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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • Hello everyone, I live in upstate NY and want to buy an 1997-1998 XJ model Jag long wheel base saloon.I need one with Stability Control because of the snowy winters here.My question is -what year did it become standard and how do you tell if a car is equipted with this option(other than trying to induce a slide). I am very thankful for the knowledge I have gained from this site .If it wasnt for the info here I would have bought a mercedes, from what I have read here it seems Jaguar is closing the gap on reliability and QC-this gives me the confidence to go buy one.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    If a '97 body XJ6L has traction control. You will find a button for traction control on the left side of the little "shelf" in front of the guages. The '98 body car will have a "trac" button on the center console.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi all,

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  • Hmm... car is worth about.. ohh.. $8K wholesale and $10K retail if its nice.

    This one may be nice now, but it once was not so nice.

    $5,000 seems fair, and if anything, cheap. Understand though that its never going to be worth much over 1/2 of fair market value.

    You still do not know what the future holds, but if the work was truly done right... It may be worth a stab.

  • First,

    If you can swing it.. buy a 1998. The V8s are phenomenal.

    ALL 98+s have "ASC" that's standard. Up where you are tho, you want the "Weather Package" Which includes upgraded traction control (You want it) and Heated Front and Rear seats (Once you have them up north you wont ever want to live without them).

    Like Mike said, look for a "TRAC OFF" button and Heated seats on a 97.

  • Good point. If it ends up going haywire is it better to junk it or take out the good parts and try to sell them. The interior is fairly new. I could make money off that right?
  • Figure...

    Engine is worth $700-800... Tranny similar... seats $250-300 each for the fronts. Easily.


    I dont think you can get hurt here.

  • Ok Bill---if I may ask you the same question that some others asked you earlier. I had an accident last fall in my XJ8 where I believe that the pirelli p4000e's slipped and caused me to lose traction. As it is, I don't trust the tires, and as luck would have it, one of them went flat last week---so I'm thinking now would be a good time to get a new set for my peace of mind as well. I'm looking at the dunlops--and I looked at, where they gave reviews of the dunlop sp sport 5000 assymetrical and symmetrical-are these the dunlops you were talking about? Tirerack consumers rateed, as the best, the michelin pilot sports a/s--what do you think of these? 95% of my driving is done on the highway at speeds around 60-85, in the d.c. area, where it snows about once a year, but we do get a reasonable amount of rain, so I'd like something that could leave me comfortable in these situations as well . . .Any thoughts---should I get the michelin, the sp symetrical or assymetrical? Thanks again for all your help-Shehzad
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    I recently replaced my Pirelli's with Dunlop SP5000's. They seem fine. I did notice that the road noise inside the cabin seems quieter with the Dunlops. They are a W-rated tire, but so far I think the fastest I've had my cat on the tollroad and beltway has been around 93MPH. I don't drive like Bill...

    I got my tires at Just Tires in Fairfax. They were around $125 each. I put a full set of 5 on.

  • Good to see you again.

    No, I hope you DONT drivelike me!

    (BTW, Did you know that a 3.8 Mk2 Manual Overdrive will sail past 120 on the Central FL Greeneway? Really, it will! :)

    OK... Go for the SP5000s like vdpguy said. Very nice tires. Good traction.

    If it were me, I'd do NON Sport-Veloce P6000s and snows when/if needed.

    Anything beats crappy TRXs tho.. haha

  • I happened to be in the costco in Fairfax today, and thought I'd just check on the prices of tires. They can put me in a set of michelin energy mxv4 plus---for $149 with mounting included. Do you know anything about these tires? The guy behind the counter mentioned that these are what are on most lexus's, mercedes, bmw's . . .etc etc, moreover, they were supposedly rated as number one by consumer reports two years ago or so . . . do you think these are better or the dunlop's are still the better choice? Thanks again-Shehzad
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I have MXV4 on my Acura. They're OK, I guess. A little noisy for my taste. I'll be looking for a different tire when they wear out.

    Have you thought about Bridgestone or Yokohama?

    Even though I'm not unhappy with the Perelli P4000 on my XJS, I'll probably look for a different tire when they wear out, as well.
  • A...

    That is expensive for them.

    B... that's expensive for an overpriced, underperforming tire.

  • I'm looking a new or used switch for adjusting the seat on the driver side seat. Mine just doesn't work anymore. If any one knows where I can get one for cheaper than I can at a dealership please let me know.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I've also found a coupla reasonably priced Jaguar parts dealers.

    You're probably familiar with them, as well. Do you not like them? Between them, they have a pretty good selection and price. But, maybe those other guys are better.
  • Yeah... forgot about

    I know Mr Welsh!


  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I think I'm gonna buy a set of 6 Boges from them for $285. Not a bad price!
  • The right shocks too
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483 has 'em for $39 ea.(Even cheaper than a wood gearshift knob!) That's $240 for the set!

    Woo Hoo!
  • Or a Series 3 cruise actuator :)

  • I'm considering an XJR but worry about several things. I mean the car looks amazing and has an incredible engine. I'm no basketball player so the cramped interior doesn't really bother me. However, what is this axle tramp that everybody talks about? Some owners seem not to have it and some owners say it's intolerable. How tell I tell when I'm buying it 2nd hand if it will have axle tramp? Another question: how does the weird Jag J-gate shifter work? I find it odd how you change from D to 4-3-2. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  • The XJR is a very reliable car. No worries there.

    Axle tramp happens when the rear wheels start spinning under VERY hard acceleration, generally from a stop or very low speed. Basically, the rear wheels hop up and down.

    Its not an issue that I have seen, and, I have bought.. shoot.. 30+ XJRs in the past couple of years (Im a dealer).

  • rforerfore Posts: 17
    I am considering the purchase of the 97 lwb. 59,000 miles. dealer is asking $21,900. no trac control, heated seats, etc, but does have the convenience pkg. any thoughts? Has anyone had a really bad expereince with this car? Thanks.
  • iluvjagsiluvjags Posts: 1
    In the past 5 years agoI owned a 1986 XJ-6. I had to get rid of the darn thing because she was raisng me hell and to include she was no longer affordable. The repairs cost alone superseded her purish looks.

    Now its time to buy another car. I just can't seem to get a Jag out of my mind. And what makes it even better is my mom went out and but 4.0 S-Type. Well Jaguars brotherians and sisterians I am face with yet the same dilemma, but with a a different year, make and model. I would like to purchase a '95 KJR. 98K miles for about $11,6 and nice loaded package.

    My question is the 95 X series reliable now a days considering the mileage? Is it worth the investment? Should I consider another a particular model?

    You opinions, wealth of knowledge, and saaviness are welcomed?
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    $21,900 isn't a steal really. I think you can do a touch better pricewise. It depends on the car though.

    Color? Equipment? Location? Condition? Paintwork?

    I've bought a few Ls of late at the auctions, and while prices are kinda high right now, I think that $20K ought to buy that car in all honesty. That's here in Orlando where I am. In Southern Cali, $21K is a good deal, and closer to $22K isnt unfair at all. Also, is it Black/Black in FL? I wouldnt pay more than $18,500.

    The L is nice that it has more room... But it isnt worth much more than a regular XJ6.

    Hope this helps!

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    They are very good cars overall, usual caveats apply.

    I'd carfax it and check it carefully. That's WAY too cheap for a 1995 XJR.

    1995 XJ6 with 98K for $11,600? Yeah thats a cheap price for it.

    But an XJR? $11,600? Whats wrong with it? It'll break that at auction. easily.

    If you dont want it for that, I do. Seriously!

    I.E., if its nice, write a check ASAP!

  • rforerfore Posts: 17
    Bill, thanks for the advice. I am thinking the same thing. $20,000. I too am in Orlando. If you know, what would it cost to have it thoroughly checked out and to do the 60,000 mile service? I have a call in to Collier to get a quote. Who else is a good Jag mechanic in Orlando? By the way, the car is dark blue with the light tan interior.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    You're in Orlando?

    I'm in Orlando! In fact, I think I know the car you're looking at... Its across from Holler Dodge, innit? :)

    No it isnt mine... lol I did see it at the sale tho. You may wanna e-mail me on it. IIRC its got paintwork all over the front of it.

    Mechanic? There's one of the BEST in Longwood. All Jaguar Inc. 407-830-5245 or Ask for Bill Suter, tell him you know me, Bill Weismann. Half the price of Collier and better. Truly an amazing mechanic. Put it this way, everyone in the Jag club uses him. And hes the only one who works on my cars. I just had him do an AC compresson in a 96 XJ6 I have.. $450 or so installed. And I can tell ya reams of stories on him. I just took a very nice 1993 XJ6 up to him 2 months ago. When I picked it up, the brake light was coming on (Needed pads) well I was too lazy to check so I borught it up there and told him to do brakes. Got a call 20 mins later "Uhh, Bill.. the brake pad wear sensor was disconnected.. thats it, brakes on it are new"

    Hope this helps!


  • rforerfore Posts: 17
    Bill, how do I email you? Are you saying that car was wrecked? Thanks, Ron
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