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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • Thank you. I confirmed that info today with the local MB dealer. A dealer in San Diego who I called about a used blue tec is discounting both the 2014 e 350 and e 250 diesel in excess of $10K. The e 350's are more heavily discounted than the new diesel.
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42

    Thanks for posting this information. Can you tell me what dealer in SD? Have you purchased in OC or LA before? I'm surprised they are deducting > 10k off sticker for purchase on the E250's in the SD area. I live close to Hoehn and I doubt they would do this. I think FJ, Keyes, Ontario, Silver Star, etc. have a better chance at discounting new purchases at that price point from their inventory given their larger volumes but I may be wrong?? Personally, I was considering waiting until the winter sales event however 10k off MSRP at this point sounds great!
  • I believe it was Mercedes of San Diego - Penske Motors, however the salesman did not give me a firm quote just a discount range.

    I also called Mercedes of Long Beach, CA.. I spoke to a salesman with the initials DD, Desmond?? He gave me complete information, exact discounted pricing, (which was in the discount range stated in my last email) lease payments. He told me that he would email me the info today. There are more incentives for purchasing than leasing, however the payments with just up fronts on a 36 month lease, 12k were in the mid 600's plus tax.

    As you probably know, what a salesman says on the phone and reality can be night and day. This salesman sounded very knowledgeable, quoted me purchase and lease pricing without having to go to a supervisor, and seemed forthright. These new vehicles are out of my price point, however I hope this information helps you.
  • Hi pingpong 30,

    I'm in San Diego as well, and I've interacted with all three local dealerships with their sales directors (decision makers) on multiple occasions over the past 7 years. Based on my experience, I would be hard pressed to see any of them, particularly, MB of SD and Hoehn, offering $10k discount on an E250. Neither could even come close to the lease deal I got from Dez at MB of Long Beach on a 2014 E350 (see my posts in leasing). Frankly, both those dealers were rude and condescending and seemed aghast that I could actually do high school math.

    MB of Escondido, particularly RR and MS, were quite nice. They ordered an E250 for me (P1, sport, Keyless go pkg, park assist, etc.), but the best that they could offer was $3K off list ($58+K list). Dez had ordered one for me as well ($59+K list) and offered a good discount and included MSDs, but it simply made more financial sense to go with the E350.

    My two rupees.

  • Just quoted me $48.6k on a E250 D. $59,090 Msrp. Amazing.....

    BTW. I am a Dewars guy, but on the rocks. Enjoy your new car.
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42

    Appreciate your feedback on these boards.

    Did you work with any other dealerships in LA/OC? Is there anyone else you recommend locally? I am also reluctant to deal with any of the SD dealerships. Seems like DD in LB is an excellent option. Is your E250 from their inventory or a factory build?

    You scored a great deal. That over 10k off MSRP! Is this through DD at LB with a car in their inventory? What kind of packages/options did you end up getting?

    Thanks guys.
  • I have called almost every Mercedes dealership in LA, and have not had a good experience with any of them. All have refused to negotiate by email, requesting an in person visit to talk price. DD in Long Beach has been very open and receptive to phone and email quotes. The quote is for in stock vehicles, both E 250 and E 350. Below, I have copied the email I received from DD. This was his first offer to me. No negotiation, but this may be his best pricing.


    Sorry about the typo in your name. hopefully I have it right now. I did get in touch with my used car manager. We did not purchase the 2011 E350 bluetec. It was sent back to Mercedes Benz Fiancial. Apparently their asking price was more than the cars actual market value. With regards to the 2014 E-Class we talked about, here is an accurate quote valid until the end of September:

    2014 E250 bleutec polar white ext, silk beige int, premium package p1, lane tracking package, lane tracking package, comfort box, rear spoiler
    MSRP 59090
    Invoice 55716
    Price 48716 plus tax and license

    2014 E350 sedan (gas engine) polar white ext, black int, premium package p1, sports package, split folding rear seats, elec trunk closer, keyless go, chrome door handle inserts, accessory styling package, comfort box

    MSRP 59375
    Invoice 55981
    Price 48681

    Please consider this sample pricing as I have many too chose from. I can pass on the same discount for any E350 or E250 in stock.
  • hi, did you ended up with buy, or lease? thx if lease, pmt terms?
  • I have not done anything yet. I sent this quote to another dealer and the salesman beat the price quoted in my last posting by about $450 for the E 350. The money factor and residual value should be identical for every dealership that finances an E 350 or E 250 through Mercedes Benz, so if you take the same purchase price to any dealership, with the same down payment, fees, lease term and mileage, the payment should be identical.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,207
    Mercedes dealers are allowed to mark up money factors for extra profit, and many of them do...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,740
    Mercedes dealers are allowed to mark up money factors for extra profit, and many of them do...

    Not just money factors - they also can mark up buy rate interest on auto financing. If the interest rate on financing through MBFS is 3.9%, there is a 1% mark up included in that rate which means the dealerships buy rate for that loan would be 2.9%.

    Additionally on loans from MBFS, if you use direct withdrawals on your loan from your bank, you can save an additional 1/2 %.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • yes. all of this is true, however that is part of your due diligence making sure you get the best rate. Going in informed and not letting the dealership literally screw you. That is why these forums are great so consumers can find information and not get taken advantage of.
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42

    I like your strategy of getting the lowest documented discount from the internet staff at LB and then basically letting the dealers fight over the giving you the best deal. I try to do the same myself and like you said it keeps the consumer from getting screwed.

    Can you let us know who ended up beating you quote (dealership and initials of salesman)? Many thanks. I hope to use the same strategy and will share my findings with the forum as well. Thanks again!
  • I am done shopping. Assuming this guy is legit, the best quote I have received is as follows:

    MSRP: $59,200.00
    Cash Price: $47,370.00

    My email to the salesman below. And he answered "Looks Correct" "Yes"

    So on a 2014 E 350 with a MSRP of $59,200.00, you will sell me the car for $47,370.00? If purchased out of your stock? Please confirm

    MB of Encino - Internet manager- Pat I would not make a trip into the dealership without something in writing signed by the general manager, or emailed paper work, ready to sign, with all of the numbers and disclosures right in front of you. I just don't trust anyone in auto sales, especially this Pat. Otherwise, House of Imports was $750 more and MB of Long Beach a bit higher.
  • you might want to verify if the deal is for leasing, or buying? the reason being with purchasing, there is more incentive. btw, is the gent/lady's name PAT?
  • It is for purchase. There is only a $3K incentive from Mercedes for lease. There is a $3K holdback that it appears the dealer is kicking into the discount. Pat is a male. Supposedly the internet manager.
  • lexusbilllexusbill Posts: 59
    edited September 2013
    make more sense now, with purchase/financing( not leasing), the incentive is $5k. btw, what did the house of import quoted you? thx
  • $750 more than MB of Encino. MB of Encino is the lowest in town. NO one will match the price on a purchase.
  • were you able to get the final price confirmation?
  • real. go for it. No one else will touch it. You can tell him you got the pricing from Eddie and confirm yourself. I told him that I had relayed the pricing to a few other people. Probably have until the 30th of Sept, then who knows what Mercedes will offer.
  • 2013 E350 4Matic Sport Edtion, Steel Gray withP1 pkg, Wheel pkg(r08), Sport pkg, Comfort box, rear trunklid spoiler. MSRP $60,915, and the dealer asks for $48,500 + TTL. Is it a good price?
  • Is this 2014 E350 sedan (gas engine) a 4Matic one? with P1 & Sport pkgs? Thanks!
  • vegasdelightvegasdelight Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Afternoon all -

    2012 E350 Luxury with 25k miles for sale by a non-MB dealer is asking $35,989. - AutoCheck shows the following:

    1. Titled or Registered as a Rental Vehicle, or Part of A Rental Fleet.
    2. Left Front Impact Collision Accident Reported - Police Report. 02/2013 (no other information is provided regarding this accident report)

    No title issues. Title shows as clean.

    I test drove the vehicle, on highway and residential area, and the ride was smooth. The inside of the vehicle looks pristine. I observed the left front and no sign of damage to vehicle. Dealer did not have additional information regarding the accident but the "manager" informed me that it was at least 1k of damage.

    I'm uncertain if he knew that b/c that is the minimum amount needed to be reported on Autocheck, or something else. I did not push the issue since my intent, for the day, was to test drive only. I plotted to hammer the accident report at the time of negotiation so I did not push the issue.

    The vehicle has been on their lot for over three months. I've seen the price drop from $40,000 down to $35,998. I was going to offer them $34,000 including all "doc fees" etc., but not including tax.

    Side note: Carfax does NOT show the accident that Autocheck shows.

    Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • lexusbilllexusbill Posts: 59
    edited September 2013
    hi, are you leasing, or purchasing? which dealer, or sales first name? thx

    from what i gather, most dealer would do this kind of deal if you purchase/finance, NOT lease

    wait, NVM, just saw it is a 2013 model
  • raysvaraysva Posts: 3
    edited September 2013
    It's a purchasing. Just curious if it's a good price to buy for this 2013 model. Or should I go with 2014 same model but pay for $5000 more.
  • not sure of your area. unless you really like the '13 look, from what i read, you can easily get the 14 model for ~$2-3k more than the 2013, with more colors to choose from. $10k off msrp is what most are getting here in LA
  • Looking for some advice. I am looking at either a new 2014 E350 or a E550 Sedan. Really wanted an E550 Cabriolet but no 4matic! There is a 10k difference in price. Is that only for the engine difference? What else is different between the two vehicles?

    Here are the prices I have received from dealers so far:

    Diamond White/Chestnut brown
    Sport package
    Sport wood leather steering wheel
    Premium 1
    Trunk close
    keyless go
    split folding
    Heated and Active ventilated
    Active multicontour driver seat
    panorama roof
    115v outlet
    driver assistance
    parking assist

    E550 (same as 350) only option I did not add was airmatic. How much difference does it really make?

    Lease Prices
    E350 24m 7500mi 71050msrp 63500 selling price 722/m 3300down
    E350 36m 7500mi 71050msrp 63500sp 721/m 4039down
    E550 24m 7500mi 77060msrp 70038sp 890.24/m 5982down
    E550 36m 7500mi 77060msrp 70038sp 783.36/m 6462down

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  • I am buying my first Mercedes and it will be 2014 E350.

    How much, at least discounts should I get ? percentage wise.

    Thank you all.
  • I was quoted $47,350.00 on a car with a MSRP of $59,200.00. MB of Encino.
    E 350. Incentives from MB change today so I am not sure if that same pricing is available. Up to Sept 30 Mercedes was giving a total of $11K in incentives to the dealer.
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