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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • Steve, three weeks ago here in Toronto I ordered a 2012 E350 with the new 306hp engine.
    I have seen all the specs and options off the dealers ordering site. In fact they already had one new Cabriolet with the new engine ( I bought a sedan). My car is being built between Sept 20-30 and delivery is October 31.
    Best regards, BL
  • steve127steve127 Posts: 14
    Thanks for the information. I will double check with another dealer in Dallas TX area to confirm whether I can order 2012 E350 with a new engine.

    Congratulation on your purchase. It will be a sweet and exciting ride.
  • When my MB dealer calculates my final payment for a 2011 E350, they calculate the taxes on the amount prior to deduct the Conquest rebate. In other words, I am paying $392 extrac taxes for the $4000 rebate (Wasington State sales tax is 9.8%). I thought that I only pay taxes on the final purchase price, which should be (whatever the negotiated price is - Conquest rebate)? Did this happen to you guys as well? I have not purchased yet but am very close to a deal if I can figure this one out :)
  • guhoguho Posts: 9
    Also does anyone know for sure whether the USA 2012 E350 comes with the new COMAND online from the start? This will allow online access and apps on the screen in the car using your phone to connect to the internet. That would make me wait for the 2012 instead of getting a 2011.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    In general, a consumer rebate is taxable... dealers incentives are not..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • steve127steve127 Posts: 14
    According to, the new COMAND system will be available in 2012 E350 model. We will find that out in next month or two. Here's the portion of article.
    Cabin-wise, all E-Class models now offer a more brilliant thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD onboard display with 3D graphics capabilities. The full-color high-res display measures seven inches, and among the new functions possible with Benz's new COMAND Online service is full internet access. There's a big tie-in with Google Maps, plus Google Local Search, and more features will continue trickling out as 2012 approaches. Bluetooth functions have also been augmented to allow full access to mobile address books via the onboard screen, and there is full iPod playlist connectivity and search capability.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I picked up a 2011 e blutec today. One of the car's nice mysteries is that although it is a 2011 according to the VIN, it has the 2012 dash and the 2012 parking light LED's :) I'm just learning how to use it..not quite so obvious as my previous (Japanese) cars. And yes, it just picked up the contact list from my iphone 4 over bluetooth perfectly.

    I did not opt for the $20/mo (I think) Comand service but then again, I didn't know about internet access, so maybe that will change my mind.

    As far as the lease goes, I paid the first month payment, registration fees and required taxes on those up other money down; lease orgination fee was rolled into the lease payments. I loaned Mercedes the maximum 10 security deposits (mulitple security deposits) reducing the mf from .0024 to .0017 (and I will get that money back at the end of the two years). The residual value is a rediculous 77%...and I was eligible for the conquest money. I was the first person to have ever used multiple security deposits with my dealer so it was a learning experience for them. Once we got the numbers right, they did not believe it was possible for anyone to walk out with a 2 year lease on an e 350 $59k+ MSRP), without any money down for less than $495 a month plus taxes. BTW, the three year lease is far worse than the 24 month one...and the 24 month lease which is almost a steal...if you can find a 2011 diesel. It would have cost me significantly more per month for a three year lease.

    One concern I had about buying a blutec car, I was reading on the net about the very high cost of having Mercedes refill the blutec fluid...My dealer charges $99 to refill the tank (10K miles)...not the $300+ I've seen posted around.
  • bmd1206bmd1206 Posts: 1
    Hello, I am new to this so I apologize for a long msg.

    We are in the process of purchasing our first Mercedes Benz. DH and I are looking at E-350 in MD (near DC metro area). We are USAA members and the dealer said he would give us exactly the $ on the price certificate, which is $4K under the invoice.

    For E-350 4matic, mb-tex, premium 1 package it comes out to $55855 so we would pay $51855. DH wants leather seats so we decide to go with that it would be $1600 more.

    I see on here that some people are paying $48K for E-350 and now I don't know if we are getting a good deal or now.

    Are we?
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,750
    I don't understand why your dealer would say that the 2012's won't have the new engine until next year. The fact is that all new 2012's will have the new engine and new transmission. That is why I ordered mine. It is supposed to be in sometime in mid to late October. It will be the same engine as the 2012 E350 coupes and convertible. Can't understand why your dealer told you the engines would be the same as the 2011's.

    Remember, the coupes are already in the dealerships with the new engine. Why would Mercedes have a different engine in the sedan from the coupe?

    It you go to, you will see the specs on the new 2012 sedans and wagons.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,750
    Since you are purchasing a Benz for the very first time, you will not get any other incentives. When you go with the USAA discount, you don't get any other incentives or discounts.

    However, there is some money available directly to the dealer. Offer him $1000 less than the price he quoted. See what he says. I would also go to another dealer and present the same offer to them.

    The only other incentives available are the conquest incentive, which is also $4000 (not available with USAA discount), etc.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • steve127steve127 Posts: 14
    I feel so manipulated.

    Both sales man and sales manager at MB dealer in Dallas told me that the first shipment of 2012 E350 will NOT have new engine. They told me that the new engine will be available in Spring of 2013 as mid year model change and recommended 2011 model.
    Obviously, they were trying to clear out 2011 model no matter what it takes.

    I have contacted another MB dealer and found out that they were flat our lying on this. I am in the process of ordering 2012 E350 sedan Sports Pk, P2, and Leather from other dealer. I am not sure how much discount I can get at this time.

    I am going to let the first MB dealer how unethical business practice they have done to me. I would never go back to the dealer and post comments on the dealer review site. I don't want other perspective MB buyers to fall into this.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,750
    Just as I figured. Because of what you said, I contacted my dealer just to make sure, and he assured me that all 2012's will have the new engine, new transmission, and revised LED front daytime running lights.

    I ordered mine in Silver with black leather, multi-contoured front driver's seat, ventilated front seats (we need those down here in Florida as I am sure you will need them in Dallas), P2 package, rear spoiler. MSRP is expected around $61700.00. I doubt there will be any incentives right away, however mine is not due in until late October. So I will wait to see if they have special incentives for their "winter sales" which usually starts November 1st and runs through the holidays. Last year, they had a $2500 loyalty discount as well as $1500 incentive for current Mercedes Benz financial customers. I predict the invoice on the car will be around $57,000.00. If they have no special deals as of November 1st, then I will be forced to pay the big bucks. However, I plan on keepoing this once for at least 3 years which is when they will probably change the body style.

    Good luck!

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • steve127steve127 Posts: 14
    Your spec will be very similar to mine. Here's the detail on mine.

    2012 E350 Sports Package, Iridium Silver, Black interior, Black ash, P2, Leather, Ventilated seats, real spoiler, wood sterling wheel, AMG 18" wheel.

    I usually buy the car off the lot and never ordered one. This will be a new experience for me how I have to negotiate the final price.

    When you order yours, did you have to put some deposit down right? Are there specific conditions that you can cancel the order? Such as, you are not satisfied after test drive the new car and finding out some issues.

    You have mentioned that yours will be due until mid October. Does that mean you are going to finalize price including any possible incentives or royal customer discount at that time.

    The last note on the body style change, E350 has been updated on 2010 so it will be due on 2016(7 years model change). It will be good for another 4 years at least.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,750
    edited August 2011
    Interesting. I also ordered the AMG wheel package. So our cars will be identical except for the seats I ordered (mulitcontoured).

    I already know what I will be paying. No, my dealer knows me very well. He ordered the car(s) for me without a deposit. In fact, he ordered two for me, one due around October 1st, but with Premium 1, rear spoiler and wheel package. The one that is due in later October will have the the upgraded packages.

    I will probably take the P2 package car with the multicontoured seats, ventilated seats, rear spoiler, wheel package, Leather, etc. I expect to pay around $57,000 for the car if there are no additional incentives, etc. The reason I get such good deals from my dealer is because I have purchased 6 cars from him in the last 2-1/2 years. So I get a fantastic pricing arrangement with him. He also gives me above book value for my trades.

    Thus, I expect to take delivery of the new car around NOvember 1st, or thereabouts.

    As for canceling the order or not taking the car when it comes in, I don't have that problem for the above reasons. However, if you are required to give a deposit, I guess you have to give one, but make sure it is a REFUNDABLE deposit should you not like the car when it comes in. Most dealers would do that for you. My dealer told me if I don't take either of the cars he ordered for me, he can easily sell them off the lot.

    Good luck with yours. Can't wait to get the improved fuel economy with 302 horsepower.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • Steve - It sounds like you got an amazing deal on your car. What happens to your security deposits if you total the car? What is the amount of the security deposit? I'm trying to understand if this makes sense for me. Thanks!
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited August 2011
    The security deposits are security deposits...they are not "cash down" payments....When mercedes calculates the "gap", they (should) not include security deposits in the amount you have paid...and they should cover any gap shortage.

    That is one of the reasons that you don't want to make a down payment up front.....but you should use whatever money you were going to use for a down payment to buy down the finance charge with multiple security deposits. BTW, this also applies if you have a trade in....take the trade in money and don't let the dealer apply it as a cash down on the lease...insist that he apply it as multiple security deposits.....or if he is totally confused (which he will be), ask him for a check for your trade in....and then write another check for multiple security deposits.

    Be prepared for the dealer to tell you that multiple security deposits aren't worth doing, your payment will go up (because you aren't making a down payment), etc. Very few dealers understand them. I bought from a major MB dealer and they haven't done a multiple security deal in 5 years...they never understood what it was and why it saved money. You need to insist that they run the numbers using the same money as a down payment as one case, and then a case using that money to buy multiple security deposits. Then add up all the payments you're going to make over the life of the lease and see which one costs less. Don't forget that you write a (big) check for multiple security deposits when you sign the lease, but you get that money back at the end of the lease.'s ghstudio who got the deal on the diesel...not steve.

    I will write more on multiple security deposits here shortly.....I continue to learn "tricks" to sweeten the deal even more. In fact, I made a mistake in my deal...I residualized the loan origination fee which made my monthly payment go up and made each "multiple security deposit" I loaned them more money than I needed to. I should have prepaid that fee. Oh well...there's always next time.
  • njj1njj1 Posts: 6
    Hi abacomike. Just wanted to let you know that I took your advice of quoting 3K under invoice (I actually quoted almost 3.5K under), for the exact car I wanted, making it clear that I wasn't coming in without written acceptance from them, and the deal was completed via email and the car was in my possession in two days from start to finish. Thanks a ton for your advice and assistance.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,750
    Had a feeling you could get your price. Just enjoy the car. This E class series is a stupendous vehicle. Far superior to the other E class models they have produced in the past.

    Glad you got the exact car you wanted.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • Sticker of $57,850 ... Paid $48,850. In addition I had them add an extra $1000 on my Infiniti trade in. I originally wanted to buy a new Infiniti M37, but the more I looked at all the options in this catagory including the 535i, the E class seemed to be the best value. Although the specs show it to have less power than the M37 and the 535i, it had plenty for my driving style and the ride was by far the best.
  • You certainly made the right decision in my book.

    I just turned in a 2011 M37 after 13 months on a 39 month lease because I really disliked the way the car drove (transmission) and the growling sound of the car with the windows open.....and I got a great deal on a 24 month lease of a 2011 e350 BlueTec. I am MUCH happier with the's more comfortable, it rides beautifully, it's fast enough (even the diesel).

    Incidentally, with no money down on either lease and taking the maximum multiple security deposits on each lease, I am paying less per month for the $60K Mercedes on the 24 month lease then I was paying monthly on my 39 month lease of the M37.

    I also drove the 535i and it just didn't work for me.
  • reh4reh4 Posts: 3
    Just purchased 2011 E350 - sticker $56,495, final price $46,000 and they threw in window tint and Service A. Also gave us 1.99 financing for 5 years. Thanks for all of the great info on the board, made negotiations quick and painless!!
  • Wow, that's great deal. Did you have to use a specific discount(USAA or Conquest)? If you can disclose it, which dealer is it?
  • I would like to second the request of steve127. Could you please post how they structured your deal and your discount? A $10.5k discount is great on a $56.5k car! Here in southern California, I have been offered as much as $10.3K off of E350 BT, but it was a $66k car. Unfortunately, the dealer tried to mark up the acquisition fee to $1095, and to "pack" the money factor. So, I walked from the deal.
  • That evil dealer....trying to make a few bucks on a $66k car..... :shades:
  • My dealer also charged $1095 for the acquisition fee, but they had a new 2011 bluetec in stock (rare around here) with the options and colors I liked and the 2012 nav system (comand 4.5) and new dash (apparently a running change included in cars built in late June or July)... and they gave me a good enough deal that I took it. They didn't play with the money factor, and I took the max 10 multiple security deposits to buy it down.

    Who would think you could lease a $59000+ 2011 e350 BlueTec sedan with Premium 2 and some other doodads for two years, 12K miles/yr for under $500 per month (plus tax) with no money down at closing other than the security deposits which I get back at the end of the lease.

    Sometimes you just have to eat those dealer fees.....
  • The experiences detailed on this forum enabled me to make a well informed decision in the purchase / lease of a new mercedes. After getting up to date on true prices, incentives, current MFs, and specific dealer experiences I used the dealer messaging service under the research tab to get the ball rolling on my search for a new 2011 e-350 as a gift for my wife after discussing the important aspects of a hypothetical purchase with her (e.g., color) (LOL). Also, I have traditionally purchased the ending model this time of year so I also received a fair amount of inquiries from previous dealers and salesmen I have done business with. Maybe I am getting a bit jaded after years of car purchases. Buying the ending model year is the best way to go as I can't justify spending an extra 20% on the new model year for a few more HP/FPT.

    Although they did not have the largest inventory selection the most professional response (read as no BS or games) that I received was from the Long Beach based Mercedes dealership. I found a car online and discussed the specifics with the hardest working salesman at the dealership. He is an ex-Marine from 2 decades ago and still has that excellent work ethic. I made an appointment to come in the next morning and found the car prepped and ready to go.

    Now for the specifics:

    2011 e350, palladium silver with P1 including destination

    MSRP $54,995
    Dealer Invoice $51,707
    Less Conquest and Loyalty Cash ($4000 +$2050)
    Price $45,657 (83% of MSRP - anything better than 85% of MSRP is a green light to me)

    After reading the posts over the last two weeks or so I decided on a 33 month lease @12,000 mi/yr.

    This equated to a 64% residual at a MF of .00192 (approx. 4.6% I/yr) for Tier 1 credit through MB Financial as of September 2, 2011. I had quotes for better MF but lower residuals from captives and banks with other dealers and a well known leasing company that advertises nationally but this was the combination that I liked the best.

    MB Financial and MBLB charges a $795 acquisition fee (capitalized = residualized at 64%) which brought the total gross capitalized cost to $46,452.

    At that rent and depreciation the base monthly payment is $497.81. After paying Calif tax of 8.75% the total payment is $541.37 with a drive off payment of $1027. I think this is a great deal! Thank you to the forum!
  • Congratulations....that really is a great deal.

    Did you use multiple security deposits?

    BTW..I believe your statement: MB Financial and MBLB charges a $795 acquisition fee (capitalized = residualized at 64%) which brought the total gross capitalized cost to $46, not correct. The residual value is 64% of the sticker price on the car and does not include the acquisition fee. With or without that fee rolled into the lease, the residual stays the same. The agreed upon price changes. You pay the difference between the agreed upon price and the residual value in your monthly payments...or said another way, you are paying the full $795 over the 36 months of the lease. However, that doesn't change the fact that you got a very good deal....
  • Now that I think about it I believe that you are right. I was reading off of the MB Financial contract line item, however that would not make sense as the residual is a percentage of the MSRP not the total gross capitalized cost. However, I am happy about the deal and no I did not buy down the MF with deposits. The small incremental savings in payment doesn't justify the opportunity cost associated with the non-interest bering deposit. I'd much rather put the money into a stock that drops 20% in value before you get the brokerage confirmation (LOL).

    Thanks again for the market intelligence.
  • That multiple security deposit would have paid you an effective rate of about 11% on your money and it's guaranteed by Mercedes :)

    Final question....did you buy a BlueTec? That residual seems very high for a gas 2011 e350 unless mercedes significantly raised the residuals in September which is very unlikely.
  • No BlueTec. 2011 e350 sedan sport. I bumped the residual by going with 33 months rather than 36 months.

    Can you show me your math on your 11% effective rate using my deal parameters?
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