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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • I just ordered an E550 4Matic. It is necessary if you want a non-typical set of options, and is normal for new cars I buy. Mercedes is unable to provide a heated steering wheel since I did not order the Premium 1 package. The factory is current reviewing the limitation.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,740
    The factory is current reviewing the limitation

    Mercedes Benz options are not typical of other options on other imported cars. I do know that there is an SPC charge for special orders ($250.00) and they may be able to do something for you.

    I do not recommend that you purchase an E550 without the Premium Package. It will be a very difficult car to sell in a few years without those options. You are paying a very high price for a V8 high horsepower engine - why not add the $3000+ for the Harman Karmin Audio System, Navigation, Rear Sunshade, and a slew of other options you won't be getting. Selling a car in 3-6 years from now without that option will be very difficult since most people paying that kind of money for a Mercedes expect those options.

    You might was to rethink your decision.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    If you plan to trade the car rather than selling it personally, the options don't matter. If you are leasing, be careful that the residual doesn't change based on options you selected (audi does this)...and of course resale doesn't matter at all.
  • We're thinking about buying the E350. Any information regarding the dealer name, pricing, or specs of the car will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. -- Bill
  • art14art14 Posts: 6
    New 2014 E Class. The dealer told me he would give me $10,000 off MSRP. I this a good price? They are also giving me $41,500 for my trade. My trade is a 2012 E Class with 20,000 miles and had a MSRP of $60,395 and is in excellent condition. Thanks for any help.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited August 2013
    there really isn't enough info to know if it's a good deal or not. An e350 sedan is not worth anywhere close to $41500 (check edmunds) and $10K must include USAA or some other money.

    If you are getting 10K off without some sort of bonus money from somewhere, even on a 2014 e550, I want to know your dealer...I'll order a car tomorrow.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,740
    edited August 2013
    If you are getting 10K off without some sort of bonus money from somewhere, even on a 2014 e550, I want to know your dealer...I'll order a car tomorrow.

    I wonder if there are any of those manufacturer to dealer certificates out there which would not be publicly known to us. I paid $58,000 for mine which MSRP'd for $64,850 - but that included USAA + Mercddes Benz Club Fleet Discount. If you price out a $64850 car on Edmunds, the average buyer can get it for about $60,000, so I would think that there must be some factory incentive to dealers on these cars now. My dealer currently has 75 of them on the lot right now so I truly believe there is a coupon or similar incentive out there. I know that Mercedes is out to take top place for German imported cars here in the USA - so something must be available.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • Hi Bill. It was Star Motors. They had three left with one being a black E400 Hybrid. The MSRP ranged from 60 to 62K. I asked my sales rep if they would sell the others for the same $12K off and he said they would. His name was Ed. They all had P1 and a couple of extras. This type of discount takes a big bite out of the first year depreciation.
  • bill_999bill_999 Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    Thank you very much. I'll contact Star Motors soon. Hope to get a good deal, too ^_^

    It seems to be an auction based dealer. Not sure how it works but doubt we can get better deals there relative to other dealers. Any comments on this?

    -- Bill
  • I'm not sure if we are talking about the same dealer. I dealt with the dealership on 7000 Old Katy Rd., Houston, TX 77024. I was told by the salesman and the sales manager that they would sell all three remaining E Classes with the same $12,000 discount. I looked at all three and I believe they all have less than 20 miles on them. If you were told something else, let me know and I will make a call for you.
  • mafitchmafitch Posts: 15
    Signed the papers today and couldn't be happier. Data is as follows. I'm sure there are better deals out there, but I am pleased since I don't get fleet pricing or USAA.

    MSRP - 70,440

    Discount - 5,700

    Terms - 36/months, 15K/miles per year

    Residual - 60%

    Downpayment or Cap Cost Reduction - 2,000

    Money Factor - buy rate of .00195

    Payment of 872.44 per month

    Not that we can change anything at this point, but I'm interested to hear if people generally think I did well. Thanks in advance.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    You might have done better to do multiple security deposits vs that capital cost reduction up might have saved you about $56 a month if you had loaned Mercedes $7200 up front which you would get back at the end of the lease. A quick calculation shows that you might have saved just over $2000 doing the maximum 7 MSD's...$7200. To earn that $2000 in a bank, you would have to earn about 9% a year!! I also don't know if you can take MSD's against the .00195 rate...and of course you have to have $7200 that you can this might not apply in your case.

    Oh well...something to consider for next time :)

    fast car...enjoy.
  • mafitchmafitch Posts: 15
    Being that this is my first lease, my main concern was trying not to get financially raped for lack of a better description. Leasing is so confusing with so many levers that can be pulled to change what the final outcome, your payment, will be. I didn't pay any security deposit and I certainly wasn't aware that paying one was a good thing or that doing multiple security deposits would be a good thing. Frankly, I can think of a long list of mutual funds that would earn double that 9% figure per year over the span of three years, but I will consider it next time if there is an advantage. Either way, thanks for responding and I hope someone is able to use something from my deal to get an even better one.
  • What was the name of the manager? I am currently discussing with them on an e-class. Thanks.
  • If you can make over 9% per year guaranteed with mutual funds over the next three years....go for it....and get every one of your friends into those funds.
  • I used this board daily to help neg my price-thank you all for posting. I thought I would share the deal I signed last night. San Diego, CA.

    2014 E350 MSRP $57,450
    Price: $48,820
    27 month lease
    12k Miles
    buy rate
    One Pay lease $14,100.

    By paying the lease upfront I saved $1,766--for me that was a no brainer. I know some of you will disagree, but for me the 10% was too good to pass up. I had to work 4-5 dealers to get to this price. Had I did monthly, my payments would have been $501 with $2,840 down.

    $501 x $13,026 + $2840 = $15,866.00

    $14,100 ONE PAY

    Savings with one pay $1,766 or 10%

    I declined the Maintenance program--I will get the 2 oil changes at walmart ;-)

    For those of you in CA--I hope this helps!!!
  • I believe the mercedes lease is quite specific about maintenance...and if you don't have receipts showing that every item on their recommended maintenance has been done, you may be asked to pay at the end. Check on that before you decide to just do oil changes at walmart. Those oil changes could be very expensive. Remember on a lease, Mercedes (not you) owns the they can be specific on where, etc you do maintenance.
  • My understanding is that the leasing company owns the car not Mercedes--I could be wrong, but that is my understanding. I am certain that Mercedes cannot force you to do the MAINT with them...
  • Mercedes can not require you to use their service....they can however require you to do all the items in every service and be able to show that you did them.
    actually, most leasing companies require that, but only Mercedes tries to enforce it.

    Mercedes Finance owns the cars, not Mercedes Motorcars.
  • I have this $3500 discount certificate for 2014 E350 based on the new affinity relationship between MB and United (premier status flier). Should I expect this to be treated as "real" money -- in addition to a discount in 10% range. Or is this a gimmick -- just representing the discount they would offer anyway.

    What should I expect?

    10% off plus 3500?
    10% off total?

    Or more??
    (Or, don't say it, less)
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42

    Which dealers were you working with in SoCal and which one did you go with? It appears you were able to bring the MSRP price down by +/- 15%. Nice work. I'm not too familiar with the one pay lease option and was planning on purchasing the vehicle. Thanks for posting your details.

    Do members of this forum believe 10%-15% off MSRP is reasonable for the E250 as well?? At this point with the imminent release of the E250 and increased demand, I don't believe that kind of reduction is out there but perhaps by winter when inventory builds it might seem like a reasonable price point. Thoughts?

    Many thanks.
  • With so many 2014's going for a great price; I am curious to know about the discounts on a 2013 E Class. I drove both the 2014 and 2013 and IMHO not much of a difference.

    What are the discounts being offered on a 2013? Thanks again for all the input!
  • thx much for the detailed reply. those are the $ off which i was looking for. another poster also mentioned few pages prior he/she got ~16-17% off, but i will be happy with 15% off. do you know what was the MFactor?
    also did you work with their internet dept?
  • it kind of depends on if you are looking to buy( cash vs finance) or lease.

    if lease, 2014 would be the way to go usually
  • Hi Rallo. What dealer in San Diego did you lease your car? eddie
  • Has anyone recently traded in a 2011 E 350 Blue Tec, P 1 package? Pricing? Or does anyone have any info on auction pricing on the vehicle. Mercedes dealers in LA would not disclose auction pricing, while a local Porsche dealer sent me the complete list of Boxsters sold at auction to prove that his pricing was in line with the market.
  • Hi Pingpong30,
    I just returned a 2011 E350 Bluetec this past Sunday to MB of Long Beach and leased a 2014 E350. The Bluetec is white with tan MB-tex, sport, P1, parktronic, split folding seats, etc. And it has <20K miles on it.

    I recommend you call or email my salesperson with initials DD.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,243
    If you want auction values, try posting here:



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks for the info. Can you tell me what they paid you for the trade in? eddie
  • The dealer won't be able to sell it to you unless you want to pay the (rediculously high) residual value. MB finance, for some financial reason, has to auction them off and eat the loss between residual value and real value. MB finance doesn't even give the dealers the opportunity to buy the cars for inventory at market price.
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