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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    IT'S A GREAT DEAL! Excellent negotiating on your part. I knew there was more room there, if the dealer wanted to give up some incentives he was saving for his profit.

    As for Black/Black, I had one last year and was so happy to get rid of it. It shows every water mark (sprinkler sprays), every scratch (no matter how small or insignificant), and in the summers, you could barbeque a steak on the trunk or the hood. Of course, nothing is sharper looking than a black car when it is freshly waxed/washed, etc. But I sure wasn't able to wash/wax the car every day to keep it looking great.

    The Palladium silver (light gray) is a nice color, but steel grey is very distinguished, to say the least.

    You are making the right decision, in my estimation/opinion. Good luck with your new E350.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • Dear Abacomike, Carman, and everyone,
    Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks in advance for all your help.
    Looking at the following car:

    2011 E350 Iridium Silver/Ash MBtex
    E350W $49,400
    775 Iridium Silver $720
    108 Ash MB-Tex
    P01 P01 Premium Package: COMAND System with $4,000
    R08 R08 Wheel Package: 18" AMG Twin 5-Spoke $760
    129 Accessory Styling Package (Rear Deck and $600
    240 LED Daytime Running Lamps
    277 3-Spoke Sport Steering Wheel
    287 Split Folding Rear Seats $440
    321 321 Sport Package: 18" 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels
    413 Power Tilt / Sliding Panorama Sunroof $1,090
    432 Drive-Dynamic Multicontour Driver Seat w $660
    736 Black Ash Wood Trim
    873 Heated Front Seats

    MSRP $58545
    Dealer quoted me 9300 under MSRP including conquest discount, which makes it $49245. He hasn't broken the discounts down for me, but I told him I own a Benz and a BMW (both ten yrs old).
    I don't qualify for USAA. Was hoping to pay closer to 47500.
    Any room to move? If so, how?
    I'm in Southern California.
  • fatcat71fatcat71 Posts: 75
    Looks like a pretty sweet deal to me. Don't know about getting to 47K for that config thought. That car is almost fully loaded for a car with P1, and from the looks of it has more than the car Abacomike bought, and he gets crazy discounts, and he paid just under 47K. USAA and conquest are both 4K and you can't use both at the same time so I bet you might be able to get to 48,999, but if you want to get under 48K I think you are going to have to lose the sunroof. JMVHO.
    Good Luck with the ride. I pick up mine in 14 days 14 hours and 21 minutes, but who'se counting!!
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    I would doubt you can do too much better, however I would offer him $1000.00 less than the current offer, and put your checkbook down on the desk in front of him, with a check almost fully made out to the dealership, with the numbers missing. That usually gets them "drooling" at the mouth. If they say they can't do any better, see if they will throw in 3 years of maintenance. Something usually works.

    But all in all, the car you have described has about $1500 more in options than I had. Good luck

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • I am looking to buy a 2011 Mercedes E350 with P1 package. I am not a USAA member and do not currently own a Mercedes or a competitor's car.

    I am looking to pay 45K+tax+license.
    Can anyone help me with what kind of discounts I can get?

    I would really appreciate the help.

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    I doubt very much you will be able to get one for that price without qualifying for a USAA discount or a conquest discount. The car you are interested in will MSRP for around $56,000. If you take the car to invoice and then subtract 2000, you will still be far above the 45K you are looking for.

    I would shop around and find out what the best deal would be. I am guessing that you can get one with an MSRP of $56,000 for around$49,000.00

    Good luck.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • Thanks abacomike!
    I did talk to a couple of dealers and for a configuration with MSRP of 54,995, lowest they could go is $48K. Two dealers offered $46K if I had qualified for conquest deal which unfortunately I don't.

    i m thinking of holding off till labor day in the hope that they may offer a different promotion to offload 2011 inventory at the time.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    So I was right. With a $56K MSRP, you would be right around 49K. One thing you should be aware of is that they are short on inventory in many dealers on 2011's. Additionally, the selection of lower MSRP vehicles will be limited, if they have any at all. Most MSRP's are around $56K with Metallic paint and P1 pkg.

    You might get lucky, but I doubt it. My dealer, who is one of the largest in Florida, has about 15 in stock, which is very low for him.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • First time posting and thank you all for the valuable info.
    Recieved a good deal with comquest rebate and wanted to contribute back to the forum.
    MSRP for around 56K --> purchased price 46K.
    Bought it in California and the dealer experience was amazing. Thanks.
  • jaggjagg Posts: 21
    edited August 2011
    Abacomike, which dealership in FL? (if you don't mind, they sound wonderful) I'm in Broward. I'm looking for a lease on a E350 coming from a BMW.

    I'm also not sure if I should try and wait for 2012. My current lease is up in Oct.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    edited August 2011
    Right now, since you drive a BMW, you can qualify for the 4,000 conquest discount since you drive a BMW. However, this is good only until 8/31/11.

    I live in Broward also. I use Mercedes Benz of Delray located on Linton Blvd., just east of I95. John Bradley, manager at the dealership, is the one to see. Tell him Mike S. referred you. He has about 12 E350's in stock right now and is expecting some more, as I was up there for my car wash today and spoke with him.

    I just ordered my 2012 which should be in during the first part of October. But you will not get anywhere near the deal you can get on the 2011. And I'm speaking of many thousands less, at least $6,000.

    I currently have a Silver E350 sport sedan, and I ordered a silver E350 sport for 2012. REally like the Iridium silver down here in florida.

    Good luck. IF you decide to see John Bradley, tell him who referred you so you get his bottom deal.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • jaggjagg Posts: 21
    Awesome. Thanks. I can't even get the guy at Lauderdale Mercedes to call me back after 3 days!
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    I used to deal with Ft. Lauderdale, but the managers who used to be there went up to Delray, and that's why I followed them up there.

    They will treat you right!

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • njj1njj1 Posts: 6
    Hi all. I am a first time poster and would appreciate some input. I have identified several cars fitting my requirements in the Chicagoland area and just need some help in figuring out what an appropriate price would be. The car being the 2011 E350 4MATIC (Luxury), Arctic White, Almond Interior, Premium 1 Package, Wood steering, Rear folding seats. There are also a few with everything mentioned other than the rear folding seats. The MSRP for the former is $57805 and the latter is $57365 (both include destination charges). I do not qualify for the USAA, Conquest, Fleet, or Loyalty discounts. Any idea what I should be aiming for, pricewise? Thanks much.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    There are still some incentives available from the dealer to new customers. I believe there is about $2700 available. So, determine invoice of the vehicle by building one exactly like you are looking at here on Edmunds. Subtract the 2700 from that price, and that is approximately what you should pay.

    I would offer the dealer $3000 below invoice, and see what he says. You have several dealers throughout chicagoland ( I used to live there), so if one dealer is not interested, there should be several others who are.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • njj1njj1 Posts: 6
    Thanks for your prompt reply, Abacomike. I gather, then, that paying anything above invoice is not even an option. Just wanted to make sure before I got laughed at, at the dealership. Is there a specific term I should be using for the new customer incentives? I used a fee-based car buying service the last time I bought a new car but after reading discussions on this forum, I think I might be equally well-served by contacting the internet manager of the dealerships and negotiating prices myself. Do you concur? Thanks again.
  • Sorry to chime in with a random topic guys, but I NEED MAJOR HELP. I am currently in a lease contract for a 2009 E350 and am getting KILLED on the payments because I had the negative equity from my SL500 rolled into the payments. Yes, VERY stupid I know.
    I keep getting called by my local MB dealer to come in and trade my car for a newer one, so wanted to get some feedback on what payments I should be expecting with my situation so I dont get screwed again, including any and all incentives MB is currently offering for a returning customer. Looking to trade it in for a new E-class... I reeeally would appreciate your help, thanks in advance.

    Here are the details of my current deal:
    Bought my car: 8/2009
    Current Monthly Payment: $915
    Present Payoff Quote as of 8/2011: $39,821
    Days Remaining on Contract: 801 days

    I have checked out all of your payment quotes, so Im wondering how much different mine will be...

    Thank you !!!
  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Posts: 910
    edited August 2011
    You first need to figure out how much negative equity you have in your '09 E Class. I would suggest you post the details of your car along with the actual payoff number over on the "Real World Trade in Values" forum to see where you stand. Once you have that number, you should be able to get help on this board.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Congratulations...enjoy your E. Which dealer? I'll be shopping in San Diego.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    I never call a dealer's internet manager. What I do is determine what I want to pay for the car. Let's assume it is invoice or $2000 below invoice. To determine invoice, build the exact car you are dealing for with the exact options (dont' forget metallic paint if it has metallic paint). Then, subtract dealer incentives. That is what I offer the dealer, but I show up in person with my checkbook in my left shirt pocket, sticking out so they can see, and the title to my current car (if I own it) and/or the registration to the car also sticking out. I sit down, take out my materials (checkbook, etc.), and tell them I want that car on the lot, stock number......, and I will give you......! If you have a trade, first determine from edmunds what the trade is worth on a trade-in.

    The more aggressive you are with the dealer, the less aggressive they will be with you.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,280
    socalsl....YIKES! If your E350 has average miles, I estimate it's worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $31K-$32K on a trade. My guess is your dealer is going to do no better than rolling even more negative equity into a deal.

    You still have two years left on the lease (it's a lease, right?).

    It'll take some sacrifice on your end, maybe go over your budget and cut out some extra curriculars, or restaurant trips to ease some of that car/lease payment. But, I don't think adding to your car debt by adding even more negative equity is an option.

    You might be able to trade down to something (much) less expensive and roll the negative equity into it. BUt, you're going to have to find a financial institution willing to add such a large amount to a loan.

    If you have a large down payment, you might be able to work something out on a much cheaper car.

    You might want to look at a used car, too.....something much less expensive.

    My guess is someone's going to ask you for a sizable down payment to get you out of your current car.

    Long story short, your dealer doesn't care how upside down you are in your finances. They just want to move another car. Given the state of more stringent credit requirements after the bank meltdown a couple of years ago, I'm kind of surprised any dealership is calling given it's much harder to put together those kind of upside down deals in today's marketplace.

    Best of luck!
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • njj1njj1 Posts: 6
    Okay, I understand. One last thing, do you think buying the prepaid service plan (if I did, I would go with the 4 year, 50K) is worth buying? As also the extended warranty? I would keep the car for several years. Thanks.
  • Is it possible to get the USAA discount when purchasing via the European Delivery program? I realize that this is a stretch, but couldn't find a definitive answer anywhere else.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    I don't think it is worth it. All it covers is your A and B services. It does not cover brakes, steering, etc. So, really, all you are getting is oil changes and some other "minor" services.

    A typical A service at my dealership is $329 dollars, and the B service if $400 dollars. If you put lots of miles on the car, it is worth it. But most folks would use the plan once a year, on average. It all depends on your driving habits, etc.

    I sure wish Mercedes would go back to full maintenance, like BMW. They cover brakes, rotors, and just about everything else.

    Good luck.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    You would need to check with your dealer. Since you are purchasing the car for invoice or very close to it (I believe it is 7% discount), you still have to pay dealer fees, if any. Sales taxes have to be paid whe the car enters the country.

    I believe you can, but check with USAA first and then your dealer.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • njj1njj1 Posts: 6
    Okay, that makes sense. What about the extended warranty? Thanks for all your assistance, abacomike. I sure do appreciate it.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,745
    The extended warranty will cover major systems, such as power steering, engine, airconditioning, etc., after the initial 50K 4 year warranty is over. It does not cover replacing brakes, rotors, etc., which are wear and tear items.

    So, unless you plan to keep the car for over 4 years and/or beyond the 50K miles, it does not make any sense.

    good luck

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • njj1njj1 Posts: 6
    I understand. Once again, thanks for your time and advice.
  • Thank you jwilliams2 and graphicguy for your replies. As I put my current payoff as of this month if I were to buy the car would be $38,900. The car has 48,000 miles on it and is kbb'd at $29,925 for "Good" condition.
    I definitely wouldnt mind trading down for a c-class. Like I said my main concern right now is cutting payments.
    My lease ends in 10/2013, so I still have a bit over 2 years left on it and the payments of $915 are killing me.
    I am trying to get an idea of with my current condition how much I can get an E or C-class for. I think based on what you guys are saying it is better for me to go to a lower model.
    Thank you again for your help.
  • steve127steve127 Posts: 14
    I could not decide whether to get 2011 E350 or 2012 E350 Sedan with a new engine and transmission, which is not available until Spring of 2013(According to local MB dealers in Dallas area).

    I was wondering when you order 2012 E350 sedan, what was the specification on the engine?

    According to MB dealer, the new engine change will be in Mid year change so the first shipment on 2012 has the same engine as 2011.

    I am dealing with the 2011 E350 sport package with P2, leather. I am not sure what is the reasonable price with conquest discount.

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