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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Our 2002 EX returned about 21.8 MPG overall on 700 miles of driving in the past couple days. Approx. 80% highway at 77 mph average highway speed, 35 degrees F, winter-blend fuel (here in Michigan), mostly flat.

    Our van continues to exceed the 20mpg EPA highway rating by a noticeable margin, which is especially surprising because most of our highway miles are in the fast-ish 75mph range.
  • Can you tell me what state you had this done! Thanks! I am looking at a timing belt and being quoted over $1,000!
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202 is the link. Look to the right side for subscriptions. Comes in a variety of lengths up to a year in length. I think that one is around $70. Yes, you can download the manual. No, I don't think they sell hard copy (a shame).

    Will look at 2006's when I take mine in next time.
  • I had the work done at Hart KIA Salem Virginia.
  • henshe07henshe07 Posts: 4
    I have a 2002 Sedona LX, can I swap out the 2nd row bench and put in two buckets instead? That's if I can get my hands on some!
  • I brought my 2002 Sedona in for a oil change and they recommended that I change the air filter I asked when was it last done they said 6 mnths ago when I bought it, they recommend every 10,000 km. I think that is a little early. What does anyone else think? Thanks, Katie
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,502
    I'd check your owners manual. If it were a Quickie Lube place (or even the dealership) they always recommend more frequent service intervals for oil changes,coolant, air filter etc.,i.e they can charge you $25 for a $5 air filter. My Mazda MPV recommends every 2 years under normal conditions. BUT, if the filter is dirty (ask to see) then it will need to be changed.
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    I love that new car smell!!! lol ALL of Kias seatbelts catch the FIRST time you jerk on them!! Unlike our rear Dodge shoulder straps which gave my little girl (shes 12) a concussion with blood coming from her eye nose and mouth when we wrecked it last week (have pics of her face next day) her face slammed the back of drivers seat cause the shoulder strap DIDN'T catch when we hit going only 35mph on a ON ramp, hit the suv in front of us that suddenly stopped. Im angry and traumatized my mom wants me to file a law suit but I dont want to. So here I am just warning ya all over the internet every forum and review place that I can find. JERK the seatbelts on your Dodge and see for yourself front catches perfect none in the Rear WONT! Durangos are the same way too. Don't learn the hard way like us! Why is Dodge putting different catching mechanisms in back that they do for front?
  • I am so sorry to hear about your little girl. I hope everything turns out ok for her. I am a little concerned regarding your mother mentioning a law suit. Of course you should get a hold of a lawyer regarding the driver of the other vehicle, I am sure the police are involved right? But on another note how is the new Kia? Is it all what they say it is? We have a 2002 one and love it.
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    But then again, Ive only had it about a week, lots of scary stories on the kia problems board but I feel much safer in ANY van with catching seatbelts. All vans I tried catch on first jerk except the dodge caravans they catch perfect in front NONE in rear catch. The wreck was our fault but we didn't get a ticket we hit SUV in front of us on the On ramp they hard stopped and we skidded into them. Yes cops arrive first then firetruck then ambulance took my daughter. Shes doing better now. I have pics of her face where it slammed back of seat it was scary I thought she might die. Mom says suit over faulty seatbelts but I dont want to. Just trying to warn others about them. Durangos are the same way front catches perfect and the rear WONT. People keep saying oh just cause they dont catch when you jerk doesnt mean a thing but thats how it worked in our crash the ones in front that caught on first jerk held us perfect the ones in rear the lap belt held her in but shoulder strap didn't hold at all and her head and face slammed the handle on back of drivers seat. Seems some think I should stop posting about it like faulty belts are a dirty secret you shouldn't talk about or something, or maybe the just work for dodge-lol who knows?
  • Hi all,
    Just had my 03 in the dealer spa for the day. I must say my dealer was flawless. Both the recall for the power seats and the one for the throttle did apply to my vin. I inspected every single item tonight and ALL was done perfectly. I also used my free oil change coupon and other than a good amount of oil dripped down the stabilizer bar, all is good. They actually DID top off all the fluids too!
    SOOO. I happened to mention the rear heat line corrosion, and to my dismay, the parts are now on order with warranty appointment pending on parts. I simply cannot believe the bad dealer stories I see here about this topic. I believe I read one dealer made a poster pay $1k for the repair! Now I wonder how much it has to do with single dealers or multi model dealerships. MY Kia dealer belongs to a Porche, Audi & SAAB conglomerate, and through my prior Sephia, and this Sedona, I have always received 'Porche' style service.
    Also, I just returned from my trip, here are the stats:
    858 total miles, 41.09 total gallons = 20.88 mpg. thats highway down, 170 miles in town, highway back.
    JUST for the highway back was 346 miles, 16.061 gallons = 21.54 mpg. Not bad if I dare say so. Thanks for reading and good luck!
  • dixiedcdixiedc Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2003 Sedona with 28,000 miles. The brakes squeal almost all the time. I took it back to the dealer and they said it is because the brakes are made of metallic material. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    ...We also have an '03 Sedona (EX w/26k miles), and we love it. HOWEVER..don't let the dealership give you the run-a-round on the brakes. Ours did the exact same thing--started out squeaking, and eventually got worse and worse. The dealership turned the rotars for us a couple of times, and also told us the reason for the noise was the metalic thing. But, my squeaking got so bad I finally took it in and said, "this is ridiculous..I've never driven a car that has brakes this squeaky, and I'm not going to risk the lives of my twins in the backseat anymore". I remained polite but FIRM...and the dealership in fact REPLACED my rear brakes completely at no cost to me. The squeaking stopped 100%, so don't let them give you the 'metalic' excuse. I would do a search on all the postings on Sedona brake squeaking problems, print it out--and take it to the dealership with you. Heck, print this one out if you want! Good luck..
  • Hello all.
    My repair was completed today and I have posted the watered down invoice on my web page.
    I hope it helps some of you who are having difficulties with your own dealer refusing to repair. Now that it is done, I find suspect with the poster who said it cost him $1k out of pocket. The actual part was $89.00, I was in at 8 am and out before noon, so by that claim he paid $911 for labor?. There has to be more to that story to be sure! Anyway, please note that on the invoice it has the actual Kia part number of the line assembly, could come in handy. Also, yes, I checked and am blowing nice and hot back there. They did a good job, and NO hassle/denials or refusals even hinted at. Its hard to believe that some dealers are doing just that to people.
    Best wishes.
  • I was wondering if the center bench on a 2005 LX Sedona can be removed and replaced with two captain seats such as on the EX. My dealer was not sure but the Kia literature says captains are optional on the '05 LX so I am thinking that it is a possibility. The tracks seem to be off . . . . . but, hoping someone has an answer.

    Does anyone know if this can be done?


  • qazq50qazq50 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, have you found out the cause? If so could you let me know. Thanks
  • dixiedcdixiedc Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info joan. I will do that.
  • jbautijbauti Posts: 6
    :cry: Hi, My 2004 Kia Sedona has been in the shop 5 times in the past 5 months for the same exact problem. When I press on the brakes (most of the time but not all the time) I hear this LOUD roaring/dry rubbing sound coming from the rear brakes. (This sounds seems to happen after I have gotten the wheel bearing recall fix). The first two times it was in the shop, they could not duplicate the sound and said the took apart the brakes and everything seems fine something except leaking-which was not major and they fix it and applied Brake squeal stop.) Each time, two days later the sound is back. Then they told me the recall was not done correctly and they fix it properly- and the brake pads had 50 percent life left- Two days later- brake sound is back. It went back into the shop and they rotated the drums and shaved the pads and said the pads look like they are brand new (Go figure??)- Two Days later, sound is back. Back in the shop, this time they changed the brake drums and said the drums were warped and gave us a rental car. Okay- I am getting really tired of this and we live 1 hour away from this service department. TWO DAYS later the brake sound is back Louder than ever!! Back in the shop, received a rental car and opened a case with Kia of America- all Kia said they will check with the service department and make sure they are doing everything they can do to correct the problem. :cry: I love this van but this is ridicules!! I am afraid I will have this problem forever. I was thinking of trading it in for an 2006. But maybe, I should stay away from Kia. I have read on the internet the 2002-05 Sedona's have a brake flaw in their system. I don't know if this is true. Does anyone else have this similar problem? Does anyone know if the 2006 Sedona's have a redesign brake system? They redesigned everything else.

    Headache in Illinois,
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I searched for 'timing belt' in this forum and in the Kia Sedona Problems forum and read all of the posts about this topic, but I am still longing for more information.

    I'm thinking about having the t-belt on our 2002 Sedona (65k miles) replaced this week at the dealer, but don't know if the $453 quote is reasonable.

    I guess I need to call the service advisor for more clarification, but I still have questions...
    1. How worthwhile it is to replace the timing belt tensioner at the same time. Someone mentioned this in a much-earlier post; it may have been from navyair?
    2. How much $$ to replace the tensioner at the same time?
    3. Does this vehicle even HAVE a timing belt tensioner? Is this a standard item on any vehicle that has a timing belt?
    4. Is replacement of the tensioner covered in the timing belt replacement?

    Hoping to get more feedback here before I book the dealer appointment later this week. Thanks folks in advance!
  • Yes...the '02 has a hydraulic timing belt tensioner. A good illustration can be found if you go into the web site and then look at page # 21 of the 2002 Sedona technical highlights training pdf. If you continue on to pages #23 - can read exactly what the process is for the timing belt replacement.

    I only have a little less than 30K on my ' I have not gone through the timing belt hassle as of yet. I did think that it was interesting, however, that in California it is not a mandatory requirement to have this done.
  • I recently talked to my service dept regarding timing belt replacement - your $453 estimate is about what I was told. He told me that they were told to replace timing belts at 60,000 miles (both Sedona and Sorento). I asked because (at least for the Sorento), the owners manual talks about timing belt inspections - which is pretty silly as you have to tear open the front of the engine to even see the timing belt. Its my understanding that the 3.5V6 is an interference engine, which means that really bad things will happen if the timing belt breaks, and which also means that preventive replacement is a good idea.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Thanks for the replies. sedonasorento, was replacement of the tensioner included in the estimate you received or not?
  • Sorry, don't know if that incldued the tensioner or not.
  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    the timing belt inspections in just away of selling more timing belts, if you don't have it inspected and it brakes before 40,000 miles (replacement under severe service, nobody qualifies in the USA as far is i can figure out by reading the owners manuel) Kia may use the fact you did not have it inspected to void an engine failure due to a belt failure before 40,000 or 60,000 miles (if somehow you qualify for Nornal service)
    califorina is the only state i know of that stands up to shady car warrenties (unless they put different timing belts in them in califorina, LOL)
  • yodasbeastyodasbeast Posts: 1
    I have a similar question to one that is only a few spots up, just with a different year. I'm looking to put 2 captains chairs in the middle row on a 04 Sedona LX that I just bought since it would be easier for kids (infant and toddler being seperated and not constantly hitting each other would be good). Anyone know if:
    A) It's possible.
    B) How much they would cost either from the dealer or from a 3rd party like JC Whitney
    C) Are they compatible over a span of year models, so I could check at junkyards to see if they may have some in.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Eric AKA YodasBeast
  • Yodasbeast,
    I seem to remember this issue being addressed quite some time ago. If my memory serves me correctly, you cannot use the captains chairs in the middle row of the LX...I believe the dimensions of the tracks are different. I would check the dimensions between an LX and an EX and be sure. I would measure my EX for you...but it is away with the wife at the moment.
  • kiapanamakiapanama Posts: 2
    Hello Joan,

    I live in the Republic of Panama and I have a Kia Sedona 2005 which I love also, with exactly the same problem that you have I went to the shop 6 times and no solution is provided for my Kia Dealer at my country, please let me know if finally you find a solution for this problem because my car is going to put me crazy with this terrible noise.
  • sockeye342sockeye342 Posts: 5
    I own a 2003 sedona and I just had the timing belt done by the dealership. Had them replace the drive belts too.

    I asked for the old parts so I could take a look at them. The drive belts were showing quite a bit of wear. Timing belt didn't look too bad, but the teeth were beginning to round, so it was good call.

    I understand that one of the engine mounts has to be be loosened and pulleys removed to make the replacement. I know they didn't replace the tensioner, so I hope it will be ok.

    As for the 105,000 mile warranty in california on the timing belt, I guess it is a state law for all manufacturers to warrant the timing belt for that long.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    sockeye, how many miles on your Sedona when you replaced the timing belt?
  • sc_driversc_driver Posts: 2
    I just picked up a 2004 LX and really like the vehicle. It did not come with a manual and while I ordered one, I had a question I hope someone can answer ASAP as it is driving me (and my neighbors) crazy.

    When I close the door after parking it (and do not lock the doors), I hear a short horn "toot" and if I look inside I see the red light by the driver door on the dash flashing. If I open the door, the panic (or theft) alarm goes off; i.e., horn blows and the car will not start. If I press the unlock button on the remote several times it gives a few short beeps and then everything is fine.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on?

    Thanks in advance

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