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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair



  • I am looking for some help or feedback regarding a vibration problem with my brand new 2005 Sonata GL 4 cyl. When sitting at a light or at a stop with the car in gear, the whole car vibrates. Can be felt in the steering wheel, brakes, floor, doors dash.... everywhere. it's not violent vibrating but enough to wear down your patience after buying a brand new car! after about 3k miles the problem started and occasionly gets bad enough that some interior parts even rattle. UNREAL!!! I took it in for the rough idle which is causing the vibration and a hard starting problem. Hard starting had a technical service bulletin so they upgraded the software and I guess that corrected it. As for the idle, they said that it's STANDARD and it's a CHARACTERISTIC of the motor!!! I couldn't believe it, Anyone else having this problem???? I am going to take this as far as I can till they fix it or I get a new car. Cause in my eyes... I smell a LEMON!!! ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!!!!
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    "When sitting at a light or at a stop with the car in gear, the whole car vibrates. Can be felt in the steering wheel, brakes, floor, doors dash.... everywhere. it's not violent vibrating but enough to wear down your patience after buying a brand new car!

    I had until a month ago a GL 2001 Sonata 4cyl.
    Never vibrated at a stop or otherwise for 4 years and 50k.

    "As for the idle, they said that it's STANDARD and it's a CHARACTERISTIC of the motor!!

    BS. .. A 4cyl engine has a distinct sound, not vibration!
    Take it back and demand a written write up every time you take it in - that is your only proof if you ever fight it as a Lemon!
    There is a time limit on the Lemon law thing... here in Florida they just overhauled the law and extended it.

    If that fails... contact Hyundai...
    Don't wait too long... until the time limit expires!

    From The Florida Lemon Law site:

    DO NOT DELAY in reporting a problem as this may cost valuable time and protection.
    For more: 5502a85256cc9005da68a!OpenDocument
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    Four-cylinder engines are never as theoretically smooth at idle as their six-cylinder counterparts. However, most four-cylinder engines in current production, including Hyundai's, have a pair of counter rotating balance shafts to dampen the vibration of the firing pulses. They're pretty effective, so somethin's definitely not right with your car's engine. (It might not even by anything serious - a misfiring spark plug will have a dramatic effect on a four cylinder engine's smoothness at idle.) Before you file a lemon-law case*, call Hyundai at 1-800-633-5151 (hint - it's in your warranty supplement booklet that I bet you never bothered to crack), explain the problem, report your selling dealership's service department's lack of interest in investigating the matter, and request a Hyundai zone rep meet you at the dealership to witness and discuss the matter in your presence. His decision will override the service manager's. Alternatively, try another Hyundai dealership if one is within reasonable driving distance. You're NOT required to have warranty work performed by your selling dealership's service department, and not all car dealership service departments are created equal. Some actually give a rat's behind.

    *Once filed, lemon-law cases (a form of civil action) can drag out for YEARS in "discovery". (Hyundai's not going to be in any particular hurry to settle - it's not at all in their interest to do so.) Even if your hypothetical case is ultimately settled in your favor, your "buy-back" award will have fair market value depreciation deducted for the entire time the car is in your possesion (during which, by the way, you'll still be legally obligated to continue making loan or lease payments - nothing's put on hold during the process). Given Hyundais' abysmal depreciation rates, your final settlement check would likely be a bitter joke.
  • So after owning my wonderful 2000 Sonata (V6) for 4 years it's finally crapping out on me. I have numerous codes that have popped and am looking for advice on which to look into first based on what your cars have needed...
    P0335: Crankshaft position fault
    P1372: Segment time acquisition problem (related to above code?)
    P0305: Misfiring cylinder #5
    P0740:Lock up torque converter solenoid
    Lastly 2 undocumented codes: U3118 and C0307
    Last November I had the mass air flow sensor replaced and joy for me they put it in backwards...but the car ran fine for the next 10 months without popping the check engine light...can this cause any other problems that might pop one of the above codes? Right now my car runs poorly and I would rather take a bus or taxi to get where I need to go regardless of how much the ride will cost. When cold and first being started, it will die if put into reverse, but every additional time there after it will go into reverse just fine. Also while driving it is as if it loses power and dips very low in RPMs and occasionally stalls in the process. Sitting at an idle, it feels like a diesel truck idling and 1 out of 5 times will stall at red lights... Any ideas would be great seeing as how I'm just "a stupid lady taking her car to the dealer and have no idea what should be normal for my car." Thanks in advance :D
  • I know this sounds crazy but my 05 Sonata with the 4 cylinder whistles occasionally from under the hood while driving and when it is parked. Sometimes the sound is louder that other times, and sometimes U do not hear it at all. Occasionally it resembles the sound of an alarm. Of course the day I brought it in for service it did not do it. Would appreciate any suggestions or if anyone else has this problem. Thanks
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    M'am, you have a five year old make of automobile that at the time it was built was not known for exceptional long-term reliability. Sitting on your duff will not solve the mechanical problems the codes are related to, and may cause more. Either get it fixed or trade it in on a new car. (Ask me why my 2003 Sonata V6 is probably my last Hyundai product...)
  • ctc1ctc1 Posts: 66
    Having just finished A lemon lawsuit with Ford I agree with previous post about what to do except one thing. Here in NJ the depreciation on car is frozen at the point that problem you are suing for is first reported. In my case the truck had 1200 miles on it the first time I reported problem so depreciation was almost nothing.
  • dzerrdzerr Posts: 3
    yes I have the same thing all of a asudden I get the check engine light on and then I lose all power and very little power for take off let me knowwhat you came up with
  • dzerrdzerr Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 sanota that will loose it's power with asudden jerk some times and sometimes no,But i will have no pick up off the line and no passing gear at higher speeds.Someone shead some light on this for me.
  • dzerrdzerr Posts: 3
    Hello I am repling to you message.I have a 2000 sanota as well am suffering with the same problem as you are with the lose of power,but mine does not stall yet.I have been told that there is a filter at the back of the car that regulates the pressure in the gas tank, If this filter becomes plugged then you can get problems with the gas supply,maybe causing this problem of stalling. they say that it comes fromoverfiling you gas tank therfor wetting this filter and if you travel in dusty area's then this filter can become plugged.
    As to the problem I am having did the power failure come with sometimes a ajerk and sometimes not, no passing gear,and lose of power off the line, please let me know. Dean
  • slm1slm1 Posts: 28
    I recently bought a 2005 Sonata. My car has the same exact symptoms as described by mvanine. My car vibrates while in gear at stops. It is a strong vibration in the steering wheel, seat floor and in the passenger side seat as well. I get a vibration in my arm, back feet and legs. So far I have been told it is the characterist of the car. Bull, There is something wrong with the car. Has anyone been lucky enough to get a dealer to fix this problem.
  • :confuse: I wish I had a answer for you Doowopal, But my Sonata 2005 6 cylinder is doing it also I disconnected the Alarm its on the inside passenger fender wall behind the Windshield Wiper fill tube. Can someone tell me what it is and what the purpose for this sensor?
  • Just wondering did disconnecting the alarm stop the sound?
  • slm1slm1 Posts: 28
    Hello: I could of been the writer to your text! I have the exact situation with my BRAND NEW 2005 Sonata. I have taken it to two differenct dealers. They all say the same thing. "It's just how the car is" Well, I dont believe that. I have had more than one time a dealership service person ask me what kind of car have I been driving in the past and that I cant compare those cars to this one. I stopped one guy before he could start with this idiotic remark and told him I was not there to discuss any other car but the one I have which has a vibration problem. I havent been able to figure out why the dealerships are avoiding this problem. And I do mean I think they are avoiding the fix. I recently had the car in to another dealership and was told , this is how the car is and they know that because they had another car with the same complaint. I have called Hyundia, and am filing a case with them, I am also making an appointment with a zone rep and will get the dealership owner involved and state attorney if I have to. I will not back down. Please let me know what is going on with your actions to get your car fixed
  • Did you get a reply to this problem, I have the same problem with filling up gas
  • I have almost 4000 miles on my 06 Hyundai Sonata LX and love it. Great mpg so far (20-21 in city and 30 highway) in the Detroit area, rides great in snow and slush.

    However... try to sit in it, engine on, without the seatbelt on and wait for your wife to come out of the store and the seat belt beeper will drive you nuts. Unbuckle your belt to reach the ATM and it will beep VERY loud, etc. Is there a way to silence this?
  • After we got rid of our 2001 Sonata money pit, we heard that the crank shaft blade should be shimmed to steady it. I said it sounded like a swarm of bees. I am still alarmed at all the crank shaft sensor sounding problems still being discussed on here. Sorry to say, I finally paid off our dealer repair with our Christmas bonus. Yes, this car still bothers me, and we got rid of ours in Sept. I would still like some recourse for the hell we went through.
    I can not tell you how good it is to go out, start the van, run errands, and come home without being towed.

    Well anyway, that sensor is a bugger.
  • Even I am getting the same problem with my 2001 Sonata. Did u get a resolution to ur problem ?
  • yes I have the same thing all of a asudden I get the check engine light on and then I lose all power and very little power for take off let me knowwhat you came up with
  • codata99codata99 Posts: 123
    What year Sonata is it?
  • I also own a 2000 sonata GLS that the check engine light is on and it has the same symtoms as described in item 54. It runs rough, small back fires and also down shifts to lower gear, sometimes extremely rough. The dealer replaced the timing belt and said crank sensor was ok, also replaced plugs and plug wires, and number two fuel injector. Need help please. Any solutions will be appreciated.
  • Am I the only one with the sound of a bowling ball rolling around in the trunk. only happens when tank is 3/4 to full. Most pronounced at low speeds and stop/start conditions.
  • I have been chasing a secondary thumping in the trunk area after going over a bump. Have not noticed your symptom but have seen some early posts on your issue. When did you take delivery on your 06 Sonata LX? Just wondering if there were some corrections made by the factory on the fly.
  • It almost sounds like the baffles which should be in the gas tank to prevent the sloshing sound of gas were left out of some tanks.

    I would make sure that the exhaust pipe is not hitting the under carriage at some point. I had this on a new VW GTI and when I would go over certain kinds of pavement bumps it would bang in the trunk area. Simple bracket change fixed it.
  • Delivered in August. Told by Hyundai that it is a "normal" noise. If no one else has it I guess it's not normal.
  • jeffcjeffc Posts: 16
    No, I also have those sounds when I fill up the gas tank. Once tank gets down to 3/4, the sound goes away.Only at slow speeds, braking, etc.

    I wonder if they will repair this at some point? I've bought 5 Hyundai's, maybe they will do it to keep me happy!!!

    Love the car (06 GLS-V6), not sure why some feel it is a bland exterior, I think it is one of the best looking cars out there, but i guess everyone has their own tastes.I do wish the dash would flow down into the console, that would be the one thing that would improve the interior....
  • cxccxc Posts: 122
    I heard the same kind of sounds that you are discussing here for 2006 Sonata LX when its gas tank is almost filled up. I do not consider it is a problem. Lexus ES300 and Honda Odyssey EX have the same type of sounds after their gas tanks are filled up. The sound from Honda Odyssey EX is much louder. I simply ignored it.
  • I just bought a 2006 Sonata LX (like yesterday), and am generally happy with it, but I noticed that it doesn't automatically lock the doors once you put it in drive. I checked the owner's manual, and on page 7 it says some Sonatas have this feature, i.e. "if installed". It's not on my window sticker, and I can't find it on the Hyundai website. My dealer pleads ignorance. Does anybody know if this feature is standard on the LX, or how I could go about finding out if my car has this?

    P.S. I haven't noticed any problems with excess vibration or noise, and in fact I find it quieter than my 2005 Sienna. So, whoever got told "that's how this car is" is being given the runaround...
  • Is this Ray from the "old" Hyunda site? If so this is Phil with the XG. Please drop me a note.
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    I just got my quick start guide for my Sonata in the
    mail. It says the car has automatic door locks,
    but they must be activated by the dealer.
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