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Isuzu Axiom



  • sowrsowr Posts: 69
    My aunt bought a 300M, she only had it about 10 hours and it exploded late at night just sitting in her driveway.

    What's that? Oh sorry, this is the Isuzu Axiom forum.
  • csangercsanger Posts: 12
    Amigo John was right about Isuzu using shocks that they already had. When I went to a different local dealer to have him inspect my leaking shock so he could order me a replacement, he cross checked part numbers and at least on the rear the ISC shocks are the exact same shock as on Rodeo with ISC.

    I also have disconnected my fuse and back twice now and although the ride is better with it out I still have a pretty constant vibration in the floorboard and seat. The ISC in my case is probably not the problem but is reacting to possibly another faulty shock or ?

    I replaced my tires with Michelin Cross Terrain's (Goodyears had radial runout) and they do absorb road irregularities better but again don't solve original shakey problem.

    After the dealer installs new right rear shock they will try to diagnose problem. I'll keep you posted.

    250 horsepower? Sounds great. It's too bad about the ride quality as I think the Ax is a great vehicle and with even more power is very competitive in the class. It doesn't even make it into most comparison tests any more.
  • amigo_johnamigo_john Posts: 107
    The Axiom is a great vehicle and would've been a good seller if Isuzu had put more time (and $) into refining it instead of just marking the price down like day old doughnuts.

    Funny how the Rodeo outsells it, even though with similar options, a Rodeo costs about the same.
  • sowrsowr Posts: 69
    Well, I'm all over the map on this, after removing the active ride fuse I became convinced that my Ax rode better. I now have the fuse back in and I am convinced that the ISC works quite well at damping the shocks and smoothing out the ride.

    On another note I fitted an after-market rear spoiler/wing a few weeks ago and am now convinced that my gas mileage has increased. On my drive into work, 10 miles freeway and street mixed, I used to average 22.5 mpg. I now average 23.8 mpg.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    What kind of calculations are you using...holy smokes that is great for any SUV. I am jealous since I am getting 13-17 in my trooper (on good days).
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    OMG. I didn't realize spoilers had anything to do with gas mileage; I thought they were simply for looks. Do u happen to have a picture of yours or another Axiom with a spoiler?
  • sowrsowr Posts: 69
    As far as the mileage is concerned I'm a fairly reserved driver, for example I don't do 85 mph on the way to work, I do 65 mph. In general, I don't thrash the engine, not that I'm suggesting anyone else does. Although I am in 'Power' but not in TOD.

    I'm not sure about the spoiler making a difference, it's the only thing I've changed 'performance' wise.

    Here is where I bought the spoiler:

    And here are some pics of one installed (not mine), (thanks to Deton8r):
  • axiomloveraxiomlover Posts: 216
    23.8 mpg? Wow, I can only get that if I am cruising at 55 mph on a declining smooth road. I can get about 18 mpg going 85 mph. In the city - forget it - only about 12.5 mpg.

    Did anyone take their vibrating brakes in for service?
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    We drive 75 % city and 25% highway and we have averaged about 14.5 over the last 2K miles...that was using mixed power modes and generally using the cruise control (at about 70) on highways...

    I think we might get 17-18 if the percentages were reversed... you could basically drive to and from work (if that's the only place you drove it) for a whole month on ONE tank of gas? Wow, that's great...
  • axiomloveraxiomlover Posts: 216
    There is absolutely no way anyone could get 23.8mpg for a month in 10-mile increments. You may be getting great mileage if you are cruising but what kills it are cold starts. My commute to the train station is 2.5 miles in moderate to heavy traffic. If I didn't drive my Axiom anywhere other than that train station, I would be getting about 9 mpg.
  • reegerreeger Posts: 11
    Couldn't stand the way that thing road. I like to drive fast and I just did not feel safe with the ride, it's too bad because I really like the Axiom, I took it back to the dealer, they were nice enough to buy it back (took a 3K loss on it), and bought a 2002 GMC Envoy which is based on on a ladder frame (i.e. truck frame just like the Axiom). I paid 25K for it and it rides like a dream. Oh, BTW it tows more than the Axiom, has more room, more power, gets better mileage and I am sure it will knock the socks off the Axiom off-road too. And the insurance was cheaper, that should make up the 3K over the next 60 months. I really wanted to stick it out with the Axiom, but I just couldn't handle the horrible ride. And it seemed to get worse.
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    Took my Ax in for the brake vibration and they ended up replacing both front rotors for excessive wear (and I am very gentle on brakes). Plus they put on a softer pad because I have brake dust everywhere on the front wheels now.
  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    On the highway, over the past weekend, I averaged 22.4 mpg at 73mph. This was on the turnpike with a lot of uphill and downhill portions. I would imagine if it was all flat and smooth, I could get a little higher mileage.
  • axiomloveraxiomlover Posts: 216
    I am sorry to hear that you got rid of your Axiom, but I can perfectly understand that the ride did not inspire fast and strong road handling manners. Can you tell us how much the dealer gave you for your Ax and how many miles you had on the vehicle? If someone bought the Ax for off-road use or towing, that may make more sense for them, but if you have always been a car driver used to controlled and non-jittery ride, then Axiom is not for you. I bought my Axiom for looks (I have never been off-road), but quite often use the space to transport bicycles and model airplanes. I will probably trade it in for a Mazda6 Wagon (when it comes out) or other car-based SUV.
  • dgluthdgluth Posts: 49
    I know last year, isuzu had 7000$ in discounts for the axiom. Does anyone think they will do that again? I am test driving one next week but most likely will not buy till August or September (or October if worthwhile) and want to know if it will be worth the wait.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Dennis P.
  • sowrsowr Posts: 69
    You probably did the right thing if you didn't like the Ax ride. However, the Envoy did not do well in off-road tests, so I'm thinking that your remark about the Envoy knocking the Ax's socks off when in the dirt is probably incorrect. After all the Ax rated higher than the GM product in a not-so-recent 4x4 slug fest. In fact if I remember correctly the Ax came in 3rd behind the Jeep Cherokee and Liberty. Not bad for a so-called cross-over.

    Please remember that no matter what SUV you are driving at high speed, if you get a problem (blow out, debris, unexpected lane change, etc.) good luck surviving. I was driving to work a few months back in my Ax, and, like you I had concerns about it high speed capabilities, someone in front cut me off and I swerved to avoid. The Ax performed very well, in fact I remember thinking "wow, that was pretty cool".
  • malsuamalsua Posts: 17
    Got my 2002 AX 9k off 31,500 Sticker(Leather, 4x4, all the options cept moon roof). Drove it 100 Miles, "Check Trans" light came on. Dealer ended up replacing the transmission with a new one.

    Have now been driving it for 1500 miles. Back end is a bit bouncy for a truck. I've had other SUVs for 17 years now, this one is the most car like I've had. However, this one handles way way better than any other I've ever had. If anyone doubts how well this SUV handles on the road, test drive a pre 95 SUV(Full frame vehicle no unibody cars) and get back to me. In sport mode, Power Transmission mode, it handles like a full size sedan or better. It's got plenty of power and corners really well for a truck.

    It's not a sport car, but who expects a full frame vehicle to do that? It's a truck and it handles like a large car. It's suprising how well it handles. I've driven plenty of vehicles, including s500 Mercedes and full size LTDs and Caprices. This one handles as well or better.

    The ride is still a truck ride. I've been driving trucks and SUVs for years, this is far and away the best riding vehicle I've ever driven in that isn't a car. Yes, the back end bounces a bit in comfort mode. Golly gee, it's the end of the world. My 1986 Bronco II bounced so much at high speed I felt like death was imminent at more times that I could count.

    It could use some work but by and large, this vehicle is a solid piece of work. The interior is nice, it handles well and it's much less subject to wind than my 1990 Jimmy. If you need a car with 4x4 get a Subaru. If you need a truck that will handle close on to what a German sport Sedan will do, this isn't to far off.

    If you're going to TOW, why are you not getting a Suburban, Yukon or a big ole pickup truck designed for the job. An Ax will do well for small towing...but 5k+ boat(I.e. salt water 20+) pay the 10k premium and get your 35k+ vehicle designed for the job. Towing a "lake" 18' boat, the Ax can handle it without issue.

    It's a decent vehicle and Isuzus will go a long time. Just don't expect to get a ride like a Maxima, with power like a Corvette and towning like a Suburban.
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    Malsua - I think your comments are right on target.

    When in sport mode, the Ax handles very well, even at high speeds (I have been in triple digits on the highway and never felt like the vehicle was out of control).

    I also agree that the comfort mode can be just a little too bouncy...especially at slower speeds, but I never thought it was as bad as some have mentioned.

    I guess something to consider, personal differences of opinion aside, it seems like there are some consistency issues with the Ax. It sounds like some folks have good reliable vehicles while others have been unlucky enough to get a quirky Ax. Unfortunately, more often than not, the problems seem to stem from the ISC.

    Even though I am pleased with my Ax, I am always looking to improve if anybody determines a good combo of tires and shocks (aside from the GY Integrity and the ISC delivered with the car) I'd be interested in hearing about how it has positively affected the ride.
  • robert122robert122 Posts: 6
    I have had my ax.for almost 4 months a left over 2002 I have about 5800 miles and for the money and features Ilove it I to have noticed the ride can change from one week to another one day I thought the ride was more harsher than usual took it in they told me the shocks in the rear were leaking waiting for the new ones to come in overall i love it can not understand why more are not sold get a lot of stares and I traded a jeep liberty for my ax 4x4.
  • sowrsowr Posts: 69
    Perhaps it's the lack of advertising. I remember the Vehicross ad from years ago, it was very cool, Isuzu need an ad like that for the Ax.

    I'm not sure why people are choosing the Liberty, it sure is a goofy mickey mouse looking thing and has no room.
  • amigo_johnamigo_john Posts: 107
    It would get 4x4 of the year... It's ride would be referred to as "spirited".
  • malsuamalsua Posts: 17
    Lol, you're not kidding.

    I have a close friend who I work with who has a 98 Durango. He was bitching about his wife driving over speed bumps and how it bungs up a vehicle's shocks. I think he's over-reacting about it..but since my work parking lot has them, I decided to have a bit of fun at his expense.

    He was in the back seat so I hit "sport". I decided to hit a speed bump in the lot at 5mph. His head bounced off the ceiling. LOLOL. My question to him "Your Durango that stiff?" Hehe.

    He bitched about it for the next 2 hours. heh.
  • robert122robert122 Posts: 6
    Has anyone tried to override the volume control on the radio I hate the idea of not being able to turn the volume on the radio at a certain point at 30 and thats it I am sure it could go louder anybody got any ideas.also has anybody had trouble with the garage opener in the ax I have rolling codes on my openers and the ax does not want to program them to the garage door opener i can not get mine to work I have done everything in the book and hit the rolling code button on the garage door opener and it still does not work any help would be great.
  • reegerreeger Posts: 11
    When I bought the Axiom it was a 2002 leftover, brandnew. I traded in my wife's 1994 Mitsubishi Diamante (2k trade-in), so I walked away with a price on the Ax of $20,100. If I were to just try to get the dealer to buy the truck back he offered me $17K (it had 609 miles on it), approximately what the dealer program purchase is for 2003 models, atleast that is what he told me. After some discussions and looking around the lot we had settled on 19K for the truck as long as I took something else off the lot, my payments jumped from $405 a month to nearly $509 (had to toss in the negative equity of approx 3K, plus the additional 6k for the price diff) (more than what I wanted to spend), but also keep in mind the resale values. My bet is overtime the 3K will be recovered via resale vaule, don't get me wrong I think Isuzu's are great, my sister in law has a 96 Trooper with 130K miles and Rancho's at all 4 corners, and it rides great compared to the Ax, and has been super reliable. But I am much happier with the Envoy.

    Good luck to all.
  • sowrsowr Posts: 69
    Now I know I'm getting old. Hey, if it sounds clear at 30 it must have a good amp.

    I'm one of those Ax owners who has had a perfect trip, no problems at all, the odd easily solved squeak and rattle, but a really good experience, even with my dealer (Sierra, Monrovia). To date (38000 miles)the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned, and I've had them all. Some people think the Ax is wierd, some people think it's awesome. I'm in the latter category.
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    I actually think the stock stereo and speakers are a decent unit. I have noticed that the loudness can definitely vary based on CD (I know that's obvious but people sometimes over look that aspect). Older CDs I have (late 80's/early 90's) defintely could use a boost, but most of the more recent CD's I own sound pretty good and loud at 30. I am no audio expert (I am sure there is better sound out there), but St. Anger at 30 sounds pretty damn good...even with just the base unit.

    I have never driven a Trooper, but now I am curiuos just how much different that ride is than the Ax. I might have to test drive one (I think a dealer near me has a 2002 on still on the lot). I'll bet that truck can be had for next to nothing at this point!!!
  • I have recently noticed a vibrating squeak, rattle or whatever in my Axiom. It almost sounds like a high pitched bird chirping. It is very annoying and it seems to be coming from the back of the Axiom. I haven't really tried to find it yet, due to time factors. I am ready to start my search though, because it is driving me crazy. Has anybody had a similar problem, if so, where did you notice this noise coming from?

    I have recently noticed a good bit more Axioms on the road here in North Carolina. I passed 2 black ones like mine on the same street one day last week. Sales must be better in this area lately.

    Thanks for any advice anybody may have on the squeak issue.

    John R.
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    That funny little bird has been chirping in my Ax too...

    I'm not sure I have located it yet either...

    I know my driver side seat has a bit of a squeak...sometimes I can get it to make the noise by moving side to side in the seat...

    I also think there may be a noise coming from the rear...I have read other owners posts that say it's the latch in the back where the rear seat adjustment is (on the side of the car, just below the belt attachment point). I looked into that today...I noticed the metal bracket (visible if you fold the rear seats forward) has some paint scratched off, so there is metal on metal contact there...definitely something that could cause that as a quick test I put some duct tape around each...I still heard the noise...

    I know this much, it only seems to happen when the frame of the vehicle twists...I can get it to happen on demand by backing out of my driveway....

    So far it's the only noise I have...I will figure it out eventually, I am determined to get rid of it...
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    a couple hundred posts ago, I said the same thing.
  • csangercsanger Posts: 12
    I installed Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires on my AX. Better tires than the Goodyears all around. Softer ride, low noise, good handling, way better traction in snow, water, etc.. not rated highly for mud though.

    Regarding "spirited ride" I think Isuzu has some real quality control issues regarding the AX suspension. Mine is a real problem yet I've driven one that was a dream. The suspension seems to be worse on some days than others. The dealer says theirs vibrate also. I know they all don't do that. Is it the shocks, assembly of the vehicle? What?

    Anyway if they find the problem I'll let you know. Mine rides really bad and I can see why someone would sell. I don't think it's safe this way.
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