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Honda Accord Quality Control Issues



  • irish24:

    I know how you feel. I have a 97 Civic with 100000 kilometers and I was told by the dealer to change the timing belt. I then checked in the user's manual and it said that the timing belt doesn't have to be changed until 160000 kilometers unless driven in severe conditions (which I don't). This has left me rather stressed because on the one hand I don't want to have to pay for a timing belt too early and on the other hand I know I'll do serious engine damage if I wait and it happens to break.


    I absolutely drool when I see how much you Americans are paying for cars. Consider yourself lucky: not only do you have cheaper cars, but you also have cheaper gas !!
  • But you guys get cooler weather and don't have Billy Bob and George Texas running your country.

    Oh yeah, and ya'll have gotten heated mirrors and seats in Accords for a lot longer than we have. And you get the Acura EL.
  • I suppose we pay more in terms of the cost as a % of our average disposable income. But as others are posted here and in other threads, if you do the currency conversion we actually pay significantly less than you guys for many models, not just Hondas.
  • I think I would take George over the clown that's currently running our country. :)
  • lol .. it's harder to find the perfect leader than it is the perfect car I guess.
  • about the currency conversion, but I was thinking about it more in terms of: % of total income.

    About the gas difference, I was recently on vacation in Florida and I couldn't beleive it when it only cost me $10 to fill the tank after a weeks worth of driving !!

    I read somewhere that the reason we Canadians get the Acura EL (and the Americans not) is because Acura feels that we generally are more concerned with fuel efficiency and buy less expensive cars. Acura feels that Canadians are more likely to embrace a 'luxury compact' car than Americans. I would generally agree with their reasoning. BTW, my friend has an Acura EL and I find it to be a nice little car, although for a few thousand more, you could get an Accord LX !!
  • Ever since I saw the movie Canadian Bacon, I have distrust for all Canadians. The coin of choice in Canada is called the "Looney" which is so very appropriate. There paper money is all different colors since most Canadians can't tell the difference once they consume all those Labatts and Molsons that are part of their normal diet.

    The food of choice in Canada is the donut! I have never seen a country with more donut stands on each corner. Tim Horton's must be the donut of choice.

    GST in Ontario---everyone gets to pay a whopping 15% on all goods and services bought or rendered.
    Beer in the Canadian Brewers Retail costs a small fortune. So you know what Canadians do? They drive over the border to buy their beer in border towns such as Buffalo, NY etc. This is why their health care is so lousy--Canadians buy beer in the USA which takes away from the taxes that fund Canadian health care.

    My theory is that we should invade Canada and make it the 51st State. We then could teach all the Canadians to stop using EH after every word they say!

    By the way, THIS IS ONLY A JOKE CANADIANS! Canada is a great country and I am just trying to be a smart alleck.
  • I think another country has taken over the 51st spot and you all know which one I'm referring too but we do have the 52nd spot open. Maybe we should put Canada in the 51st spot .. at least they are used to paying taxes.
  • My 2002 Honda Accord SE had to be taken to the dealers for many many times to get the following items fixed/checked:

    (1) Cracked Driver Seat Base:


    The car was taken to the dealers with seat noise problem (for 5 times) and every time dealer told me they re-torqued all the nuts/bolts and lubed everything. But within a day or two the noise would be back. I (including the dealer's shop foreman) could hear the noise while accelerating from stop and no noise while running. At the end I insisted that the shop mechanic take the seat out and check, and then they found the crack. The seat base was then replaced with a new one.

    (2) Noise from Door Panel, dash boards, rear deck:


    All the panels and dash boards were making so much rattle noise that I had to take the car to the dealer about 6/7 times. The dealer had to put rattle tape in so many places that I can not even keep track of it. On one occasion the dealer had to keep the car for a week and another time they had the car for 2 days to fix the noise.

    But now I have one of the noises that the dealer fixed re appearing. It's from the left corner of the dash bord, right underneat the corner vent. If I pres the dash board right under the vent the noise goes away and comes back as soon as i leave it. I think the noise is from the fuse cover on the driver's side. Should I take the Car again to the dealer for this noise?

    (3) Engine Noise:


    I used to hear thumping noise during morning start. The first dealer that I took my car to told me that they called honda and honda told them the noise was normal. But I was not satiesfied with this response and took the car to a 2nd dealer and they found a service bulletin on this one. It's regarding Engine Mount Solenoid. The ordered the part from honda and rerouted engine mount solenoid.

    (4) Engine Starting Problem:


    On a number (at least 4 times that I remember) of occasions during morning start of the engine it felt like that the engine would die, but it did not and came back at normal RPM. I had left the car with the dealer overnight one time and had them start the car in the morning, but they could not reproduce the problem (which is very likely as it happened about 4 times or so with me)

    What sould I be concerned abou here?

    Overall, the number of problems that I had/have with my accord is so many that I would probably not buy another HONDA. The workmanship and the quality control of the manufacturing is really poor (atleast as evidenced by my car). I have driven NISSAN/TOYOTA before this HONDA, and this honda has given the worst driving satisfaction.

    Any feedback on "Engine Almost Dying" and "Noise Problem" is appreciated.

  • anselmo1anselmo1 Posts: 163
    I started this topic to help people just like you and the problems you listed. My guess would be that it should involve someone from the Honda regional office to get your problems corrected to your satisfaction.

    I assume, you are still covered by the 3 year 36K Honda bumper to bumper warranty. Ironically, I have a relative that owns a 2000 Honda SE 4 cylinder and he has not had one problem outside of the normal Honda recalls for his model.

    It sounds as if you are on the right track with the second Honda dealership regarding some of your problems. Like I mentioned before, Honda Regional should be involved with your problems and correct them.
  • Thought everyone might be interested in this topic:

  • bburton1bburton1 Posts: 395
    Their data is always interesting-they are in the business of generating numbers to help manufacturer's sell cars. SO when i see their data-I tend to be skeptical. Now CR on the other hand does not have a commercial bent involved in their rating process.
  • Remember, the manufacturers pay for this information and this is a barometer on gauging a company's success. This is the gospel according to the automotive industry. The manufacturers then take this data and generate various marketing programs geared to sell their award winning cars or trucks.

    On the other hand, Consumer Reports magazine is a magazine totally geared to the consumer. Automobile manufacturers utilize this message to a lesser degree. You will see Consumers Digest (different publication) advertises the merits of lesser cars. The car manufacturers pay for this type of advertisement in Consumers Digest.
  • bburton1bburton1 Posts: 395
    Ran a very large consumer research operation several years ago and let me tell you-research can be geared to deliver the results you want. We referred to those as "Selling Numbers". THose are numbers used to sell a program, product or concept. That is precisely what JD Powers does-is it wrong-no of course not-In fact it is kind of rare for people to really want to find out what is going on by conducting research-they have a specific ax to grind and they design their research to get results that will do just that-provide a platform to sell something. As American as apple pie.
  • My only comment would be is why does Consumers Reports magazine statistics mirror that of the J D Powers survey? They are both saying the same thing when rating the cars and their reliability.

    Consumer Reports doesn't get paid by anyone and does not receive advertising revenues in their publication. If both sources are saying the same thing, how is one influenced and the other is not?
    Both are coming up with almost the exact results!
  • Most US quality surveys do put Toyota, Honda, and Nissan in front. It's hard to say that they are bought off when they all mirror the same results. Over the last 10 years (93-03) Honda has sold close to 4 million Accords. If there were significant issues with these cars the backlash on the internet would be unfathomable. Look at the Focus ... with only 2 years of production there are all ready pages of sites devoted to problems. A similar search of the Accord yields no where near the same results. And car magazines also recognize Honda for their engineering and durability. I don't think Honda has enough money to buy all of those sources off especially when you compare their capital to GM, Ford, and Toyota. Those are much larger and richer companies.
  • bburton1bburton1 Posts: 395
    Different research houses can come to the same set of conclusions even if they are dancing to a different set of drummers. All I wanted to point out is that when somebody trumpets some numbers-just be aware of who is funding the generation of those numbers.
  • Your thorough analysis of Canadians was quite amusing to say the least. The Canadians do have a better Honda warranty though---how do you explain that?
  • Thanks Mike for the compliment and a special thanks to all the Canadian posters that took it the right way.

    I would love to hear the pros and cons of regarding the new 2003 Accord. What if any have been quality assurance concerns?
  • I have heard nothing but good regarding the new Honda Accord. To be exact, I know one person that owns one and loves it. Believe it or not, I see more Honda Pilots on the road than the new 2003 Accord.
  • It actually seems like the new Accords are doing pretty well when it comes to first year bugs. We'll know better as time passes but so far it looks good considering it's been out almost 3 months.
  • The only potential problem I have heard regarding the 2003 Honda Accord is that there has been a few reports that the V-6 pulls to the right. That is the only thing negative I have heard about the 2003 Accord.
  • gotribegotribe Posts: 101
    If this has been covered elsewhere sorry. My EX V-6 sedan's speedometer appears about 8% fast. According to Car and Driver, in 5th gear (for the automatic) it gets 31.4mph/1000rpm. So at 2000rpm it should be travelling about 63mph. Mine is going 68mph. I know manufacturers often shoot for 2-3% fast to help us avoid tickets, but 8% seems excessive. Just tried it on my two Odyssey minivans (99 and 02) and the error is about the same based on their mph/1000rpm's. Others experiencing this with the Accord?
  • umyayaumyaya Posts: 123
    This is funny, I had wondered the same thing just without bassing it on any #'s. Either the car is just plain amazing, and I think it might be anyway (just my opinion of my new 03 EX-V6), or my speedometer is fast too. At "80" I feel like I going 45 in terms of smoothness, etc., and I'm only at 2,300 revs with the AC on. Am I really going 80 then?
  • You can't call that an error with the car.

    You can not calculate the mph speed by the rpm.
    The speed of running car is depended on a lot of other factors, such as:

    - The car weight (# of people in the car and things you have in the trunk)
    - How your tire inflated (higher psi mean less surface contact with road => less friction)
    - The road surface condition (up hill, down hill... rain, snow, slippy, wet and dry will affect the friction between your tire and road....)
    - AC is on or off ?
    - Do you have opened windows ?
    - The wind direction... etc

    Several ways to check your speed:

    - Ask a friend drive another car with you... then use cell phone or walkie talkie.. to check the speed of the other car and compare with yours... (accurate is depended on your friend car)

    - Get a handheld GPS navigatior... it will tell you how fast you are moving..

    - If you have a laptop.. you can get some GPS navigatior it will do the same as above..

    - Compare with speed checkers
    I live in NJ... in I80 West.. there is one speed checker at before exit 167...
    the speed checker tells how fast you are moving...
    so check your area... if you live in NJ... then go to I 80.. to check..

    Hope it may help

    PS: there is another way to check the speed (which is little costly) is:
    Pick a highway that you know there a lot of of polices or state troopers.. then drive really fast..
    The police will come to you...and will tell & also certify (written on paper) how you fast you were driving...

    (I am joking about speeding ticket.. so please don't attemp to do it)
  • gotribegotribe Posts: 101
    umyaya--At 31.4mph/1000 rpm you are travelling 72mph at your 2300rpm, not 80!! That's what I mean, the speedo is fast.

    daytona01--my friend, car weight, uphill or down, using AC, open windows, and wind direction do not affect mph/1000 rpm. And tire inflation only very neglibibly because it slightly impacts loaded wheel diameter. As for the GPS idea, wow!! An easier way (which I'll try) is to use mileage markers on the interstate to see how long it takes to cover a mile (eg. should be 3600/mph, so 60mph is 60 seconds, 70mph is 51.4 seconds etc). Any variation from those times represents error which can then be figured on a percentage basis.
  • besides the mile markers and speeding tickets...
    You can go to the store and pcik up a diagnostic that will read your RPM's digitally off the OBD connector and I would go off that. No manufacturer has ever claimed that their Tachs are 100% accurate, so if you add in say a 4-5% margin of error, or you even factor in your angle on the tach(unless you are looking at it dead on, at the exact angle of the tach gauge, your eyes will throw off the reading by a bit.) Besides... I wouldn't worry about it... if it is a little fast, at least it keeps ya out of trouble..
  • gotribegotribe Posts: 101
    umyaya--At 31.4mph/1000 rpm you are travelling 72mph at your 2300rpm, not 80!! That's what I mean, the speedo is fast.

    daytona01--my friend, car weight, uphill or down, using AC, open windows, and wind direction do not affect mph/1000 rpm. And tire inflation only very neglibibly because it slightly impacts loaded wheel diameter. As for the GPS idea, wow!! An easier way (which I'll try) is to use mileage markers on the interstate to see how long it takes to cover a mile (eg. should be 3600/mph, so 60mph is 60 seconds, 70mph is 51.4 seconds etc). Any variation from those times represents error which can then be figured on a percentage basis.
  • Bought a new Honda Accord LX back in 1995 along with the Honda Care Extended Warranty. Paid $940.00 for the 7 year 100K warranty with a zero deductible.

    Never used the extended warranty once! My 1995 Accord is the most reliable car I have ever owned without a single problem outside of basic maintenance, brakes and tires.

    I am still driving the Accord and I have over 201K on the odometer. The car still runs great and the suspension is tight. After the OEM Michelins were replaced at 42K, I decided on the Michelin X-Ones as a replacement. My first set gave me over 83K before I bought a second set. Best tires I have ever owned and I am only on my third set of tires!

    Concluding, Hondas are reliable if you take care of them. Follow the manual for maintenance and they will be the best car you will ever own.
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