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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • I do not think reliability of turbo itself is a problem. I am not sure about the support, though. As you may know, Subaru's 2.0L+turbo has been around in Asia and Europe for almost 15 years and they have had 280+ horse powers. The same engine is used in WRC in which god knows how much power is produced from this small engine. So, although 115hp/L seems quite a high output, it must be a piece of cake.
  • Fuji Heavy Industries makes a wide range of turbocharged engines for automotive and aircraft use - I wouldn't be too concerned about their know-how. The usual turbo motor caveats apply (let them warm up before subjecting them to max boost, allow them to idle and cool after a hard run, use synthetic oil and don't scrimp on maintenance, etc.), but I would guess the WRX engine in the U.S. market car still has some room for further tweaks.
  • where I live (Milwaukee) I couldn't find many workshop who can install the timer...
    Kingmotorsports (Mugen sole US distributor) which happens to be not so far from here, said they can install it but not sure how long will it take for subaru...
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    There were a bunch up until 1996 or so. The closest thing to the WRX would be the 230 HP (I think) AWD SVX. It competed well in the sport car field but had funky looks and a steep price that really kept it from catching on. Does anybody know about how many SVX's were sold evey year? I think a AWD version cost $35,000 new so the $25,000 WRX in a traditional sedan package I think will far outsell the SVX. At least subie's WRX motor was designed to be a turbo motor from the start, not just a regular motor with a turbo slapped on to get more power. I bet reliability is pretty standard, worst case you melt your turbo from abuse and you have to get the STI version as long as you're replacing things!
  • Subaru has lots of experience with turbos. It has been awhile since they sold one in the US but they have built them for many years so the usually rules about not buying the first years product doesn't apply here. I have seen several new or redeisned models from Subaru come out during my 5 years of selling them and NONE have had any new car bugs or service issues. I bought one of the first 2000 Outbacks produced (after the full redisgn) and it has been great. I'm sure the warranty and maintenance book will have all the info you need to get miles from your WRX.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Especially when the TS/RS is going to be sporting the same chassis and suspension with less weight, should actually handle better than the WRX for 5K less.

    However, you are starting off with an additional 62HP with a motor designed for a turbo. Cheap mods should net another 30HP or so once the warranty runs out.

    As for insurance, who knows? Anybody have ideas for the A4 versus S4? Getting a wagon should help, but since the WRX is within the reach of younger drivers, I fear the worst. Doesn't help that I'm in within the limits of Boston...and a young white male .

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I do not think owners will wait until 60k miles to tweak that engine...

    Ottos: Doritos may perform better, but they break easily. Fritos are more reliable, so there!

    Audi offered the spoiler as a retrofit, and for free, and only a tiny minority of drivers wanted it. It's only at 130mph that it got unsettled, and where can you do that here in the US?

    Stephen: I saw that silver on the sedan, and in the wagon body style it ought to be a real sleeper.

    I'm not sure about the accuracy of a USA Today auto reviewer. They are wrong more often than they are right.

    The metal-finish interior trim is optional. You don't have to get it.

  • ottosottos Posts: 80
    I really like those 17" wheels that look like a bigger version of the 16" ones. They are on the UK version of the car, and also you can see them on Subaru's WRX site. But are we getting them? I hope those damn BBS wheels aren't our only choice.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    don't trust the pictures. The WRX looks better in person! And it looks better everytime you look at it. It grows on you like some kinda mushroom. =)
    I saw the real thing at the autoshow. It looks great. Pop up the hood and you're greeted with one mean mofo engine with a no fuss boxer 4 engine configuration and top off by one big intercooler! It makes the intercooler for the Mazda Miller cycle engine look like a small calculator!
    Later my friend and I swung by Subaru of Canada's HQ which is located conveniently by my house during the wee hrs of the night and what did I see? a silver WRX sedan parked in the lot. It look great. It has the spoiler. The spoiler does not look dorky. It complements it nicely. I think it looks nice whether with or without the spoiler. For the sleeper look the sans spoiler would be killer.
    Yes I also saw the BBS rims on a WR blue WRX. IMHO I wouldn't pay that crazy price for it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'd go aftermarket for wheels. OE is too pricey. I priced the 16" alloys and almost fainted. I got aftermarket wheels for half the price.

    Grows on you like a fungus (mushrooms are a fungus)? ;-)

  • Which dealer here in South Florida wanted $5k over MSRP..was it EA? we ended up buying my wife's 2001Legacy GT from an out of town dealer...the ones here were pretty lame
  • Actually it was Delray Subaru. Eddie Accardi is where they actually gave me the reasonable deal. I guess it depends on your sales person, but there was also a lot of interaction with the sales manager given the details of ordering the car. All things considered they were very professional, reasonable, and friendly. Ask for Ed Tozzi at EA...he's a nice guy. way....I could hear the manager in the background telling the sales person to tell me they would only be getting one or two a month and to quote me $5K OVER MSRP (they didn't even offer the order option). Like I said...I blew them off and did the paperwork with EA. William Lehman is another option in our area, but I've never had much luck with them in the past, regardless of the brand. I would have definitely been willing to travel to get the car if I could not have gotten an MSRP deal in town. Given any savings above and beyond that (maybe $500 +/-) somewhere more remote in the country, I'm willing to live with MSRP, but no higher, since this is a LONG TERM keeper.

  • I actually saw a list price of like 3K for the BBS Wheels! Completely outrageous considering you still have to supply YOUR OWN TIRES. However, I did ask my sales guy this morning to find out if the dealer was willing to give me a credit on the OEM Bridgestone RE92's towards the car and then have them mount a different set either through them or bringing my own, on the stock 16" wheels for me before delivery. They will probably say no, which is fine, because the stock RE92's will wear out quickly (tread wear 160). Doesn't hurt to ask though. Yes, I actually like the stock 16" wheels and any change to 17" or whatever would make at most a negligible performance difference given the same brand and type of tire (tread width of a high performance 205/55/16 is practically identical to a 215/45/17). Larger wheels are mostly for personal asthetic preferrence. Don't forget larger rims and tires are heavier(take more power to turn), tires are more expensive, and it's much easier to bend a rim when going over not so smooth roads/terrain or even the unexpected pothole. Just my $.02.

  • Eddie Accardi Subaru in Pompano Beach, FL (800-223-6300). Ask for Ed Tozzi or if he is not available Mark Sawyer and tell them I sent you (Dan the guy that ordered the WRX). They are both nice guys that gave me initial information, but Ed is working my deal going forward.

    Dan Medina
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    on saturday night, it snowed a bit in Toronto so my friend and I went out looking for some empty parking lots to play around. Subaru of Canada so happens to be a 2 minute drive from my place along with a bunch of other big offices. So we went to pay homage to SOC. And what it blessed us with? A silver WRX sitting at the parking lot. We were so tempted to err.... trade wheels. hehehehe.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Ask how much credit the dealer will give you if you don't want the 16" rims. I imagine you could sell them yourself here or on i Club. Even used sets sell for $300 and up. Another option is keep 'em for snow tires.

  • Please excuse my ignorant, but does anyone know if there's a filter between the hood scoop and the intercooler? Or is the intercooler easily removable for cleaning. I don't know elsewhere, but here in Florida, when Love Bug season come, that big hood scoop will have love bugs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    There is no filter. It's wide open.

    I imagine WRX owners will be the type that detail engine compartments with regularity.

  • dkapsdkaps Posts: 3
    If I'm going to be driving down the road dodging flying insects I definitely need the 17" wheels...

    Seriously, since there's no filter, the intercooler will surely be catching mucho bugs (at least where I plan on taking this beast). So let's just say I'll be one of the few WRXers that wont be detailing the engine compartment too often (juice, thanks for the info but you overestimate me); what does this mean? A messy engine or worse? It seems ridiculous but I'm looking for any reason NOT to buy this car.
  • Oh boy, I hope someday Subaru sells one of these STIs. If WRX is $24K, STI can not be over $40K, right? I would definitly get one.... Let's pray.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Dave: sorry to break your heart, but I think the intercooler is stainless.

    Ken gave you the reason though - wait for the even better STi edition.

    $40k is way high. I bet they could do it near $30k.

  • I'm wondering if the 2002 Impreza has a "non-turbo" engine. I know, I know, you're probably thinking WHY? I'm not sure if I need the turbo. I am considering the 2001 2.5 RS model. The MSRP is $23K for the 2002; is there any negotiating with that price? Any feedback you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Kathy: definitely, yes. There will be a 2002 2.5 RS sedan, basically the same engine in the current RS but on the new platform, which is a little bigger and stiffer, but a tad heavier.

    If you prefer a wagon, they'll have two options, a TS and the Outback Sport. The nice thing is that both of these will get the 2.5l engine standard.

    Your price is for the WRX. The models without the turbo engine are far cheaper - you'll be able to get one in the high teens.

    So the thing to decide is which body style you like, old or new.

  • Think of it this way....only about 8000 sedan WRXs will be imported this year. Given that these will mostly sell for MSRP (and probably higher later in the year given demand), it's safe to say an even more limited edition such as the STi would make this problem even worse. Although Subaru mentioned that an STi version was not out of the question for the future, they said they have no plans to import one any time soon (info from SCC). When and if they do, it will likely be a very limited number such as 500 or at the very most 1000(I'd be surprised at this many) of them similar to the Integra Type R. The price is likely to be in the $35K-$40K range BUT given the limited supply, I wouldn't plan on getting one for even MSRP if past sales in the UK are any indication. Some people with money would likely buy one just to turn around and make a quick profit on the car's limited availability.(otherwise known as shameless vultures for use of nice words). For people like myself with a modest (yet growing) portfolio and middle class income, the $25K I'm paying for the WRX, is MUCH easier to work into the budget (especially when a wife and child are considerations). I'm even more at ease since I know it wouldn't take anywhere near $10K in SAFE modifications to make it into an STi (WRX uses the same valvetrain as the STi) when I decide to.

    If you are having second thoughts about a WRX after doing your research....THE WRX IS NOT FOR YOU. Waiting for an STi is fine if you have the extra money and don't like to tinker with your vehicles, but holding your breath waiting for one wouldn't be a wise idea, especially if you need/want a vehicle in the next year or two.

  • So has anyone ordered their WRX in a color other than silver?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My friend Hutch ordered one last night. Silver sedan.

  • I ordered my sedan last Friday in WR Blue!

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, I think the blue will be the most popular color. At the local i Club meets, more than half are blue. We get a sprinkle of silver, black, and white. Not many though.

  • Thanks for the replies! Is there a place where I can see the Invoice and MSRP prices for the 2002 "NON-TURBO" Impreza? I don't need the turbo. I'll just have to see the 2002 and compare the 01 to it. (looks wise).
    No, the Sti is way out of my limits. I'm just looking for an AWD to get me around....looks are important too.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    This is the most comprehensive site I've seen:

    They list MSRP, but not invoices prices. Figure about 10% less for invoice. Edmunds and ought to have exact pricing up in a couple of weeks.

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