the squeaks are less of an issue. I've had a few ticks in my 00GLE, but I'm not worried. This has been a great car for me and now my wife is looking for reasons to drive it and give me the van, LOL.
  • maxhuntmaxhunt Member Posts: 8
    I want to replace the headlights on my 01 Maxima with something brighter. The owners manual says to use 60/55 wattage with HB2 bulbs. I thought the car used H4 bulbs - or are they the same? I've read that PIAAs are pretty good. Any opinions out there? Thanks!
  • jdimottajdimotta Member Posts: 55
    I've been reading the horror stories on the paint....And to tell you the truth it bothers me big might have swayed my decision on my purchase....but I was curious...Have you seen or read similiar problems out there with Nissans Xterra or Pathfinder SUV"S??...I was wondering since they are supposed to take so-called "abuse" if they are fairing the same...Thanks...Joe D.
  • ebmaxseebmaxse Member Posts: 5
    Yes, HB2 is the same as H4, the fog lights are H3. I changed mine to Koito "Whitebeams" three weeks ago. Koito is the same OEM supplier to the 2000 Maxima halogen headlights and fog lights. I chose Koito over PIAA because it had a 90-day warranty and the PIAA did not. Other than that, the Koito and PIAA bulbs are identical. The headlights and fogs on my 2000 Maxima SE are brighter and whiter, a definite improvement.
  • eksterekster Member Posts: 22
    a resident of Mass. spoke highly of the service department of a dealership in Mass., it might have been Clair Nissan. If that poster is still around, or anyone remembers, please post the info.
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    It was the one in Woburn just off 128. kelly in Lynnfield was also mentioned as being pretty good.
  • pennstaterodpennstaterod Member Posts: 12
    a front Maxima license plate.

    The plate I've seen on the road is a silver color with the word Maxima also sile but raised up. It would look good on my new max. ( i pick it up tonight)
  • 66falcon66falcon Member Posts: 17
    Hi, all...I'm brand new to the forums, and decided a few wks. ago that the Maxima was the car for my family after looking hard at Solaras and Passats. Being able to read these forums has been a great education, so I thank all of you.

    I'm always happy to see you guys get invoice and under, but I hardly ever see anyone talk about how much they trade for. A lot of us out here don't have the time or determination to sell our own vehicles. I have a 98 Toyota Avalon XLS, absolutely all the bells and whistles that Edmunds values at 17,900. Kelley and NADA are in the same ballpark. I've tried at two dealerships(65 and 45 miles away), and neither seems willing to come down off a price of 11,000 between for a Max GLE that invoices for 26,000. I really fell in love with this car, made it obvious that I wanted to buy right then, but no go at either place. I guess what I'm asking is this: Is it unreasonable of me to start out asking Tmv for my car and invoice or slightly above for the Max? I've made many car trades in the past, but I suspect I'm doing something wrong this time. I even upped my offer by 800.00 bucks to a dealer last night and they wouldn't budge an inch and actually raised the 11,000 to 11,300. I really need some advice here. I want this car but also hate to get robbed. What they're really saying is that I can have the Max for 500.00 over invoice but they'll only give me 15,500 for my car and it's in immaculate condition. I really need some advice here, apologize if this is the wrong forum for this, but what do you all think? Would really like to hear from anybody who sells Japanese imports but would value input from anybody. Can anybody help me buy this car? Thanks!
  • qx4qx4 Member Posts: 99
    my 1995 maxima GXE (bought on july 1994)
    well maintained

    112,000 miles
    so far
    - no problems at all with engine and transmition
    - muffler replaced on warranty (noisy!!)
    - oxygen sensors 4 times (luckily all were before the 60k miles mark. so on warranty.
    - lately CV joint boat (one side) at the 110kmiles
    - smoke from steering wheel (replace signal assembly under warranty)- i was surprised.
    - seat belt not retracting - replaced under warranty.
    - lately replace one sway bar link.($)
    - problems starting since the car had low kms - they replaced the starter twice and i still have the problem.
    - replace brake rotors at 110k miles.($$$)
    - regular maintenance and brakes through out.

    very solid car and i'm more than happy with it
    most of the problems seemed to happen during the initial warranty period!! (maybe i was pickier at the time.

    the VQ engine still runs very solid and quick to react. no signs of noticable ageing with this engine.

    good car
    will buy it again
  • qx4qx4 Member Posts: 99
    oh and its still running on the original battery and still running strong.

    driven in toronto
    all seasons
  • massmaxmassmax Member Posts: 8
    2001 SE auto
    CC Pk,mats,guars,filter,deflector.
    $200 over Edmund’s invoice.

    Had to search for the Merlot. I was told it is a difficult color to find w/o being loaded up. Also love the Majestic Blue, but not available on the regular SE. I traded a ’95 Camry so that always complicates the exact $$. Edmund’s has invoice at 24224, two local dealerships have invoice at 24647,would they be including holdback? Why 423 diff? They sticker at 26974.
    I am in the break in period for the engine. So far I love the car, no comparison to the Camry as far as looks or performance.
    Does anyone know a good independent Nissan mechanic in Massachusetts in the Boston- North Shore area? I know a good one for Toyotas if anyone interested.
    Also, has anyone found it necessary to replace the Potenza’s with snow tires? What kind?
    I hear the Potenza’s are really bad in snow.
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 43,462
    The difference in invoice looks like the MA (marketing assessment) fee that nissan charges the dealer. It doesn't show up on Edmunds, and I think it varies by region.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • atuzaiatuzai Member Posts: 47
    17900 for 98 avalon xls, trade in or retail price? If it is trade in price, you can easlier sell it by yourself around16500 which 1000 above dealer's offer. Then you can get new Max at 500 over invoice. BTW, where are u living? I have a friend want to buy a used car recently.

    Good luck!
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