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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2000 DE 1 year old and noticed my paint is chipping terribly, has anyone else noticed this problem and questioned Nissan. I am taking it to the dealer this week, I expect them to tell me this is normal wear and tear. Never seen anything like this before. I will let you know what they say.
  • qx4qx4 Posts: 99
    hi all
    i'm a frequent reader of this site but rarely a poster. thanks to another problem free maxima.

    i am having a hardtime making a decision and i need your help. infact i would appreciate your comments.

    what kind of problems should expect after 200,000kms (+125,000miles).? for maximas or nissan's in general.

    i've replaced all 4 rotors laterly. tires replaced last year. the engine is running as strong as new. all working like a clock...almost. the only thing i've noticed is the ride smoothness. a bit too bumpy (not bouncy)...just harder ride. had the CV joint boot rubber replaced last year on one corner. and one suspension rod had to be replaced as well due to loud banging noise from the front last year.

    had problem with A/c.....turned out to be Gas leak. they refilled fine now.

    at this point.....all problems solved except ride quality which is expected for this much milage i guess.

    the car is driven 60%city 40%highway

    i should also mention that its a
    1995 maxima GXE
    original owner
    7 year old (since july 94)
    driven in toronto winter

    so keep the car or get rid of it?
    what kind of problems are expected or likely
    to happen after 135k miles on this generation
    of maximas?

    Your help is appreciated
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Check out Lots of users are already complaining the paint chip problem.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Got my car back, got 5 minutes down the road, TICK TICK TICK. Debating on bringing it back on Monday yet again. Otherwise I just get to deal with it. No good for $27K car. Everything else is pretty much ok, besides the paint chips, and the transmission sometimes is undecided - meaning it will drop down a gear unexpectedly when turning and then accelerating with the A/C on. I'll go to pull out and make a right hand turn and give it a little more gas after the turn and heading straight and it will hesitate for a split second and then drop down a gear and go like hell. Is this normal???
  • creatorcreator Posts: 1
    I've decided to buy a 2000 Maxima. I haven't decided whether to get the SE or a GLE. When you add options to the SE that are standard on the GLE (according to Edmunds), there's not much difference in price. So, I would like to hear from 2000 Maxima owners about the pros and cons of owning each and why you chose your model. Feel free to brag or wax poetic. Thanks creator.
  • jmm7171jmm7171 Posts: 1
    Does anyone use non-premium gas in there Maxima? I was told that performance will decrease slightly.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    SE has stiffer suspension so it corners a little harder. GLE is more touring or softer suspension. I would equate it to an Accord. SE has 17" rims and the GLE has 16". GLE is standard with BOSE, leather, roof, basically everything. SE has those as options. GLE has woodgrain, SE does not. You can get the SE in a stick shift and you can't in the GLE. The gauges might be different colored also. Basically, if you're older and want a nicer more comfortable less harsh ride, the GLE is for you. If you want a little stiffer more Euro feel, or a manual tranny, then you want the SE. The enthusiasts usually choose the stick shift SE for best performance. Both have the same engines, body, etc etc.
  • nkarasevnkarasev Posts: 1
    I have 91 SE and thinking about upgrading its
    stock tape/AM/FM bose to something with CD.
    I do not want expensive parts though. Rather
    prefer nearly stock quality. Basically
    all I want is to listen to a CD and radio
    with a nice sound (mine is aged so the
    sound is distorted somewhat).
    I heard that bose is not compatible with
    everything else and I need to replace the whole
    system including speakers. Is this true?


    P.S. If this is not the right place to ask,
    please, point me to the more appropriate.
  • nomad00nomad00 Posts: 2
    I'll start out by praising the Maxima. I've owned a '91 and I own a '94 and they have taken the beating. My current Maxima which has 166k finally needs a complete exhaust system (manifold back). I called Nissan for S&G's and they quoted me close to 3k. Yea, I cringed too! I have been searching around the sites (Greddy, Stillen, etc.) and find only cat-back systems, which are too pricey for the value of the car. My question is where can I find a decent exhaust system (EM performance or better) for a decent price? Your help is appreciated.
  • eduser1eduser1 Posts: 1
    I have a 94 Nissan Maxima GXE with 99k miles. A few months ago, the front passenger side window started acting up - it has no problems going down, but usually refuses to roll back up. Rolling it down completely and then trying to roll it back up after repeated attempts a few hours apart have usually worked, but are obviously a hassle. It does not matter what switch (the one by the driver side or the one by the window in question) is used - the results are the same. Now the rear window behind the driver side is doing the same thing.

    On the phone, I have been quoted between $300-$400 for EACH window, assuming it is the motor and/or the regulator. My questions:
    - Are the motor/regulator seperate components or sold as a unit?
    - Does the $300-$400/window quote seem correct?

    Thanks to anyone who can help!
  • dgfitzdgfitz Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Maxima SE that we purchased new in December of 99. In late February, or maybe early March we noticed an odor in the car. When we turned on the heater, the odor intensified. I thought maybe it was a dead rodent that we picked up while our car was parked at the airport in Jan. My thought was that I could find the rodent, or the smell would go away. Unfortunately I wasn't focused on taking care of this because, well, it's my wife's care, so it didn't really bother me. Well in May the smell was nearly unbearable, so I took it to the dealership. They looked over the interior of the car to the tune of $350.00, and found nothing. They said that they found droppings, but no animals. I had heard that they're have been situations with cars where something is wrong with the air conditioner, and results in a mild to severe stench. Upon hearing this, I tried the air conditioner only to find that it blew air, but not cold air. I took it back to the dealer. They fixed the blown seal as a warranty item and we were finished. Since having the air fixed, the smell has turned for the better, but is still not what it should be...not by a long shot. The dealership said that they would happily drop the entire dash to do a major inspection, but I consider it a last resort because they said it's a 2-day job.

    Does anyone have any insight they could share? I honestly don't believe this is a rodent issue.
  • I have a 93 Max SE and just had my right cv shaft replace but still have a grinding noise like a cymbal when I turn right or drive straight. There is no noise when I turn left. Does anyone have a suggestion to the problem? Also I just rolled the odometer over 100,000 miles. What type of tune up or maintenance is done at 100k miles?
  • gercongercon Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying a 1991 Maxima with 195000
    m. for 7000 can$. Is that a decent price, or is it too expensive? Is a Maxima with 195000 am still worth buying, or will problems appear pretty soon? Does anyone have a 1991 Maxima with that many am, and if so, have there been any problems which should prevent me from buying this car?
    Also is there an after market product available to make this car (automatic) towable with all 4 wheels on the ground?
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Turned out to be two things. The door, which had more of a rattle, and something they called a "sill" plate. Not sure what that is. Sounded like it wasn't welded right or something. Anyway, problem seems to be fixed, or at least tolerable. Way less frustrated now. Maybe time for some mods.

  • mrdetailermrdetailer Posts: 1,118
    I.e. some records showing maintenence and repairs. If well maintained it may be good. If they can't prove anything then you will have to get a very thorough mechanical check by a NISSAN specialist. However, with that many miles I would pay particular attention to steering components, idler arm, CV joints and axels, wheel bearings, ball joints, and struts. These items are routinely neglected.

    With a car that old, According to click and clack ( you should expect to put in about 1500 USD when you buy an older used car.
  • ficklefickle Posts: 98
    I have a 93 SE. I've had two window regulators replaced. I don't know if they are separate components or not but the price is what I paid. My sister has a 92 and she's had to change one of her windows also.
  • guraubguraub Posts: 1
    I am about to buy a used Maxima (110K miles) and the price that I am asked for is 8000 SD. The car looks in excellent condition, I drove it and appears to be flawless. I am not sure how much longer the car would last. I am planning to go over 200K miles with it. Are there known problems with Maximas over 100K? Please advise.
  • This message is for GAL, I have 2001 Nissan Maxima GEL, and I too seemed to be using up a lot of fuel. I was getting about 290 to 300 miles to the tank, which is far from what Nissan says I should be getting. After taking it to Nissan and being told that everything was fine, I started doing some homework on my own. I'm not sure if this will applies to you, but since I have automatic air I was always leaving it on, during startup and shutdown. I decided to start turning it off before I shutdown and turn it back on when I started up. It seems, that fixed the bad fuel economy that I was having, now I'm getting 350 miles to the tank.
  • I have a 1990 maxima with 190.000 miles and no major problems looking to sell but has rebuilt title. any inquiries email
  • aegus1aegus1 Posts: 29

    My '94 SE did the window thing back around 90k. Once the first one went, it was a window a week until they all went. My dealership said it was the regulators. The price sounds a tad high, but definitely in the ballpark. And it happens just as you describe... what goes down just doesn't come back up. Haven't had anything major since (124k now).
  • allaharallahar Posts: 1
    I need some help with the pros and cons of buying a maxima,dose the transmission acts up? what is the major problems they have.I really need some input.If you want you can email me at, thank you.
  • tbyers1tbyers1 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 91 Maxima SE and only the back right speaker works, the other three have faint sound. I had the dealer check the speakers and quote me a replacement cost. I was told the speakers were fine, that the stereo was the problem. I do not have a CD in the car, I would like to replace the stereo with a CD stereo. I was told by Best Buys audio people that the amplifiers are probably the problem, they need new wiring, but the Maxima Bose system is very complicated. I would like to hear from you if you have found out anything. Thanks
  • tanselatansela Posts: 1
    If the window is not rolling at all then it's motor problem otherwise regulator. A regulator is about 30-40 bucks and installing it not very hard!
    But, of course it will take sometime. A Goodyear Gemini shop in Norcross,GA asked for 100$ for the labor while a no-name kinda store was estimating 400-500$. So, best price to install a regulator is 100$ for the labor.
  • rivers5rivers5 Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 Maxima that is 7 months old and there are little paint chips all over the car. At first, I thought it was a tree berry problem but that was not the case. Nissan is snubbing hteir nose at the whole thing saying it isn't a warranty issue. The new policy is if the dealer thinks it should be covered, they will. If not they won't. They won't even send a rep out anymore to look at it. If anyone else has these problems please send an e-mail to
  • i'm thinking about buying a 1996 maxima GXE with 135,000 miles on it. they are selling it for $7,774 i am planning to put at least 200,000 miles on it. it is in great shape, but should i buy it please someone give me the advice.-thanks
  • aongchaongch Posts: 6
    I believe the paint/clear coat is weak on these latest gen. This will definitely be a dealer request to look at and/or fix. I picked up a small nick on the center of my rear bumper (Super Black SE) and decided to use wax to buff it off. This is just carnauba wax. Seems that the clear coat has become dull after the buffing, and I was not able to get the original sheen. Noticeable when shining light on the area. Anyone with a similar experience? Is this only confined to the bumper area?

    Appreciate your inputs.
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Posts: 1,118
    With a car of that age, the most important thing to find is the repairs and maintenence that was done on the vehicle. If it is an automatic, the transmission service intervals are critical. Some have had problems with the planetary gear in the tranny. What were the oil change intervals?

    I would also have a Nissan specialist take a special look at the shocks and steering components, as well as look for oil leaks. (gasket replacements) Plan on replacing some of them with the next 20 thousand miles.

    With that many miles I would plan on spending another 1500 to get the car up to snuff. I have done that twice now with two 7 year old cars that I have purchased. Purchasing an older car and maintaining it well will save you thousands of dollars over new ones.
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Posts: 1,118
    change the timing belt, cam and crankshaft seals, and water pump on a car that age. Don't get stranded.
  • I'm pretty sure that Maxima's have a timing chain. Any mechanic that tells you that you need your "timing belt" replaced is ripping you off. (I'm 95% sure of this) Anyway, I've got a '93 SE that has had only a few minor problems. My Bose stereo occasionally cuts off, and the antenna mast has broken so that it no longer goes up and down. My brake rotors have warped, but the car is a '93 and it wasn't too expensive to fix. Other than that, I've been very pleased with this car. It's worlds better than my wife's '98 Saturn.
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