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Isuzu Axiom



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That's what RSA is for Flats, Lockouts, and a few other items.

  • At 6,000 miles, the vehicle is going strong. I can't wait for the snow to cover Chicago, so that I can put TOD to a real test. I realize that the tires are not the best and squeak on asphalt, but riding is really smooth at higher speeds. Most sedans I owned previously had some vibrations even after wheels were balanced and were pulling to one side of the road. The Axiom is stable, no vibrations whatsoever, even at high speeds. My impression is that the Ax rides even smoother at speeds over 80mph. I actually punched it the other day on an open highway and got it to 110 mph. The vehicle was very stable, smooth and predictable. That put a smile on my face.

    Mileage is not great, but within SUV limits. Driving in the city of Chicago yields a mere 13.4 mpg, but if I take it on the highway, I can easily achieve 21 mpg.

    I have recently taken the Axiom to the dealership for some minor corrections/repairs:
    1. Remote door opener failed despite new batteries - replaced at no charge.
    2. One of the front lights have fogged up, so a new lamp has been ordered - no charge.
    3. Driver's side door lock mechanism was getting stuck, so it was replaced at no charge, as well.

    I consider those minor problems, which can be expected from any vehicle.

    Some of you may remember that I have complained about a chattering/scraping noise at highway speeds. It is still very much a nuisance, but the mechanic was inspecting my Axiom for four days (too bad Isuzu does not provide courtesy cars) and finally found that the shield on catalyc converter was making the noise when air blew underneath it. A part has been ordered and I will let you know if that took care of the problem.

    It is a great vehicle and I enjoy it very much.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have to go to your dealer! I haven't had the best luck in PA. The one good one around me was shutdown last year.

    I just got something in the mail from Isuzu, listing another dealer in my area where great deals are being made on new trucks. That dealership was closed by Isuzu last year too? I guess the marketing department isn't keeping up with the company changes.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Did you try flemington Isuzu/Subaru? They have great service and shouldn't be too far from you.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have thought about trying them. They are about an hour or so away. I wonder? 5 trips to a dealer 20 minutes from me to get something fixed, or one trip for an hour plus? It might be a push, it is easier to bring the 3 year old on a 20 minute trip though.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    They give loaners.

  • We are thinking of purchasing a 2002 Axiom XS. Has anyone ever installed a flip down video system in this vehicle, and if so any suggestions regarding make and brand would be greatly appreciated. Concerned whether or not it could be done in the XS with the sunroof, or go to the base w/out the sunroof. Also, if you have a video system in your Axiom, can you please advized as to where the VCP is located.

  • k2rmk2rm Posts: 205
    I was finally able to get my airlift springs installed this weekend. I mounted the compressor unit outside and below the jack stowage compartment and installed the control unit inside of the center console next to CD changer (so no more storage space in the center console). The installation of the air bladders was pretty easy and straightforward (1.5 hours). The intallation of the control unit was a little more tricky (3-4 hours) since I had to remove the center console and make sure the airlines and power wires didn't interfere with the parking brake mechanism.

    I haven't driven to many miles yet and the distance that I have, the axiom has been unloaded, but there is a definite improvement. There are a few places on my way to work that gives the axiom a good jolt (as it bottoms out) when in comfort mode, but with the airlift at 10 PSI, the Axiom handled it much better.

    The main benefit seems to be its freeway ride, large bumps no longer causes the axiom to rock front to back in comfort mode yet the ride is still compliant and very smooth. On city streets at 10 PSI, the suspension is much more firm and seems to offer a little more bumpy ride than without the airlift and gives a more traditional SUV truck ride, but no longer what people would call "jittery." At 5 PSI it feels pretty much stock on city streets.

    So far I am happy with the results and I am still experimenting with different pressures. The installed compressor and control unit makes this convenient. I believe the biggest benefit will be when the Axiom is loaded up as that is when the Axiom easily bottoms out. Hopefully I will be able to load it up for a camping trip this coming weekend.
  • k2rmk2rm Posts: 205
    I am not sure if a flip down screen would work too well with the sunroof that comes with the XS model. You may want to look into the aftermarket headrests that have LCD screens installed in them. That may be a easier way to go.

    Good luck
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    Just came back from towing a U-Haul trailer (5 x 8; weight approx 1,300 lbs) about 1,100 miles from NC to Texas. The Axiom did great. The biggest problem was remembering that I had a trailer behind me. Lots of power and it tracked real well with the suspension in sports mode. I got 17.6 mph with the trailer and 21.2 on the way back without the trailer.
  • sveltaxsveltax Posts: 72
    Does the AX 2wd downshift when coming to a stop? I seem to have a bumop/shift right when I stop and also when releasing the brake to get on the gas when starting out. This does not happen while stopping if I have the AX in neutral while stopping. Any ideas?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    It's the transmission. The shifts are very abrubt on it, this gives your torque converter a longer life and able to tow weight w/o wearing it out prematurely.

  • Did any of you notice that the Axiom is hesitant when cold? For the first two minutes of operation in the morning (Temp ab. 55F), the throttle response is delayed and there is an uneven hesitation when accelerating at moderate speed. I realize that the engine will react differently when cold, but it wasn't so evident with my Ford Contour or my wife's Leganza.
  • sveltaxsveltax Posts: 72
    Looking at the Calmini 3" lift for the Rodeo. Sent Calmini an email to make sure it will fit on the AX, and it will. What will happen to the 10yr/120mile warranty if the lift is installed? Thinking of getting the lift in Feb or March of 2003.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    at I think his lifts are a little cheaper and better than calmini.


  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Depends what part you mean. Basically they can only deny a claim if they can relate your problem back to the modified parts.

  • sveltaxsveltax Posts: 72
    Seems the Independant lift is just springs and shocks. The Calmini is supposedly swing arms, shocks, springs, control arms, droop stops, braided brakelines, upper trailing arms and a few other small parts. Seems a big difference for $200.
  • k2rmk2rm Posts: 205
    I don't notice cold hesitation at all. It fires right up and is good to go immediately. It is often around 50F in the SF bay area in the morning when I start up. I had a rough idle speed when in drive, but after the 7500 mile checkup it is just fine now. I forgot to even tell them that it had a rough idle.

    The AirLift springs are working great. There is slight benenfit while empty, but a huge benefit when loaded up. I am leaving afterwork today to go camping and already have it loaded up with the airlift at 15 psi. On the way into work today it handled beautifully, it had no problems at places that it would have definitely bottomed out without the Airlift. I would recommend this upgrade to anybody that often carries 4 adults and a lot of gear.
  • sveltaxsveltax Posts: 72
    Here are the 2 links to the different suspension lifts for Independant 4x4 and Calmini.

    On another note, went to the LA Off Road show this past weekend. Tons of stuff but no Isuzu stuff! Still some of these custom off road vehicles are monsters!

  • jamesjajamesja Posts: 15
    Recently I accidentally locked my keys in my 2002 Axiom. So I called AAA, and a guy comes out who has all the tools to break into cars and trucks. He does this several times a day, so he has journeyman experience at it.

    It takes him 35 minutes to unlock my Axiom (including phoning some of his locksmith friends for advice). It seems that the arrangement of the lock linkages in the driver and passenger doors is very non-standard.

    Nice to know that a thief has to work harder to steal one of these trucks (unless they want to break some glass). -jj-
  • sveltaxsveltax Posts: 72
    jj did the locksmith try the liftgate?

    I had a mustang and I set the keys down while loading it up and locked my keys in the trunk. The locksmith had that trunk open in 5 seconds!

    Most likely if someone was stealing your AX they'd probably just break a window after spending a few seconds on the lock and giving up! I did get the Lowjack option on my AX.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    this creates a high likelihood that one day the person trying to let you into your car when you locked the keys inside will bend or break some part of the internal linkages in your door - this happened to someone I know.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    Hey. Just purchased a new XS 4WD with the gray leather and Anthracite paint. Very sharp looking combo. I have been reading this board for a while and wanted to know if anyone came up with a solution for a rubber cover on the rear bumper to prevent scratches. I remember reading about it but can't find the discussion again. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, love this vehicle. I live in Delaware and have never seen one on the road before. I have been getting many looks. Thanks.
  • ajoebajoeb Posts: 2
    Not a plastic cover but, "non-skid" peal and stick strips like for bathtubs. Dogs would have a better grip jumping in back. At hardware store ect.
  • Hello, 21Oct02

    I've been reading this news group for over a year now. I've also wanted an Axiom the first time I saw it, before they went into production. Sorry everyone but I just need to do some venting here...

    This past Friday I tried my best to buy one for myself. Could not get the dealer to come down more then $800 off the sticker. I couldn't believe it! The 4x4 XS I wanted was built in March 2002, sat in GA for a few months then was traded and moved here to AL. That is SEVEN months this vehicle had been sitting on dealer lots. Why are they holding on to this Axiom as though it was made of gold? They have five more that they cannot sell. (Yes, the same ones, been watching them all summer) Isuzu has been extending that zero percent interest all summer long. Now it is up to 72 months. They have suspended the production line of the Axiom until January 2003.

    The dealer told me that with the zero percent interest they didn’t need to lower the price. The interest savings should be enough. "Besides with Isuzu not making anymore Axioms this year the five we have need to last us!!" WHAT ?!??! I'm sorry, I just do not understand the reasoning in this. The sticker was for $31,9000, invoice $30,133. Would have bought it for $27,000. Is $3,000 really too much to ask for a vehicle that is nearly imposable sell?

    There are some things about the Axiom I don't like.
    1) Seats don’t tilt. I'm 6.1. If the seats would tilt I could get my knee out of the dash.
    Honestly, whoever heard of leather power seats that only move in two directions!
    2) The gear selector. The thumb knob sticks into my leg.
    3) Tow 4,500. Would like to have at least 5,000.

    I'm not slamming the Axiom. I like this SUV. I want one!! But why would I buy a vehicle that nearly know one else is buying, and pay close to full sticker price.

    In another two months the 2003s will be out, maybe the seats will be fixed and I'll try again. In the mean time, it felt good getting that off my chest.

    BTW: I have a 1990 Isuzu Impulse. The newer body style, not the wedge shape one. Love this car! Still looks (sleeps inside) and runs good. As you can see I tend to keep my cars forever. So resell value isn't a big issue for me. It just needs to last.

  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    I have noticed with the sunroof opened at speeds slower than 40 mph you get that kind of muffled, air thumping sound like when driving a four door sedan with the rear windows down. (Don't really know how to describe it) I was wondering if anyone has installed a sunroof wind deflector and do you still get this wind noise? How does the Ax look with it installed?
  • teds5teds5 Posts: 3
    Shop around. I purchased the 4WD base model last month for under invoice. Didn't need the 0% since the under invoice was a better deal for me. The dealership installed the hitch for $150. Look for another dealer. The 4,500 towing is for a trailer with brakes so if you really need 5,000 lbs, this may not be the true vehicle you need. I had a 93 rodeo for almost 9 years, so I was happy with my last purchase from the same dealer in WI. Good luck
  • sveltaxsveltax Posts: 72
    Seems much too low to me. Looking at Edmunds, their figures are around $30,237 (including destination charges) for the 4X4 XS. When I bought my XS I took the 0% financing for 60 months, rather than the $3000 off the sticker that they were also offering. The difference is pretty small between the 2 plans.As for the performance and interior issues, it's really up to you.

    When I was looking for a new truck it was between the Pathfinder and the Axiom. I still like the Pathfinder but really enjoy my Axiom! I came over from a 97 GMC Jimmy, not the most reliable or safe vehicle on the road.
  • I saw a local ad for a 2002 Axiom (probably 2WD) that caught my attention. It said $7500 off MSRP $27240, or only $19740. This includes $4000 rebate and $3500 dealer discount. I wonder if there are similar discounts on 4x4 XS. A similar deal was for an auto Trooper 2WD, only $18977 after $4500 rebate.
  • check out:

    they have S 2wd starting at 18.5K
    and XS 4x4 starting at 24.1K

    hopefully one of the dealers in in your area. Or maybe it is a cheap one way ticket and a nice road trip back!
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