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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • yea i had that problem with my max too especially since i have a sub, i just wrapped ducttape around them and it holds them together stoping the rattling
  • billt4billt4 Posts: 1
    I have the same seatbelt light problem in my Maxima and was wondering if you resolved your problem? If so could you let me know what it was?


  • We think the rattling came from when we had the windows tinted. When the guy leaned on the back panel to tint the back window the pressure on that panel pushed it downward. My husband took off the back window brake light and shoved this thick padding used to make pillows down there. It no longer does it! Thank goodness! But, I will let my husband know what you said. That is interesting!
  • I know you posted your reply a very long time ago, but I was wondering if you had anymore information on installing the antenna for the 1993 Maxima. I got the part from an ebay-er and the instructions were pretty good, but it seems the 'wire' is not long enough. Any thoughts on if this is user error or did I get ripper by the ebayer and this antenna is not for 1993 Maxima as noted. Would the antenna's be different based on the model GXE vs SXE? :confuse:
  • mastjmastj Posts: 14
    Carman - you don't mention how many miles are on the car. I think that can make quite a difference. I've heard that during the first 2 -3k miles some engines are not efficient in the break in period. I had that issue with a previous car (a GM 3.8L that only got about 13-15 mpg during first 2k).

    However, with my '05 Max SE, the mileage seems pretty level since day one. This morning I checked the computer and it says "23.8". I reset it at 3k miles and I have about 5k on it right now. The computer seems to be right on the money - since my manual calculations usually give me somewhere between 23 & 24. It does however seem like it is improving some...

    Also, my normal drive to work is mostly highway (55 - 65mph) for 15 miles and then city start stop for the last 3 or 4 miles (35 -45mph). I'm not too much of a lead foot, but I like to make good time :D
  • mastjmastj Posts: 14
    Anyone else have an occurance where their '04 or 05 Max becomes "overfilled" will oil?

    I had an oil change at 3k miles. I swear I checked it afterwards and it was properly filled. Now, after about a month - it was about 1/2 - 1 qt overfilled. I took it back to the garage that changed the oil, they drained it - looking for coolant or the smell of gas --- not finding either. They refilled with new oil and now its stayed level for a few days.

    Also, I know that some of you may think the garage just screwed up.... I'm not convinced of this.... yet. It's my brother-in-laws garage, so I have complete confidence in their abilities (please no Click & Clack jokes here!) If they said they put 4 1/4 qts in it, I believe them.

    Anyone else notice that it takes less than that to fill to the "full line" when they change their oil? :confuse:
  • shureeshuree Posts: 2
    I just bought a 1990 Maxima from an individual. The day I got it I had a problem starting it. It just wouldn't start, it would try, but just wouldn't kick over. It seemed that after running it a while and then shutting it off, you would have to wait at least 20 minutes to try it again. I took it to a shop and they put a little hand held computer on it and ran some tests, but showed no problems. Ironically while he was doing this, it started EVERY time. That was yesterday. Today I took it to work, ran fine, no problems. After it had been sitting for 2 hours I went to leave and it would not start. I had to press the accelerator all the way to the floor and it eventually started. Got it home, went to take a ride this evening and same thing, all the way to floor. Once started it seems to run fine, but tonight it seemed to want to die at a stop sign. Any ideas? This whole situation seems to be getting worse and I've only had it 4 days, but car seems to be worth putting some money into. I know it has a new battery, 2 new injectors, new plugs, wires and starter. Any help will be appreciated. :cry:
  • carman4carman4 Posts: 15
  • Hey, I have a 1992 Maxima, and the car will cut out and die while I drive it, however, that is only at cruising speed, like driving on the freeway, but if I drive it hard, with my foot to the floor, it drives just fine. Anybody have this problem? Anybody know what's wrong with it?
  • I have had the same problem, intermittently, for over a year. Every time it was a 1320. This week it had a code for misfire on cylinder 5. I ordered a replacement coil online from a Nissan parts house in NC. It appears to be owned and operated by the Nissan dealer there. I'll replace the coil over the w/e and hopefully that will be the end of it.

    I drove mine with the problem for well over a year. Never noticed any problems other than the rough ride, when it was doing it. You can always clear the code by disconnecting the battery for a while, probably lose the radio presets too.

    If your SES light starts blinking while driving, with this problem, then it probably detected a misfire. If that happens go to your local parts store and get them to scan for free. May have a new code that actually tells you something, I did.
  • Try: BuyNissanParts com

    Better prices than AutoZone even with shipping
  • I just recently bought a 2000 Nissan Maxima and it does not have the owners manual. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to program the opener?
  • :confuse: hey, i'm new here...bought a 96 maxima SE a year and a half ago with 126,000 on it. it's got 144,000 now and the past month it has had a problem with the engine stalling while i'm driving. usually when i slow down and come to a stop, but twice has done it while going about 40 mph. just had the fuel system cleaned a couple weeks ago. any other hints as to what is wrong? i'm leaning toward the fuel filter, i don't know when the last time it was replaced, and spark plugs maybe. ALSO, a couple times when i've tried to re-start the car, it won't even turn over. i replaced the starter a year ago, and when i reach into mess with the starter wires, that seems to fix the problem and the car starts right after. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • alphadogalphadog Posts: 5
    My 01 Max, is stalling out after driving about 50+/- miles.
    1st dealer thinks its the airflow meter and O2 sensors, its
    been in the shop already for 7 days!!!!
    I just called them up and the service manager said that they are
    still trying to figure out the problem.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • I bought a 1990 Nissan Maxima :D , I knew that it needed some work. I didn't even get it home before it sputtered and died :sick: , I changed the plugs, wires and cap and rotor but it still won't crank :cry: . I even changed out the ignition module and I put in five gallons of high octane gas and fuel treatment, thinking it might be bad gas :confuse: . But it still won't start, does anyone have any ideas or has anyone experienced this first hand, I sure could use some help. This is my only vehicle and all the dealers and shops can say is bring it in and we will fix it. I don't have that kind of money, I'm still trying to figure out the problem.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank You for your help and time with this problem.
  • also, my tach is sticky sometimes...won't go above a certain level although the pedal is floored and i'm gunning the car...any suggestions there?
  • kanakana Posts: 2
    I bought my 01' Maxima 4 months ago and since then nobody can figure out the problem I have been having because it is not frequent. Sometimes (ones or twice a week) when I turn the key on to start the car, it would take about 5 seconds to start, it sounds like there is not enough fuel getting into an engine and it does not start right away. This happens after I drive the car for 1 to 2 hours and then leave it off for a long time. ALSO, sometimes after this hard startup when the car starts, I can feel vibration going underneath the car and then the rattling sound in the exhaust (also for just a few seconds). It never happened in the morning or cold morning. Dealer, my mechanic cannot find what it is???Did anybody else have this problem and had it fixed???Please, help me!!!!!!
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    I had to replace my oil pan gasket on my 95 GLE at 192,xxx miles.
  • rahmanrahman Posts: 2
    Have a 1993 Nissan Maxima that is having intermittent stalling problems. Car starts okay in Park or neutral and when you put it into gear, either reverse or drive it stalls. Doesn't always do this and some times will run for days without any problems. Have had to dealer and they can't get it to act up. Has anyone experienced this same problem. Fuel pump seems okay and have put in new fuel filter. Does it sound like an electrical problem as some times car won't start and if you move the transmission gear shift around the car starts okay.
  • ehuckehuck Posts: 4
    Recently I would go to turn the key and get nothing. However, if I turn it hard the car will start right up. Could this be the ignition switch or the coils?
  • ehuckehuck Posts: 4
    I have a knocking sound in my engine when I reach about 50+ mph. It sounds like something is loose in my wheel well. I haven't had a mechanic yet figure out what it is. Has anyone else had this problem and can tell me what it possibly is?
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    95-99 Maxima's used to need starter motors periodically. How many miles are on yours and to your knowledge is the starter motor still original?
  • ehuckehuck Posts: 4
    I have 130K. The starter motor could be the original. Are these expensive to replace?
  • For the age of this car it's been running great! However....the check engine light in my '89 Maxima goes on and off intermittently (were talking like once every month or so). Also, VERY frequently (like 3 times per trip), the speedometer seems to stop working then start up again (I have been told this is probably a speed sensor, if anyone knows where that is located I would love to know so I can replace it). Anyway, on the infrequent occasions that the check engine light DOES go on, it coincides exactly with the speedometer not working. When the speedometer picks back up, the light goes off. I probably won't see it again for another month, but the speedometer problem is constant. What is up with that? If y'all have an answer, you are my heroes!

    Thanks in advance,

    Todd In Folsom CA
  • don17don17 Posts: 1
    Today the Nissan dealer told me that I needed a new catalytic conveter for my Maxima. It is 4 1/2 years old and has 48,000 miles. The price is $1100. Is this repair still covered under warranty or not? I see that the EPA mandates a warranty of 8 years or 80,000 miles but my state does not require yearly inspections. Am I covered or out of luck?

  • I went to Autozone and got my codes read. I got one which was P0732 2nd Gear Ratio. Not totally sure what this is. The guy recommended me taking to a transmission shop and have them check it out. Maybe do a band adjustment. I have a 96 Maixma with about 30,000 miles. If anybody has had this before, let me know what you did, or anyone with any ideas, Thanks!
  • maxie2maxie2 Posts: 1
    Hello folks - I've had my car to the Nissan mechanic but since the noise is intermittant, it never seems to happen when the car is in the shop. My son and I can hear a distinct whining sound...more noticeable when stopping and starting, but now seems to be more constant. Anyone had the same sound from their Max and what was it? Had the belts checked today and no luck. Thanks - Maxie2
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Nissan dealer wanted $330 for a new oem starter. Went to an electrical shop that rebuilds starters and got one for $125 plus core. One thing I remember you have to remove quite a bit of parts to get to the starter. Good luck.
  • ehuckehuck Posts: 4
    My driver's side window stop going down all the way. The window seems fine moving up and down, however, when it moves down it doesn't go down all the way. Is this a bad motor or regulator? If anyone out there has experienced this same problem, please advise.
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