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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2005 and earlier



  • lrmet2lrmet2 Posts: 12
    Has anyone else had any problems with the new all electronic transmission? I was ready to buy a new 2002 mountaineer, 50 miles on it and the tranny went out. The tech said the tranny is being completely replaced.

    Does anyone else not like reading all the marketing info getting posted on here? I can get it anywhere - on the web - on tv - in any brochure. This message board is starting to read like another sales brochure. Thanks to the owners willing to post their real world experience.
    I don't want this valuable resource to start to be another sales/marketing tool.
  • jerry2281jerry2281 Posts: 97
    I have a copy of the dealer's option list dated 1/28/02 and a Ford Dealer Communication dated 1/29/02 that both show that AdvanceTrac is available and does not show late availability. In fact, my dealer wrote up a factory order for me including Option 61V. This was March 4. I have not executed order yet, so I don't know if this option has been pulled for now. I do know that Edmunds listed Option 61V last Monday, but it is no longer listed today. Kelly Blue Book ( still has it listed as of this hour at $795 list with trailer towing III included. That's the best info I have right now.
  • Hardly, it's called information sharing, something for which the net was created. This forum is not only for current owners; it's for prospective buyers who want to increase their knowledge base about a $30k+ purchase. That's hardly a waste of time. If you want an owners' club where you think that only owners will post, by all means create one right here on Town Hall. But until then, I will continue to pose questions and attempt to answers others' questions with what knowledge I do possess.
  • ...they replaced the two front sway bar bushings. (Part # 1L2Z 5484BA; part description: "insulator stabilizer"; see Ford TSB # 15684, titled "Squeak/creak noise during front suspension movement").
  • Someone recently posted that there's a Ford TSB concerning the 2002 Explorer's "transmission 'value' body", and my dealer is unable to locate any such TSB. Is the word "value" a misprint of the word "valve"? If any of you have information about this alleged problem, please provide a TSB #, as well as precise spelling, since my dealer was unable to locate any such TSB. (They provided me with a printout of their search, and indeed, there seems to be no mention of this TSB). Please advise. Thanks.
  • Currently I have a Ford Focus and have not been impressed with the customer service side of Ford.

    Just wondering what y'all think about your explorers. Would you buy a Ford Explorer a second time given the opportunity? I have never had an SUV but I would like to get something that is tougher than a car and something I can move things in when I need to. I might look into getting one used because they are kind of up there in price. Also I like the safety of a vehicle that has a commanding view of the road and one that sits up higher.
    Thanks for any replies.
  • I have found that the level of service you receive depends on the type of car you are having serviced. I don't feel that the service reps aren't too concerned with me when I bring in my Focus, but my roommate has received top-notch service for his 2001 Explorer. Of course, I bring my Focus in bi-monthly, while he has brought his in once or twice.
  • My 2002 V8 XLT is my first Ford vehicle, and it has only 6600 miles on it. That said, I think the level and quality of routine service largely depends on the dealership one chooses to do business with following the initial purchase. For example, I bought my truck at dealer "X", and after using both their service dept. and parts dept. several times (the latter for Ford accessory items), I was not entirely satisfied, and I've since begun using dealer "Y"'s service dept.; thus far, dealer "Y"'s Ford's service has been quite good, and they're happy to have my business. On the other hand, I happen to live in an area where there are a number of Ford/LM dealerships in and around the outerbelt, so I'm fortunate to have the luxury of picking-and-choosing among a variety of COMPETING dealers to service my truck, but depending on where one lives, this may not be the case. (In my opinion, even if one does have a number of dealership service centers to choose from, it's probably wise in many instances to avoid angrily burning bridges with other dealers' service centers, or otherwise bad-mouthing one dealer to another, since you never know if those chickens may someday come home to roost. Let's face it, local dealerships routinely trade vehicles, parts, etc., and while they may be business competitors, they're also often friends with one another, and if a customer gets labelled as a major pain-in-the-*ss among several service centers, this may cause further difficulties for that customer).

    To date, my new Explorer has been quite reliable as well as a pleasure to own and drive, and if things continue to go well, I would buy certainly consider buying another new Ford truck in the future.
  • rb123rb123 Posts: 51
    I would recommend to also take a look at some other suv's unless you are already set on having a ford explorer. The Dodge Durango and GMC Envoy to name a couple are close to the same size and I think in both cases you get a better vehicle for your money. I had an 02 explorer for about five months and was very unimpressed and although they did redesign it for 02 and made the suspension much better for on road use I just could not get passed the interior. I think for 30k you should just expect more the interior just seemed very cheap they use a one piece instrument cluster with the gauges painted on with pointers one piece seats no head rests and talking about seats these things were cheap I had the leather should have gone with cloth the whole interior was solid light grey very bland no contrast at all which just made it worse. Then I had some problems which I put in a previous post. I think that if a person never owned an suv before they would most likely be happy with the explorer (unless they took it off road then they would just be embarased )but my thought is that if your going to spend 30k for an suv you could spend a little more and get a much nicer vehicle. I came for owning Two Grand Cherokees in the past so I think this made my standards a little high maybe if I had not owned an suv before I would have thought the Explorer was great. But like I said these are just my thoughts there are other people that think the explorer is great.
  • madijomadijo Posts: 30
    Its sad that you got what you perceived to be a dud, but it happens. We cannot help that you didn't do your homework and bought a SUV that you didn't want. (ugly dash, bad seats etc.) But what we can help you with is to find you a forum more toward your liking. If I remember correctly its called "Beep Beep I own A Jeep" and they would love to hear how you lost 10K on a Ford. I own a 02 Mercury Mountaineer and love it more every time I drive it.
  • rb123rb123 Posts: 51
    I think it is important when someone ask's about a vehicle to hear both sides. My last post was in response to a question about what people thought of there explorer's. I would expect to hear positive responses and negative responses as with any vehicle some people will like them and some will not. So I don't think it does any good to suggest that you should only post here if you are going to say Explorer's are great. You can go to most forum's in here and you will find messages form people saying either they like that vehicle or not. Although by the lack of posting in this explorer forum compared with some of the others it seems there is not much interest. You say you love your Mountaineer and that is great, but the question I would ask is what did you own before that.
  • madijomadijo Posts: 30
    2000 Chevy Suburban LT (too big) 1999 Chrysler T&C, 1993 Mercury villager, 1994 Ford Ranger,1997 Ford T-bird 1996 VW Jetta, 1992 MB 300E, 1990 Vw jetta 1992 vw cabrio, 1997 Ford 150 Lariat P/U, 1988 Izuzu Tropper, 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis , 1994 Honda Accord, 1988 Nissan stanza, 1994 Chevy s-10, 1994 Chevy s-10 Blazer, 1993 Chevy 2500 P/U, 1978 Chevy Suburban, 1992 s-10 X-cab 4x4, 1990 Chevy Astro minivan, 1990 Ford T-bird 1984 Honda Accord, 1990 Toyota 4x4 x-cab, 1988 Ford Bronco, 1986 Toyota 4x4 x-cab, 1983 Toyota 4x4, 1978 Plymoth Arrow,1983 ford t-bird, 1981 Dodge Colt, 1966 Ford Mustang, 1969 Datsun 2000, 1978 Pontiac Lemans 1969 Mercury Marquis, 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo. I may have missed one or two but my point is that more people will take the time to complain about things than they will to compliment. To prove my point when was the last time you said something nice to your life partner? We heard your message.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Is that for real? You might hold some kind of record here!

  • madijomadijo Posts: 30
    The order might not be exact, but its right if there are 34 of them (counting the 2002 Mountaineer). Kinda much isn't it. I hope to keep what I have for a while but then I always say that. Needs change!
  • rollierrollier Posts: 8
    Hey you guys , many thanks for the squeaks and noises/sway bar bushing info. I am on my way to my dealer with the "real skinny". rollier
  • gregb5gregb5 Posts: 82
    Now if I could only find the time to get mine there for the replacement!
  • expy01expy01 Posts: 10
    Does anybody have or know where I can see some good pictures of the new XLT sport group option. The new Ford brochure does not have a very good picture. Also any pictures of the new low back buckets for the XLT in leather.

  • cameleyecameleye Posts: 3
    I just bought a new 2002 Mountaineer V-6. I have noticed that when I come to a stop with the vehicle in drive, I can feel the engine pulsating through the brake pedal and vibrating my left leg that rests against the door. I had previously tested a demo for a weekend and didn't notice this shaking. I hope that this can be tweaked out. I've also noticed that road noise appears to come from the right rear door area, but the window is all the way up and the door is shut. Anyone else experience these problems? Other than these 2 items, I love the vehicle. I bought the v-6 for the mileage, but if it doesn't idle any smoother than does now, I'd recommend the v-8 instead.
  • madijomadijo Posts: 30
    I own a 2002 Mountaineer (V6) and do not have the rough idle nor the road noise. They should be able to tweak these out for you. We bought ours with 4700 miles on it. The Mercury manager had it as his demo and may have had the bugs worked out prior to us buying it. We are really enjoying it compared to the y2k Suburban we had. (too big for us).
  • tboz1tboz1 Posts: 3
    Was possibly considering a XLT 4x4. Considering either financing or leasing. Ford has good interest rates and money factors (for leasing) right now but they told me the residual factor for the XLT 4x4 is 43% of MSRP! Having never leased before, is 43% reasonable? Personally, I don't know that I would buy (or lease) a vehicle that is estimated to have just 43% of its MSRP after 3 years.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    I haven't looked at residuals in a while but 43% sounds about right. I think that is what I was quoted a couple of months ago.

    That is kind of the catch 22 of buying or leasing a vehicle that is heavy with incentives. Everyone is buying the vehicle for less money so it has an impact on the value down the road. There is no free lunch.

    The low residual on a lease was enough of a factor for me that I decided against getting the Explorer.
  • cubescubes Posts: 29
    We leased a Mountaineer AWD several months ago and I believe the RV was 45% at that time. Zman has it right when he said "there's no free lunch", but keep in mind that the MF was nearly zero. The interest rate was @ .25% so you need to look at both factors in reaching your own decision. RV is only part of the equation. My cap cost was also under invoice which didn't hurt. Now if I could only have gotten the above terms AND the current rebate, I'd really be happy.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    Cubes is right. I also looked at the Mountaineer and the residual was 45%. So the Mountaineer may be a better deal.

    I probably should have clarified my viewpoint a little bit better. The reason I did not think the Explorer was a deal at 43% residual was because the payment would have been more than it would have been three months earlier when there were no incentives available. In a two/three month span the residual I was quoted went from 50% to 43% for three years. For a $37,000 Limited that is a reduction in residual value of $2600. So even with a $2000 incentive, I would have been out an additional $600. The interest rate stayed about the same over that period.

    It may have an emotional decision more than anything, but I was just a little disappointed that the payment would have been higher than it was previously. If I get an Explorer I will probably wait until fall when the residuals should be higher again for the 2003's.
  • In my '02 Mountaineer, when one rear or front window is open, I get that pulsating wind pressure wave inside that is very uncomfortable. Only way to get it to lessen is to open another window and often that's not the experience I was looking for.

    Anyone have a suggestion for mitigating the problem?: or is there an add-on that might work? I seem to remember some rather awful looking bent chrome panels with an array of punched holes that affixed to the leading edge of windows 30-40 yrs ago; but maybe there's some better technology out there now. Or is it a "just live with it" deal. In past cars, cracking the moonroof seemed to solve it, but no moonroof on this one.

    Any help appreciated.
  • My 2002 Explorer XLT doesn't seem to have this problem when one or both front windows are open at higher speeds, but it definitely has this effect when a rear window is open. [The Toyota Sequoia (for example) is similar]. It's my understanding that this phenomon is largely due to the manufacturers' efforts to create vehicles with better sealing and air-tightness at freeway speeds, thus providing a more quiet ride with less road noise at higher speeds, when the windows are usually shut. The down-side is that when certain windows are opened at higher speeds, pressure waves may uncomfortably build-up and oscillate within the cabin, creating the problem you describe. With vehicles like the Sequoia, which have an electronically controlled tailgate window, this problem is easily solved by cracking the tailgate window enough to allow the wind pressure to subside as a result of rear venting. With Explorers and Mountaineers, one solution might be to ride with the rear hatch WINDOW fully swung up and open, but this may risk the rear hatch window being severely jarred or slammed shut if the vehicle encounters big bumps at higher speeds, possibly resulting in shattering or other damage to the rear hatch window. Ideally, Ford should redesign the rear hatch window such that it could be raised or lowered electronically, like the Sequoia. At lower speeds, I don't think much is risked by leaving the rear window hatch up, but I would do so with caution.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    my 2000 Intrepid and 2000 Sable...when the rear windows are down, I feel like I am in a James Bond wind torture tunnel...this solution worked for me, and I like it, may not work for I just lower the right rear window about two inches, and I tilt my sunroof up about an inch or two...the ventilation effect and breeze are phenomenal, but papers and such do not blow around...for me, it solved the problem, and I found the airflow was much better than just tilting the sunroof, which I was doing before, thinking it would draw air thru the dash vents...
  • lrmet2lrmet2 Posts: 12
    Any Mountaineer owners notice a contant wind noise from the front (wind shield wipers?) when driving highway speeds? Any solutions anyone knows about?

    I also noticed the pulsating pedals phenomenon.
    Are there any canadian owners that read this? There was an interesting posting on the Pathfinder section about how much you can save buying from canada instead of US.

    2002 Mountaineer V8
  • hungry2hungry2 Posts: 11
    Hi, I have seen some posts about squeaks and sway bar bushings. I do not know much about suspensions but I do know that my 02 Mountaineer with about 9K miles has developed a noise when we go over "bouncier" patches in the road. It sound like old springs. It sounds like my Dad's OLD suburban used to sound when it went over bumps and probably needed new shocks. This noise seemed to get worse when we entered a warm spell this winter. It is hard to tell if it is more in the front or the rear. Could this be the bushings (whatever they are)? SHould they be replaced or lubed? Is it okay to ignore it for a couple months until and oil change and should they automatically lube this part during an oil change? Sorry for so many questions but we are not big do it yourselfers on our cars. Thanks!
  • My suggestion would be to have the front swaybar bushings replaced rather than just "lubed". After all, there's a TSB on this issue, and your vehicle is under warranty.
  • rysterryster Posts: 565

    45% after 36 months is pretty optimistic. If you can get into a lease with such a high residual, you will be better off as your lease payments will be slightly lower. 35-40% is probably more true-to-life. There are a ton of these vehicles on the used market (coming off leases, trades, etc.) and the numerous incentives are just killing their values. The overly sensationalized tire and rollover issues didn't help either.

    For example, I financed my '00 Explorer (new) 16 months ago. MSRP was $30K. Current value is approximately $15K. After 16 months, it's at 50%. My parents leased a '00 Mountaineer 22 months ago. The current value of that truck ($17K) is less than the optional buy-out 14 months down the road when the lease ends. Ford will probably make them a sweet deal to try and entice them to buy it at the end (it won't matter...given the problems they are having with it they are looking forward to giving it back). The same happened at the end of the lease on their '97 Explorer. Ford dropped the price of the buy-out almost $2K to get them to buy the vehicle. Sometimes they wish they had; that '97 was an absolute gem.
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