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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • rfrenchrfrench Posts: 3
    Grinding, thought was power steering unit..Buick service department said it was rear differential...said they would have to remove cover and add new fluid at a cost of $37.00 per repair was $239.00..Anyone else had this kind of problem..Thanks
  • mimiannmimiann Posts: 3
    We have just discovered that our 2003 Rendevous has a leaky head gasket. The car has 42,000 mi and was just 36 mths old last month. As suggested to us by a former sales person from the dealership, we are going to insist that this be fixed, with little or no cost to us. We have purchased several autos from this dealership and we are considered preferred customers. My question is, has anyone dealt with this problem, with their dealership and if they have, have they gotten any satisfaction. We are really toying with the idea of trading this vehicle now and not even getting into this hassle. We are afraid if this problem is fixed, we will encounter more in the future. After reading the posts on this site, we also have had some of the other problems, including issues with the brakes. Thanks for any info.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I had posted the same problem earlier. My fix was cleaning and re-tightening the battery connections. You need to really tighten the connectors.
  • Saw your post and I have to say...I am having similar issues...when my RDV turns over, the security light comes on and my radio locks, windows lock. Automatic lights do not come one either (seat warmers do work). I have also experienced the "blinking headlight syndrome" as well. I see a number of people discussing a BCM module...perhaps that is our problem?
  • Hello folks,
    I am having similar problems with my RDV as posted here by a number of radio and windows are locking when I turn the vehicle on...blinking headlights...I am growing concerned the car is just going to stop running while driving. I took it to my local dealership (initially purchased the vehicle at a dealership over an hour away) and first they replaced the batter. When I brought it back the second time, they said that they had no idea what was wrong with it? I took a chance, thinking perhaps it was the transponder in the key, and ordered a new key and had it programmed. That didn't work either. Now, I have seen a few of you talking about a BCM module. What exactly is this and how much does it cost to get replaced?
  • I had a similar problem, it turned out it was my polarized sun glasses. I purchased a new pair they were polarized, it reduced the brightnes by 50 %, I didn't have the problem when the glasses were off or if I had a non polarized pair on.
  • nosuvyetnosuvyet Posts: 72
    First of all, that should be a warranty issue and you should not have paid for it, assuming you're still under warranty.

    Secondly, read my message #1306. If you ever hear any kind of odd noise coming from there again, immediately stop driving and get it towed to the dealer.
  • ewalterewalter Posts: 14
    radio would not turn off and on-star failed. Radio played for hours. Removing fuse #48 and re-inserting it cured both problems. No reoccurrence so far. Eric
  • can someone tell me where the speed sensor is on a 02
  • please can someone tell me where the speed sensor is located on a 02 rendezvous
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I'm sure someone will tell you - as soon as they read your question. Some message boards tend to be a little quieter on weekends - and the switch to daylight savings time throws some people off a bit! :)

    tidester, host
  • ttop72ttop72 Posts: 4
    Does ANYONE know WHY there is a 2" hole in both rear Wheel Wells on the Rendezvous. I can see no reason for these holes to be there. Someone on E-Bay is selling rubber plugs to fill in the holes, however there MAY be a reason they SHOULD NOT be covered. Thanks ttop72 :confuse: image
  • sgr1sgr1 Posts: 2
    Our 03 AWD RDV 61K started a growling noise when the car was steered left. Dealer says it is the left hub. $380 to replace plus alignment. Looking at associated problem list it looks like this is a 'semi'-common problem. has anybody heard if there is a service or recall effort?
  • I am not sure where this noise comes from but I feel the vibration and growling noise while steering to right while backing up. It happens whenever I do the parallel parking.
    Anyone has any idea what might be the problem?
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,651
    I just heard of someone who was having various BCM related issues that corrected all of them by cleaning all the connectors (and fuse connections) with a electronics cleaner (liquid stuff). This is something I have tried suggesting here and there for a couple years, but this is the first time I've heard of it being done. Its just making sure connections are oxidation (corrosion) free and tight. Should be quite a bit less exspensive then BCM replacement if you can get dealer to try it or DIY if your handy (unhook battery first of course). Just a thought
  • gail414gail414 Posts: 2
    Hi JK & others,

    I took a "break" from the problems here for a bit. Actually, please note, I had to change the name from gail04 to gail414, so you'll know it's me with the leaky lemon and all that went with it for a yr now. The leaks are finally (hopefully) all resolved, but I am getting & have been on the chase w/2 dealers for this, a horrible raw gas smell whenever I open the car doors. 2 dealers, claim "nothing" wrong. I feel it's coming from exhaust & wondered if anyone has this problem. Auto is an 04 lemon! The other thing I noticed is windchield edging is coming off on the top, but the gas issue is the biggest problem for me as I fear gas. I also have this horrible fan noise, which sounds like a boiling tea kettle on high. Drive the car w/o radio, & your ears will hurt! Dealer 1 replaced an air throttle. It didn't fix it. Dealer 2 said he can hear it (he'd have to be deaf not to) but to just "drive the car until it gets worse" because he didn't know what it was other than maybe some of the pulleys on the belts and he wasn't about to go figure out which pulley it was! Sooooooooooooooo, thank Goodness this forum is there & as always, thank you for any suggestions. I think I'm going to look at highlanders, or is there something else out there that those who have had the rendez, switched to and have had good luck with. Gail
  • chrisischrisis Posts: 1
    i have a 2003 Buick Rendezvous CX AWD. The ABS light and the all wheel drive disabled lights are on in the dash board.

    my quention is when you fix the problem you just change the front wheel bearings or you did something else to get over the problem with the AWD and the ABS light?
  • fedup8fedup8 Posts: 1
    There is no recall for this but it is very common. I have replaced the bearing assemblies on both front wheels. One at 35,490 miles and the other at 45,107. It cost me $500 for the second one. In viewing different web sites I found out the original part was defective. They have since gone to a different part but those of us with the original are stuck. I am going to lobby GM to pay for my repair on the second one. The information on the web indicates if you yell loud enough and long enough they will relent and pay for it. They won't recall it because it will cost them too much to do so. I have also had electrical problems. The latest being a wiring harness that overheated and caused a fire under the dashboard. I had the car in 3 times to fix the problem prior to the fire. The internet indicates that the wiring harness is another faulty part and again there will be no recall due to the cost involved. They will wait until somebody burns us and then do something about it.
  • imalex2uimalex2u Posts: 6
    i own two buick rendezvous and i am having problems with both of them...i was having a problem with the fog lights which were creating a short circuit on the electrical system....i took it to the dealership and they found out that the bcm (according to them) was cost me 565.00 to fix it. my other buick has displayed the same problems and with a message that says "service vehicle soon" the left turning light stays on and the high bean indicator flashes as well...can somebody help me with it? is there a recall for the BCM?
    i do not want to take the car to the dealership. also is making a weird noise that comes from the right side of the car like from the tires which increases with speed.
  • imalex2uimalex2u Posts: 6
    do anybody know the entire list if items recalled for the 2002 buick rendezvous cxl?
  • gsagergsager Posts: 3
    Hey, I am having trouble with my cigarette lighter for my 2002 Buick Rendezvous. It won't work anymore (to charge my cell phone), and I can't find a fuse for it. Can anyone help?
  • gsagergsager Posts: 3
    Is there a fuse that controls the cigarette lighters? I need to get mine working again so that I can charge my cell phone! I have an 2002 Rendezvous. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • ebmanebman Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Did you ever get any fixes for this or figure out how to turn it off?
  • steveo33steveo33 Posts: 3
    You guys are great! I've found advice on the heater motor (turning the temp knob up slowly, listen for the "pop") and am now experiencing the same problems of many of you 2002 Rendezvous owners detail so well in this forum, mainly the wheel bearings, rear wiper motor, corrosion in the tailgate wiring, and the biggie -- ac condensor. With your help, we feel like we have some ammo to lighten some of this $900 load with GM. We're ready to do battle with our dealership tomorrow. Now I'm going to try to find out why my fan only works on the 4 and 5 setting. Setting 1-3 does nothing.

    Thanks Again!

    Cleveland, OH
  • steveo33steveo33 Posts: 3
    I've notice that my fan settings are acting screwy. I have the manual climate system in a 2002 Rendezvous, and the only fan settings that do anything are 4 and 5, and of course they crank. Setting one was no better than zero, and two used to really spit the air out. Seems there was never any nice lower setting for fan speed. Now 1-3 do nothing, and 4-5 crank. Any ideas?
  • I hear you! I too have had the front wheel bearings done both sides 2 weeks apart from each other @(52K miles). While I was outside my manufactures warranty I did purchase the extended warranty covering up to 100K mile to the tune of $1700.00. I will say that when I went for the test drive with the service manager he mentioned to me that if I didn't have the extended warranty they would have had Buick take care of the wheel bearing problem because Buick knows there's a problem in that area.
    I have since had the rear seal repaired due to oil leak every where I parked. And now the steering driveline seems to be the culprit from enduring steering wheel noise from the get go, now there trying to fix that? I have over 15 visits in 3 years for service on this 03 Rendezvous AWD CXL. I want out of this lemon. Even after all the repairs to the front end I still have clunking noise in the front end area mostly turning right and over bumpy terrain. And extreme pinging during exceleration. And brake noise that would clear the streets all 52K miles worth of screach. I wish you well and please advise if you have any further problems. Ihatecars2
  • joeheyjoehey Posts: 1
    Check the fuse panel in the cab of the vehicle. If that is ok, check the main panel relay in the engine compartment. I had this same problem and reset the relay in the main panel. good luck.
  • mimiannmimiann Posts: 3
    We also had a 03 Rendezvous that was doing everything that yours is doing. We anticipated that we would still have problems, after having everything fixed, so we traded our lemon for a 2006 Envoy and we are very very happy. Sometimes when you have the types of things wrong that we had and they are "fixed", you seem to still always have problems. We made the right choice. Good luck to you.
  • mclindadmclindad Posts: 2
    I bought my 2003 Rendezvous 'used' from a reputable dealer. I love it, except after the first oil change [at the dealer] I had a horrible new noise under the driver's side front. I took it back and the mechanic just laughed and said 'it was just the compressor. Don't worry.' It has gotten much worse and won't stop unless I go over a bump hard, or make a sharp turn. Is this serious or what? :confuse:
  • helpmesellhelpmesell Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Rendezvous CXL and I have just had the BCM module replaced. My car started with the blinking lights when I shut the car off; then the auto door locks would not work. Then, when I shut the car off the lights would not go off at all so one day in the parking lot at work I came outside and my battery was dead. I finally, (to drive the car until I could get it into a garage) looked at the fuse box and pulled out the fuses that worked the lights so I could still drive it during the day and not wear the battery down. Then, ALL the windows would not open, including the sunroof. My power door locks would not work and the radio quit working. My car IS NOT under warranty and this is just one problem of about 4 things that have gone wrong with the car in 1 year!! The work, so far, for this problem has run me just over $300. ALMOST everything works now, however, the dash lights up saying PARK LIGHT OUT and in checking that we found that I have no tail-lights or fog lights. My brake lights and blinkers work though. So, now I'm hearing that 'something' is screwed up in the wiring harness. If I'm lucky - the darn thing will start on fire and I'll be rid of this inferior car called Buick that I used to be proud to drive. I have had a skylark, riviera, park avenue, grand sport and loved every one of the cars. The Rendezvous is a lemon of all lemons. So, now my car goes back in the garage to find out what the problem is yet!! Any ideas, anyone??? It goes in the garage on Wednesday. Please, if you can, save me some money and tell me what to do IF you've had the same problem. They should rename the Buick by leaving out the first 2 letters and just call it "ICK". By the way, have any of you noticed where the car was assembled??? I'll give you a guess and it wasn't in the USA!!! HOLA!!!
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