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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,616
    *the salesman who owns a 07 3.2 and 09 2.0T A4 told me that I can spend about $450 to chip the car to 265hp and 333tq. He had it 3 years and worked fine. Will that harm the engine?

    Not necessarily, but it could... And, the service technician can tell if you've made modifications.. If you have related problems in the future (virtually anything with the drivetrain or driveability), you can bet they will deny warranty coverage...

    Engine mods should really wait until after the warranty period...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I have been reading this forum for the last few weeks, and it's been a good learning experience. I agreed on the following final offer from my dealer:

    2009 A4 2.0T Quattro Prestige + Navigation, Metallic Paint
    MSRP: 44,200
    Invoice: 41,166
    Price: 38,200 +TTL

    I thought it was a good deal. Thoughts?

    Now when it comes to financing, I got the following options:

    Lease -
    Three year lease, MMF 0.00176, Residual 45%, Audi Care and other options added, monthly payment $775. Seems like the MMF and Residual seem odd based on other postings here.

    Financing -
    36 months, 3.95% rate, monthly payment $1,270
    60 months, 4.75% rate, monthly payment $805
    (Audi Care not included here)
    I will probably go with this option, but rates seem somewhat high. I have read online incentives/offers in which APR is 1.9% on 36 months financing. My Credit Score is around 780. What do you think?

    Any thoughts/comments will be greatly appreciated. I have to make a decision right away... :confuse:
    Thanks again
  • Hello, just bought my car yesterday - traded in my old '06 A4.
    Love it so far!
    I have been reading about these known issues and you better
    believe it I will be alert and looking out for these. Will be definetely
    checking this blog to update myself on any other known issues. Let's continue to make this one an awesome and informative forum.
  • You should push for the 1.9% APR. When I bought my car, they told me that I can only get 2.9%. I stopped the deal then and there ready to walkout...immediately the finance guy said ok 1.9%. It was a trick that they tried to play on me.

    If you have read that the financing from AFS is 1.9% and know your facts they should be able to stop you from getting it. My credit score was slightly more than yours but that shouldn't matter.

    For the same car, I payed lesser than what you were offered but again I had AFS making 2 payments for me which brought the price down.

    I bought the car and didn't lease it.

    Hope that helps.

  • I asked the guy about the 1.9% and he said that it did not apply to this car... I saw the 1.9% here on I am not sure how I can push that to the dealership.

    Another dealer explained that you either get the cash rebate (which supposedly is already built into the lower price) or the lower financing rate.

    I am planning on buying it, but I wish the financing rate was lower. I have looked around in other banks, credit unions, etc and I get around the same rate of 3.9%. How can I push the 1.9% to the dealership?
  • hi,

    I am not going to say go by my word. But in my experience the sales people say anything. I would say check on If its there and it doesn't say that you can't combine the apr with rebate then the dealer has to give it to you.

    One good way you can try is call up another dealer elsewhere. Tell them that you looking to buy an audi and want to know about the financing options. Some where in your conversation you can mention that you heard about cash rebates and ask them to give you both. See what they say. If they say it can be done then you know that this dealer is just playing hardball. Good luck :).

    Let me know what happens.

  • Just wanted to add that I am not aware of any of the current deals. I am telling based on my experiences.

  • Thanks for all your help. I called another dealership and the salesman mentioned that you can either have the cash rebate or the low financing.

    At this point, I am just tired of the transaction, so I just want to get it over with. :sick: I think I got a decent deal, it's possible it could be better. I just want to get and enjoy the car...
  • I got a deal from dealers, but I am not sure this is good deal or not.
    The car is,
    2009 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro Sedan Prem. Plus.
    Ext. Color: Ice silver, Int. Color: Black

    I got a $33,500 for only car (before tax and the fees).
    How about this?
  • Hi! I'm planning to purchase a 2009 Audi a4 2.0 quattro, premium plus. I would like to know if the navigation system is worth the extra $2,000+ or should I stick with my Garmin. How is the navi working for those who have it? :)
  • I don't have direct knowledge of how the system functions but here are a couple other things to consider.

    - no navigation means you don't have the full system controls on the lower console.
    - no navigation means no backup camera / parking system
    - no navigation means no traffic alerts (unless you have that on your garmin)

    I am not trying to sell you Nav.... I was debating the same question last week and would prefer to have all those options as well as NOT having something stuck to my window and wires hanging down.

  • audi jacksonville deal for:

    Quartz Gray

    Balck interior

    Exhaust Tips

    All Weather Floor Mats

    Audi Music Interface


    Homelink Garage Door

    Wheel Locks

    Total MSRP $33,725

    Invoice $31,728.50

    is $29,446 a fair price? i'm not happy with financing offer---6.39%-66 months

    credit score 755. dealer said if i take audi financing, i lose incentive--any comments appreciated
  • moma, 29.5 sounds like a great deal to me. but i guess u will have to deal w/ high financing.

    anng288, all tru w/ you u said but a built-in nav system makes my mind lazy and that's why i don't like to have one, not to mention it might costly when u need to update the map data. a garmin unit should do the trick for me only when truly needed.

    in general, if it justifies for your budget then go for it. it doesn't for me. i recently purchased a lexus is 250 for my younger bro and it has nav system and it's arlite. i don't care much b/c it's his car :).
  • ttnash

    where did you get this great deal on a 2010 A4 premium 2.0T
  • samuel 17

    great price. what dealership gave you this price
  • khoon

    great price

    what is C4C
    did you have a trade in to get your price of over $10K off MSRP or was the car a demo?
  • I just leased a 2010 A4 2.0 FWD - Premium Plus, Navigation, & 18" Sport package. I had been pricing this car for 2 weeks and walked out of various dealerships - in the end I just wanted to be done with shopping but feel like I got a decent deal. I have since received a few return calls and probably could have leased at approx. $520 per month if I was willing to hold out longer. Extremely happy with the car and love the drive!! :)

    MSRP = $39775
    Cap Cost (includes Audicare) = $36769
    MF = 0.00103
    Monthly = $487.47
    9.75 Tax - hate california right now
    Term = 42 months
    TOTAL = $535 / month

    Drive-offs only money down (approx. numbers as I don't want to go look them up):
    License = $525
    First Month = $535
    Lease Acq = $625
    Security = $525
    TOTAL = 2210.00
  • 2007 with Premium, Quattro, Convience, Black on Black w/ 29,100k miles.

    Asking = $25,995
    Would like it for = $21,995

    Is the certified pre-owned warranty even worth it? Anyone w/ experience buying an Audi w/ the warranty? How much does regular maintenance cost on these cars @ 35k, 45k, etc. + Oil Changes, Brake Pads, etc.

    Any help is appreciated, haven't test drove it but definitely excited!
  • The certified warranty is worth it for sure ...
    I bought a certified 2004 audi a4 in April 2007 and I have used that warranty more than I can imagine, my car has been towed twice (both times covered by warranty/ problems with the coils).
    My airbag sensor malfunctioned twice... covered
    I had a coolant leak that required 3 different trips to the dealer to get it fixed... covered.
    I bought the car with 41k miles and now I have 86k miles, and I'm just about to bring it into the dealership to get serviced, this time scheduled.
    I love my car though, I'm planning on buying a certified 2009 Audi a4 next year.
  • Thank you for the advice.. Do you have any service records, how much do you usually pay when you bring it in to the dealership?

    How much did you pay under sticker price when you bought your Audi?

    Thanks a lot
  • I bought my 2004 Audi a4 1.8T silver/black for $17300. I don't know how I got that price.. I was in the Volkswagen/Audi dealership looking for a 2007 passat and the Audi was sitting right in front on sale for 18500. I offered 16500 cash and we met at 17300. I thought it was an amazing deal for a 3 year old car with only 40k miles... plus I got the Certified warranty on top of that ( which i'm still using) ...
    When I bought my car the certified warranty required a 50 dollar deductible, so... I have to pay that everytime I get something fixed (now that the regular factory warranty is out (and has been since 50k I have 85k now.) However sometimes I bring it in for multiple things and they only charge the 50.00 once. It's not 50.00 per item being fixed its 50.00 per repair in general. The oil changes run $105.00, I only get my oil changed every 10,000 miles.
    I had the timing belt replaced at 77k... around 1400.00 or maybe it was 1200.00 but my timing belt was cracked so I had to get it fixed right then...
    That being said, The car runs great for a 2004, I love it, I make frequent trips from San Diego to Santa Barbara and I feel safe in it. I loved my A4 so much I recommended one to my dad but he ended up with a certified 2006 a6 quattro last year. He loves it. My sister has a 2005 X5 and she is looking to get into an Audi as well...
    Audi's are sometimes service nightmares, but If you buy certified you are taking the hassel out of it, no matter which dealership I take it too, Santa Barbara Audi, Mission Viejo, Mirmar... they're all super friendly.
    I say go for the certified for sure I think it saved 5000.00 in repairs when all said and done, (no joke)..
    Good Luck, remember the car you are looking at is a Quattro so 21k seems like a good price to shoot for esp. the with the low miles. I was looking at some of the 07's today on the lot and they are all 22 to 26k... the Quattro makes a huge difference, I would have bought a Quattro but I got a regular for 17k and could not say no.
  • i bought it in herb chambers in MA. I think there still a few hundred dollar room.
  • Thank you guys for sharing your experiences!

    I just got a quote from a TX dealer for a 2010 A4 Quattro, Automatic, Premium Plus package with Navigation pkg, metalic paint, for $38750. He said this is his invoice price. MRSP is $41180, Invoice price on Edmunds is $38358, True Market Value is $40288. My plan is to purchase, and they offer 4.5% APR. Their offer price is 5.89% lower off MSRP.

    Is this a good deal?

    Thanks again!
  • Paid $37,633.13 (all cash) for 2010 A4 Quattro w/ Premium plus, navigation package, metallic paint, and floor mats. MSRP was $41,050.

    Located in Maryland
  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    Hi mck9235,

    that sounds like a good deal. did you happen to buy an automatic or manual? and did you buy from criswell in annapolis? im looking at the exact same configuration and maybe audicare as well.

    is it nice to drive one of the few new 2010's? ive only seen one of them so far on the road, and that was in the hamptons. in PA, theyre all 09's. oh, do you have any of the transmission problems others have talked about (assuming you have the auto) or has audi addressed that problem for 2010?
  • spano1spano1 Posts: 13
    Anyone know what, if any, the October incentives are?
  • mattydmattyd Posts: 21
    I Just got this today, Oct. 1 directly from Audi:
    Audi Canada achieves best third quarter results ever
    - 1,111 units represent best September in Audi Canada history
    - 17% ahead of sales in September 2008
    - Year to date sales up by 25%

    AJAX, ON, Oct. 1 /CNW/ - Audi Canada today reported that 1,111 units were registered for the month of September. The leading models in terms of sales were the A4 and A5, the all-new Audi Q5 and the Audi Q7.

    September sales by model line were:
    Model Line September 2009
    A3 117
    A4/Avant 400
    A5/S5 160
    TT 43
    A6/S6 91
    A8/S8 6
    R8 15
    Audi Q7 134
    Audi Q5 145
    TOTAL 1,111
  • spano1spano1 Posts: 13
    It helps when most of your 2010 lineup is released in September!
  • Hi,

    I am looking at Audi after owning VW Jetta for 10 years. I looked at Audi 10 years ago but didn't want to wait for 3 months to get one. It's time to upgrade. I live in San Francisco and park on the street. Of lately I see lot of A3. A 3 didn't exist 10 years ago.

    So besides the hatchback is there any difference in these two cars? What are the advantages of A3 vs A4? A3 tend to be cheaper than A4.

  • leeinlaleeinla Posts: 14
    There are a couple of differences.
    1. The A4 is more upscale
    2. The A3 has a Passat engine in it. I was told this by an Audi mechanic
    3. The A4 has more power.


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