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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • With everything that is goin on with my Jeep,I love it but geez I can't afford it anymore,it's back in the shop again, and I still can't get a straight answer on what's wrong with it...the mechanic puts it on the scanner,nothin is wrong.....what do i do? I feel like the cartoon askin which way do I go which way do I go....This is ridiculous.anyone want to buy a used jgcl?you will be gettin a lemon :lemon: :sick: :confuse: I have replaced almost everything I can think of and it still is bein a pain in my rear end.And to end it all I will never buy another dodge chrysler jeep product again...
  • I have a 99 Grand Cherokee 4.0L v6, it started to heat up on me and I've noticed the fan isn't working at all, I'm pretty sure the fan is dead cause when i tried to jump start it, it didn't work. I bought a new fan (not the square frame but the round fan that attaching to it) and I don't know how to replace it, can someone help me? Thank's..
  • I love my 03' jgc, but it's a piece of junk. I've replaced the power window regulators 6 times. I learned to do it myself for the last five. It's in the shop again for transmission; I can't do this one myself cause of the flash codes on the electronic componets; apparently only the dealer has the equipment to do that. I've done numerous other repairs myself. A bucket of bolts. I will not buy Jeep again until they prove reliability. I realize dealers make most of their money in the service department. The way they've designed this vehicle, they make it hard to fix it any place else. The vehicle is a dealer cash cow.
  • mine window rotors paid 22,000 now worth 18,000
    should we get rid of or pray alot
  • i have that same problem and i have the same jeep i have had the problem fixed lik 4 times and the check engine light keeps coming back on every time? i also keep failing inspection because of it>
  • My '98 GCL has had the 'Check' Engine' light on for over a year now and it runs just fine. I change the oil, flush the engine and change all filters as per. It's just crying 'Wolf!'

    Jim, Mexico
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    what code do you get when you read them?
  • p0138 and i replaced it
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    did you check wire from where it comes out ov wire harnes could be shorted to ground
  • I went for a ride this morning and returned back to my house as normal. When i got out the car, I noticed that the fan was still on. I didnt pay it much mind because I figured it would cut off in a few minutes. I returned to my car a few hours later only to find out that it wouldnt start. My neighbor gave me a jump and the jeep started up right away. I took it for a spin and returned back to my house. I turned the car off..and the fan was still running!!! Its going on an hour and i know it is going to drain my battery again...but what will i have to do to fix this problem?!?!? PLEASE HELP. :sick:
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    after you jumped jeep did the fan start right away or did it have to warm up?
  • This is a very common problem (defect). I have a JGC'02 and the fan would not stop which drained my battery. The dealer replaced it with a new one. Almost two years pass and the fan stopped working and the dealer installed a 2nd one. I hope your car is still under warranty.
  • matts2matts2 Posts: 4
    where would i look for the shorted ground?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    just follow the wire back to where it enters wire harness also look the harness over to see if has gotten over heated or burnet by touching hot engine parts
  • jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
    Can someone please explain to me how to remove the fuel line from the fuel filter on a 96 grand cherokee 4.0. I can't release the quick connects. Thanks in advance.
  • matts2matts2 Posts: 4
    i checked theres no short in it it works fine how do i find out what cylinder is causeing a missfire and dose and exhaust leack cause thte O2 senors to go off or cause a problem?
  • Hi-
    I have a 2004 JGCL that makes a loud/high pitched grating noise when I go from park to reverse or part to drive. The vehicle has 39,800 miles on it. It also seems to 'lurch" forward when I am proceeding from a stop. Any suggestions as to what this might be???
    Michelle in CT
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    realy sounds as if you have a vacuem leak some where around the intake manafold
    i would look over your hoses real good and check the bolts that hold the manafold on they should be gust snug don't over tighten
  • I'm seriously considering a Jeep SRT8. Are there any problems with the new ones seeing they starting coming out with them in 2005. Any insight appreciated.
  • Now trying again to get this done. I have the viscous coupler and also the diagrams showing how to open the transfer case, but they show the transfer case removed from the vehicle. Your note says it doesn't have to come off - but it looks impossible to remove the retainer clip on the back of the Transfer Case without taking the whole case off. :confuse: Can you help/confirm.
    If the Transfer Case has to come off, does this involve lowering the transmission?
  • does anyone know where i can get a aftermarket spring perch for my front axle? the original has totally rotted out on my 95 grand cherokee. :sick:
  • Jeep will not start immediately wait a while something clicks vehicle starts
  • Jeep Girl,

    My 2000 JGC Limited (4.7 L) does the same thing. It was both 'grating' and 'lurching' occasionally when we bought it with 35,000 miles and it still 'grates' and 'lurches' occasionally now, with 98,000 miles. My "occasionally" is about 2-3 times/week. It has never given us any problems (other than concern when it happens).

    I have just taken the 1 to 1.5 seconds of grating as being an electric movement in the transmission. They are both annoying, but, in our case, at least haven't cost us anything for 6 years. Good Luck!! Brad
  • pcv1pcv1 Posts: 3
    I have an 03 GC and this problem started yesterday. I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow but this seems more like a relay problem than a fan problem. Does anyone know of a fix other than to replace the entire fan unit?
  • keeps coming on, particularly when i turn left in my '99 gc -- whassup with that???
  • Can anyone tell me teh location of the oil filter on 07 JGC 5.7 hemi?
  • I also have JGC limited with dual heat/air control. Passenger side only gives off cold air. Happened on 11-3-07. It has approx. 86000 miles. Drivers side seat does not heat. Auotmatic seat position does not work. Drivers side mirrow changes about every time I lock the car for any period of time.
  • I migh add to my message that just before and found this heat problem I had disconnected the neg terminal to clean it and replaced. Today I removed the neg terminal and then the positive terminal and waited a few minutes. Reconnected them and had heat both sides. I was very excited about this. I shut the car off and inside to tell my wife. She later wanted to run an errand and when we started the car again we had no heat on the passengers side. Does any of this make sense to anyone out there?
  • Did you receive any advice re your air bag indicator light, my 99 is doing the exact same thing.
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