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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    Recently hyundai increased prices of all elantra's $300, so the MSRP/invoice for a base GT auto is $15,774 /$14,555 (TMV is $14,845)without rebate($1500). If the car has an MSRP that is about 15,444 then it is a car that was on the lot before the price increase. Even if it is a GT w/price increase, I think it is not a good deal because it is a little over TMV with rebates. Depending on availability, try to get a price of about 13-13.3K which is at invoice or slightly above. If it has an MSRP of 15,444, deduct $300 from the above numbers. You can negotiate the ad fee or tell them you aren't going to pay it, and unless you are getting the car from a distant dealer, you shouldn't have to pay for the conveyance fee. If you get those fees taken off or a part of it anyway, your deal would indeed be a good one. Good luck!
  • I just purchased an automatic 2003 Elantra w/ package 2 (keyless entry, cruise control) for $12,000 including T + T + L. I had noticed that same models just coming in were increased by $400. The dealer only had 2 of the "older" models left and that was fine with me.
    I actually felt good about the price I was getting, thanks to your comments from the previous couple of pages. :-)
    I actually got a better deal from an internet quote I received from this site versus going to a dealership in person.
  • ejakabejakab Posts: 20
    Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

    The advertising fee is on their invoice (I've seen it) so I guess it's a regional fee. The dealer insists on the conveyance fee, because he knows I don't have a car and it's difficult for me to go elsewhere. I would be paying like invoice+3% for this car, and I just want to know if it's worth even with the extra $500. I forgot to tell you that I don't do any financing through the dealer, and that the car was manufactured in February.

    2 more things:
    - How much is a Hyundai 10/100,000 extended warranty worth?
    - Has anybody heard about the Warrantech Repair Master Wrap extended warranty? How much is that worth?

    I am thinking of getting an extended warranty at invoice price, at least, if I pay more for the car.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    no problem, just trying to help. It sucks that you don't have the ability to search other dealers, because I think that dealer is taking advantage of your situation with the conveyance fee. Otherwise, 3% over invoice is a fair deal for everyone involved, and enjoy your new GT; I hope to be looking for one after I get out of school and have a job for a few months.

    About the warranties, I don't have specific answers, but you might trying using the search feature on this page to search by keywords like "warranty" etc.
  • I just bought an Elantra GT sedan this weekend, and I decided to get the Hyundai 10/100,000 extended warranty. The finance person told me it would be $13xx.00 (I can't remember the exact cost).

    I told him I was interested, but was going to pass because I wasn't willing to pay more than $800 for the warranty. At the 4.9% rate we had agreed upon (.5% below my credit union) that would come to $15/month for the 5 year loan I was taking.

    He said they were authorized to offer lower financing terms on the vehicle in order to sell the warranty at their designated price, so I ended up paying the $1300+ price on the warranty, but got the car/warranty financed at 3.8%, which resulted in the same additional $15/month for the warranty that I was looking for.

    I'm sure there are people out there that could talk them into an even better deal, but they met the price I expected to pay, so I was happy.
  • renfrow1renfrow1 Posts: 7
    Well I think I got a great deal for the car I got...I got everything this car can have added to it, including the wood-grain trim, and the mesh front grill (it looks great!!!) Oh well, I didn't get the roof rack, I opted for the tinted wind deflect shield that goes in front of the moonroof...

    The sticker on my car was $16,945.00, and I ended up getting not only a $2,000.00 rebate from the dealership, but seeing as my credit was really good, they waived the t&l fees, and gave me another couple of discounts...After it was all said and done and the i's and t's were dotted and crossed, I walked out that night paying exactly $14,000.00 out of pocket to the penny...My trade in was a 1994 Hyundai Excel hatchback 5 speed...They gave me $1,000.00 for my trade (which was also in near mint condition, I'd bought it new and had it since)...

    Aside from wishing I'd never given them my Excel, I think I got a good deal...Puente Hills Hyundai in So. California has some really good people working for them, friendly, and knowledgable about their cars :)

  • I was just quoted $10,999 plus tax/tag/freight for
    an Elantra GLS w/ the option 3 package (over the phone after I contacted via e-mail). Its the last day of the month and the $1500 rebate expires today - if I visit the dealer I assume I can shave another $300-500 off the price. What do y'all think?

    I'm driving a 92 Honda Accord w/ 137,000 miles. How much of a quality drop off am I going to have going from an Accord to an Elantra?

    You guys rock.

  • renfrow1renfrow1 Posts: 7
    I'd say go for it...Theres not much difference in comfort and quality of the car when comparing the Elantra and Accord...Especially an older Accord with a new car no matter what the make is...Live, be a risk-taker, get the new Elantra!!!

    I always tell people, you'll never get all of the options Hyundai offers in their cars in any other car-maker's product...Almost everything extra on Hondas now is an additional cost to the buyer, everything is optional when buying new...

    Go with Hyundai!!!

  • I bought an Elantra GLS (option 3 package) for $11,200 plus taxes/tags. I almost walked when they tried to tack on the $289 processing fee at the end but the manager gave in. Good dealership, at least the day I was there. How'd I do?

    Dan - thanks for the encouraging words. I assume you sell Hyundais for a living....

    I live in the status conscious DC area and when I tell people I bought a Hyundai I have a feeling they will look at me like I'm a martian or something. I guess that's something I have to deal with.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Congrats on your new Elantra! Did you get a 5-speed in D.C.? Then you are a better shifter than I am. I am vacationing with my family this week in D.C. and northern Virginia, and after my experience in Georgetown tonight you couldn't pay me to drive a 5-speed in that traffic every day! But maybe one gets used to it.

    Re the status thing... yes, there might be some "he's from Mars" looks, but you might also get some raised eyebrows when you explain what a great deal you got for all that car.
  • hi1234hi1234 Posts: 2
    I want to buy a 2003 GT 5-Door with option 7 in the NYC area. What's a good price? Any suggestion for a dealership?
  • rks100rks100 Posts: 6
    In message # 344, uturn2who writes "I just purchased an automatic 2003 Elantra w/ package 2 (keyless entry, cruise control) for $12,000 including T + T + L. "

    uturn2who, do you mind sharing the name/phone of the dealer. That seems like a very good price. Anyone getting similar good deals in NY/NJ area? The carsdirect quote for the above car is $11800 before T+T+L.
  • rks100rks100 Posts: 6
    In continuation of my previous post, I received a quote of $12800 (including T+T+L) for tha base model with automatic transmission. Is this a reasonable price?
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    Does that include the $1500 rebate?
  • rks100rks100 Posts: 6
    yes, the $12800 base Elantra price with an automatic transmission includes the $1500 rebate. This is almost $800 more than what uturn2who (message #344) paid. He paid $12000 with package 2. The price has gone up $400 but he also got an extra option (package 2) worth $400. My delaer is located in central NJ. Have Elantras simply become pricier with increasing demand or am I getting a higher quote?
  • hi1234hi1234 Posts: 2
    Who and where is the dealer?
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    Check with price is what my Mom got. Elantra w/auto. for $11800! Of course, this was in Las Vegas. Maybe East Coast prices are higher? I might be moving out East this Fall and am considering getting the GT w/pkg. 7 and 5spd. It'll be great for hauling all of my stuff!
  • dsanok1dsanok1 Posts: 2
    The dealership is in Alexandria, VA. When I picked it up they had a problem with my purchase so I got upgraded to package #2 on the 2003 Elantra GS. I got the keyless remote, alarm, cruise, and the extra thing in the truck for only $90 more. That made the total price 12,090. I could have saved a bit more if I took the $1500 rebate and finaced it instead of taking the 0%, but I couldn't be bothered with that.
  • gotbgotb Posts: 39
    what dealer is it?
  • gotbgotb Posts: 39
    thanks for your reply!
  • $365 below invoice in Orlando plus the $1500 rebate (total $1865 below invoice).
  • templehotempleho Posts: 1
    Ok I'm a little confused and how on what kind of deal I should get on Elantra GT I've been looking and got the offer to be out the door after tax, tag, and title for $15,000 it's listed at 16,500 is this a good deal theres a 1,500 dollar rebate right now and I'm not really sure? I'd appreciate any help thanks.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    We can be of more help to you if you give us more info about the car (stick vs. auto, options package) and the dealer's offer before tax, tag and title. Since those vary so much by location, it's hard to compare to other deals.
  • gotbgotb Posts: 39
    What would you choose between 03 Corolla and 03 Elantra GT? I like Elantra GT but still concerned about its reliability. I'd rather have a car that doesn't break than fix frequently for free. There was a user website for car reviews and the people who wrote there seemed have their 01-02 elantra fixed for something whereas many Corollas never had to fix anything...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    That's easy. If it's what I would choose, it would be an Elantra GT, for the following reasons:

    * Great driver's seating position in GT, poor in Corolla (for me)
    * Value
    * Smell (GT smells like leather, Corolla can smell like rotten eggs due to oft-reported problem with catalytic converter, which I experienced first-hand on a rental)
    * Warranty (Corollas are reliable, but not trouble-free; check out the Corolla forum to see what troubles owners of the '03 have had)

    But it's not my decision. You said you don't want a car that will break. The Corolla has a better reliability record than the Elantra (although my '01 GLS, one of the first 1000 shipped to the U.S., has been as reliable as any Honda or Toyota I've owned) so you might be happier with it. Especially if the first time the Elantra has a problem, you would tend to say "I knew it! Cheap Korean piece of trash!" and regret your decision. But I encourage you to drive both cars, since many people have reported the driving position on the Corolla is uncomfortable and that it has a rotten-egg exhaust smell (it was really bad in the rental I drove last week).
  • mrvanmrvan Posts: 17
    I agree with backy.

    I chose the Elantra GT. I'm very happy. Drive 'em both.

    I'd add to his reasons the practical aspects of a 4-door hatchback and the nice features of the GT like leather seats.
  • Guru2uGuru2u Posts: 3
    Phoenix, Arizona here. I've been reading quite a few posts on this board recently regarding the prices others have been paying for the Elantra GLS. I'm in the middle of negotiations with several dealers and am beginning to think the pricing being offered to me by the dealers has more wiggle room given that there may be Manufacturer to Dealer incentives out there. Here's where I'm at:

    Elantra GLS Automatic: Invoice - $12,605
    Accessory Group 4: Invoice - $1,173
    Destination Charge: $525

    Total Invoice: $14,303

    Dealer offered me the car at $14,064, Tax of 1139.24 (8.1% tax rate here), a 229 document fee and 267.17 for license. That brings the car to $15,700. Apply the current rebate of $1,500 and his out the door price to me is $14,200.

    I'm flexible with respect to financing. I can either pay cash or take any special financing they may have. Just wondering what the thoughts of others are regarding the offer made to me. Any room for further discounts off the $14,200? Thanks in advance for any responses!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    This seems like a good deal to me except for the doc fee; $229 seems really high to me. Did you ask the dealer what it's for? You could try negotiating it away (or at least down) by finding out what it's for, and if it's for, say, taking the paperwork to the courthouse, you could offer to do that yourself if they waive the fee. Otherwise you are getting the car well below invoice before rebate, which means the dealer is either dipping into its holdback or has some other incentive to apply--maybe both. Another good thing is that it appears they are not charging you an advertising fee, unless they have built that into their invoice price. Did you compare the dealer's invoice price to the one on If you want to find out how good a deal it is, you could always go to another dealer and see if they can beat it significantly; if not it's probably a good one.
  • Guru2uGuru2u Posts: 3

    I agree on your assessment of the doc fee…$289 does seem excessive! I think that is an area I can further reduce the cost when I meet face to face with the dealer!

    I performed my research on Edmunds prior to contacting the dealers. It has come in handy as my negotiations have progressed. There have been some inconsistencies with regards to invoice/msrp, etc, however, the bottom line has been progessing in the right direction. All of my request for quotes have specified the need to receive detailed specifics on the base cost of the vehicle, options, destination charges, T+T+L, and any “Applicable Fees”.

    I’ve had several offers, one of which quoted me an out the door price of $14,200. Today, I had another dealer quote me the same configuration at $14,066.00 out the door! Roughly $135.00 less! I’m probably nearing the event horizon regarding the dealers ability to drop their prices, however, I’m thinking of dropping in on the dealer and making a cash offer at ~$500 less than the quote of $14,066.00. I have other options that I am researching at this time and don’t think that I stand to lose anything with this strategy.
  • gotbgotb Posts: 39
    I test drove a Sentra LE and I really liked its power and handling for its low price. The dealer I bought had 2003 Sentra LEs with floor mats, in-cabin microfiler and mud guards for $14,200(with $1500 rebate) and out the door price was $14,702(no dealer processing fee in Maryland). I could get a base Elantra GT for $13,000 before TTL but I thought Sentra LE was better deal with ABS and a powerful engine that makes me grin everytime I drive. It has 165HP at 6000 rpm and 175 torque at 4000rpm. I have 500 miles on my Sentra LE and love it so far.
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