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Honda Odyssey Audio, iPod, Bluetooth, Video Questions



  • Then I don't have to fuss with menus when I can't see the RES. One day the kids will be old enough to do this themselves, right?

    I've purchased (but not yet installed) a ""GNET device"" for my '05 Ody. When installed, it will display the movie (or whatever otehr video source I chose) on the gps navigation screen in front. I won't drive with it on (for fear of killing us all), but it will let my wife work the dvd menus from the front passenger seat so she can start the movie without having to look at the RES.
  • I rip most of our media anyway and watch it digitally at home. Some video somes digital from the source, but that's another conversation. The burn from Nero is straightforward and again, the menus are gone which is good for the van.

    Unless of course I hack the NAV screen, which is very tempting and has (of course) passenger benefits. But doesn't hacking the NAV just allow you to see DVD's? From what I understand the rear AUX ports won't play thru this unless you split the feed.

    Did you get the backup camera to come on with a switch too? Does your gyro temporarily mess up when switching between DVD and NAV?
  • Unless of course I hack the NAV screen, which is very tempting and has (of course) passenger benefits.

    I assume you mean front passenger benefits.

    But doesn't hacking the NAV just allow you to see DVD's?
    From what I understand the rear AUX ports won't play thru this unless you split the feed.

    Keep in mind that I haven't *installed* the GNET box yet, but it will accept two video feeds from any source. I plan to wire one to the dvd player and rig the other to a jack installed low on the dash (probably below what used to be the ashtrayinto which I can plug a video ipod, PS3, etc.

    As for the rear AUX ports not playing through to the NAV screen, you could use the GNET to grab that input, but the GNET or some other sort of hack would definitely be required.

    Did you get the backup camera to come on with a switch too?

    I believe that the rear view camera is *always* ON, but (in the factory configuration) you only see an image when you're in reverse. By tapping the feed from the rearview camera into one of the inputs on the GNET, you could conceivably watch the rear camera on the NAV screen 24/7 -- by why would you want to?

    When my GNET is installed, I *think* it will work like this:

    -- Factory Mode
    -- Reverse gear: rearview camera
    -- Any other gear: NAV or Audio display

    -- GNET Mode
    -- Video 1: dvd
    -- Video 2: video iPod, etc.

    Does your gyro temporarily mess up when switching between DVD and NAV?

    I can't answer until I install the GNET, but I've never had any other problems with the gyro before, so I expect none.

    BTW... the reason why my GNET isn't istalled yet is that the installer ran out of time when installing my USA-Spec iPod input and *trying* to install the GNET. He couldn't find video feed from the dvd to tap and I forgot to bring my 2000 page Helm factory manual with all the circuit schematics. I plan to get it installed sometime next week.
  • calisteelcalisteel Posts: 22
    Hi All,

    Something I found very strange and almost led me to get a Toyota was that the Odyssey did not play MP3 or WMA CD's. I was told that I would have to by and optional MP3 capable CD player. Well I had my kids bring one of there MP3 loaded CD's on the test drive and low and behold the 6 disk changer played the CD with MP3's on it. I thought it would even after reading the trim options as most modern CD players now all play MP3 files.

    I find this strange that Honda would not know that the CD changer they install will indeed play MP3 and WMA files.

    Anyone else notice this?
  • Yes, front passenger benefits. Passenger during drives. Driver while sitting still (of course).

    AUX inputs. I understand. What kind of switch do you have to toggle this? 3-position: stock/aux/dvd?

    Camera: Mostly, to observe a trailer or friend who might be following you. No biggie. Don't really want to view a tailgater anyway - would add to the frustration!

    Gyro: When connected please post back about gyro. Others have said that NAV still works, but gyro momentarily screwy after switch back. Looks like you're driving sideways or backwards for a while, but your position stays accurate. Note, this is why I said Gyro and not GPS.

  • No, won't play MP3's in any variation. I highly recommend you search before you post. There's a lot of people who have previously discussed this.
  • calisteelcalisteel Posts: 22
    I have to apologize. My daughter is smarter than me. Before the test drive and after telling her that I read that the Ody did not play MP3's She converted her MP3 CD and burned it into a .cda file not .mp3. So when I put the CD in during the test drive I assumed it was one of her MP3 CD's. Well she just told me that she had made a new CD from her MP3 CD and that she had converted the MP3 files to standard CD format or CDA.

    Darn smart kids. She just helped out the sales man. He was even surprised when I put in the CD and it played.

    Well at least I can have her convert all my MP3 CD's over to CDA's, all 150 of them. :blush:
  • Yes, coverted mp3 will play just fine (well, they're no longer mp3s). Sounds like your 150 will fit in the 6-disc changer so YOU will be OK. We do that a lot for our audio. A lot of people buy a 10' AV cord and hook their Ipods (or similar mp3 players) up to the AUX jacks in the rear. This is a simple, effective, non-invasive, low-cost way to hook up an mp3 player to your Ody. You just use the DVD/AUX button. You should be able to see the screen for audio.

    I am trying to get more reports of people who do this and post results of the VIDEO playback on the RES. You can do that too. Most video mp3 players (portable media players) "throw" the video thus you cannot see what you are controlling from the mp3 player in the front seat. Of course I don't want the distraction of the video in the front for the driver anyway (but passenger would be nice).

    I have little kids. We stick in a DVD and cannot see the screen to navigate the DVD's menus. If I had a nickel for how many times at a stoplight I stretched my neck back...
  • calisteelcalisteel Posts: 22
    Thanks, I will try out the AUX port for my MP3 player. As for the video stuff I do agree that there should be a screen for the passenger but suspect that drivers would get distracted and have or cause accidents. I think this is a saftey issue.
  • calisteelcalisteel Posts: 22
    Also regarding the menus of the DVD. Can you not just use the NAV in DVD mode to do this? On my 07 Ody I can switch the NAV screen into DVD mode (No video just controls) to play, stop, start, rew, cue, skip for the kids. I also have an option to turn off the rear controls keeping the kids in their seats.

    The Nav screen in Audio mode is cool to as the XM channels and the FM/AM controls are much better than the knobs on the stereo itself.
  • calisteelcalisteel Posts: 22
    Hmmm...I have one center knob that states FF FR. This knob can be turned to allow control to the front or rear and pushed to disable sound to the rear. Maybe we are talking about the same thing though. :confuse:

    Just take your manual some snacks and a few CD's out to your car while everyone is asleep in the house. Then just sit in the van and read the manual and play with everything until the sun comes up. :) That is what I did.
  • Some DVD's have screens that you have to navigate thru to get to the movie. Thankfully most DVD's default to the play mode by hitting enter first (the play button up front). I don't use the NAV to control the DVD - the radio works just fine. I just sometimes wish I could TEMPORARILY see the video to navigate the DVD's menus. Our kids are young. This will get better...

    I certainly agree this is a safety issue. But just FYI, there are people who make plug-and-play options to view the DVD (and backup camera) on the NAV screen. I don't have one, but give it consideration for this issue alone.

    Of course one day (maybe soon) I'll be connecting my Iphone to the AUX inputs and start the video for the kids. Just kidding, maybe a future video Ipod though...
  • chfengrchfengr Posts: 4
    I bought my 07 in April. Battery went low yesterday, came right back with a boost but the DVD is doing the same as yours did. I called the dealer (we live 100 miles away) trying to find if the system had a reset. They were clueless. Do you happen to know what your dealer did to correct the issue? I am trying to avoid a trip there or at last give them a head start on the fix. What dealer did you buy yours from? Thanks.
  • glanderkglanderk Posts: 5
    The battery on my 2003 Odyssey was dead this morning. I cleaned my car yesterday and left the interior light on. After I got it jumped, I went for a drive with my kids. They wanted to watch a DVD and wouldn't you know, it didn't work. The DVD was stuck and wouldn't play. I have been tearing my hair out trying to figure out what to do. I discovered by accident that if you turn your DVD player off AND turn your car off, THEN press the stop/eject button a few times, the DVD will finally come out. Unfortunately, when I put a different DVD in, nothing happens. It still won't eject or play. I did notice that the DVD screen shows the number 78 - not sure what that means, if anything. I had to turn the car and the DVD player off and start over again. I will call my Dealer tomorrow and see if they can help me out. It needs to be fixed! I have 3 boys that FIGHT if they aren't entertained! I will update when I find a solution. Please let me know if you have any success on your end!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Due to the anti-theft design of the radio head, when the battery dies, after you jump the battery or install a new one, you have to enter a six digit code in the radio head to "re-activate" it.

    I think the code is on the slide out cupholders right underneath the radio head. Mine is on the left side, on a white sticker. The top number is the six digit code and the bottom number is the ID number for the radio head I believe.

    Hope this helps :)
  • glanderkglanderk Posts: 5
    I brought my car to the Honda dealer today. They took the DVD player out hoping to be able to "reset" it. They said that it needed to be replaced. The whole unit. Mine was still covered by warranty, since I have less than 36K miles on my car.

    So, for any of you who had the same problem as I did with the DVD player not working after your battery dies and after putting the anti-theft code in the radio to get it back up and working, you may need a new DVD unit. I don't know how much it would have cost, but the guy said they were EXPENSIVE.
  • The entire RES system, included upgraded head unit, dvd drive, display, wireless controller and two wireless headphones is less than $1600 when added as an option on a *new* Ody. However, when you start replacing the parts, look out. List price for everything that goes in the 2nd row ceiling is over $2500 when you go to replace it. I know, because after my '05 Ody was stolen and recovered without the 2nd row unit, I got to replace it.

    BTW... I saved nearly a $Grand over list price by buying from a Honda dealer in RH instead of buying from my hometown dealer.
  • calisteelcalisteel Posts: 22
    When I got my Ody I was given a business card with all my Anti-Theft codes and serial numbers. I was also told by the dealer what to do if the battery died. There are 2 codes. One for the DVD and one for the Radio.

    Your dealer should have this information on file for you.
  • chfengrchfengr Posts: 4
    I have the card with the radio codes. After disconnecting the battery I entered the radio code, the vehicle asks for nothng more. The manaul says nothing about a DVD code for the 2007 model. I have spoken with the dealer and they are just as clueless. Just wish the closest Honda dealer was not 100 miles away! I tried several things, disconnected the battery, the fuse, even hit the thing to see if it was stuck. It just sits there saying a DVD is in it (there isn't) and the screen and dash read-out says "loading". THis is not a good start with this vehicle.
  • glanderkglanderk Posts: 5
    I'm sorry that you are having a tough time with your new car. I REALLY love mine, and I'm sure you will too. I am waiting for the replacement DVD to come in. The dealer told me that the unit needed to be replaced. They said that it couldn't be reset. Apparently, there IS a difference between the car coming with a factory installed DVD, or if you have Honda put the DVD in as an option. He said that because my DVD player was an option add-on, the part needed to come from somewhere else. It would take 10 days to get the part as opposed to the regular 4. Since you are so far away from your dealer, I would see if they could order your part and have it in stock and ready for you BEFORE you head out to see them. Otherwise, you'll be taking the trip twice!
    Good luck.
  • calisteelcalisteel Posts: 22
    Wow! Sounds like your dealer is a bit clueless. If you van came with RES you should have 2 codes. One for the radio and one for the DVD or RES. If not then you need to call another honda dealer and give them your DVD serial number and see if they can not help you.

    The card I got had both the radio and DVD codes on it, along with the serial number for both as well.

    Also after purchasing my Ody, my dealer had a new car orientation for all new car owners where they went over all option in the car and anyone could ask questions. We get to learn all kinds of neat tricks about the car that you may not have figured out on your own. Little things but cool none the less. Things like;

    1. If you turn off the car (Key out even) and do not open the doors you can still operate the windows.
    2. Press and hold the unlock button on the remote will roll down all the windows.
    3. How to use the NAV and a boat load of features.
    4. The auto off headlights (Even on the EX and EX-L).
    5. All about the Anti Theft system and how to reset it with the radio and DVD codes.
    6. Much more stuff as well but to much to list.

    I know most of the stuff may already be known but not to everyone. This New Car Orientation was a really nice touch that the dealer offered.
  • chfengrchfengr Posts: 4
    My vehicle came from the factory with the RES installed. I have only the card for the radio with the code and the ID number. The manual tells all about the card and it's relationship with the radio but nothing about the DVD or it ever requiring being reset, seems the manual might mention it if it were so. I like the Odyssey, I bought it in April, traded in a 2002 model, wanted the extra features and the Touring model. I have 6K miles on it already! The 2002 never returned to the dealer, this one is 3 months old and is headed back already!
  • dad23dad23 Posts: 430
    We were headed to the mountains this past weekend and just as we left, heard a few loud pops from the speakers...and then no sound :( The radio comes on, and we get a picture on the DVD, but no sound at all. I would think id it were a fuse, the radio wouldn't come on, but maybe not? I can turn the volume way up, watching the bars show up on the creen, then they slowly dissapear on their own. Any ideas or suggestions? The major problem is we have three little ones in car seats, and can't really afford to be without the vehicle too long, without renting one I guess...
  • I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey, which has an AUX/XM button, but I do not have XM. There are two options for me that I've found. there may be others, but I've only been looking for a few minutes:

    I can plug in an aftermarket device that uses the 14 pin connector that is for the AUX/XM. That gives me an 3 mm connection for audio in. You can then plug that into any headphone jack, including that on the iPod.

    There is another model that automatically detects the XM or AUX, so you can add XM later or in your case, keep the current XM that you have.

    I am going to plug in portable DVDs that strap to the back of head rests. (The FM transmitters have too much alternator whine and static so I am going to try this.) This will provide a "perfect" sounding connection based on other forums.

    Do a search for "Blitzsafe HON/AUX DMX V.2X".

    Here is one site:
    LogJam Forum

    "Blitzsafe HON/AUX DMX V.2X is an auxiliary input converter that is designed to work with selected Acura and Honda vehicles (see specific vehicle application list below) that have the factory XM option, keeping the factory XM operational. This allows you to plug in an external audio source, like a portable MP3 player, satellite tuner, DVD player, or iPod."

    Works in the following vehicles: (Updated 08/07/07)

    2003-2007 Honda Accord
    2006-2007 Honda Civic
    2005-2006 CR-V (not compatible w/2007)
    2003-2007 Honda Element
    2007 Honda Fit
    2005-2007 Honda Odyssey
    2006-2007 Honda Pilot
    2006-2007 Honda Ridgeline
    2004-2007 Honda S2000 (satellite-ready radio only)
    2005-2006 Acura MDX (not compatible w/2007)
    2004-2006 Acura NSX (not compatible w/2007)
    2004-2006 Acura TL (not compatible w/2007)
    2004-2007 Acura TSX (Satellite capable double-DIN radio only)

    About $100 off the internet. About $30 to $60 to have it installed at a local place like Circuit City, Best Buy or another car stereo place. (They will install equipment that you have bought elsewhere.)

    Looks like you can get an iPod specific connection along with RCA connection with their "UII" (Universal iPod Interface) This one requires you connect to the electricity. I read on another site that a person had read on another site that people had problems with other devices in the car after doing this. (It's like that telephone game you use to play as a child!)

    You can go to They have their own forum.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,369
    I have a USA spec unit that does the same basic thing. Dedicated ipod plug (to the dock, it also charges), along with RCA inputs that I use for my XM roady. Not problems at all, with those gadgets, or the regular stereo.

    I think you need an adapter (basically a splitter) if you have factory XM, since the device uses the same port IIRC. But since you don't have it, no problemo!

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • dad23dad23 Posts: 430
    Quick update, sad news...

    The dealership called to let us know what was wrong with the radio. It seems one of our beloved children decided to use it as a piggy bank. They found several coins in it which caused it to short, and not be covered by the warranty. Now if I can just find a replacement for less than $1000 :sick:
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,369
    But I think you can get a new kid for less than $1,000. I might just have one available! :blush:

    Oh, you meant the DVD player?

    Well, if that is how your kids treat it, I am a big fan of portable units. You can get one for LT $100 these days.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • dad23dad23 Posts: 430
    Yeah, problem is we don't know which one of the three it was! The DVD player should be fine, just the radio unit which also controls the DVD player is toast :(
  • >>> The DVD player should be fine, just the radio unit which also controls the DVD player is toast

    Where did the kids insert coins in the headunit? The only thing to use as a piggy bank is the dvd player -- at least on my '05 Ody (with RES and NAV). The cd player is behind the navi screen and I can't imagine an opening for a coin anywhere else.

    Oh... and I'd chop off a kid's hand if it reached into the first row anywhere.
  • dad23dad23 Posts: 430
    Where did the kids insert coins in the headunit?

    Yes, our headunit houses the CD and cassette player, so two slots to insert coins, business cards, etc. The dealer wants $850 for a new one, I found one at a salvage yard in TX for $350, but the guy said State Farm had a hold on it, so my search continues.
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