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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • How do you like that. I used the spell check and Edmunds, the site dedicated to CARS, does not recognize "Chevy" and replaces it with "Chewy"

    hahahah *rolling on ground*
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I never said i didn't like your site, it is interesting, and i enjoy looking at the photos you have in there. No, we don't currently own an impala but since the mid '60s we have owned six. I felt that you would probably take offense at my statement, and i was correct. Sorry if i offended you.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    But it appears from your posts both here and there that you want to limit it to current owners of Impalas. I, like BZ4, do not presently own an Impala but would certainly like to and hope to sometime in the next year. I feel unwelcome in your forum based on your comments. It's certainly your perogative who you wish to attract but for those of us who are shopping for a new car, the Edmunds type forum that allows anyone to participate in discussions on a variety of cars is very helpful. I'll continue to check new additions to your gallery of Impalas but I guess I'll have to keep my postings here.

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Those 60s models were wonderful. I had a 65 4 door hardtop as my first car in 1973 and absloutely loved it. Wish I still had it today. The 289 was peppy and fuel efficient and that trunk was ENORMOUS! Used to call it 'the cave'. I had taken driver ed lessons on a 72 hardtop and that was quite a boat but very nicely styled, I thought. The 67 was one of my all time favorite models. It just seemed to me that they had all the styling aspects blended so well on that car particularly the coupe and convertible. I would love to get my hands on a red 67 SS convertible someday! So which years and models did you have?

  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    We have had a '65(used), '66(new),'67(used), '71(new), '77 wagon(new),
    '82(new) and a '88 Caprice(new). My favorite was the '77 wagon in canary yellow no less, it was the first year for the downsized b-body. It had a 305-2V with 145 hp, i think it did 0-60 in about 14 seconds. It was a hoot to drive.
  • I read your post about the 67 convertible. It made me think about my Uncle's 67 light blue Impala coupe. Then I remembered seeing a red 67 for sale on another site. Check out This site is for the volo auto museum in Northeastern Illinois. All cars are on display and for sale to the public. The 67 SS convertible they have for sale has a 396, 4-speed, etc. and is going for $23,000.... or you could by a 2001 Impala LS. I wish I had that kind of cash for a toy. I checked the site today and there are plenty of other Chevy's too. Many at more reasonable prices. Take a look and let me know what you think. Jeff
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Hey buddy!

    In regards to the "Hood Piece" fitting, here is what you need to do:

    According to the installation sheet, the elastic hooks on each side must be attached on the two front 'holes'(There are 2 front and 2 rear plastic snaps) that currently hold the underhood heat shield material. Don't do this as the hood piece will not fit tightly as it is intended to be. Replace the 2 front plastic snaps back into place. Then stretch (Carefully but still applying equal amount of pressure)all the way back the side hooks to the second hole indentation right next to the hydraulic hood props assemblies. Don't worry, the elastic band is not going to break or weaken at all. You'll notice how nice and tight the hood piece is going to fit. You'll have to work the material a few times over and over so it conforms to the hood's shape. If the weather is cold, it can be more diffcult as the material will not stretch as good on cold weather vs hot weather.

    After this, it will be a snap whenever you need to remove/replace the hood piece for regular cleaning.

    Hope this helps.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Please, no flames intended. I really recognize the education value of the Edmund's town hall forums and fully understand that these new software implementations can be pretty difficult at first (I work on the Software/Hardware development business). However, I hold the believe that current fans of the Y2K Impala as well as future owners can equally benefit from the information shared in here on a better nad more dedicated place where Y2K Impala owners can pass on experiences, solutions, problems and so on to current and prospective owners. My point is this...we can do the same elsewhere. We have grown very dependant on Edmunds for this particular purpose. Notice that owners of Classic Impalas, 94-96 Impala SS, BMW Z3, etc have their own dedicated websites and owners information resources. Edmunds is with no doubt a great source of info, but we can also move on. Whether is Joe's website or someother place on the 'Net, this can be accomplished. For sure, I will stick around here for a while, but I also like to expand our appreciation for the Y2K Impala to other venues of access available in the internet.

    My only personal "Hangup" or "Grudge" with Edmunds is the very biased and lousy review they performed on the Impala back at the beginning of the year. They hated the car and up to a point insulted the owners of these vehicles. True they are 20 something kids trying their best shot at objective and balanced journalism, but they are biased to anything with a "H" or "T" or "VW" on the hood...they grew up on an environment were domestic cars are viewed and perceived as garbage and politically incorrect where as imported cars are 'Hip', 'Cool' and the type of vehicle to drive and be seen. Yes Edmunds is free acess for all, but why do we have to continue promoting a car website that has made clear time and time again that the Impala is nothing but crap?

    Food for tought.
  • I knew someone brought up this issue before. This is from Jefferyw1 a few discussion groups back.

    #383 of 732: Splash Guards - 2001 (jeffreyw1) Mon 02 Oct '00 (05:23 AM)

    I installed my splash guards yesterday, but
    encountered some problems. The bottom screw hole
    that has to be drilled required me to jack up the
    front because clearance between the ground and car
    was too low. The front splash guards that were made
    for the 2000 Chevrolet Impala match up correctly
    to the 2001 Impala, but the rear splash guards do
    not because the plastic wheel wells are now flush
    with body panel at the rear of the rear tire. This
    new design caused me to have to cut the angled tab
    off in order to install the rear splash guard on my
    2001 Impala LS. I just thought I would let other
    2001 Impala owners know about this before they
    install splash guards based off of the 2000 Impala
    part number splash guards.

    Hope that helps.
  • Is well taken, however, I've been visiting this board for 11+ months and currently will turn over 12,000 miles on the Impala within the next two days. This board has been: educational, funny, thought provoking and a great place to meet people I count as friends.
    Without this board would I be featured in the 2001 brochure??? I think NOT! So I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to be loyal to. If you all feel like leaving. I understand. But beside a few software glitches this board runs like a top every day. They hardly bug us at all and everyone from Complaining Boy (remember, with the two Impalas, then bought a FORD!!!) to Teo, King of all Things Impala, to Chester the Jester are welcome here. And that's a very cool thing.

    For you all still around, Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah or whatever, and hope that car holds up for another 100,000 miles.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    An all impala site would be very cool. I am surprised that nobody has done it yet. The good thing about the edmunds site is that it is the easiest to use. The camaro sites are a little more difficult in that you are constantly opening folder to different topics.
    Perhaps an impala site could be broken down to model years such as 2000 and later,1977-1990,94-96SS, etc.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I agree with your points of view. However, the only thing that "irks" me is that the day the Edmunds website is down for repirs/upgrades...that's it we as a group are done. Except for the few participants that keep communication with other fellow owners (E-Mail, Phone,etc)if Edmunds goes out of business tomorrow, then we lose our current "Knowledge" base about the car and therefore any further contact is cut. I believe (Anyone is welcome to disagree on this) that the time has come to start "Migrating" the experiences of current owners to other places in the 'net (Joe's webplace comes to mind or Yahoo clubs or a privately maintained domain,etc). Edmunds, perhaps, will continue to be the main "Reception area" for current and future Y2K Impala fans and redirect them over the "private fan" site. Power comes in numbers and this is the reason why car fan clubs exist. A prime example is the very well kept Grand website. I think the Y2K website can also be a possibility as well.

    I give credit where credit is due. Edmunds is a great source of info for car buying, selling, town hall message boards, etc. Unfortunately, the so called "Editors" have soured my perception of Edmunds as a reputable, unbiased and objective source of all car related info. I'll continue here as well as in Joe's website for the time to come....
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Thanks for the replies. If I understand correctly, the offending tab is the one circled in the photo: at about 45 degrees with the hole in
    it. That tab should be flat for the 2001 rear. So, the part I have is basically useless. If I cut the tab off to fit, it will not be secure on the bottom. I do hope GM catches up with this one.....

  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    I have tried posting several times tonight. Nothing seems to go through.....
  • I'm planning to buy a new car this weekend and considering Impala base model. Among my other choices are Nissan Maxima and Toyota Camry.
    Can anyone tell me why Impala would be the better buy. I like the look of the new Impala better then its japanese competitors. My main concern is reliability.
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    Well the base impala with the 3400 v-6 has the most standard hp and best fuel economy in its class, and if you opt for the 3800 v6 ( like we did ) , you get the best acceleration of all the class , and fuel economy on the 3800 is quite well , along with its long reliability record , tons of standard features , and the classic chevy name , mabey one of us has exsperienced hair pulling agrivation with reliability problems , but the biggest majority are quite pleased ,just check out the other forums , camry and maxima owners arent reporting anything that great , i am sure you will get some good feedback from some other guys and gals here , especially TEO , i thought i was nuts over the impala , but this guy can flat sell you one over the computer . thanks--------------mattmcdill
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    Although I do not have an Impala I see this "migration" as a huge mistake and unnecessary. Sure you can all now go to your little club house and pat each other on the back for having such great cars while the average consumer looking for positive feedback to decide weather to buy the Impala or the Camry will not be able to see it and will end up with another vanilla car. Read all the post if you want and you can count the number of people who have bought an Impala because this forum was so positive. the average car shopper does not go looking for "clubhouses" to get information on a car. Teo, I do not understand how you can complain about the editors giving the Impala a bad review (over a year ago nontheless) and then decide to leave. That attitude shows no spirit of improvemnt. do you know that the Toyota echo owners complained so much about the review Edmunds gave to the Echo that they decided to review the Echo again? But what do people in this forum do? they just pout and leave and that will not change things. Keep the good postst coming, keep the forum alive , make your voice heard and Edmunds just might review the Impala again. If Edmunds goes out of business tomorrow, so what? What if the Impala is discontinued (which it probably will be after a few years in keeping with Chevy trends), will you flock to another brand or keep your Impala? I hope this doesn't sound like an attack, it's mostly a reason for people to stay and make a differece. So much for want8ing to reach a 1000 post mark or being the top forum. Just because there are software glitches while things get redesigned doesn't mean you leave. That is the reason why a lot of shoppers left for imports and now you are doing the same witha forum. Just stay and stop complaining.
  • I think the Impala is and will be as reliable as the toyota,nissan or honda. Plus it has more trunk space and more room inside the car. It also did better in the crash test ratings. Good Luck!
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    Who ever said TEO was leaving ?
  • Toe, is the second indentation hole the hole that is directly in front of where the gas cylinder prop attaches to the hood or is it the
    hole that is on the other side of the gas cylinder prop toward the rear of the hood (toward the windshield)? Thanks for your response.
    I tried to post yesterday, but I never was able to post any messages. I hope they get this fixed because it is annoying. May all
    have an extremely good day!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Jrabinov::: The Toyota Camry, while a decent and reliable car is nothing more than a squeaky clean "Boremobile" has not an ounce of 'personality' or character (Actually a Kenmmore Vacuum cleaner is much more exciting). Unless you don't care about seeing yourself coming down the street day in and day out, may be the Camry is for you. The Camry is already outdated, long surpassed by the competition in value, performance and safety. The Camry is due to a complete redesign in 2002, so buying the "Old" 2001 might not be the best idea, I think. The Nissan Maxima is a great car and light years ahead of both the Camry and Accord. When I was shopping for my Impala I also gave consideration to the Max and while its V-6 engine is very powerful and the car is well put together, I came away a bit dissapointed at the high sticker price (Nissan wants you to think the Maxima is a near luxury sedan which is not)the rear solid axle suspension setup and the rather mundane driving experience. At near $27,000 sticker I would go the Olds Aurora or Acura TL way. There is too much hype about the Maxima and while much better than either Accord/Camry is not the 'BMW Buster' it pretends to be. The Impala is a pleasant surprise in the sedan arena. I think the top-of-the-line Impala LS gives you the best bang for the buck, great quality, safety, low maintenance costs, neck snapping performance from the 'Bulletproof' 3800 Series II V-6 engine and very good sporty handling for a car this weight and size. Room and Comfort are a cut above the class and much better than Maxima's. safety wise the Impala has had excellent safety scores (5 stars front/4 stars side) which none of the Japanese offerings currently match (Thin sheetmetal perhaps?) and also already meets year 2003 government safety ratings that again none of the other cars even offer (They comply with 1997 regulations only). Food for tought if safety is paramaunt to you (As it should be) when buying a new car. I have had my Impala LS since 2/00 and it now has 12,200 trouble free miles...the powertrain on the Impala is one of the smoothest, most powerful and economical you can find anywhere at this price point. You are on a treat on the smooth 4-speed automatic, responsive handling, great ride and comfortable seats...the ingredients that make up a great highway cruiser. If you perform religious maintenance to the Impala, it should not give you a single problem. The Impala is very cheap to maintain compared to the Maxima, Accord and Camry sedans (Been there done that). My suggestion is to go ahead and try all the cars of your interest and see which one fits better your budget and needs...anyway have fun!

    Malibu99::: Point taken!

    McDill::: Not leaving yet but still believe we can't be so dependent on the Edmunds boards....
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    You said..."is it the
    hole that is on the other side of the gas cylinder prop toward the rear of the hood (toward the windshield)? Thanks for your response."

    Yes that's the correct location...a bit of a stretch but it is the only way you can ensure a tight fit of the hood piece.
  • Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of what the rear guard looked like against my car. From what I remember and looking at your photo, it's the slight bump down 2 inches and to the left one inch (referencing your photo). If you repost your photo without the red circle, I'll remark it and repost it. I believe you can cut it and still use it. I just didn't want to at the time. Now I am wondering if I should have...

    I went down to my Chevy dealer but they only have 2001 models now. If some kind soul could take a photo of the rear wheelwell of their 2000 Impala so you can see the rear interior part and send it to me, I would be grateful.
  • Apex

    What happened to all the other older posts with all the vital information on the Impala? Will we have access to those posts?
  • If Chevy doesn't give him a bonus for every post on this board... they should.

    Also I would recommend renting any car your thinking of buying (if it's available) for entire weekend. It gives GREAT value for the $150 you shell out. Nothing like driving to know what you're getting.

    Also, I tested a Maxima and felt too that the car was just fine... but WAY overpriced for what you get.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    I knew you would come back man, I really enjoy this forum and would hate to see it die :-)
  • I am sorry if I offended anyone with my comments. I just think this new setup stinks. I agree with TEO 100% and will be on this board and my own. Everyone is welcome even if you don't own an IMPALA, MAYBE YOU SHOULD. ENOUGH SAID.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I have become the "Bill O'Reilly" equivalent on this forum ;-)
  • Doggon it. The old posts were there yesterday! If I knew they were going away, I would have d/l'ed t and kept it. *sigh*

    I already posted this question to the "New Software! Your Questions Answered..." discussion group. Anyone wanna bet on what their answer is gonna be?
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