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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rob_v6rob_v6 Posts: 20
    buy it!!! good deal
  • Currently working out a deal where I'm out the door at right around $25,600. MD tax is 6%... Title and tags are about $272... I was willing to wait for the right deal. And somehow the deal crept up to me out of nowhere. Thanks to this forum, for ball park figures. Don't settle for sticker on this thing! Don't let the dealers get you with the limited availability or limited supply crap. If it's on their lot they will sell it!
  • jdp6jdp6 Posts: 8
    What should be my target out the door price for the LX?

    I live in MD (6% sales tax). So far the lowest out the door price I received was $23,511.94 from Northwest Honda (Sales Price - 20910.00 Destination - 790.00 Md state sales tax - 1313.94Processing fee -199.00 Md state registration fees - 299.00 TOTAL - 23511.94).

    How much lower can I realistically get the LX for?
  • ffxjackffxjack Posts: 47
    What's a good target price, either car or ODD? I live in VA w/3% sales tax. I'm leaning towards this car over the Altima but don't like it thousands of dollars more and I need a new car within the week.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    Supply and Demand are playing a factor right now on the Accord . I would suggest you read prior posts and decide what others are paying in your area and try to get the same deal they did. If your a good Negoiater call about 15 dealerships with your model and price your looking to buy. The new Altima's are selling for 1k below invoice price. So you have to decide which car you want. Check out Trains post . He paid 500 above invoice plus he paid a $795 fee for dealer add on's plus doc fee's . If you could live with paying that much its actually one of the better deals in this forum. drive to D.C TO PICK UP CAR.. Ideally you would like to buy this car for invoice price. but from what iv'e been reading your area is selling above invoice ..

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  • 23942 for v6? something not right there. 25k is going price before ttl
  • I don't know what invoice is on the car I bought, but what I can tell you is what is on my order form. Under 2800 otd. The 795 add on is included in that. That also does not include 500 off for finacing using Honda Financial. Be on the alert when you talk to finance. As I said in a previous post, if I had known the finance manager sets the interest rate I would have demanded 0.9 for 60 monthhs or I would have walked out. I just got my fico score today from my credit union for the draft that I asked for before taking the drive to recover my vehicle. 797.

    Go there knowing what you want to pay and be ready to walk away with no hard feelings. I left a couple of dealerships before I made a purchase.

    If this deal would have fallen through I was ready to go to a couple of toyota dealers in the area to get a 2012 camry se with leather and convience package for around 2500 less than what I paid for the current car. Deals were already worked out. I just prefered Honda. I recently sold my 1996 Civic DX coupe manual because the SRS light was on and I did not want to deal with it. Yes I tried resetting it and it came back on. I still feel sellers remorse.

    I went there wanting to pay 27600 OTD without using honda financial. I left paying under 28000 before using honda finacial.
  • ffxjackffxjack Posts: 47
    The price given to me by the Internet sales manager without negotiating. I live in a state with 3% sales tax but not really sure about other fees involved.

    Should I email other dealers and ask for OTD prices to compare? I'm still actually torn between 2 cars but I need to purchase a car this weekend or I'll be paying over mileage fees on my lease in addition to two more payments.
  • faischivofaischivo Posts: 26
    edited October 2012
    Paragon Honda offered invoice $29,326+790 destination = $30116 + doc fee $75 +reg fee $60 +tire fee $12.50 +inspection fee $10.
    Total = $30,323.50 + nyc tax 8.875% thats a kick [non-permissible content removed] tax = price paid..
    Paragon tried to over charge me $130 on the fees above.
    Honda Manhasset, same price no over charge on fees.
    But better deal,, they threw in bodyside molding ,splash guard set and 2 year honda roadside assist with oil change.
    Now one may say why all the goodies ?
    I didn't like the price on the trade,But after driving in nyc for close to ten years
    in stop and go traffic, and in ice and snow plus all the dame salt How much can you ask for?
    I was happy to get Edmunds clean value..It was a great car never let me down.
    Tell you the truth I think most dealers will do this ,if your ready to buy in a day or two,or same day..and good money down ...

    Did I get a good deal ? maybe.
    Was I happy? dame right hope this will help others ..
  • I would! Keep negotiating, don't settle cause your in a rush, end of month is best time for a deal.
  • Go down to Brown's in Glen Burnie... I just finalized a deal with them for an EX Coupe for over 2,000 off what they were asking at Northwest.

    Talk to Mike and Fred.
  • yangyxyangyx Posts: 20
    edited October 2012
    Live in central jersey, recently got a quote of 22080 on the 2012 ex v6 sedan model, without fees and taxes. I am wondering what is a reasonable Otd price for that model. Can it go below 21500?
  • ffxjackffxjack Posts: 47
    The math (arithmetic, algebra, or differential equations) is not the hard part!
    In talking to several dealers, their fees are not universal and it's difficult to compare quotes without an OTD quote.
  • Live in southeast Pa. Yesterday picked up Accord 2013 EX-L V6 no navi. Price I paid was 27,999 plus 6% sales tax and 200 for tags and paperwork. Total out the door was 29,860. Car dealership was in East Stroudsburg Pa. They treated me great. Did great deal of research and contacted many dealerships. This price is about 300 less than invoice. Yes it was great price at this time. Found the internet price at Weymouth honda near boston very helpful. They also had price 27,870 that was fantastic. I was completely willing to drive to boston to pick it up, They are selling 300 hondas a month. They were willing to have me pay for the car, sign buyers agreement before I got up there so there was definetely no Bull. You have to be patient. Went to my local honda dealership in Reading Pa. and they were laughing at me day before yesterday. I was laughing making my two hour drive home yesterday in my new basaque red accord. This forum will teach you great deal. Also forum at was great. Feel free to contact me and I could tell you more. Good luck everyone
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    edited October 2012
    You did a great job on price. 300 BELOW Invoice.. I know the feeling when i driving home Laughing at all the bad dealerships that are flat out over charging people on price.. As the Honda dealerships start to increase there supply,,,, wait you'll see how pricing goes to Invoice and below at many of the dealerships. Be patient. All those add on packages for $795 and $1000 they put on the cars will be selling for 2/3 hundred or given to you free..

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  • Hey, I live in Georgia, it's 6% tax here, and I know that the retail price of this car is $24,980. Do you guys think I can get a deal around $24000 OTD?
  • faischivofaischivo Posts: 26
    edited October 2012
    Nice job on the price and enjoy that great honda you got..
    I luv the 6% tax rate in Penn. Here in NY it's 8.875% tax . Once again great deal and good luck with your new accord....................
  • I have a quote for $31,200.00 w/all season mats & splash guards + TTL. 4dr EXL w/Navi. This includes the delivery no doc fees.
  • fg_for_hondafg_for_honda Posts: 7
    edited October 2012
    Purchased this vehicle in Alabaster Silver after sending out emails to various dealers in my area in Florida. Numerous offers came in that were close, but ended up obtaining the car from Courtesy Honda in Sanford for $26,000, not including taxes, title and registration. I intended to purchase the car with cash but took them up on the offer for financing the full amount with taxes, etc. at a rate of 1.95%.

    I found the people at Courtesy Honda to be very professional and easy to work with. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a new Honda.

    NOTE: The car came with wheel locks, but other than that no additional accessories. I purchased a trunk tray, splash guards, cargo net and all season floor mats from an Amazon dealer for prices significantly below MSRP.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    Great post....... fg you gave Dealership name , Price and Specifics. Thats how all post should be written in here . Leaves no info out.. Good job on posting.......

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • How long was your loan for 1.95%? I assume it was thru Honda Finance. I got my loan for 2.85 72 months. This was to keep my payments down, i will pay more than min.
  • isloverislover Posts: 32
    edited October 2012
    since the pricing is:
    2013 LX SEDAN invoice: $20,579 MSRP: $22,480 (+tax, tags, title, dealer fee)

    i would say, yes, this is a good deal for 2013 model

    they don't have a dealer fee at dealer you're purchasing at? in our experience, all dealers do, so you would have to add that in also

    in addition, you can get the warranty work done (if ever needed) at ANY honda dealer, it doesn't have to be the one where you purchase the car - you can use any honda dealer in the US

    did she get the car? :]
  • I believe the loan was for five years and it was not through Honda Finance, but rather, a bank with a strong presence in Florida. I didn't really care about the loan since my intent was to pay cash when I walked in that day, but I figured I can invest the funds and be way ahead since investing is my primary vocation. The low rate and no money down was due to my Equifax Credit Score which is within the best 0.5% of consumers in the US.
  • Good Luck.
    Was there any trade involved or was this a cash deal?
  • jdp6jdp6 Posts: 8

    Joesanerd, how much under invoice, if at all, did you pay for the car you purchased? Did Browns waive their destination and processing fees?
  • faischivofaischivo Posts: 26
    edited October 2012
    BTW. If you feel the way i did. I know you want this car .
    Ok all season mats,I bought them after I bought the car.
    Went to parts dep. and they wanted $178, I said ty and walked out .
    Day or two later went back and asked for price again it came up $178.
    This time different parts guy said (( tell you what, ill do $98 )) I said sold.+bought trunk liner for $98 and wheel locks for $55 . I think splash guard set go's for about $130 installed. Takes about half hour- 45 minutes. If I'am wrong about the price of the splash set someone will correct me. For the rest of the story go to message.
    #27393 good luck friend hope you get the car..
  • Just for the record, I obtained the accessories on Amazon for these prices:

    1. 2013 Honda Accord Sedan OEM 08L96-T2A-100 Cargo Net -- $38
    2. 2013 Honda Accord Sedan OEM 08P13-T2A-110 All Season Floor Mats -- $100
    3. 2013 Honda Accord Sedan OEM 08U45-T2A-100 Trunk Tray -- $90
    4. 2013 Honda Accord Sedan OEM 08P00-T2A-100 Splash Guards -- $70

    Shipping was $23 FedEx.

    The Cargo Net is quite the bear to install so most would probably opt to have this done at the dealership if they want it.
  • I have a dealer that is saying they will sell me the EX-L for $26300
    + 3% NC Sales Tax $789.00 + $299.00 Doc. Fee + $55.00 tag
    OTD $27443.00

    What was your Out the Door Price? Taxes %? Doc Fee? Etc?
  • The OTD price was $26,000 including what you are being charged as a Doc Fee. Of course, the taxes and the registration / tag fees are unique to our own areas. This means that your quoted price is $599 above what I ended up paying.
  • mike372mike372 Posts: 354
    The car was a 2013 Accord LX automatic with MSRP of 23,260 inc. freight and invoice of 21,369 inc frt. The dealer offered car for 21,000 + 197 doc fee. She will probably buy it since she has a 2000 civic LX with 250000 miles on it and will only buy Honda. I suggested she buy a Camry because the Accord 4 cylinder has a CVT and they have unknown reliability. I just cant take any chances, especially after buying a 2002 Dodge Intrepid new with the POS 2.7 liter engine. What do you think of the CVT transmission. She can get a 2012 Accord 4 cylinder auto for about 19500 because Honda is offering a big incentive to its dealers.
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